This year, Taurus’ benchmarks are shaken up, prejudices swept away! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. On the model of last year, the influx of planets in Aquarius once again disrupts relationships. Fortunately, Venus protects your loves. If you sometimes have to struggle to get your ideas across, rewarding discussions are to be expected.

Prudence and sagacity are the most interesting qualities of our Taurus. And a wise Taurus will know how to draw tips from their monthly horoscope to make their life more beautiful.

The message of the planets is no longer a puzzle when it is decoded by our Astrologer. Everything is good to (ap) take in these detailed forecasts. Are the stars with you and how to ward off bad blows? Are you on the rise or is it safer to walk on eggshells? Priority to family or teeming projects? What are your happiest days of the month? All you have to do is look at your horoscope to find out everything, decan by decan. An informed Taurus mom is also worth two: now it’s your turn!

Taurus horoscope for the month of November 2021

If Mars and Uranus clash from the 15th, the benefits of Venus limit the inconvenience. Effective you are, and leading your actions with aplomb. At the risk of annoying or arousing jealousy around you. Venus tempers. Under its action, you show your willingness to associate those around you with your success. By settling for a good time in Capricorn, Venus (always) portends unexpected and unexpected returns. If you’ve recently started a business, the first results are promising. They encourage to accelerate its development. As for your emotional exchanges, Venus anchors them in the long term. The heart is at peace, the mind reassured.

Taurus horoscope for the month of December 2021

Harmonious planet, Venus ends the year as it began, in Capricorn. The circle is complete. The satisfaction for you, to have achieved your goals, and won your bets. Its decline from the 20th invites reflection. Your desire for greater freedom is growing. The desire to work for you, by you. Rich in your experiences, in a spirit of creativity. Your lucky star sends you reinforcement, by the support of your loved ones. They guide you, put your foot in the stirrup. If you continue the adventure within the same company (with the same team), important responsibilities await you. With a promotion to the key.

2022 Taurus Horoscope

This year promises to be more comfortable than the previous one. Jupiter’s stopovers in Pisces put some binder in the wheels. The projects which had difficulty in setting up find their bearings. They benefit from this chance which unblocks situations. You feel more comfortable with those around you and with others. Your ideas and convictions soften. You put binder in your stubbornness. However, Saturn in Aquarius is putting pressure on you again this year, unless you agree to let go of the ballast. As for Mars, in your sign, it makes you have a pleasant summer.


On the heart side, the wise and lucky Jupiter will encourage single people, from the month of January, to take their time and not rush anything. The period will also be conducive to good resolutions and changes, however small they may be. Put aside the mistakes of the past and look straight ahead. Every step you take towards the love you have for yourself will be a giant step towards the love that is reserved for you. Do not hesitate to give yourself time in the spring to take care of your heart, your body and your mind, you will thus enter the solar and luminous summer, ready for a true romantic encounter. If you are in a relationship, Jupiter associated with Venus in May will send you the desire to go further, to cross a milestone or an important stage in your life together. Do not hesitate to write down your goals, like the direction you would like to take in a perfect world. This summer, Mercury will help you see more clearly and communicate more with your other half so that doubts, pressure or anxieties give way to pretty butterflies.


By the end of the summer, luck will smile on you in the guise of Jupiter. He will do everything to ensure that your path crosses that of those who want you well. It will offer you the opportunity to express your heart and your talent to develop towards the project you were hoping for. But until then, you’ll have to hang in there! “There is no point in running, you have to start on time,” said Jean de la Fontaine. Keep in mind the fable of the hare and the tortoise which, against all odds, achieves its ends and proves, to its congeners and to the rest of the forest, that you should never give up. Regularity, will and mind will be your finest weapons to accomplish your destiny.


Sort it out! This year, don’t hesitate to ask yourself what some of your friends really bring you. It could be that a toxic relationship has taken root in your circle. A friend should never discourage, belittle or systematically criticize your choices or the way you are. If someone gives you a negative, biased image, prevents you from moving forward, or locks you into their own pessimism without even realizing it, it will be high time in February to step away from it.


In January and February, you will be in full possession of your means. In March and April, expect stress to build up. Remember to preserve yourself. In May and June, pay more attention to yourself. In July and August, a great boost of energy and vitality. From September to December, you will have to draw on your reserves. Consider taking breaks.

Work and money

The first trimester will be a great time to give new direction or momentum to your business. From April to June, remember to organize yourself well and do not put off until the next day. In July and August, let go. Take a step back from your obligations. Slow down. From September to November, expect intense months that will require you to tap into your energy reserves. In December, the climate becomes lighter and new challenges emerge.

Social Life

You attack the year under the auspices of Jupiter in Pisces. Its influxes materialize projects, promises and commitments. This year, you are receiving support from people who value your talents. They encourage you to develop them or to structure them further. You ride a wave of ease that gives you confidence in yourself and your abilities. This comfort inspires you to go further or higher. This year, don’t get upset with ideas that are contrary to your own or that seem utopian to you. Take some distance from the reactions of some people.

Your ideal destination

Tibet. Maybe not for now, maybe not for seven years either, but sooner or later this destination will call you.

2022 monthly horoscope

Taureans are born between April 20 and May 20. In 2021, what do the stars have in store for you? To find out what the future holds, discover the horoscope for the year 2022 of Taurus.

January and February

Count on January and February 2022 for a guaranteed “relief” effect. Here are two months full of promises, ideal to start the year on the right foot. You will undoubtedly have the opportunity to take advantage of a breeze of ease, a nice current of solidarity and fundamentally optimistic waves. Between March 7 and 22, you will have a particularly militant spirit. During the 2th fortnight of April, feel good all over and share this sympathetic euphoria. In July, return to the concrete: your sense of effort and your implacable logic will clearly work in favor of your interests. From August 2022, the important planets will be rather discreet on the side of our Taurus.


The wild card of your year 2022 will be the short period which runs from mid-February to mid-March. A very nice phase of rebirth in prospect. During the 2 th fortnight of March, beware: with indomitable Mars in Aquarius, it’ll intolerance intransigence and rebellion confrontation. Between April and August, the fate of our Taurus will be more enviable. We stop stamping because some rather nice breaches will be part of the panorama: when Uranus, the anti-routine planet of the zodiac, flourishes alongside you, it means that any alternative solution can take on the appearance of a new beginning. Oops… between September and December, we fear for you a period of “censorship” and this Saturn-Uranus disagreement may be hard for you.

The rest of the year

At the end of February-beginning of March 2022, in May then especially from mid-October to the end of December, remember that believing in your dreams is good but that giving yourself the means to achieve them will be even better (because the benevolent planets in Pisces will offer themselves the realistic rays of Pluto in Capricorn ). These planets will also give you a feeling of significant inner strength. A word of advice: believe in your luck and you may benefit from a happy combination of circumstances! But there will still be a “catch” in the year of our Taurus: from mid-March to the end of April and from June to August, blocking on what does not suit you may well be your first fight. And yet… positioning yourself “outside the system” can only slow you down.

Things you didn’t know about the Taurus sign

1. He is very passionate

The sign of Taurus is dominated by Venus, the planet of love and sensuality. These born, therefore, know how to be very passionate in love and also extremely romantic. They will immediately conquer you with a candlelit dinner and a sensual massage.

2. He knows what he wants

From a calm and calm character, no one would expect such determination. The Taurus, however, is a sign decided: she knows what she wants and knows how to get it. It will take him longer than the others, but thanks to his perseverance he will certainly be successful.

3. His patience is not infinite

Those born under this sign do not like quarrels and prefer to keep the peace rather than carry on a discussion. Even if they never get angry, however, their patience still has a limit. If you stress them day after day they will make you regret it bitterly.

4. He is good with money

Not everyone knows this, but those born under this sign are very good at earning and managing money. He knows how to spend and how to save, always finds the best deal and gives excellent advice in this area. It is no coincidence, in fact, that many bankers are Taurus.

5. Love to sing

This sign is very artistic and loves music in all its forms. Very often, however, these newborns have a natural gift for singing. Many singers, such as Adele, Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder, are of this sign.

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