The Star Card represents a naked woman who, kneeling near a lake, pours water on the earth. She has one foot on Earth – the material plane – and the other in Water – the realm of Emotions and Intuition. This positioning, which is reminiscent of that of Temperance, indicates that it uses both the material resources of its environment and its source of inner wisdom.

Around her, nature is luxuriant. The flowing water spreads in five small streams: the five senses which allow one to experience the world. Eight, eight-pointed stars light up the sky. 8 – twice the number 4 – is associated with Strength and stability. We can also see in this sky a main star and 7 secondary stars, like the 7 Energy Centers of the body. An ibis is perched on a tree. He is associated with God Thoth and the idea of ​​being initiated into secrets and mysteries.

Naked woman hides nothing: neither from others, nor from herself. She embodies the balance regained after the painful experience; calm and anchoring after the trials; the strength to know and accept herself.


Keywords for the star tarot card:

●Hope and optimism



●Wishes fulfilled

Keywords for the star tarot card upside down:



●Loss of hope

●Existential lack


Sometimes we all go through difficult times, dark times, the worst of difficulties we encounter. In this darkness, always exists a gleam of light and we never should to give in to despair: the reassuring presence of the Star.

In a Draw, the Star indicates the return of optimism, the possibility of believing in it and the creation of possibilities. It indicates that the person finds his place and his way. His authentic Being is expressed, he or she is more aligned with his goals and his life mission. The Star announces a period of stability, of understanding of oneself and of others. This is the time to be open to new possibilities or new ideas.

The Star also represents the gift, the gift of oneself; introduce ourselves to others “naked”, such as we are. The person experiences a solid self-confidence which allows him to be himself, quite simply. No pretense, no mask. The Star Energy is pure Energy. It encourages the person to connect with others deeply, spiritually, through benevolent communication, through donation or through commitment, for example.

The name of the card

The stars and planets are the result of the explosion (called the big bang) of a ball of energy that gave birth to our World and others. The stars are energy, and if they grow too big, they too will burst. And the cycle of star creation will go on ad infinitum.

The star can be recognized because it is a point of light in the night sky. This celestial body radiates with its own light. The Star Sirius is the brightest among the billions of stars that exist in our galaxy. It is said to be a double star because it is accompanied by a dwarf star. It is twice as massive as the sun. It was once red, as texts from ancient Chinese and Egyptian astronomers say. It is certainly this that we see in the double star of the Tarot de Marseille card.

Another star, the Polar Star, which roughly indicates the North, has always served as a guide for those who circulate at night without a locating instrument. Not to be confused with the Shepherd’s Star, so named because it is the first star to light up in the evening, signaling the shepherds when to bring in the flock, and the last to shine before morning.

In fact The Shepherd’s Star is the planet Venus, never visible in the middle of the night because it needs sunlight to shine. It is she whom the three wise men followed to arrive near the baby Jesus.

The Shepherd’s Star and the Pole Star could be the two yellow stars at the top of the map. They symbolize the light that they bring into our minds and bodies to give rhythm to our organic and cerebral life according to the cycles of nature and to help us stay the course. Starlight has always been considered a divine sign. They guide us towards the goal to be reached.

We prefer to see the Star as a friend. It pushes back the darkness and allows us to see. It wards off evil and promises the illumination of our heart and the joy of living. If it is a lucky star, it is reliable and its protection is constant. To believe in your star is to trust your intuitions, your sixth sense, or to suppose that a higher force watches over our luck and our happiness.

The number 17

The young naiad of the Star card does not have only one lucky star to guide her spiritually and materially and to protect her. We have eight that is also the number of branches of six of the stars. The number 8 is the sign of infinity, of the Moebius strip, which has no beginning or end and which allows a permanent circulation of energies.

17 = 1 + 7 = 8, that is to say the number of perfection. It is also linked to Arcane VIII, Justice, card of perfect balance.
17 in numerology is the number of the Good Star, luck, protection. In negative print, it is the deceptive illusion, the naivety which exposes to manipulation, egoism, the absence of openness.

17 is also the number of Man, that is to say of the creature which unites in itself the celestial and the terrestrial. It signifies karmic liberation. Karma is the sum of acts and past lives that affect the quality of our new reincarnation. Karmic liberation consists of freeing oneself from an injury, from a trauma felt in a previous life, which manifests itself in ailments.

Symbolism of the star

In the Tarot of Marseilles The name of the arcane XVII relates this card to the family of the stars: the Star, the Moon and the Sun. In all three cases, living elements are positioned under the radiant stars: a young woman, two dogs, two young children. But while the children and the dogs indicate the difficulty for the man to unite his opposites, the young woman of the Star is applauded by the starry sky because she has achieved a serene unification.

The scene offered to us by the arcane XII is nocturnal but it seems to be taken in broad daylight. The landscape is charming and peaceful: the bird, the water, the ornate jugs, the grace of the young woman, the curves of the ground, everything is graceful. Above, the stars are full of life. The light is as bright as it is in broad daylight. It is the picture of a happy and harmonious moment of life where everything is in symbiosis.

This woman has the innocent nudity of a newborn baby, that of Eve before being chased out of paradise. Her feminine curves are those of nourishing earth, she is the one who gives birth and reassures. She has nothing to hide, her sincerity is obvious.

The bird is also the messenger of the gods, its wings allow it to ascend to the sky, It helps the soul to rise spiritually. It is turned to the right, because the past is made to seed the future.


In a Love Draw, the Star is a positive Card, especially if the person is going through difficulties in their relationship or cannot find their soulmate. The Energy of the Star invites you to be yourself – with its faults and its qualities – to communicate with frankness and benevolence. It is by being good with oneself that it is possible to really go to meet the other.

If the person is looking for Love, the Star offers him to become this “star” who will turn all eyes to her. The person must go out to meet the other in a sincere approach, showing who he really is. Seduction needs authenticity to operate.


In a Draw concerning the professional field, the star is a good omen. If the person has gone through a difficult period at work, if their business is stagnating or if a new job is slow to be found, the Star indicates that now is not the time to be discouraged. On the contrary ! The energies in the life of the person are being put in place to ensure renewal and success, so we must not let opportunities slip away. The person must remain mobilized towards his objective and keep hope because the outcome is near.

If the person is looking for work or wondering about his professional orientation, the Star indicates that the time has come to ask the right questions. The person wishes to give more meaning to his work and through that, more meaning to his life. What professional career would therefore be the most appropriate? The most aligned with his authentic seing? The star embodies this opportunity to be seized: to transform, to reinvent itself for more authenticity.


The Star indicates that worrying or stressing about finances is unnecessary. It is even a counterproductive attitude as the energy dissipates rather than being channeled into solving the problem. The card invites the person to look his financial situation in the face, with sincerity and lucidity. The star also invites him to opt for a positive attitude: every problem has its solution, even if the situation seems inextricable. The person is invited to seek outside help from a trusted person or a professional – bank advisor or Notary for example.

More occasionally, the Star can also announce an unexpected aid or gift.


The Star is an exciting Card, synonymous with healing, transformation and spiritual development. It appears to tell you that well-being, anchoring and alignment are possible… and that we should not despair. The Star is not, however, a “miracle solution” and it invites you to do everything that could help you achieve your goals. Like the Shepherd’s Star, a landmark in the Sky, it invites you to keep in mind what you want to accomplish.

The Star also indicates to you that it is time to take into account spirituality as an integral part of your being and your process of evolution. New desires, new needs are calling you. Let yourself be guided by your intuition. The gentle presence of the Star accompanies you and watches over you.

What if the star card is drawn backwards

Luck becomes bad luck, obstacles and difficulties are to be expected. The person acts recklessly, he is stubborn, rigid, does not communicate with those around him.

The star card of the Tarot upside down is not very difficult. However, it suggests that you are having difficulty connecting with yourself. You have lost your faith and you are going through a period of discouragement and despair. The upside down Tarot Star card may indicate that you are harboring negative thoughts that prevent you from projecting positively and attracting good luck to you.

It is possible that you have encountered disappointments in your relationships and that you are no longer able to spontaneously give love. You can no longer find or see the beauty in life.

A problem of self-confidence

The Star card in reverse of the Tarot may also show a loss of faith. To move forward again, you have to regain confidence. Thus, the appearance of the star card upside down offers above all advice such as it is necessary to pull together and regain confidence. It is necessary to apply the teaching of Maison Dieu in order to access the truth and enjoy universal love. If you believe in yourself, the universe will believe in you and you will find joy and happiness in your life.

Water the creation of life

But water is precisely the source of life, without water we will die. Take a good look at this woman who transfers the water from her vases. Without water there is no harvest, no food, there is no more life. This is also why this woman is happy she found the source and the gift of life is a blessing. The color blue signifies peace, wisdom and serenity. Water is depicted on the star map represents fertility. Its meaning represents divine gift. This woman near this water source is serene.

In arid lands, water represents hope. Water is also knowledge. Water purifies because it has the power of regeneration. How many today have forgotten that water is the most precious commodity. Some people are obsessed with beautiful cars, they want to make more money or have the nicest house. But this woman understood what real wealth was. Without water there is no growth, no evolution and the whole earth is dying.

A person who realizes this understands the meaning of life and values! She knows the essentials and does not bother with futility. The meaning of the star in a print is wealth that goes far beyond material wealth This woman with her knees on the ground and her feet in the water.

Indeed, it is between the two worlds. The spiritual world and matter. She navigates between the visible and the invisible. And yes the arcane of the star is the card of spirituality. The bird that is represented is a sacred ibis in the tarot is equated with spirituality.

Thoth and the sacred ibis

The sacred ibis is the embodiment of the God Thoth. He watches over healers, accountants, magicians and healers. It is also the faculty of premonition. to Hermes, precursors of alchemy, he is the man of knowledge. Hermes is the one who teaches the mysteries. Hermes a highly intelligent man who has educated so many and still known despite the millennia that have passed.

Happy are those who draw the arcane of the star in the tarot

This naked woman with her vases filled with water has the power to regenerate herself. This major arcane in the Tarot of Marseilles in a favorable position indicates confidence. Indeed, this woman knows more than anyone that she will be protected no matter the obstacles, she has her lucky star above her head. You have drawn the blade 17 of the Tarot de Marseille so be sure to have a gift of clairvoyance or spiritual.

Providence is associated with the star in the tarot

For a consultant who draws this card in the Tarot of Marseilles he will be able to count on providence. The tarot star is the openness to others but also a person who transmits. A person who is not afraid to share his knowledge. If you set up a project, it will be successful because in a favorable position the star represents the brilliance.

What is the star’s message for the future?

So this star signals you to take back control, to regain self-confidence. To let go of the past to take advantage of the present. You are no worse than the others and you will meet someone who really deserves you, it’s the same for the professional field. The meaning of the star is the hope it gives you the keys to become a thing.

Too good to be true or unfit for happiness?

Besides, you are undecided. Without offending you this blade represents people who do not know how to appreciate happiness. Too good to be true for you to shoot yourself in the feet. The esoteric symbolism of this card also represents a person who does not say things. She keeps her doubts to herself and lacks frankness. But by doing so, we risk making ourselves sick. When a person or situation bothers us, we should not hesitate to say so.

If you don’t believe in miracles well they won’t happen

You have to believe in the miracle of life, there is something for everyone. If the star came out in your backwards print, then you should ask your guardian angel to come and help you. In general the reversed cards are the opposite of the arcane in a favorable position. But beware of the many exceptions. So the next time you find a star in the Marseille tarot or in the Waite rider, you don’t look at it the same way. And if you take it out upside down, make sure that next time you take it out right side up. You have the power!

Believe in miracles and don’t miss the essentials of spiritual life. Remember that water is creation. If you do not lack water then you are rich in everything! Never forget to deepen the predictions in your tarot deck with the surrounding arcana of your card reading in order to bring more precise interpretations.


In connection with the fifth chakra, the Star is the presence of Ether, a natural element which condenses in it the other natural elements (water, fire, air and earth). It is the place of the realization of this personal unification that we all pursue more or less consciously. We can become the Star who calmly pours out his life by mixing it with the great universal bath.

We are made of stardust and the chemical elements inherited from the stars bind us to everything that makes up our galaxy, because planets, animals and plants have received this dust like us.

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