Stephen King has become one of the most famous contemporary authors on the planet, with sales exceeding three hundred and fifty million. A popularity that he owes enormously to the many film adaptations of his works. The Master of Horror and Thriller.

Stephen King is one of the world’s most acclaimed writers. He is known the world over for his horror books, but the truth is that he has also taken his first steps in other works which, while close to this theme, are not so terrifying. He is the author of over sixty novels, not counting stories, short novels, non-fiction books, scripts and other types of literary texts. But, despite this great variety, it must be said that almost all readers agree on which are the best Stephen King books.

Read below and find out who is Stephen King and which of his books are the most famous.

Who is Stephen King?

Stephen King was born in 1947 in Portland, Maine, and is one of America’s most recognized writers, especially for his horror and mystery novels. Almost all of them have been adapted (or will be in the future) for television series or motion pictures, and their books have been translated all over the world.

Of course, did not begin to succeed from the beginning It was only in the 90s that he began to succeed. What was your first novel? Well, the first one was Carrie, a novel that the author himself didn’t believe in and yet thanks to his wife he finished it and sent it to a publisher. It was not very successful at first (the publisher himself gave him little money for his time), but the truth is that he was successful and it prompted him to devote himself exclusively to writing.

Thus, other novels such as The Mystery of the Lot of Salem, or The Shining, one of the most famous, came out. Over time, her novels gained the attention not only of publishers and readers, but also producers, who began to consider adaptations of her novels in films or even series. And that made it even more successful.

Best Books By Stephen King


Located in the Rocky Mountains, the Overlook Hotel is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Beauty, comfort, luxury, pleasure… In winter, the hotel is closed, cut off from the world by the cold, snow and ice. Only a caretaker lives in it. That winter, it’s Jack Torrance, an alcoholic who tries to escape failure and despair. He came with his wife, Wendy, who hopes, thanks to this isolation, to rebuild her threatened home, and their child, Danny.

But Danny has the gift of feeling, of seeing, of resuscitating things and beings that are forever gone. In the 110 empty rooms of the Overlook, the demon is omnipresent. Nightmare or reality, the body of this murdered woman, these festive sounds that drift in the corridors, this strange life that animates the hotel?

Stephen King is regarded the world over as the master of horror literature. Shining – of which Doctor Sleep is the sequel – remains his most famous novel, wonderfully adapted by Stanley Kubrick, with Jack Nicholson in the lead role.


Misery is the name of the popular heroine who grossed millions of dollars for novelist Paul Sheldon. After which he had had enough: he killed Misery to finally write the “real” novel he dreamed of. And then all it took was a few too many drinks and a snowy road, in a remote corner… When he regains consciousness, he is lying on a bed, his legs crushed in the accident. Saved by a woman, Annie. A fervent admirer. Who doesn’t forgive him for killing Misery. And the torture will begin. Without monsters or ghosts, a Stephen King at the height of his power locks us here in the most terrifying camera imaginable.


Garraty, a young teenager from Maine, will compete for “La Longue Marche”, a competition with 100 participants. This event is eagerly awaited. It will be shown on television, followed by thousands of people. But it is not a March like the others, rather a game without faith or law … Garraty has every interest in winning. The opposite could cost him dearly. Very expensive. Walk or Die is a dystopian anticipation novel by Stephen King that appeared under the pen name Richard Bachman in 1979.


Children, in their small town of Derry, Ben, Eddie, Richie and the little gang of the “Failure Club”, as they called themselves, were confronted with absolute horror: this, this dreadful thing, lurking in the sewers and capable of tearing a six-year
old boy to pieces alive … Twenty-seven years later, the call of one of them reunites them in the places of their childhood. For the horror is unleashed once again, as if it were to hit the small city in a cyclic and regular fashion.

Between the past and the present, childhood and adulthood, forgetting terrors and their unbearable return, the author of Sac d’os invites us on a fascinating journey towards Evil, with one of his most famous works larger and stronger. This books has been made into a movie and it has been one of the greatest movie of all time, watched by many horror fans.


Louis Creed, a young doctor from Chicago, comes to settle with his family in Ludlow, a small town in Maine. Their neighbor, old Jud Crandall, takes them on a tour of the picturesque “Pet Sematary” where generations of children have buried their pets. But beyond this “Pet Sematary”, deep in the forest, are the sacred lands of the Indians, a forbidden place which nevertheless seduces with its monstrous promises. An atrocious drama will soon tear the existence of the Creeds apart, and we find ourselves caught up in a nightmarish suspense… Pet Sematary, ranked number one in the world bestsellers, before that or Misery, has been adapted for cinema by Stephen King for him same and directed by Mary Lambert.


Paul Edgecombe, former head warden of a penitentiary in the 1930s, begins to write his memoirs.
He returns to the John Caffey affair – this tall black man with absent-minded eyes, sentenced to death for the rape and murder of two young girls – which hit the headlines in 1932.

The Green Line describes a suffocating and brutal universe, where mistrust is Rule. No one emerges unscathed from this building cut off from the world, where a strange mouse tamed by an arsonist Cajun, the sadistic Percy Wetmore, and Caffey, a prisoner without a problem live together. Fairly quickly convinced of the innocence of this man endowed with supernatural powers, Paul will do anything to save him from the electric chair.

On the border between noir novel and fantasy, this story is also a brilliant reflection on the death penalty. A book by Stephen King very different from his usual forays into horror, terribly effective and disturbing.


All it took was a computer in a top-secret US Army lab to make a nanosecond error for the chain of death to kick in. The Scourge, inexorably, spreads over America and, from New York to Los Angeles, turns a beautiful summer into a nightmare. With a contamination rate of 99.4%.

In this world of apocalypse emerges a handful of hallucinated survivors. They do not know each other, yet each wants to join the one they call Mother Abigaël in their dreams: a one hundred and eight year old Black woman on whom their common salvation depends. But they also know that in this devastated land lurks the Faceless Man, the Black Man with strange powers, Randall Flagg. The embodiment of the most diabolical fantasies, destined to reign over this new world. It is the end of Times, and the last fight between Good and Evil can begin.


Maine, 1970. Ben Mears returns to Salem, settling in Marsten House, uninhabited since the tragic death of its owners twenty years earlier. But very quickly, he will have to face the facts: strange things are happening in this small town. A dog is slain, a child disappears and the horror infiltrates, spreads, spreads, as inevitable as the night which descends on Salem.


First quarter of the 21st century. The dictatorship has taken hold in the United States. Television, the supreme weapon of the new power, reigns supreme over the people. A single channel broadcasts a game program followed by millions of fans: “La Grande Traque”. Ben Richards, a man with nothing more to lose, decides to engage in deadly competition.

For thirty days he will have to flee the formidable “hunters” launched on his trail and actively helped by a population encouraged to denounce. All means are good to eliminate Ben Richards …

In this terrifying book, the undisputed master of suspense, the great American writer Stephen King, alias Richard Bachman, takes us through this diabolical race against death without giving us a moment’s respite. Fascinating.


Seventeen-year-old Carrie White, lonely, shy and not exactly pretty, is going through an ordeal: she is the victim of her mother’s religious fanaticism and the incessant mockery of her classmates. Not to mention this gift, this strange power of moving objects at a distance, although she still masters it with difficulty … One day, however, luck seems to smile on her. Tommy Ross, the only boy who seems to understand and love her, invites her to the school spring prom. A mark of attention that she would never have hoped for, and perhaps even the sign of a renewal!


Spring: the story of an innocent prisoner who prepares the most extraordinary escape since that of the Count of Monte-Cristo… Summer: a young adolescent discovers the monstrous past of an old man and plays with him a terrible variant of cat and mouse… Autumn: four boisterous boys venture into the forests of Maine, discovering life, death and portents of their fate…
Winter: in a strange club, a doctor tells the story of a woman determined to give birth no matter what …

These four stories triumphantly prove that the great Stephen King is capable of transcending horror without abandoning his singularly catchy style, his colorful way of rendering the setting and the characters, and his panting intrigues, hanging on the edge of the abyss. Different seasons: four jewels, irresistible to read.


King or the art of rooting suspense and terror in the most insignificant little facts of everyday life. Basaar is at the heart of Castle Rock, this small American town where the author has set many of his thrillers such as Cujo, La Part des ténèbres or The Tommyknockers … A powder keg where all the violence and madness that conceals is accumulated and unleashed, the soul of each. Until the implosion. King or the art of wiping a city off the map by the sheer force of hatred. Of those hatreds that make you die or kill.


Christine is beautiful, distinguished, attractive. She loves thrills, nightlife and rock n’roll from heroic years. Ever since she has known Arnie, she has been in love. Special sign: Christine is a Plymouth “Fury”, released in 1958 from the Detroit auto shops. Only one rival in his path: Leigh, Arnie’s girlfriend… This legendary novel by Stephen King, punctuated by the music of Chuck Berry and Janis Joplin, has already taken place among the classics of horror.


Roland de Gilead, the last vigilante and adventurer of a world whose programmed destruction he seeks to reverse, must wrest from the black-clad sorcerer the secrets that will lead him to the Dark Tower, at the crossroads of all time and all places…


Cujo is a hundred kilogram Saint Bernard, the best friend of ten-year-old Brett Camber. One day, Cujo hunts a rabbit which takes refuge in a sort of small underground cave inhabited by bats.

What will happen to Cujo and those unfortunate enough to approach him is the subject of the most terrifying novel Stephen King has ever written. Brett and his parents, their neighbor Vic Trenton and his wife Donna, a couple in crisis, Tad, their little boy, plagued for weeks by night terrors: all will be thrown into a real typhoon of terror, a nightmare named Cujo… Published twenty-five years ago, Cujo remains one of Stephen King’s major works, and a classic of horror.

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