How to reassure a sensitive Cancer about his upcoming adventures? How to master your legendary little anxieties on yourself as well as on your loved ones? It’s easy: immerse yourself without hesitation in reading your monthly Horoscope and trust our Astrologer to help you optimize astral influences!  

What will be the color of your emotions and in which area will you make a splash? Will the family atmosphere flourish you and has Venus decided to make you happy? A Cancer (future) mother does not like to take unnecessary risks and knowing the planets’ message (in advance) is rather reassuring.

People born in the Cancer sign will have to meet many challenges in the professional field. Very busy, they will have some difficulty in devoting themselves to their loved ones and more generally to their private sphere. Which is sure to create some tension. Fortunately, health will be cloudless.

Cancer horoscope for the month of November 2021

Mercury moves away on the 6th to enter Scorpio and form a beautiful association with Mars. If you had lost it, you regain control by mixing intuition ( Mercury ) and instinct ( Mars ), before achieving feats in the field. In team as in maintenance, the current goes well. The feeling of being confident and gaining the recognition of those around you. In a Relationship, Venus in Capricorn pushes to approach material questions. Money is a delicate subject, especially if you have to share the costs. Differences may arise regarding the financing of a project. Dialogue (including love) will help find a compromise.

Cancer horoscope for the month of December 2021

The opposites are complementary. You will benefit from the presence of the planets in Capricorn (your rival), if you agree to step out of your comfort zone. From the 14th to the 31st, Mercury is shaking up your professional habits. Two options: stick to your positions with the risk of engaging in a standoff. Or you can adapt to the situation to get out of the game. All month, Venus redistributes the cards and roles at home. Your spouse’s decisions impact your destiny. Again, you have the choice of standing up or following in his footsteps. Trust life and its good surprises, so as not to regret having jostled your benchmarks.

2022 Cancer Horoscope

This year will be put under the sign of reflection, of parentheses or of waiting. You should therefore take advantage of this period to better identify your needs and desires. The stars will push Cancer to think outside the box and open up to other influences. Do not be afraid to push your limits, to surpass yourself and know how to seize every opportunity to give new impetus to your life.


You might get the feeling that the planets are straining your nerves this winter. The fault of Saturn, which of its rings, will try to lock you in a vicious circle, sowing small grains of sand in your path which can destabilize you and lead to a lack of confidence in you. Don’t be fooled and, in the spring, take back control of your emotions! Make your sensitivity a strength and above all sort out around you: a great loving household is essential. In May, you will need to meet again to better understand each other, to take a step back on your vision of the couple and of love and to make yourself your most beautiful ally. This year, you will understand, if singles do not immediately find shoes to their feet, the Stars will offer them much more.


How about you take back control? If you’ve been feeling like you’re missing out on your gift lately, saying ‘yes’ too easily, or neglecting your dreams, this spring should be the perfect time to step up and say, reasonably, what you have about your life. heart. Jupiter, the master of the zodiac, king of luck and wisdom, will help you achieve your goals, express your frustrations in a relevant and positive way, and keep a cool head. This summer, your efforts should pay off.


You will be well surrounded this year! Your family and friends can prove to you how much you mean to them and how important you are. They will offer you beautiful proofs of love that will help you stay the course this winter. You can count on their kindness, advice and support throughout the year.


In 2022, you should be able to save money again after a somewhat difficult 2021. However, you will need to learn to say “no” to temptation. The period is ideal for selling or buying real estate. On the work side, 2022 should be marked by a great career development. You will come across different opportunities in the first quarter. Your energy should allow you to stand out professionally. However, you will have to dare. A little nerve and originality will allow you to impose the projects and ideas that have been lying around in your mind for a while. This will allow you to market yourself and get the job of your dreams or a more rewarding position.


HEALTH You will be a little lazy at the start of the year. You lack energy and motivation. You feel the need to rest and sleep, sleep, slept… You will have to do violence to yourself in the spring to resume sport a little. You will need it to relieve stress. In the middle of the year, you will get back in shape. You will feel like you are invincible. This will be the perfect time to review your diet.

2022 Monthly Horoscope

Cancerians are born between June 22 and July 22. Native of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd decan, what do the stars have in store for you this year? Discover the astrological predictions of your horoscope for the year 2022.

Horoscope Cancer 2022 1st decan

When Jupiter passes into Pisces, it is sometimes said that all hopes are allowed. This will be the case for you in January-February 2022 because you will have faith in life and heaven will above all not lack kindness towards you. You can also use the 2 th fortnight of April during which dedicate yourself to what you hold most at heart will make you happy.

From May to October, there will be an excess of heat in the sky of our Cancer. Because of the long passage of a Jupiter in Aries a little warrior, your Diplomacy Quotient is likely to plunge. Beware of this unruly energy that is difficult to manage! Pushing and / or raising the tone to get what you want or to assert yourself will not always be good for your reputation.

Horoscope 2022 2e decan

Our Cancer will be the big winner for the month of February 2022. Having Jupiter (the lucky one) and Uranus (the big stimulant) simultaneously in your pocket doesn’t happen that often: could the prospect of change make your life much better? gentle ? It’s possible. During the rest of this year 2022, if fate hands you a pole, it will necessarily be for the best: so grab it without hesitation! If it’s about breaking away from a certain lifestyle, you will also have a front row seat; if you need anything else, dare the metamorphosis. Uranus will still be your favorite planetall year round and with it, what is different is very often fulfilling. We will put aside the period at the end of May-beginning of June which may be a little aggressive.

Horoscope 2022 3e decan

In this beautiful year 2022, nothing says that our Cancer will not find the recipe for a better world … In any case, with this delicious association of planets in Pisces, you will be rather gifted for happiness. It will be more precisely from the end of March to the end of May and from the end of October to the end of December. With these aspects, you will also need to know how to draw the extraordinary from your imagination: your creative side will in any case be highlighted and you risk being very inspired. So give the best of yourself in your endeavors of the year because these pretty planets in Piscesare above all revealing of inner riches … We should nevertheless point out to you two slightly more complicated periods: from February 21 to March 8, there will be animosity in the air; from June 22 to July 8, do not trigger the detonator if the situation becomes delicate.

What is the meaning of the sign Cancer?

Cancer is the crab: a Greek myth says that the goddess Hera placed him under the path of Hercules during his trials. The demigod crushed him under his heel, so Hera transformed him into a celestial constellation. The main satellites of the sign of Cancer are the Moon first, then Jupiter. Its constellation is surrounded by the Little Dog, to the south, by the Lynx, to the north, and the Hydra.

10 things to know about the sign Cancer

Are you of the sign of Cancer yourself, or do you know people of this sign? Don’t you find Cancer.

●is a great romantic in front of the eternal

●knows how to receive friends very well

●tends to be anxious and somatize sometimes for no serious reason

●is very attentive in love as in friendship

●seeks to avoid conflict by all means

●is often nostalgic for his childhood

●is close to nature and committed to its defense

●sometimes has impressive intuitions

●is extremely devoted to his family

●can be sensitive when we run into his sensitivity

What is the character of Cancer?

Discreet sign, you have to wait to get into your privacy to fully understand the character of a Cancer. The linchpin of his personality is his extreme sensitivity: it is this who makes him so attentive to others, so considerate as a couple, but also who can lead him to get upset or suddenly fall into his (crab) shell. It takes time and delicacy to tame a native of Cancer! Nonetheless, when one succeeds, one is rewarded with his unwavering loyalty which makes him a great friend, a faithful spouse and a fantastic parent.

The Cancer woman: a devoted and artistic temperament

Discreet and feminine at the same time, the Cancer woman does not like to attract attention. Cautious in nature, she never does too much and can therefore seem self-effacing. But she knows it: it is her ingenuous side that generally appeals to those close to her. Very maternal, it is within her family that the Cancer woman finds her true happiness. She also shows great dedication to those she loves. Open-minded, she never judges others and easily makes friends. They appreciate his generosity, his tolerance and his welcome, always warm.

But be careful not to annoy him! The Cancer woman can easily get out of her hinges and surprise her world. She is also particularly orderly, not to say maniac. Nothing in business, even a little gullible, it is on the art side that she is the best. Her sensitivity and her imagination make her a gifted person in sculpture, painting or drawing. It is therefore perfect for exercising a profession in which creativity is important.

The Cancer woman in love: romantic, even jealous

The Cancer woman is a great romantic. It is therefore natural that she needs to share romantic moments with her other half. Tender and in love, she needs a partner who is present, kind and attentive … which does not mean good dough. Indeed, when the Cancer woman has enough confidence in the strength of her relationship, she has a tendency to become temperamental. Her man must therefore know how to stand up to her. The Cancer woman appreciates the advice and support of a man who can guide her in her decisions.

Attached to her family, the Cancer woman expects a man to share the same values ​​as her. Sometimes jealous, she can also be dependent. If she doubts her partner’s loyalty, she will do her investigation discreetly. But beware of what she will discover: the Cancer woman is capable of impressive arguments!

In bed, she is very changeable. She herself has trouble keeping up with the fluctuations in her libido. However, influenced by the Moon, her sexuality is turned towards orality.

When it comes to love compatibility, the magic happens in the blink of an eye with Pisces – another water sign. Communication will be intuitive and obvious. Very different from the Taurus man, the Cancer woman still appreciates her charm and gentleness. With a Virgo man, she can live a balanced and harmonious relationship. Finally, a Scorpio man offers the Cancer woman powerful sensuality and impressive magnetism.

The Cancer man: wise and traditional

The least we can say is that the Cancer man is not an adventurer. Cautious, he wants to preserve his safety and his bearings. He is finally comparable to the crab which symbolizes his sign: he dreams of taking his house with him, on his back, when he travels. Routine does not scare him, quite the contrary. Both discreet and concerned about his image, the Cancer man is particularly afraid of ridicule. Attached to his family, he appreciates the time spent with those close to him when strangers interest him little.

When they feel comfortable, the Cancer man appears talkative and jovial. Nostalgic in nature, he gives great importance to his past memories, his childhood and the education he received. He respects traditions and wants to perpetuate them. Serious and generally good at work, he does not brag about his successes. He rarely evokes his desires and dreams, as if he is afraid of disappointing or disappointing himself in case of failure.

The Cancer man in love: he knows how to make a long-term commitment

In love, the Cancer man has one goal: stability. Once he has found a balanced woman with the desire to build a serious relationship and sharing the meaning of family, the Cancer man does not hesitate to make a commitment. Moreover, he is not the type to ask questions when he thinks he has found THE right person. In a Relationship, Cancer is loyal, understanding and considerate. He acts like an old school gentleman or charmer and goes out of his way to make his partner happy. No one else counts apart from their half.

However, it must be recognized that the Cancer man can have a certain apprehension in the face of love: he needs to be reassured, even that we take control during the seduction. He is afraid of falling from a height, the breakups being always painful for him. In bed, the Cancer man turns out to be a perfect lover. Devoted to his partner, tender, romantic and intuitive, he knows how to go about it. He also has a strong imagination when it comes to fantasies.

Married and father of a family, his priority is his home. In case of tensions, he will do everything to make the situation better. The Cancer man gets along particularly well with Pisces women, whose sensitivity he appreciates, Virgins, whom he considers reliable, and Scorpios who seem so insightful and deep to him. Conversely, he finds Aries too aggressive and Lions too proud.

What are the defects of the Cancer sign?

The natives of Cancer tend to be skin-deep. Hypersensitive, they tend to let themselves be overwhelmed by their emotions, which sometimes prevents them from using good judgment. In everyday life, this can result in mood swings, or even real fits of rage. Behind this volcanic character, often hides a person who lacks self-confidence and who needs the support of those around him to feel good. We can therefore blame them for a certain lack of independence and initiative. In people born under the sign of Cancer, love tends to increase this need for recognition. This is why they are sometimes criticized for their omnipresence and their protective side which can sometimes be compared to misplaced jealousy.

Cancer Ascendant: its influence on your astrological sign

A sign of water, just like Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer is represented by the crab, a mysterious animal, with an imposing shell and a faint-hearted gait. Above all meditative, turned towards the past, the family and the house, Cancer is difficult to grasp. Ascending, depending on the case, it can soften your personality or exacerbate it, to the point of overriding your true astrological sign. Because the ascendant reveals your inner self, for better or for worse.

Cancer ascendant Aries

He has a dual personality that is both calm and impulsive. His absent-mindedness is offset by a lively character and a need for action. Hypersensitive, Cancer ascendant Aries is capable of often unexplained mood swings. Despite its complexity, it needs strong social ties and stability.

Cancer ascendant Taurus

The Taurus ascendant prefers the sweetness of the home. His home-like character does not make him lazy and he is a hard worker who appreciates material comfort. Family oriented, he is a protector at heart. Generous, but reserved, he makes his decisions after long reflections.

Cancer ascendant Gemini

He is sociable and has an ease of communication and a willingness to open up to others. Often moody, the Cancer ascendant Gemini is also more sensitive to criticism. Intelligent and curious, he envisions projects that he struggles to bring to fruition through excess of laziness.

Cancer ascending Cancer

The Cancer ascendant is secret, although often very surrounded. Listening to others, he is more often a confidant than a protagonist in stories, because he knows how to hide his sorrows. However, he remains very sensitive and easily influenced, which is why he needs a reassuring entourage to flourish.

Ascendant Cancer Leo

The Leo ascendant is proactive. He is often the first on a business or within his group. A slight narcissism makes him seek compliments and appreciation from those around him. Charismatic, he attracts attention but is also generous and caring towards those he loves.

Cancer ascendant Virgo

Cancer ascendant Virgo is realistic and pragmatic. Organized, he likes rigor and has a developed practical sense. More reserved than distracted, he hates being in the spotlight. In spite of himself, he often develops a lack of confidence and a need for security.

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