Child of TV and showbiz, Britney Spears was only 11 years old when she hosted the Mickey Mouse Club with Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake.

In her twenty-year musical career, she has become a figure of great importance in music and pop culture, which has earned the nickname “Princess of Pop”, thanks to a highly publicized personal life. Spears is one of the best-selling female artists in history with over 100 million copies worldwide including albums and singles.

In 1999, she released her first single: “Baby one more time” is an interplanetary hit. From 1999 to 2003, she released 4 albums which were all hits. She took the opportunity to break her image as a model girl by choosing to publicly kiss Madonna at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. Chased by the paparazzi, left by Justin Timberlake, she was depressed before marrying dancer Kevin Federline and d ‘ give birth to two boys.

Britney Spears biography

Britney Spears grew up in Louisiana with her parents, a teacher mother and a real estate agent father, her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears and her brother Bryan. She begins to take singing lessons and comedy lessons as a child, encouraged by her mother. At 11, she passed the casting to join the Mickey Mouse Club. She is selected and hosts the show with several other future stars such as Christina Aguilera or Justin Timberlake.

At the age of 17, Britney Spears released her first single: Baby One More Time. It’s an immediate hit! Her music video, in which she wears a high school uniform, is looping on MTV and she opens for Justin Timberlake’s group, N’Sync. Her debut album is at the top of the charts in fifteen countries.

In 2000, Britney Spears released her second album: Oops! … I did it again. A new box with 20 million copies sold. In 2001, she released her third album and surprised. At 20, she sings sexually explicit songs for the first time and reveals the very hot clip of I’m a slave for you. In parallel comes Crossroads, the first film in which she plays. She goes on tour and is named, in 2002, the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.

Private life

Britney Spears started her career claiming her Christian and conservative values ​​and stating that she refuses to have premarital sex. Her romantic relationship with Justin Timberlake aged 17 to 20 is over-publicized as is their breakup, which will inspire their songs Cry Me A River and Everytime.

She married a childhood friend at 22 in Las Vegas before having the marriage annulled which lasted … 55 hours. Six months later she married dancer Kevin Federline. In two years she gave birth to her two sons Sean and Jayden. Britney Spears divorced at 26 and lost joint custody of her children in the process. Completely lost, she shaves her head in front of paparazzi in 2007. The images go around the world.

Since her divorce, Britney Spears has been in a relationship for a year and a half with Adnan Ghalib, a paparazzi. The star lived for four years with her ex-manager Jason Trawick. Since December 2016, the star has been in a relationship with the dancer and sports coach Sam Asghari. The latter is 13 years younger than her.

Britney Spears has never hidden it: her real passion is dancing. On Instagram, she posts videos of her workouts, fitness sessions and hobbies, like painting!

First marriage

Shortly after breaking up with Timberlake, Britney got married. Britney Spears’ first husband, with whom the marriage was officially concluded, was the singer’s husband for only 55 hours. He’s Britney’s longtime friend Jason Alexander.

Why Spears made this adventure is hard to say, it’s obvious that the shocking stuff has nothing to do with the official ritual of creating a family.

Britney Spears commented on this strange event with the desire to verify from personal experience what a woman feels when she gets married. The wedding took place in Las Vegas, where the wedding procedure is made as easy as possible. Many Americans who want to get married urgently enjoy the benefits permitted in this city.

Marriage with Kevin Federline

The Britney family life began after her second marriage. Rapper, dancer and model Kevin Federline has become his chosen one. They decided to get married three months after they met. Federline was not stopped by the fact that his old passion was demolition and was expecting the birth of his second child from Kevin a month later.

The wedding was magnificent. Several dozen guests congratulated the young people in the mansion of one of Kevin and Britney’s friends. First stage the relationship of the spouses became the plot of a reality TV show that was broadcast on television and which had great success with viewers. A year later, in 2005, Britney gave birth to their first son, Sean Preston Federline. It wasn’t long before the second pregnancy arrived, and a few months after Sean’s birth, Britney became pregnant again. In September 2006, the couple celebrated the birth of Jaden James Federline.

Britney and Hesem Asgari

Britney Spears has now been dating Iranian model and fitness trainer Sam Asghari for almost a year. Rumor has it that she is expecting a child from him. Asgari does not deny this possibility. He says he will be happy if their relationship with Britney is taken to a new level. The singer herself is not forthright on this subject, but on Instagram, she writes that she would like to give birth to a daughter.

Sam’s acquaintance happened during the casting of the video for the song Slumber Party. Sam is 12 years younger than Britney, but this age difference does not bother the singer at all, on the contrary, it made her take care of herself and restore her former perfect form … To next to Sam, Britney shines with happiness. Even skeptics noticed when they saw the couple at the Costello show. Britney and Sam came to support little sister Sam, who first appeared on the catwalk as a model.

Music Career

In 1998, Britney Spears gained worldwide recognition thanks to the single “Baby One More Time”, from the album of the same name. With 25 million records sold worldwide, the young artist has established herself as a rising star in song. 2000 is the year of his second album, “Oops! … I Did It Again”. Here again, the commercial success is colossal, since the album sells 20 million copies worldwide, allowing the artist to prance at the top of sales in many countries. Other singles, like “Lucky” and “Stronger”, will experience some success, allowing Britney to embark on her first world tour with “Oops! … I Did It Again World Tour” which is one of the most sexy music of all time.

His third album was released at the end of 2001 and the success was unmistakable. “Britney” sold 10 million copies and marked a turning point in the singer’s career. With the clip “I’m A Slave For You”, she moves away from the innocence of the beginnings to position herself on a much more sensual niche. For her fourth album titled “In The Zone”, Britney Spears swaps pop sounds for a more R&B style. The title “Toxic” is a great success, allowing the artist to sell 7 million copies.

A successful career

Following an express marriage with a childhood friend, then a second marriage with Kevin Federline from whom two sons would be born, Britney Spears made eclectic career choices. After releasing a best of, “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” in 2004, and living the love stories as in romance books, she takes a step back from the world of music to devote herself to her reality show called “Britney and Kevin: Chaotic”. It was not until the spring of 2007 that she returned to the stage for a tour, after a two-year hiatus. 

She released the album “Blackout” the same year, then “Circus” the following year. This sixth album met with significant success, allowing him to make a triumphant tour. The “Womanizer” music video contributes greatly to the popularity of the album. The albums “Femme Fatale” and “Britney Jean” then complete the singer’s discography. In 2014 and 2015, the artist focused on a series of 100 concerts in a hotel casino in Las Vegas. She had signed a contract a few years earlier to be a juror on The X Factor, in return for a check for $ 15 million. Side heart, after having been a time in a relationship with her ex-manager Jason Trawick, she formalized her relationship with Sam Asghari in December 2016.

A comeback with two singles

The month of December 2020 marks the great return of Britney Spears. The singer is releasing a deluxe edition of her album “Glory”, released in 2016. It features an exclusive track recorded with the Backstreet Boys, called “Matches”. Britney Spears also pleases her fans with the song “Swimming in the Stars”, a single released especially to celebrate her 39 years. A limited edition vinyl is released at the same time. In parallel, the #freebritney movement, which calls for the lifting of the star’s guardianship, continues. Britney Spears has said she will no longer perform on stage as long as she is under her father’s guardianship by order of the court.

Britney Spears Albums

●Glory (2016)

●Britney Jean (2013)

●Femme Fatale (2011)

●Circus (2008)

●Blackout (2007)

●In the Zone (2003)

●Britney (2001)

●Oops! … I Did It Again

●Baby One More Time

Interesting Facts

●In 2001, PETA asked him to pose n * de for their anti-fur advertising campaign. But, she declined the offer.

●She is a big fan of Bjork.

●Britney donated $ 120,000 to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation on October 24, 2015.

●Her anxiety prompted her to shave her head in February 2007, in a hairdressing salon in Tarzana, with an electric mower.

●Britney opened “The Britney Spears Foundation” to help children in need. But, the foundation closed in 2011 (after operating for over a decade) due to a lack of funds.

●Britney’s name is actually an anagram of “Presbyterians”.

●Britney shares her birthday with Nelly Furtado, Gianni Versace and Lucy Liu.

●After Mariah Carey, Britney became the second artist to appear in Hot 100 history to debut at # 1 with two or more songs with “3” in 2009 and “Hold It Against Me” in 2011.

●She was placed under the tutelage of her father James Spears and lawyer Andrew Wallet, which gave them full control over her assets.

●Madonna is his idol.

●Her extended guardianship raised doubts that she had been held against her will and her fans started the #FreeBritney (April 2019) movement for her freedom.

●Britney is more of a shy person off the stage, she said once something happened to her on stage and she was dancing to her own music, more like an alter ego type thing.

●In January 2007, Britney lost her close aunt Sandra Bridges Covington, which came as a shock to her and she took medicine to combat her depression.

●Britney Spears has a Yorkshire Terrier dog named “London”. In 2004 Britney bought a white Maltese dog and named him Lacy.

●She was an aerobics instructor at the gym, which her parents owned.

●Britney was ranked No.19 on Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 list in 2008.

●Britney was selected # 2 among FHM Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in 2001.

●Before becoming a successful pop singer, she worked in a novelty store.

●She lost custody of her children due to her mental illness in 2007.

●Connect with Britney on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, YouTube VEVO, and Tumblr.

Britney Spears Favorite Things

●Favorite Movies – Steel Magnolias (1989), Pretty Woman (1990)

●Favorite TV Shows – Sex And The City, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

●Favorite bands – Outkast

●Favorite Books – The Horse Whisperer (Nicholas Evans)

●Favorite Accessories – Lip Gloss, Hair Ties

●Favorite color – Blue

●Favorite food – Pizza

●Favorite drink – Sprite

●Favorite sports – Basketball, tennis, golf

Height weight and net worth

Spears and his slender body stand at a height of 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in), which is quite proportional to his weight of 57 kg (126 pounds). The singer’s body stats 35-27-35 correspond to a size 8 (US) for her dresses.

Twenty years ago, Britney Spears was in heaven. For four years, she racked up platinum (No.1) albums, a Grammy Award, and a series of world tours that grossed her tens of millions of dollars. In 2002, Forbes named her the most powerful celebrity in the world, with an estimated income of $ 40 million before taxes and duties.

In terms of income and star power, she was ahead of her contemporaries Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez – and even today, it’s safe to say she’s sold more concert tickets and albums than both. But when it comes to net worth, the Queen of Pop lags far behind: Britney Spears, once a dominant and ascending force in pop culture, has a net worth of $ 60 million; Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez have each built fortunes of over $ 100 million, according to Forbes estimates. Beyoncé’s fortune is worth seven times as much – not counting the fortune of her billionaire husband Jay-Z.

Where is she now?

Britney’s personal and professional life, which has been a combination of smooth and bumpy driving, and like a story from TV Series, has made audiences question the latest advances in music.

The singer’s whereabouts are not something completely far from the prying eyes of the media. Britney Spears did not close the curtains on her tours. She still performs in shows and has served her works on the Las Vegas table. Spears who had signed a Planet Hollywood contract in Vegas would have signed another one at Monte Carlo Resort.

Interview of Britney Spears

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