For an unforgettable night of passion it is not only necessary to find the right person, but also to create the right atmosphere . And what’s better than good sex to the rhythm of music ? Not sure where to start? Check out our suggestions: from great classics like I Will Always Love You to more modern catchphrases like Love Me Like You Do. There really is something for everyone!

Have a good time !!

Here are the best songs for making love

When it comes to songs for making love, everyone has their own (very personal) tastes. Rightly.

Also because – indeed, above all because – there are ways and ways to make love: there are the first times with someone, there are romantic evenings and those at the end of an evening of madness; then there are the tender personalities and those with a spicy or passionate soul.

What unites everyone, however, is a fact, which is as valid in life as in the movies: if the music is the right one, the result is even better.

Thrilling solos, syncopated drums that give the rhythm of the embrace and hoarse voices that, between a cry and a vocalization, emit some groans. For more love and sex tips and adviced click here.

Whatever your need, we have the soundtrack for you.

Songs to make love (together for the first time)

1.Blue in Green by Miles Davis : the whole album from which it is taken, Kind of Blue, is considered a record with a high aphrodisiac power. A perfect jazz to warm the spirits.

2. Say It Ain’t So by Weezer : virtually traces the sex curve. It begins slowly but in a rhythmic manner, continues in an ever more syncopated way and reaches a climax that would arouse impure thoughts in anyone. Oh yeah! Alright! Feels good! Inside!

2. Where Is My Mind by the Pixies : The Pixies hit is a mouth-watering side dish for novice sex. And not just the mustache… You will shout the same thing: “ Where is my mind? “

3. I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye : a classic, so classic that your partner will catch you right away. As soon as you put it on, it will understand what your plans are. If you want a more bluesy rock version, there’s also Creedence Clearwater Revival. And by Marvin Gaye immediately put Let’s Get It On and then Sexual Healing and go!

4. I Belong To You by Lenny Kravitz : a sound that makes you move your pelvis to dance exactly as you should do between the sheets. From the dancefloor to the bed the step is short, with the right playlist.

5. Careless Whisper by George Michael : a classicon of auditory eroticism. The sax and the very hot jazz sounds will be the master of the house (and bedroom).

6. Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe by Barry White : There are those who put on anything from Barry White’s discography and give him the hormone. This squirts him very high.

7. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by U2 : If he’s got a Batman-style chest and belly turtle and you’re sexy like Catwoman, this piece for life. Batman Forever soundtrack , could even excite a penguin (staying on topic).

Songs to make love (and not sex)

8. Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix : with this song Jimi Hendrix makes you fall in love. Of himself and between you two. It will be like doing a threesome. Love cubed.

9. Downtown Train by Tom Waits : passion, hoarse voice very stimulating (Tom Waits is a guarantee) but this is for making love, there must be a lot of feeling between the sheets even before the pleasure.

10. Get Direct by Joan as Police Woman : love, love and love. Melodious piano, heartbeat rhythm and right chords cry out love.

11. Crimson & Clover by Tommy James & the Shondells: a hymn to love that will go well with your parenthesis of “I love you”, “I adore you”, “I want you” …

12. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala : pure romance with a lysergic arrangement in the style of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds . To be stripped.

13. Try Me by James Brown : they could use it in any love scene so make it yours for your own movie. The happy ending will come …

Songs for ultra passionate sex

If lovemaking songs share a certain level of romantic sound, this changes when we talk about sex rather than love.

14. Why Is It So Hard by Charles Bradley : it’s a song with a crazy passionate reach, both musically and vocally. Overwhelms without leaving a way out. From multiple orgasms.

15. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding : there are those who would put it on the lovemaking playlist but that’s because they haven’t tried it in the sheets yet. Follow the strange rhythm: here the good old Otis (who knew all right, not just about music) tells us to change the rhythm all the time. And to take a break before the apogee, that break that enhances orgasm in an unimaginable way.

16. For Reasons Unknown by The Killers : a musical Gauss bell that should give you the track to follow with the movements of the pelvis.

17. Hit The City by Mark Lanegan and PJ Harvey : the two of them seem to be having hot sex while dueling. Join the choir.

18. PDA (We Just Don’t Care) by John Legend : it works like a nice drink, melting the ice and making you want to break free.

19. Need You Tonight by INXS : whispered and shouted amalgam, has a hypnotic syncopated rhythm and mononote. A well done sex score. BIS!

20. Gimme All Your Love by Alabama Shakes : You know the advice to constantly change the pace during sex for an explosion of pleasure? Here, follow this piece step by step and… boom!

21. After Dark by Tito & Tarantula : it is impossible not to think of Salma Hayek in a bikini with the python dancing in a sensual way in the film From Dusk Till Dawn . A song that is pure sensuality.

22. Knights in White Satin by Giorgio Moroder : a piece that has made the history of eroticism as well as that of music. If you want some hardcore movie sex.

Songs for frantic sex

23. No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age : a ride rhythm from the Valkyries. If you follow it, well… the results will not be long in coming.

24. Lust for Life by Iggy Pop : its rhythm has become the icon of the four-quarter rhythm, the one that makes sparks if you follow it in sex. Follow the drums and you will see some good ones.

25. You & Me by Disclosure : an electronic gem that offers truly top performance under the covers. You will also lose quite a few calories.

26. Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin : at minute 2.05 you start simulating an orgasm like Robert Plant does. And at minute 3.0 blast the pleasure with John Bonham’s drums and Jimmy Page’s senseless solo. Poor John Paul Jones on bass, nobody ever gets it …

27. He Was a Big Freak by Betty Davis : it does not give the rhythm of pure frenzy but its sometimes guttural voice and the funky rhythm enters so much in the limbs that the frenzied sex will come by itself.

Songs to make love (secretly)

28. Everything in Its Right Place by Radiohead : because it has a slightly anxious suspense undertone, to complement the mood you will certainly have.

29. Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode : a little blasphemous to put a song called ” Personal Jesus ” among the songs to make love with but this little gem is the perfect soundtrack. The version remade by Johnny Cash goes well for the first time with him.

30. Stop Me by Mark Ronson (feat. Daniel Merriweather) : pray to be stopped ( stop me, stop me ) and increase the pleasure out of all proportion. Sin makes sex succulent. But stop me, huh! Seeé, oh well, right …

31. Insecurity by Metronomy : quickie syncopated rhythm. Title insecurity is the same as your gender.

32. Venus In Furs by the Velvet Underground : a mix of background sounds that slightly clash with each other, sometimes causing a certain annoyance that becomes the most erotic thing there is, together with the very sensual voice of Lou Reed. The text is liquid eroticism, precisely from orgasm.

33. Closer by Nine Inch Nails : the perfect soundtrack for stolen sex.

Songs to have sex with the ex

34. Free Bird by Lynrd Skynrd : this song is quite slow and maybe even a bit boring at first, perfect for testing the ground with the ex and maybe starting to make out. Then at minute 4.43 get ready for the hottest sex you’ve ever experienced: an erotic, sensual and multi-level orgasmic solo begins.

35. Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed : it has something ancestral, it takes us to explore a territory that we have known from time immemorial. That of intimacy with the ex? Who knows, the fact is that it puts us at ease and takes us back in time, like soaking a Proustian madeleine in our memory. Even in sexual memory, that’s it.

36. Crazy by Aerosmith : A classic that we all fantasized about great teenage sex on, come on. So it’s time to dust off this hit and put those red light movies we self-screened into practice.

37. Wicked Game by Chris Isaak : because it would be able to break the coldest ice that is left between exes. Chris Isaak’s voice and mellow melody also melt the icebergs of old grudges.

38. Between The Bars by Elliott Smith : Perfect if you broke up with deep pain and regret. Put this on and you may cry during sex but it will still be therapeutic.

Songs for self-eroticism

39. Learn To Fly by Foo Fighters : energy, pure explosion. And then the fact that it was redone by the Rockin’1000 in Cesena will make us feel less alone during self-love.

40. The Hardest Button To Button by White Stripes : if you use sex toys, follow Meg White’s drums with that (which even those with zero sense of rhythm would be able to follow it). Express orgasm guaranteed.

41. Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos : hear how the Amos plays the piano? Do the same with your erogenous zones. Just touch the right buttons …

42. Teardrop by Massive Attack : This masterpiece that is based on the rhythm of the heartbeat and uses hypnotic loop chords will help you explore yourself deeply during masturbation.

43. Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett : an evergreen of the blues from which let you ride out to zero sad results and that if anything comes to the soul. It should therefore not be blues but soul.

44. Je t’aime moi non plus by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin : if auto-eroticism makes you feel too lonely, put this on and you’ll feel like you’re having a threesome with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.

45. The Hills – The Weeknd: and a bit of all its titles

46. Azure – Paul Kalkbrenner: bass = super aphrodisiac

47. Ta reine – Angèle: velvet voice

48. Chantaje – Shakira: of course, you can dance while making love

49. Sky and sand – Paul Kalkbrenner: quality speakers are recommended to fully enjoy

50. Ballade de Melody Nelson – Serge Gainsbourg: to make love in the French way

51. Surf Mesa: remix of a classic 11- ily – Surf Mesa: remix of a classic

52. Strobe – deadmau: starts softly, but then takes off, you will see …

52. Summertime – Janis Joplin: nothing like Janis’ voice to set the mood

53. You & Me – Disclosure: a bit like fireworks

54. Lovely – Billie Ellish: the queen of aphrodisiac songs

55. Fuck it I love you – Lana Del Rey: another queen of aphrodisiac music

56. Stargirl interlude – Lana Del Rey ft The Weeknd: they offer us a breathtaking combination

57. Red hot chili peppers – Soul to squeeze: A song that hasn’t found a place in any of the band’s official albums but that would do better to find a place in your bedroom. Persuasive and perfect atmospheres for a band at its best.

58. Queen – One year of love: This is perhaps too romantic, but if you like or are looking for that mood, this is perfect and hard to beat. Freddie Mercury’s mellow voice and even a saxophone, what more do you want?

59. Aerosmith – Crazy: Video with the couple Tyler / Silverstone, the sexy voice of Steven Tyler and the skilful pen of Desmond Child create a winning song from every point of view. Even under the sheets. Or above. Or where you want.

60. Faith No More – Evidence: Mike Patton who is the “serious” singer for this “serious” song that does not respect much the canons of Faith no more (assuming that Faith no more have any canons). For elegant and gentle sex. In short, of a certain class.

61. Jeff Buckley – Lover you should’ve come over: Song with a really intense lyrics, for a Jeff loaded with buckshot, in his sweetness and sadness. Nothing, I could add several bitches, but I think if you start the song you will understand why I put it in this top. Suffering and intensity.

62. Urge Overkill – Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon: Even the scene of the film which is the soundtrack is a prelude to a relationship … but never will happen. I’m talking about Pulp fiction, but I think you already knew that. I hope you go differently.

63. Dream Theater – Eve: They don’t even look like them. Yes, Dream Theater by limiting itself to 3 chords becomes extraordinarily sexy, at least for me. They were so ashamed of such simplicity that they didn’t put it on any album.

64. Neil Young – Harvest moon: Neil Young is not one of my favorite artists but in this context he is absolutely in my Top 3 ever. Among the many I chose this Harvest, a lot of sweetness but I also feel a not very clear and canonical atmosphere. In short. I’ll be strange …

65. Led Zeppelin – Since I’ve been loving you: Eh, the atmosphere of the ’70s, you could make a top only with that period there and with the various Hendrix, Doors etc. I chose Jimmy Pagina’s guitar and Roberto Pianta’s voice for this ranking.

66. Cold winter by Quicksound: This track has a very seductive rhythm with a delicate female voice. The voice is minimal, with the focus on the rhythm and the flute in the background.

67. Bumba (stereo sax mix) by perfect sense: Bumba is an upbeat piece sprinkled with saxophone and a lively drum beat. The female voice is subtle and the overall feel is the rhythm of the world mixed with African drums. The saxophone steals the show on this track.

68. Erotica from Karma Zoo: This instrumental has a relaxed rhythm and features an electric guitar which in itself is sexy. There are no lyrics, just seductive and relaxing music, which makes this song great to have sex with.

69. Sexy lady of Playa del Mar: What first strikes you about this song is the deep part of the guitar and the rhythmic percussion throughout the song. It is an instrumental piece and universally appeals to any music lover. It’s perfect for background music for you and your love to put your passion on. Don’t miss Car sex: 20 positions, tips and tricks for making love in the car here.

The relationship between music and physical love: does it really exist?

Apparently the answer is yes: listening to music before, during and after making love could bring decidedly unexpected benefits.
Music apparently activates brain circuits that are closely related to pleasure, increasing dopamine and serotonin levels .

But this is not “just” a matter chemistry : the music would be able to act on the beating of our heart and the pressure of blood as well as breathing.

The power of music , then, would also make us connect even more intimately with the partner, as well as make us ” experiment ” new ways of making love.

The rhythm of the notes also help us to change our, while the idea of star doing ” something the new ” would help us to live the experience of making love (although tested) in a manner quite interesting .

In short: apparently ” doing it ” with music is not only wonderful but also extremely positive for the ” surrender “.
What are we waiting for, then?

In short, it is able to influence much of our ” physical ,” helping us to get in connection with the sensations we experience.

Not bad, right?

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