The meaning of dreams is something very common, even if it sounds a bit strange and many times we do not remember it, because our mind does not rest at night. We always dream. We have learned that when we dream and remember every detail, it can have meaning in our life. It is not about being believers or superstitious, simply experience and testimonies have made us say that, for the most part, what we dream must be interpreted and told by the dreamer.

Although science has not yet fully proved this studies on dreams, the stages of dreams and the meaning they can have for our life, the future or destiny are extremely ancient. There are many professionals who have dedicated most of their careers to deciphering the meaning according to the person who dreams of them.

The most striking example related to this statement is Sigmund Freud, who through his literary work “The Interpretation of Dreams” book, managed to generate a theory on the subject, making sure that the emotions that are buried in the subconscious manifest themselves during the dreams, and that the human being is able to remember the fragments of these, helps him to bring out his most hidden feelings and memories. Don’t miss 100 Must Read Books of All Time, here.

His work, known to many, was based on the interpretation of one’s dreams, where he makes a distinction between dreams he called “manifest” and other types of dreams he called “latent dreams “, the second being the one that has to do with the subconscious and with the special, mysterious and magical language of dreams.

Now, new technologies are everywhere and a large part of their role has been to simplify access to information. Before it was very difficult for us to be able to get data on any topic, now with just one click, we have access to any type of content. Although the internet is filled with everything you can imagine, the quality, truthfulness and timeliness of such content should be the top of any team that decides to develop information to share on a website.

This is why we dare to say that we take charge of a painstaking and meticulous form of responsible form to compile the largest number of dream meanings that have been analyzed and discussed by leading industry experts.

With a very friendly and also pleasant and easy informative distribution, you will be able to access the dream interpretation you want through a direct search engine that will take you just to get what you want.

How to search in the dictionary of dreams

A new option that will allow you to find what you are looking for faster is that we have classified dream meanings by images, an alternative that will also make you feel much more identified with the information we offer.

The types of dreams that we can have in the course of our life are infinite, with different variables and conditions that are determined, obviously, by the experience of each individual, however there will always be coinciding points that will guide you and guide you to interpret your dreams. based on generic analyzes that have been approved by specialists in this area, having found similarities between people who have dreamed of the same thing at certain times in their life.

Even if it is said that “each head is a world”, we can give very precise interpretations of different dreams by classifying them in: objects, situations, animals and people.

Is your dream related to objects?

The variety of objects you can dream of is very wide, even most are usually too weird and you have to analyze the sleep environment to find a correct meaning. On this site you can find from those who are most sought after, to those who probably believe that you were the only person who dreamed of it.

We leave you some of the dreams with objects that you can find through our dream meaning search engine.

Food : it is a dream that can be recurring. Dreaming of food can be linked to anxiety and even fears. Remember that food is one of the main human needs. Satisfying hunger is at the bottom of Maslow ‘s pyramid of needs . Therefore, dreaming about this can mean that you are afraid that something or someone is missing in your life.

Mirrors : it is a typical dream and is linked to processes of insecurity or low self-esteem. Chances are you are going through a love conflict or uncomfortable situation with a circle of friends that is affecting the power to believe in yourself. Dreaming of this object is an alarm signal that your brain sends you so that you reflect and do not let yourself be influenced by fleeting situations.

Dishes, glasses, dishes or boxes : Although they are different objects, they come to have a common relationship when it comes to dreams. In general, when you dream of this type of object, it means that you feel fullness in life. You are a person with minimal worries, feel no remorse and keep achieving your goals at a good level. You know how to live your time and take things slow.

Have you dreamed of being a millionaire and having a lot of money ?: Contrary to what it can literally mean, this dream means anguish, insecurity and worries. Most likely, you find yourself at the end of the month and are thinking a lot, about how you will get out of daily debt.

However, there are other variables in the meaning of dreaming about money that can be analyzed in detail.

Dreaming with situations can mean the opposite of what one dreams about.

Within our dream search category for situations , there are also many that are presented, even the wildest scenes. Dreaming of death, that we fly or that we fall into the void, as well as dreaming that we go naked on the street or our teeth fall out, are just some of the most sought after. Here we leave you part of the analysis that you can find in more detail on the respective pages.

Death: It is very common to hear people saying they have dreamed of death. It doesn’t matter what form you gave this situation in your dream. If it is that death visits you in the form of a ghost, do not worry, what least means and that you are about to die, on the contrary, is a notice of change, it may be that you will move to another place or city, that you will close a cycle in your life, but it’s not rightly about death.

Dreaming of flying in the skies : one thing is dreaming of flying and another is dreaming of falling into the void. However, they are often linked and have similar meanings. Both have to do with the expectations we have in our life. The fact of dreaming of flying is a signal that the brain gives us to stay focused on the goals we have set ourselves.

Do you often dream of animals?

Dreaming of animals is a very diverse category, but we can point out the most sought after and that will undoubtedly be on your list.

Dreaming of snakes – many fear this type of animal, and this is precisely what it means to dream of them. You are surely facing a very difficult time in your life. The illness of a relative, a friend or yours.

The appearance of this animal in your dream is a premonition of what is perhaps inevitable.

The snake is one of the most fascinating and mysterious animals in the world. Since always, since ancient times, the snake, with all that it represents or could represent, has divided public opinion. On the one hand there are those who feel disgust, fear and terror at the mere sight of the animal, sensations that can even turn into a real phobia.

On the other hand, however, there are those who love them in an unconditional way, remaining completely fascinated by their nature, by the characteristics of their being. A love that even manages to charm and curb their nature as predators: many people today look after and raise snakes almost as if they were pets.

Dreaming of spiders – it is another feared animal, but this one, different from the snake, represents plots, gossip, tricks. Be careful when you dream with this animal. Chances are you are the victim of a betrayal or involved in a conflict situation that you will not get out of very well.

Have you dreamed with unknown people? It depends on how the meaning of dreams can vary.

It is one of the most varied and specific categories, since in general we tend to dream of people we have never seen in our life. It is also very common to dream of someone whose face we never saw in the dream, but we knew it was those people.

This type of dream is premonitory and is usually one of the rarest. There have been cases of people having seen and met people in their dreams, before in real life. It is possible that if this has happened to you, you have a special gift that you need to develop.

You already know the meaning of dreams! Now you know the interpretation of these dreams!

Knowing the meaning of a dream is not the same as knowing how to interpret it. This is where the role of those who have studied this special phenomenon of dreams for some time comes into play. That is why it is important to know some details and their context , as the meaning it has for your life, for your environment or for your destiny will depend on it.

Just to give an example. If a person has dreamed of death and is in an environment with a sick relative, it is likely that the interpretation of this dream is very different from that of another person who has dreamed of death and is in a process of transition into the his life, such as a change of couple, a move to another city, among other aspects.

Here you can know the interpretation of each of your dreams, since the variations that we find with just one are many, so you will surely find the one that comes closest to your particular situation.

Dreaming of Money or Banknotes: what does it mean?

Dreaming of money can be a very recurring dream during our nights. Money, in this world, can have various meanings depending on the specific characteristics of the money that appear in the dream (value, quantity, etc.). Like all recurring elements in dreams, money can have both positive and negative values. One of the meanings that the presence of money in a dream can assume is the world of affections, of one’s value or of the needs we have. Much depends on the amount or amount, if it is possible to identify, of the money that appears to us in the dream. Another element of great importance is the context: it goes without saying that finding or losing them takes on completely different meanings.

Dreaming of losing money: The loss of money certainly cannot have a positive value. Losing money can symbolize a temporary loss of the happiness and harmony of the past. A feeling of bewilderment that can be even only temporary or for which we have the possibility of finding a remedy, if only we wanted to. In short, a negative situation that we can still resolve with our own strength.

Dreaming of receiving money: As mentioned, money, in the world of dreams, can have the meaning of affection. Therefore, if it is others who give us a certain amount of money, the message that can be deduced is that someone close to us is ready to give us the affection and love we desire. In short, a strongly positive value that can also be related to a strong esteem that we enjoy and that we see recognized in others.

Dreaming of falling into the void, what does it mean?

Dreaming of Falling is one of the most common dream representations in the world, in all cultures and, probably, in all eras. Usually, it manifests itself as a real fall into emptiness or darkness , more rarely it happens to dream of falling from a skyscraper or in any case from a very specific height, where the surrounding environment is well defined in our dream. It indicates, as I think you can easily guess, a sense of anguish, fear or, better, a lack of control over one’s near destiny.

In fact, the lack of balance, of control over one’s movement and, therefore, the possibility of clinging to something, denotes a sense of abandonment to the will of someone else or something else, where our free will is totally canceled. It is a clear sign of lack, of canceled power, of problems that cannot be solved and that could lead us to a sad and difficult ending.

Dreaming of Mice – what does it mean?

Usually with dreaming about mice , the image is linked to the sexual sphere, and in particular to the male reproductive organ. It is a very recurring image, together with that of snakes, especially in female dreams, since it is an indication of our fears, anxieties and worries not only in this very particular area (rats have the ability to slip everywhere, even where you would not want or would never think), but also in all spheres that characterize human life.

The appearance of the image of the mouse in a dream can be a very frequent episode. This little rodent is connected with many feelings, at times decidedly in contrast with each other, and it can be really interesting to understand the meanings connected to his vision during a dream episode. We want to see some cases together, just to get a brief overview?

Sexual meaning : the dream of a mouse with a very long tail can be connected with the evocation of the male sexual organ. In most cases these are dreamlike episodes in which the dreaming subject does not feel disgust (reaction as we all know very frequent in front of this animal!), But rather fun and attraction, which can mean the need, not necessarily urgent. , to satisfy a sexual impulse.

Hidden qualities : Not all mice are scary, since there are also cute and cuddly ones. Dreaming of a small and delicate mouse, which arouses feelings of sympathy, may want to mean the presence in the subject of a hidden quality, which requires personal commitment to be developed in all its power.

Restlessness : the mouse is a physically unstoppable animal. Who has never stopped at least for a moment to observe some rodents running from one side of the cage to the other, or disappear in a few seconds in the middle of the grass? Dreaming of mice (generally in a group) in a situation of strong dynamism can be a sign of a state of inner restlessness, of a search that cannot find its fulfillment, as it is not supported by precise intentions.

Dreaming of losing your teeth – meaning and interpretation

Very important tools for our survival, defense and nutrition, the teeth represent one of the most important parts of the human body. Dreaming of losing your teeth has no positive implications. From childhood we are taught to take care of them because not only are they basic for chewing, the first process of acquisition and assimilation of food, but they are also the identity card of our health in general.

In fact, when you have dental problems, the body often reports it with headaches or back pains. In addition, they are often also associated with well-being or economic loss. The teeth falling out during childhood are accustomed to be collected from the legendary fairy dentin or the mouse overnight. In their place, the lucky boy finds pennies. In the adult world, however, dental care is very expensive but necessary.

Dreaming of Dogs: meaning and interpretation

Dreaming of a dog has an ambivalent meaning. On the one hand it represents fidelity and the value of friendship on the other it represents the world of the afterlife and the judgment that is made in this place of the departed soul. If the sleeper dreams of his dog it is nothing more than the confirmation of the positive values ​​that symbolically man’s best friend collects vice versa, if you dream of a dog belonging to a stranger it means that the subject is surrounded by hostile people. If the dog appears well educated , cheerful and playful, it is good to warn the dreamer that someone is trying to deceive him and if he then wags his tail joyfully and has affectionate behavior these deceptions come from false friends. An angry dog or quarrelsome portends pain and do from which the subject does well to feel fear or worry.

A melancholy dog warns that a relative or loved one needs support. If you dream that you are being chased by a dog it is very likely that the subject will have to deal with arguments or could get sick. If you hear the animal howling it is an omen of illness or someone needs immediate help if you hear it barking you can count on a legal victory. Dreaming of a hunting dog promises well, work and professional projects will be crowned with success, if it barks or tries to bite, someone is saying bad things and falsehoods to the detriment of the dreamer.

Dreaming of Death – Meaning, Interpretation

If we are the condemned to death , it is a real nightmare rather than a dream. Knowing the exact moment you will have to die is the worst of all sentences. Having this dream represents a kind of report that our subconscious presents to us in view of a great life change. The dreams of death not ever predict the end of life of the dreamer who sees or die. In particular, the dream death penalty symbolizes unresolved situations, something that must be faced despite the effort and difficulty in doing so and which is seen as a real sentence.

Seeing one’s death is a signal that our subconscious sends us to warn us of dangers or unclear situations that are arising in us and that could block our future prospects. The dreamlike death penalty eliminates in this case the old to make way for the new , understood as character, way of life, ideas, but also love and work. Death in a dream in this case symbolizes the possibility of starting over in a new, regenerated way, leaving the past behind. From another point of view, if the dreamer is a compliant type and who gets very frightened in the face of the difficulties of life, the dream is understood as a kind ofself-inflicted punishment for this type of negative attitude.

Dreaming of love: interpretation and meaning

Love is often the protagonist of our dreams and presents itself in different ways: from the feeling we feel towards someone to gratitude for an unexpected kindness, from the desire for protection to the interest in a happy event. What all these forms of love have in common is a general mixed expectation of hope and optimism that matches the needs of our psyche. We dream of Love because we want within us to satisfy a desire for peace and sharing. Let’s now see specifically the various dream scenarios and the relative meanings associated with them.

Dreaming of your boyfriend / girlfriend: if in the dream our sweetheart at the center of the scene means that in addition to feeling a sincere feeling for him or her, we also aspire to transform our union into something more solid. Dreaming of it means that we need him or her to complete our feeling of peace and serenity. Inside of us we want to get married or simply go to live together: because only that piece is missing to reach our happiness.

Dreaming of your ex: if in the dream our ex appears in some way it means that there is still something pending, but not between him and us, but in our soul. The ex represents what we have been and above all our past perception of Love. Now something has changed, but part of us has not yet been able to accept the change. Dreaming of your ex we can discover that there is an obstacle to our happiness that starts from our balance.

Recurring dreams: dreaming of water

In our dreams we very often see a large amount of water flowing , it can be fresh water, salt water, dirty or clean water , or stagnant or clear water, in any case it is always water. Much also depends on what type of water it is, in fact in dreams everything has its value, there can be nothing not to be taken into consideration. The water in our dreams can also be cold or warm, calm or tumultuous ; it can be a calm and peaceful water in which we find ourselves swimming and feel safe and protected, or a water that violently bursts on us and in which we are afraid and afraid of drowning.

Also to be considered is the fact that water can also be that contained in a glass or that of rain . In fact, water in our dreams can be cataloged under different forms and each of these forms has its own precise meaning to be traced back to our daily life . But what exactly can the water we see in our dreams indicate? Where does it come from and what does it want to suggest?

There are many explanations that can be made about the water present in dreams, the most accredited especially in recent times is the one that indicates water as a return to the womb , to the amniotic fluid where we were immersed before coming to light. So a certain sense when you dream of water this would indicate the fact that we feel the lack of a protected and safe place in the womb. It is therefore called dreams of regression , which manifest themselves in the crucial moments of our existence. In particular moments of fatigue , when we feel the full weight of responsibilities and commitments upon us, we ardently desire to return to the womb andlive protected and safe , without any kind of responsibility on our shoulders.

Dreaming of crying: meaning and interpretation

It is certainly not an auspicious dream to dream of crying or shedding tears , even if from a certain point of view we would find ourselves having to deal with ourselves and venting all our sadness and all our melancholy. The dream tears then can take on a meaning of inner sadness, but also of that personal outlet that we cannot find in everyday reality.

When we can not let off steam in a concrete way, then the subconscious takes care of bringing out all the problems related to our daily life and makes us shed tears in the dream. Yet these dreams can also be connected to the possibility and need to carry out an inner cleansing , a spiritual cleansing, we feel dirty inside and we need to eliminate all those waste that make us dirty and do not make us feel good in real life.

Recurring dreams: dreaming The escape

When you are in a dream where you are running away or running away from something , these dreams are usually accompanied by a general feeling of fear, anxiety, anguish , even when it comes to running away from someone you do not know , especially in certain situations where the only feeling we have is that we are in danger .

Sometimes we only sense that we are in danger, we run, we run away from someone who threatens us, we are chased by someone we do not know who he is, it could be an enemy, a ferocious animal , or monsters that grip us and want to kill us. To make matters worse, of course, it is also the landscape that changes according to this situation of danger and escape, in fact the landscape becomes something threatening, dangerous, ghostly, it could be something similar to a cemetery.

This type of dreams causes the dreamer to reflect on himself and on how much he thinks of himself, but also on the reality that he has to face. The way we place ourselves in reality greatly affects dreams. In reality do we want or would we like to escape from a situation that we do not like at all? Such as a job, a relationship also of a sentimental nature that becomes too constricting and prevents us from living our life in a free way.

There are people who reluctantly live in large urban centers, who want to escape from the big city to take refuge in a calmer, more peaceful, perhaps green environment; these people will then dream of fleeing in anguish from someone who chases them in their cities, fleeing they will be able to arrive in a pleasant place, where they feel much less oppressed by the smog and grayness of their life.

If in our dreams we dream of being chased by thieves and murderers , these will surely represent those people with whom we have a completely ambiguous relationship , people of whom we are not very sure of their friendship.or the feelings they have towards us. Surely they are people who show a strong bond with us, but are ready to betray us in the name of their personal interests. The dream therefore tells us to pay attention to these people, that we should begin to understand what they are in our daily reality, all these people are not behaving loyally towards us and it will be good to start distancing ourselves.

Recurring dreams The house: dreaming of bedroom, bathroom and closet

In our dreams there are almost always apartments, rooms, houses, buildings, skyscrapers and stairs, through which we have to move, move, wander in search of something or someone. But to begin slowly to orient ourselves in all these houses it is necessary to start from ours, our house , the one where we live every day, the one where we sleep, eat, take care of ourselves and so on. The house where we live and where we spend the most hours of our life is the mirror of our own personality.

The house represents us, it wants to represent us, each room has its own specific function as regards our life and speaks of our being in a clear and direct way: the living room or the living room, if you prefer, it speaks to us of our sociability , of our way of interacting with others and not just with ourselves, it is in the living room that the chats and debates that characterize the day take place. The kitchen, on the other hand, is a small, intimate place, which however becomes the heart of the family business, where a thousand things are done, from cooking, to discussing, to working.

The bedroom, on the other hand, is the place of rest, it almost becomes a second home, a second home where we can take refuge, it is the realm of our most certain, safer intimacy , sometimes it becomes the place of sexuality, where we love our partner. The bathroom is the place where we take care of our body, where we come into contact with our body , it is another very intimate place, a direct place , without any kind of modesty, we are alone with ourselves and we are in relationship with our own body. Finally we can talk about the study, where the whole essence of our concentration and our work is contained.

Dreaming of being pregnant – what does it mean?

Over time, analyzing dreams has become something that many people constantly deal with, there are so many analyzes that are done to understand what dreams are. The interpretation of any dream has thus often become an excellent solution to discover an individual’s fears or phobias, and even to understand if something terrible has happened in the past or not.

Many women nowadays have a chasing dream in their mind, that is: dreaming of and being pregnant and everything can very well be identified as the mandatory need for a change, a revolution ready to upset one’s life for the better. it happens when you first expect the arrival of a boy or a girl. In reality, if we have to be honest, however, most of the time we try to have a child to complete a family in the best possible way and make it something unforgettable. The dream of being pregnant in a nutshell is a single manifestation of a desire that will hopefully come true …. there are really many who hope at one time or another to enter the pregnancy phase.

Is dreaming of being pregnant a precaution? If you dream more twice a month or even more of being pregnant, without really ever having ever desired the arrival of a little baby, the meaning of the dream in these cases can be understood without any problem as the search for a ‘ a completely new and exciting adventure to say the least, or as the simple realization of a project carried out with a lot of effort, committing more than necessary.

In dreams it is quite common to find a woman who is pregnant , it is often a very positive, even pleasant dream. This means first of all that we are about to conceive something , which does not necessarily have to be a child, but this can also be linked to a creative factor, if the dreamer is an artist. Obviously this does not mean that the possibility that there is the idea of ​​having a child is to be excluded, indeed it could very well be a real fact that the subconscious brings out during the night activity.

The fact that some women dream of being pregnant and then discover they really are may mean that the same body has communicated with the subconscious part of its self. While at other times it can mean that there is an unconscious or conscious desire to have a baby. Other times, however, there is the possibility that seeing a pregnant woman in a dream with a lot of belly, indicates the fact that there is an underlying problem in her life, a problem in her womb, which is about to arrive.

As beautiful and auspicious as it is in real life, pregnancy seen from a dream perspective is not as positive as it may seem and its implications are truly varied. Much also depends on the condition of the dreamer or the dreamer. In principle, if the state of pregnancy appears in a dream, it promises huge earnings and future wealth to those who, in everyday life, have their work cut out to make it to the end of the month. On the other hand, pregnancy predicts unpleasant and painful feelings and situations for the materially wealthy dreamer .

If it is a man who dreams of pregnancy, it is possible that he will soon lose his legitimate wife and enter a period of mourning and widowhood while, on the contrary, the celibate man will soon go up to the altar and be part of the sacred bond of marriage. In general, pregnancy for the dream world promises health problems even if, unconsciously, the subject feels the need to return to the mother’s womb to rest from the fatigue deriving from a journey that has just ended.

If a man dreams of being pregnant, no matter how funny and ridiculous it may seem, it is a good omen. It means that at a professional level the long-awaited economic profits are maturing and that he will soon be able to define himself materially rich or, if the legitimate spouse is pregnant , it means that he is trying to rework the conflicting emotions that arise when he becomes aware that he will soon be a father.

What are the stages of sleep

Everyone knows that dedicating enough hours of the day to rest is very important to replenish the strengths and energies of our body. All this will depend on the age of the individual. While a child needs between 8 and 10 hours of sleep, when he enters adulthood, 6 or 7 hours are usually sufficient, even more so it does not happen with elderly people who with 4 or 5 hours are already replenished for start their day.

Everything is related to the waste of energy that each person has, but the truth of it all is that the phases of sleep are based on different aspects in which the heart rate, our breathing rhythm and even the sensitivity of the body are brought into play.

We can quickly name some sleep stages or cycles, as sleep and rest are not the same. We can sleep all night but wake up exhausted, or not, but when we get out of bed we feel that our energies have renewed and we are ready to continue.

The numbness phase : this is the first and it takes about 10 minutes to feel it, we call it the transition phase.

Light sleep : This takes half the time of all our sleep cycles. It is at this time that our body begins to disconnect from the environment, but not completely. Heart rate and breathing slow down little by little. It is a phase of high brain activity but of low intensity.

The transition: Although we talked about it in the first phase, it takes about 2 or 3 minutes. It is the time when we approach deep sleep. It is the most important stage for children and athletes because it is when the growth hormone is activated.

Delta sleep: Sounds incredible, but it only takes up 20% of the total sleep stages. It is the most important phase, since it will be the one that determines the quality of rest we have achieved during the night. It is difficult to wake up at this stage, our heart rate and blood pressure drop by up to 30%.

Hence, the REM, non-REM or NREM phases are what determine the sleep phases mentioned above. When we dream in the first stage, they usually reflect our daily worries and we will most likely not remember what we dreamed of. When we dream in the NREM phase, the opposite happens : they have a sharper image, the stories are clearer, but they can also become stranger and meaningless at first glance. This is the deepest stage of sleep. We can say that it is the magical moment in which fantasy, mystery and science take over.

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