The 20 best positions of the Kamasutra for having sex in the car and avoiding the acrobatic effect that can disturb the intercourse.

A great cult of outdoor sex, a solution for a quickie when overwhelmed by sudden desire, often the only alternative for those who do not have a free home: sex in the car is a must to try sooner or later.

Not exactly comfortable, but intriguing, hot at the right point – even wild – it can be an escape from the usual sex in bed for those who want unusual places and to defy convention.

And it’s not just a male fantasy: there are women having sex in the car. And many.

In any case, there are risks and they should not be underestimated.

And we start from those.

Is having sex in a car a crime?

First of all it is important to consider the risks of sex in the car. The first is to get a fine: there is a terrific administrative penalty (from 5 to 30 thousand euros) if you get caught.

The situation worsens if you choose the wrong place to seclude yourself: sex in the car is a crime if it is considered sex in a public place with potential minors nearby (for example if you are close to schools, playgrounds, squares, highway openings).

How to make love in the car and not risk anything? Choose secluded areas that are not visible and potentially not accessible to the public. In this case, however, also pay attention to areas that are too isolated: we often hear about secluded couples being attacked and robbed.

The best solution is to find out about places to have sex in your area by perhaps taking a tour first.

Always keep your eyes open to everything that happens around you and close yourself in the car as best you can, keeping yourself ready for an emergency restart. Click here for more love and sex tips.

How to make sex for the first time in a car

It is finally time for your first time, you are very ready, but you do not have a free house and you do not know where to go.

The first solution seems to be just that. Are you sure you want to live in the car for the first time ? Between performance anxiety, head packed with emotion, attention to precautions and everything else, perhaps doing it in the car is not the ideal solution to really enjoy it.

Too tight, too risky. Don’t you have any other alternative? So – we repeat – spend some time looking for a safe and quiet place to have sex, maybe cover the windows and lower the seats as far as possible to lie down.

Better to start in the most comfortable, safe and simple way – There is time for stunts.

How to prepare to make sex in the car

Once you have an idea of ​​the ideal place, all that remains is to prepare yourself. A good idea is to pack condoms and a packet of wet wipes in the car to freshen up at the end of the games. More hot games ideas for couple you can find here.

Sometimes sex in the car dirties the seats: a small towel is enough to prevent stains and that’s it. Also get something to cover the windows.

Sex toys ? Well hidden from prying eyes, but still easy to retrieve as soon as you feel like using them.

From spring onwards you sweat a lot while having sex in the car: keep a change available to always be impeccable.

Kamasutra positions for having sex in the car

Making love in the car between steering wheel, gearshift and narrow seats is not easy, but the car kamasutra can be the turning point.

Yes, that’s right: there are 20 sex positions to do in the car that take inspiration from Kamasutra for him and her.

Remember: kisses and foreplay in the car are as essential as in bed so NEVER do without them. In our opinion, these are the best positions for making love in the car:

Position of the amazon: She above him who decides rhythm and movement. Perfect for dominatrixes. If you decide to stay in the driver’s seat it is best to pull it back a little to create space and prevent the steering wheel from getting stuck between your ribs. Watch out for the horn: if it starts wild it can make you have a laugh, but it spoils the atmosphere and maybe attracts the curious.

Variant of the rider’s position: he sitting in the driver’s seat, she facing him with her back turned. Great to lean on the wheel to arch and enjoy deeper penetration, but – once again – watch out for the horn! Among the most pleasant positions .

Position of the sandwich: she lying on her back on the back seat folding her legs and leaning them against her chest, he on top lifting her from the butt. Hot variant: she keeps her legs up, spread apart, and puts her feet on the roof of the car. The top of pleasant positions for her because it guarantees greater rubbing in the clitoris area.

Missionary position: Use the passenger seat by reclining it as far as possible. She is lying on her back, he is on top. Tight space can be very exciting …

Position of the doggie: she on all fours, back arched, he penetrating from behind. The rear seats are perfect for more room to move.

Center position: she sitting in the center of the back seat with her legs wide apart, he kneeling in front of her. Top also for oral sex.

These are the six best car positions to not hurt yourself or make sex too complicated. For when it is basic, this car kamasutra will save you in any situation of sudden passion.

Sex in the car: the best thrill positions

Perhaps for the youngest, making love in the car is a necessity, but for the well-established couples it could instead be a perfect way to escape from the routine of a long-established relationship. And maybe a little too boring (we’re still talking about sex, don’t worry!). But maybe you don’t know that there is a real ‘car kamasutra’ with the most ‘comfortable’ sexual positions for the spicy moments to spend in the car.

The wild ride

If you prefer instead to try to make love in the car in the front seat, first of all think about lowering it, so that you can lie on it in a horizontal position. The “wild ride” position is also among the most comfortable driving positions you will experience. The woman is lying on her back and the man lies down on her. During the penetration, the woman lifts her legs a little and squeezes them, holding firmly to his buttocks.

The quiet angel

Always in the front seat well stretched out, you can try the position to do in the car called “the quiet angel” : in this case it is the man who is lying on his back, while the woman lies on him on his stomach, with her back to him. The penetration is thus “reversed”. The woman lifts and lowers her butt while holding firmly to his ankles … a nice method to train the buttocks by having sex in the car!

The hot seat

But let’s go back to the back seat to experience the position of the so-called “hot seat” in the car . This position of the Kamasutra in the car involves the man lying on his back bringing the knees towards the chest. The woman sits on the man’s thighs, letting himself be penetrated. At that point, supporting herself on his legs, she can get up and down without difficulty.

The romantic hug

Who said car sex can’t be romantic? If you are in the mood for romance and want to make love in the car, try the “romantic hug” position. We are in the back seat of the car and both the man and the woman are kneeling, facing each other. The man penetrates the woman as they both hug each other in a tender embrace. The penetration can take place with the legs crossed “scissor”, or with those of the woman outside.

How to do it in the car at the top if your car is small? Fold the rear seats all the way down and use the space in the boot as much as possible. Or come up with a good excuse and borrow a more comfortable car from friends and family.

The relaxed goddess

How to have sex in the car with maximum relaxation? Try the “relaxed goddess” car position. Take advantage of the horizontal position of the rear seat to lie down on your stomach. The man will sit on you, lift one leg and bring it against your chest and penetrate you in this way, while you don’t have to move even a muscle!

The ride from seat

Let’s now pass to a classic of kamasutra in the car: it is the “seat ride”. To experience this exciting lovemaking position in the car, get on all fours in the back seat. The man, on his knees, will penetrate you from behind. A sort of doggie, in short, but to be done strictly in the car.


If you want some car position that makes you more active and less passive, try having sex in the car with the cowgirl position. In this position of the car kamasutra, the man is lying on his back in the back seat. The woman crouches on him, turning her back to him and letting him penetrate him. It will be the woman, therefore, to ride the man, rising and lowering, like a real cowgirl!

The fish

In the car kamasutra there is no shortage of sitting positions. To make love in the car, in fact, you can easily take advantage of the front seat without having to lower the backrest. In the “fish” position , the man sits quietly in his place and the woman sits on him, letting himself be penetrated. This position is particularly hot because it allows the man to touch you during penetration, stimulating the clitoris.

The the secure number

How to have sex in the car and feel closer than ever? Try the location in the car called “the safe number”. This position for making love in the car is to be carried out strictly in the back seat. The man sits cross-legged, while the woman takes a similar place on him, hugging her thighs around his waist and hugging him around his neck. The penetration will take place deep and you will feel more horny and in love than ever!

The vice

Let’s go back to another tip for making love in a seated car. Also this time it will be the man who will sit comfortably on the seat, while the woman will sit on him looking him in the eye and carrying her legs on his shoulders. This position of the Kamasutra in the car is called “the vice” and requires a minimum of agility. But it’s worth a try … you will feel how much pleasure you can get and you will love having sex in the car even more!

The Indian

For the car position called “indiana”, on the other hand, you will want to lower the backrest and return to a horizontal position. The man is lying on his back, while the woman sits on him in a lateral position, without turning away from him or looking into his eyes. The woman’s legs will be spread apart, to allow her to move with more agility.


Even in the position for making love in the car called “Tandem” it is the woman who squats on the man, but this time with her back to him. The man is lying in the back seat, strictly lowered. His legs are bent and his feet firmly on the floor of the car. The woman sits on his squatting member, placing her feet on the seat, so that she can get up and down more easily.


To round off this roundup of the best positions for having sex in the car, don’t forget to experiment with the “Venus” position. In the back seat or in the reclined front seat, the woman lays on her back, but on his legs! The man is in fact sitting in front of her with his legs stretched out and supports her back as he penetrates her. The woman’s legs are bent, while with her arms free she can clasp her partner’s neck. This position will also allow the man to kiss her breasts, the erogenous zone par excellence, with more ease.

Doggy Style

The doggie style position is more comfortable, however, if practiced in the rear seat, which leaves a little more room for maneuver. Just get on your knees and let your man slowly slide from behind with his member.

Advantages of sex in the car

  • Space optimization
  • Increased couple intimacy
  • A lot of calories burned

Disadvantages of sex in the car

  • Positions on the seats difficult to maintain for a long time
  • Heads that often bang on the windows or roof of the car
  • Change that slips with excessive ease in your intimate holes while the weight of the partner presses downwards with orgasmic force (for heaven’s sake, there are those who like it)
  • With some positions you risk getting stuck with each other when the police knock on the window to ask for documents.
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