Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard anything about the zodiac circle. Also, very often, people know each other, they wonder how they were born under the constellation. It is no secret that, looking at – in search of an answer to the question – the horoscope, many of us are frantically trying to find similarities in character and monitor / compare life situations.

We like trying to slip into a description of the nature of the picture, the limited date of birth. And everyone knows what the symbols of the zodiac signs?

The 12 Zodiac Symbols and their Meanings

And now we will try to describe and decipher the signs of the zodiac (symbols) in order. After all, many, collecting the horoscope, do not understand the value would seem completely nonsense characters, it has little to do with the image of the zodiac figures.

Aries ♈️

And let’s start perhaps with Aries – the first character in the modern zodiac circle. Its symbol is two arches that intersect at the bottom, creating a sort of ellipse, a sort of drop. Arc tilted slightly downwards, symbolizing the energy information message. If we consider dividing them, we can talk about the spiritual qualities of a different orientation.

Graphic symbol representing a Ram, a bit like a modified letter “V”. Its interpretation can be considered horns of a ram, or even the whole head. According to another version, we are faced with – the nose and the image of human eyebrows. In any case, it is a symbol of forward power, courage and initiative, the desire for life. Whatever is born under the sign of Aries are persistent and stubborn. They belong to the category of people who initially do, and then think. As a rule, representatives of the sign under consideration have broad forehead and sharp facial features. Interestingly, they are more prone to other head injuries.

Taurus ♉️

Let’s continue to explore the zodiac signs (symbols) in order. Then we have – Taurus. Its image recalls positioned on the circumference of the two horns. Therefore, once again we are faced with a singular image of a horned animal head, only this time – Taurus. The figure also represents stubbornness, but with him – moved, slow and sometimes lazy Taurus. The vast majority are born plump and round. Slender Toro – is a rarity. They appear only in the event that some strong factors at birth have an impact on their birth chart.

The symbol of Taurus is characteristic of two opposite principles – the Moon, as the energy of the soul, developing the feminine, and the sun, which symbolizes the energy of the sun, the Spirit. It is a sign of perseverance, faith, development. Above the Spirit dominates the soul, which indicates the proximity of Taurus the earth and nature, not God and the cosmos. Among other things, these people are inherent in speed and endurance, the ability to hide and store purchased, thus accumulates a huge energy potential, including the spiritual.

Gemini ♊️

One of the characters, who is quite easy to play. These are the two “I’s” of the letter. At the same time, they resemble the Roman numeral two. But why be surprised? It is Gemini – zodiac sign, a symbol that represents the eternal struggle between the two personalities in one person. No wonder people born under this constellation, considered hypocritical. But let’s get back to symbolism.

In this case, the possibility of connecting unjoinable: growth and moon, perceiving the past and the future. In many cultures, Gemini characterize the path of development, and at the same time, the sunset and decline. According to another version, this character is a compound of day and night, black and white, good and evil.

“The Gemini nature is mercurial and quixotic-changing every day and, indeed, every moment.” – Lynn Hayes – More Quotes

Gemini tend to be torn between two decisions, two issues often mutually exclusive. They are in a hurry to extremes: in the dark or light, good or bad. Always difficult to determine what it is from the Gemini that you are communicating. They are easy to spot in a crowd – they just have to pay attention to the person whose actions don’t match words and behavior changes every five minutes. They usually have to deal with several cases at once, eat fast and talk.

Cancer zodiac sign symbol ♋️

This character is quite complex. Outwardly, it appears that two quotation marks are placed on top of each other. This type of tumor – zodiac sign, a symbol that represents duality. This female character. Graphic image means femininity, motherhood, but at the same time, perseverance and tenacious grip.

In conventional cancer treatment the symbol looks like two vortices, two principles. This is necessary for the revival of a new life. Figure often seen as ganging cancer claws or as a fusion process of male and female cells.

Since Cancer – is a sign of a highly developed female, men born under them often have an impressionable and sensitive nature. In addition, the typical representatives of the character of the zodiac love their families and especially their mothers, they do not argue with them under any circumstances.

Leo: character value ♌️

Sometimes the symbols of the zodiac signs is quite intricate. As an example, a curved line, at one end of which is a circle. And who exactly is this very original zodiac sign symbol? Leo, of course, could not have been better “fit” in such an elaborate performance. Judge for yourself: is it true it does not look like a smooth line is wavy, curly and very unruly predator mane? Graceful and exquisite Lions can easily be separated from the crowd bath with luxurious, thick curls, which naturally complement the dark tanned skin and are usually brown eyes.

The beauty of this symbol indicates the refined aristocrats, freedom, Lions sensitivity. It is funny, but there is only one thing that is not subject to strong and proud representatives of this sign. They are unable to put his hair unruly. They can straighten or curl utjuzhkom curling irons, they can also engage in a tight knot, but all the same, sooner or later, one of them will break out.

Virgo ♍️

Many experts believe that the symbols, the zodiac signs of the images are usually very bright characterize those who belong to them. Well, they’re probably right. Virgo belongs to the earth element. She is the only woman in the whole system. It represents an ancient Greek Demeter, Nature Protection produces fertility. Here is a she – Virgo zodiac sign, a symbol representing the capital letter “M” with a right in neat beauty. Most likely, the creators had reproductive function in the women’s mind.

Virgin often promote healthy lifestyles. They are critical of one’s weight, diet, physical appearance, health condition. There is an opinion that it was the Virgin who invented the first, the most daring diet.

Libra ♎️

Surprisingly accurate graphics of the zodiac signs emphasize not only the characteristic external characteristics, but also the inner qualities of people. This statement could be attributed to Libra. Their symbol represents a certain similarity hat above the straight horizontal line. This embodiment of the ladder (symbol of justice), as well as all those born under this sign – a fair judge, able to resolve any conflict, carefully listened to both sides.

In the hermetic, alchemical and kabbalistic teachings of scales – a symbol of the bifurcation of the spiritual and corporeal, terrestrial and celestial, and the Bible – the balance between the external and internal world. They identify wisdom and return the unity of opposites through the truce.

I always feel more grounded and stable when I have balance in my life; I’m a Libra! Laura Regan – more quotes

Recognizing people who belong to this sign in their environment is quite simple. You should only start a small conflict and pay attention to who will be the first to hear arguments and arguments of the parties.Scorpio zodiac sign symbol

Scorpio: zodiac sign, symbol ♏️

Nepidae recalls long-standing resentment (which, by the way, everyone has long since forgotten) and never misses a chance to avenge them. Latin letter “M”, ending with a small arrow on the right, representing only a poisonous sting. Never would Scorpio confess to his thoughts of revenge. They are kept in strict confidence.

Sagittarius ♐️

The next character of the Circle – Sagittarius Fire zodiac sign, the symbol clearly depicting a bow and arrows in relief, made them enter random objects. These people can be very hurt others and their loved ones with their honesty arrows, not reflecting that they hurt their pride. Sagittarians are not burdened with excessive tact and diplomacy.

The traditional interpretation of this character is a space, expresses the idea of ​​perfect man, who is both a physical and spiritual being, deserving of divine origin. Boom – a symbol of spiritual evolution and inner transformation.

Capricorn ♑️

The next step – the sign of Capricorn, the symbol of which is complicated twisted horns proud mountain and swift goat. This is a version. Another says that the horns represent only a fragment of the picture, which resembles the letter “V”, and the rest – it is the mythical creature tail – a non-existent sea of ​​goat. In any case – it is the embodiment of wisdom, which is not developing over the years, from early childhood. Just as drawing means determination and courage that help overcome obstacles. Interestingly, Capricorns have a “built-in” aging resistance system. They always look much younger than her age.

Capricorn symbol is looking upward to rise towards the light and life. This is one side. And on the other – a quick fall into the void. It expresses the duality of the “monster” – polukozla – poluryba, inhabitant of the peaks and depths of the ocean.

Acquarius ♒️

The symbols of the zodiac signs very often consist of straight lines. It is no exception and Aquarius. Two parallel broken lines represent Fast Water. Others believe that a graphic image of electricity. After all, the abode of Aquarius – Uranus.

Evaluate all criticism, the cartel representatives are the smartest in the zodiac wheel. These are great speakers. Don’t believe me? In the group of people let us know what kind of idea, and the first person will support you, certainly Aquarius. And it’s not because he disagrees with you. It is simply difficult to resist the controversy. forcing him to change his point of view is almost impossible.

Pisces: The symbol and meaning ♓️

This embodiment of dual nature is similar to the Gemini symbol. Two fish swimming in opposite directions, illustrated by two curved lines. They are connected in the middle of a small segment. This is a living symbol of the two struggling souls living in the same person.

A complex and very sensitive sign. People born under it, as a rule, live in theirs, but they understand the world. But if you think that the fish limp flow with the flow, hiding from conflict, you are wrong! I am very ambitious, aggressive and able to go all out to achieve their goals. With a couple of sarcastic jokes that can trample all your attempts to improve relationships.

Today we tried to learn a little more about the mysterious zodiac signs. Symbols, images, description and value of all representatives of the zodiacal circle interested, interested and will be interested in man as long as he exists. And you can talk endlessly.

A little about the story of characters

To cope with such a system, as the Zodiac, it is necessary to take a little excursion into its history. The word “Zodiac” has Greek roots and means “circle of animals” (sometimes used the expression “animal in a cage”). This circle is divided into twelve completely equal sectors, each of which bears the name of one of the constellations. Zodiac was known for more than four thousand years ago in ancient Babylon. In those ancient times, it was depicted as a circle, which included the constellation, and revolved around it shone. It was believed to be the moon. The reason for this lack of specific ancient astronomical instruments with which they observe the constellations during the day.

In five hundred years before Christ the zodiac is undergoing great changes. It was divided equally, and each was given a name that corresponds to a particular constellation. The ancient Babylonians began to consider not only the movement of the Moon, but also other organs, such as the sun.

After Babylon fell, observing the witness took ancient Greeks. They also continued to study the movements of celestial bodies. It was the Greeks who coined the term “Zodiac”, which has successfully survived to our days.

No doubt, over the course of the Club’s long history, adjustments have been made. For example, the constellation Luhunga (Farmer), known since Babylon, has been renamed Aries. A constellation of Libra in antiquity, apparently, and it was not recognized. The first mention of it dates back to the 2nd century AD.

Despite the millenary history, the zodiac apparently has retained its appearance. Yet the key points have been significantly altered. For example, the ancient Greeks the zodiac wheel was not divided into twelve and thirteen sectors. Over time, the thirteenth constellation – Ophiuchus – was lost, and perhaps mostly thrown away.

Greek zodiac

Medieval astrologers made one, but a very serious mistake. Restoration lost during the Inquisition astrological knowledge, which were founded on the calculation of Ptolemy, which by fifteen hundred years have changed significantly, which is quite natural. And the main “lyapom” can be called the offset reference point (the spring equinox). When Ptolemy has done his calculations, he is in the sign of Aries. Unfortunately, the ancient Greeks blindly copied the existing zodiac, and meanwhile the main reference point has shifted to Pisces. Today, even a schoolboy knows that every four years – a leap year, that is, four years accumulates errors a day, and what about the last thousands of years? Despite this, the modern zodiac, which we have, by the way, for some reason called Chinese or Oriental, it starts with Aries. But with him we will begin to disassemble the symbols of the zodiac signs. For more info about horoscope, zodiac signs, numerology, tarot and more, visit this link.

Zodiac elements

However, before proceeding to the description and interpretation of the symbolic images we should briefly mention another important point. We are talking about poetry, of which there are four: water, fire, air and earth. Each of them protects a group of 3 characters:

  1. The signs of the water element – Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer.
  2. Fire Signs – Leo, Sagittarius, Aries.
  3. To the elements of the earth belong to Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.
  4. Element of air represent Aquarius, Gemini and scales.

Each of these elements has an effect on a group of characters, giving people born under any constellation corresponding character traits.

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