Born between September 23 and October 22, you are of the sign of Libra. Your sign is ruled by Venus, symbol of the eternal feminine. God of beauty among the Romans, she was the Aphrodite of the Greeks, goddess of fertility. The balance and finesse of your feelings make you a warm and sociable person.

You reject the most violent situations by the elegance and harmony with which you conduct your life. These characteristics often direct you to the art professions, but above all to the justice sector, where you express yourself with a talent recognized by all. The year 2021 is a year in two stages. Starting with the hardest part will help you savor the last six months of the year. Libra, you will have to measure your words as well in your love life as on a professional level. Have no worries, Libra 2021 horoscope sign – love, career, health, family, finances, work, relationships.

Weekly horoscope Libra

Monday september 27 – Sunday october 3, 2021

Be patient. You will lack rigor and you will be tempted to abandon certain projects along the way that do not happen as quickly as you would like. On the heart, many of you will experience a climate of rupture or you will have to face an unexpected disappointment, source of great sorrows; or they will be saddened by the estrangement of the loved one following sudden and brutal circumstances. You will have matters of dissatisfaction with one of your children. Don’t be too harsh on him.

Horoscope for Friday, October 1, 2021

No question of standing idly by. Your success is due to a tireless energy that keeps everyone at bay. Those and those who doubted your ability to triumph or get back on your feet are at their cost. Your ability to negotiate and your business acumen are two unstoppable assets in winning the Elise bid.

Libra of the first decan (September 23 to October 03)

Love: Decisions to be made!

If since the beginning of the year you have felt the need to put a little distance between you and the other, to autopsy your approach to love and how you generally live your stories, you should from the 11th be finally able to see clearly and know what suits you now or not (or more). (Long distant relationship- Libra)

In a relationship with

You are now more able to share with the partner (or your children) on essential subjects or a mode of operation which has certainly evolved since the beginning of the year. A priori for the best (the 13th) even if you are not immune to a little frustration (the 30th).

Social Life: Creative?

You will slowly begin to reconnect with a creativity that has been a little under wraps since the beginning of the year from the 11th. From the 13th, inspiration returns or the feeling that having integrated certain essential lessons on the structure, you can now spread your wings and take off without risking a spin.


Saturn clears the floor from the 11th. The opportunity finally to draw the lessons lavished by the austere planet and to apprehend your emotional life and your creative expression more consciously. (The most emotional zodiac)

Libra of the second decan (October 04 to October 14)

Love: Make love, not war

Discussions that began in September have the gift of getting on your nerves (the 8th and 9th). Bet on your charm (the 17th) to tackle what’s stuck. You will see more clearly from the 18th and will then be able to close the discussions by the end of the month.

In a relationship with

A little too edgy to really surrender to the vertigo of love. Venus will soften manners (between the 16th and the 26th). Then bet on your ability to smooth things over to relaunch the discussions in the right direction (the 17th).

Social life: Avoid rushing into the crowd

If you feel stuck in the necks and the situation ruffles your hair (the 8th and 9th), patiently wait for the second half of the month to step up to the plate. But gently please (the 17th). From the 18th, the exchanges should finally evolve and the questions which divide to be regulated by the end of the month.


From the 18th, you will certainly have the opportunity to communicate without having the impression of going in circles. So, at the beginning of the month, try to channel your aggressiveness in order to be able to prepare the ground usefully rather than undermine it.

Libra of the third decan (October 15 to October 23)

Love: Irresistible.

Tensions to be feared in family (the 1st, 17th, 22nd), but such a charisma that it will be difficult (impossible) to resist you (4th, 15th, 19th, 28th). Then try to put your power of seduction not only at the service of your loves, but also of household peace.

In a relationship with

If certain tensions at home pollute the atmosphere, bet on an undeniable influence (the 4th, 15th, 19th, 28th) to overcome everything and end the month “in love”. If possible with everyone.

Social Life: Thoroughly!

Your best assets in October to shine, seduce in all directions and amaze the gallery. Crazy charm and exhilarated creativity (the 4th, 15th and 28th) coupled with an unrelenting determination to “perform” (the 19th). One then wonders who could or would even want to block the road.


If you want to take advantage of promising flows that could well promote your development on all levels, start by giving up believing yourself to be stronger than everyone else. A wise attitude that will allow you to express your desires without getting you into trouble.

Your month, week after week

The first week:

●The 1st, family tensions? Avoid arguing and instead stay tuned.

●The 2nd, put your potential at the service of the community. The best way to get everyone to agree.

●The 4th, a brilliant verve, an exalted creativity and a crazy charm. Which certainly amaze the gallery.

●The 6th, the new moon puts you in the limelight. It’s up to you to shine there while avoiding blind anyone.

●The 8, offensive, even aggressive? Try today to channel your strike force to be able to convince without constraining.

●The 9th, some exchanges go round in circles? Patience. They will soon resume more freely.

The second week:

●The 11th, if you had the impression that you were dragging your feet both in terms of your emotional life and your creativity, you will gradually get rid of it by mid-December.

●The 13th, the current goes well (better) between you and an entourage with whom you will know how to pass your messages smoothly today.

●The 15th, absolutely charismatic, take advantage of your assets today to shine and seduce in all directions.

●The 17th, your arguments and your benevolence could hit the mark and perhaps help you dispel certain recurring misunderstandings in the family.

The third week:

●The 18th, the debates which were going round and round or even empty could be relaunched in a more productive way from today.

●The 19th, a great determination could well allow you to prevail on all the tables today.

●The 20th, the full moon invites you to take a step towards the other, to collaborate, to associate yourself, to commit yourself.

●The 22nd, be careful today when you will tend to think you have everything allowed. Especially in family where we will not appreciate.

The fourth week:

●The 27th, try to communicate clearly today when you will tend to take your dreams for reality and then to confuse the frequency and the tracks.

●The 28th, there is love in the air. It’s time to take a deep breath.

●The 30th, a very frustrating end of the month if you ask for more and perhaps a little too much.

October 2021 love horoscope for libra

You will gradually integrate the lessons learned from the past and inaugurate a new way of working in love. If your influence allows you to make sparks, there is no question of abusing your undeniable assets in October to impose anything on anyone, but rather to convey your messages as smoothly as possible and thus make an impression., dots and hearts.

Libra Horoscope for 2021


In 2021, you will essentially be keen to change your family ties in the right direction! Whether it is to put an end to any quarrels, to redefine your role within the clan to truly find your place or to improve your living conditions, to close ranks and to flourish fully in an environment material and human that suits you, we bet that you will spare no efforts, Libra friend, to wait for your goals and the harmony to which you aspire indeed!

Venus will promote exchanges between February 7 and March 5 where you will not hesitate to listen (and stay) to the listening of the other! Between April 3 and August 7, the delicious planet will invite you to develop your links whatever they are! Whether it is the love of your loved ones, the partner or the upliftment of the soul, count on Venus to dig deeper into the subject and allow you to raise the debates and the quality of your commitments! Exciting projects on the program between September 6 and October 2. Take the time for reflection between October 2 and 28. History to learn the lessons of the past and then to be able to apprehend a new cycle of your emotional life from October 28 in full knowledge of the facts and therefore in conscience!


This year you will have to eat balanced, healthy and at regular times, if you do not want your stomach to hurt you, because your professional life will be very stressful, do not add a bad diet which would only increase the stress.
The pace you set for yourself will benefit your everyday life and your mood. You will end up being more resistant to the viruses in the environment. You will learn this year to relax, to relax, which will be really new, you who are usually often on the go, this year you will take a step back, taking the time to breathe.


In January, you are generally in balance. Mars gives you good energy until the 9th; you would benefit from experimenting with a new diet or therapy for the next ten days if you feel down.
All is well from the 19th. You start the month of February in good shape, but the period from the 6th to the 20th finds you more tense or more fragile: it is in these moments that the viruses attack!
Strengthen your field: a magnesium cure at the beginning of the month, for example, would be a good idea, perhaps? You are in good shape in March, especially from the 20th when Mars increases your vital energy tenfold and puts you in phase with spring and its rising sap.

In April, needless to say you are on cloud nine and your form is excellent. Until the 17th especially, you release a rare vital force: it’s time to get back to physical exercise before summer, if you haven’t already done so. Dancing, you know, is your favorite field when it comes to moving. In May, good general shape. You radiate joy of living. Mars invites you to take charge of your health: it’s a good time to start a diet or resume good eating and physical habits. Take advantage of sunny days to detoxify your body with fresh fruit juices and by limiting fats and starches.

In June, the period from 12 to 26 can be trying for some: cultivate relaxation, exercise to circulate energy in a harmonious way. Watch out for the risks of infection and poisoning. In July, you will have every reason to rejoice: Neptune loses its strength while Saturn enters your panorama. Result, you gain in strength, resistance, endurance. The 22nd, you perceive the first signs of it… In August, Saturn is now well established in your sign, you feel a solidity of rock.

Endurance sports don’t scare you. All the same, wait until the second fortnight, when you will be more serene …
At the end of the trimester, you are in a cloud and you are doing wonderfully: your vital optimism increases your strength and your resistance tenfold; however, the second fortnight shows signs of nervous instability.Be careful, avoid excess and take a magnesium cure in case of nervous disorders. And drink more.

In October, supported by Saturn for three months, you feel rock solid and in perfect harmony with yourself.
All the conditions are met for a perfect physical and moral balance. In November, Saturn strengthened your defenses, you are strong and in harmony with yourself, especially if you have the impression that you meet an intimate demand for originality and personality in your work. Between the 5th and the 15th, take care of yourself. Excellent vital reserves in December. Strong and calm, you are confident in your resistance and your faculty of self-healing. What works in favor of your physical and moral balance is your ability to distance yourself from constraints or worries, and your deep faith in life, rekindled by Neptune.


You will be very ambitious, a slight hesitation will grip you when you want to ask for a raise, but you will do it anyway. You will be the spendthrift type this year. Luck could give you a gift in the form of a payment you weren’t expecting during the second trimester, you will need to be extra careful in the spring as you could be the victim of a loss that you cannot explain.
The end of the year which will arrive will find you fulfilled because satisfied with your finances and with the way in which you will have managed your accounts.


In January 2021, you have a fruitful month, provided you avoid a few pitfalls. Until the 10th, beware of your bursts of enthusiasm which can blind you to the difficulties and financial weaknesses of a project: avoid risky investments on 8/9. From the 10th, you redouble your energy and you are determined to take action. Go for it between the 12th and the 22nd; multiply the procedures, interviews, studies aimed at making your project grow.
You are advancing in leaps and bounds! On the other hand, beware of the 23, which conceals a misstep, a setback that can call everything into question.

From the 29th, you go up the slope towards success, which will be consolidated in February, where you will have a promising month ahead of you: the energy spent in January is bearing fruit and the first eleven days will propel you forward.
Some will literally take the stage, others will be featured in another way: this is a period of quite remarkable achievement and affirmation. After the 11th, you will be too busy with your love life to be of any effectiveness whatsoever; this seems to cause some tension from the 20th, or simply an increase in activity to make up for lost time.

In March, if your emotional life in turmoil leaves you the time and the availability, you have a magnificent chance of achieving yourself in a spectacular way. This could go through an association, through a contract. Until the 5th, on the other hand, walk on eggshells: if you are too impulsive, you could make a mistake that would make you miss the boat.
So avoid skin reactions around the 3rd, but go for it from the 12th. A magnificent month of April is looming. Friend Libra, you are still expanding.

Focus on contracts, agreements and associations for the first ten days; they will be born under a lucky star if the conclusion is made on the 8th, the day of the New Moon.

Until the 17th, you will enjoy a magnificent energy that will make you want to move mountains.
No obstacle will put you off. At the end of the month, you received some exciting feedback from an operation sketched out last month, which bore fruit on the 28th: ​​a contract in sight?

In short, you don’t have a second to waste in April. You have ahead of you an overall satisfactory month of May.
You are busy with intense activity until the 15th, aiming to organize, rearrange your work or give the finishing touches to a project that you have to present in June.

A short week’s vacation would be welcome between the 10th and the 18th, where you will not have your mind at work, then plunge back from the 20th into your studies, your training, or an activity related to the media, culture or abroad.

In June, a half-fig, half-grape month. It begins with a magnificent day, conducive to the most rewarding pairings.
Then take advantage of a few peaceful days (top books which you can read) to prepare yourself for the period from 12 to 26, which promises to be tiring.
Stress, rivalries, even more or less frank attacks await you, combined between the 11th and 16th of poor communication and, over the last ten days, of lower motivation, which is understandable.

The surroundings of the 26 in particular announce violent clashes with a professional partner, probably envious of your privileges or your success.

From the 28th, Mercury calms the atmosphere, through a friend or a support that comes at the right time.
In July, projects are on the rise: keep your eyes on the future! Write down the ideas that come to you in the first five days, and start implementing them on the 23rd, it’s your best day to make an important decision, buy real estate or start a long job.
You are entering your most constructive time of the year 2021: anything you put in place between mid-July and mid-October will pay off in the future.

August is decidedly not a month to work: loves monopolize you too much, in any case after the 16th. Before that, you will certainly be taken by an acute activity, even more or less bitter struggles, some opposing your projects with virulence.
The dogs bark, the caravan passes: persevere in spite of the treacherous attacks, it is you who will gain the victory.
September will be an interesting, fruitful and constructive month. Work hard from the 20th: before, you might as well extend your vacation, not much is happening in your sky.

The last ten days, therefore, are excellent. Saturn urges you to embark on an ambitious and long-term project, in which you can make full use of your skills and experience.

At the same time, you will have to modernize the way you work if you want to be at the top of your performance. Head to the Net, if you are lagging behind in cybermodernity!
Friend Libra, in October 2021, the entry of Saturn into a friendly sign is good news: it announces a consolidation of your situation during the following months.

In October, however, you won’t hear much about it professionally. Take advantage of the first fortnight to prepare the ground: projects can begin to emerge or at least to deepen.
The New Moon on the 3rd and then around the 8th will be the most fruitful: trust your intuition!
The last week seems to bring back to the news a dispute from the beginning of September: be aware of it, because the affair could well extend until next January, if you do not put an end to it.

In November, you won’t be remarkably efficient at work: you can’t be everywhere and you will be very busy at home.
It is possible, however, that March forces you to deal with unpleasant affairs, the consequences of a rivalry or a management problem dating back to the end of the holidays.
The case is not at the end of the road: you will have to wait until next January to close the case. In December, you move forward slowly but surely.

Until the 11th, then again after the 20th, contacts, procedures and commercial transactions are in the headlines; your interpersonal skills work wonders! You will hit the mark every time, especially around the 3rd, 7th and 21st, your most constructive and rewarding days. You end the year on a high note.


Your big professional assets will be diplomacy, prudence and perseverance. From the start of the year you could be given more important responsibilities. This will allow you to no longer be constrained to strict schedules, you will have the opportunity to adapt your work to requirements.

You will be very focused, but your superiors will have to give you very specific instructions because you will require it.
In the course of the year, you could have a proposal for which you will hesitate to give an answer, taking the time to weigh the pros and cons, because over time you will have learned not to commit without having first obtained the necessary guarantees.

Professional compatibility of Libra

●Aries: No possibility of working together, you are way too critical.

●Taurus: Together you will find the solutions adapted to all types of problems.

●Gemini: Well done! It is a very good association.

●Cancer: Too much coldness.

Leo: You both have the urge for creation, a relationship that might just work.

●Virgo: To each his own corner, neither of you is the type to go to the neighbor’s flower beds.

●Libra: Avoid, neither of you know how to be authoritarian.

●Scorpio: Very difficult relationship due to the fact that battles will take place between you too easily.

●Sagittarius: A lot of seriousness in your professional relationship.

Capricorn: Professional relationship too strained, difficult to bear.

●Aquarius: You can collaborate together.

●Pisces: The association is good.

Libra Horoscope for 2022


A great decision has been taken; a decision linked to a change that stops a rhythm of life, a habit or a situation that no longer suits you. This decision will improve in the long term the cycle that now opens before you. This means that once you have passed a possible period of adaptation or a few readjustments, you will enter a particularly rich, beneficial and happy period. In love, this will result, from the month of May, by a feeling of renewal and by the idea of ​​finally being in line with your values ​​and your desires. You will therefore be relaxed and confident, more attentive to your inner voice and your desires. Mercury and Venus will also allow you to make your decisions in good conditions by promoting dialogue and clarity. In summary,


This big change should have a positive impact on your relationships with friends and family. If you have children, you will be more confident and relaxed about their education. You will therefore be more efficient and less anxious. With respect to your friends, you will no longer hesitate to say what bothers you while continuing to distribute positive waves around you as you know how to do so well. Results ? You will naturally approach the good and walk away without regret from those who have no place by your side.


A desire to ease off and find yourself will gently stroke your thoughts and quietly make its way through your heart. It’s up to you this year to make it happen! Even if you don’t go so far as to resign or start a career change, remember this: if you want to change things, don’t do your usual business. You can, the Stars will support you from the month of May.

Good resolution

You, you and you again. Make yourself your top priority because you are in the best position for this. Bet on yourself, invest in yourself, take care of yourself. Do not be afraid of the judgment of others, and finally, think of yourself!

Ideal destination

The one that has always made you dream but which seems too far away, too expensive, too complicated… if you can, give yourself this gift.

Lucky charm

A star. As a jewel, as a keychain or as a decoration. This year you will need to remember his presence above your head as a magical and infallible support.


No matter how talented or successful you are, if you are a typical Libra you are still pleasing yourself, calming yourself down, and anticipating the needs of others throughout this year 2022, however, you will wonder why it took you. so long to wake up and start making you happy. Because Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter will form harmonious aspects of your birth sign, you will walk more and more in rhythm and you will find yourself able to write your own ticket. With Jupiter in Aries at the start of 2022, working closely with a partner or forging new business relationships will work to your advantage. The period from mid-February to the end of March 2022 will test your ability to hold on and assert your will.


For you, Saturn’s current position in Taurus tends to raise concerns about shared assets and future stability. If your recent worries have given you sleepless nights, take your courage in hand: the forward movement of benevolent planet Jupiter this year should help turn the tide in your favor, especially from February through the end of June. It is totally appropriate that you focus on long-range safety and take steps to create a safety net and the structures that you put in place at this point.

Time will prove to be sustainable. The period from late September to mid-October 2022 emphasizes financial gains, and November is the time to reassess everything and act on it.

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