In this article I want to talk to you about some of the most profitable niches when considering creating your own blog and making money online.

For different reasons, the topics that I am going to share with you below turn out to be very lucrative if you want to generate income passively and consistently for the next few years.

Of course, first, I want to start by answering the question …

What Type of Blog is More Profitable?

As you may already know, there are different types of blogs, and each one has the potential to make money through a different strategy.

There are corporate, personal, brand, or niche blogs, among some typical examples, and each has its own way of monetizing the traffic it receives.

For example, a personal blog may make most of its income by selling its own digital products, such as an eBook or an online course, while a niche blog may focus on making money from advertisements and marketing products affiliate.

Today the most chosen type of blog to earn money online is:

The niche blog.

Therefore, the next question to answer will be.

What is a Niche Blog?

It is a type of blog that differs from others by placing special emphasis on finding a select audience, a specific audience through which to monetize its content, whether through advertisements or other products.

It is the type of blog most chosen by those who are dedicated to SEO, that is, to search engine optimization (such as Google).

A well done niche blog can be a real source of income and become a very profitable business, if you work it properly.

Precisely, what makes it so effective is the fact of focusing on a well-defined audience and “attacking” keywords or keywords of varying difficulty within the same sector or industry.

What is the advantage of this?

Well, several really, some of the most important would be:

In many cases, a specialized niche blog answers specific questions about a particular industry, questions that in many cases have not been addressed by other websites.

The second point in favor is that all its content is related, which is why it manages to keep the user or visitor on the web for as long as possible, in many cases making them visit more than one page at a time.

You can also get many of the users who have visited your website to return without having to do a search, that is, by typing the domain of the web in the search engine or marking it as a favorite.

All good signs that it is a quality website and something that Google favors in its rankings.

Below I will describe some examples of niches in which you can start a blog and earn money.

Of course, remember that some of the metrics that I will share with you below are from the Google Adwords program and are intended to serve as a reference for you to assess the profit potential that each industry has, nothing more.

Now, these are some of the most searched niches on the internet today:

1. Technology

A competitive niche, but with great potential for monetization.

The topics to be covered are (almost) infinite and very varied, you could choose to start a blog in this sector and you would find hundreds of opportunities to write articles that position easily, as long as you know how to do a good keyword search.

In addition, the possibilities of making a niche blog, vertical, that is, one that focuses on a single topic, are many.

For example, instead of trying to get into the photography industry you could go for something smaller and specialize in camera accessories, or maybe instead of talking about all kinds of mobile apps you could go online on Android, and so with every niche you can think of.

Probably the strongest form of monetization is Adsense, there is already a high percentage of clicks for those looking to download something and the CPC (sometimes) goes through the roof, the affiliation and the sale of physical products are two other great alternatives.

More on this in a minute.

As I said, the technology area allows you to specialize in a variety of topics, however, you could also create an authority blog.

Just remember that creating large websites that you want to gain authority after a while require more work and dedication, unlike websites that attack a micro niche, as it would be the case that they only talk about a program or application.

2. Dropshipping

In case you don’t know what it’s about, let me explain it simply.

On the one hand you have what would be “normal” electronic commerce, in which you buy or manufacture a product and sell it through your online store to other people.

And on the other hand, you have dropshipping, which consists of sending and delivering retail orders to your customers, without the need to have the product or store it in a warehouse, take care of inventories, or others.

Instead, what you do is that when your store achieves a sale, you only buy it there from a third party (supplier) and have it shipped directly to the customer.

As a result, you never see or manipulate the product, you only act as an intermediary between the customer and the supplier.

In many cases, what is the parcel and the product itself, are marked or redesigned in certain aspects by the supplier himself, so that they bear the logo or insignia of the online store that sells them, a common service that many suppliers offer and carry. the name “private labeling”.

Some of the most notable benefits of dropshipping are:

It does not take so much capital to start: One of the great advantages that dropshipping offers is that you can start without having to have too much capital to invest and achieve your first sales. You could create your own online store and acquire the design and functionality of a professional site for very little money, compared to what it would be to have your own product line.

It’s easier: By not having to deal with the inventory of physical products, maintenance, shipping and more, everything becomes easier and more sustainable.

A low fixed cost: For the same reasons that I have told you, it is a low-cost business model, both when starting and maintaining. There is no need to pay for a deposit for your products, take care of managing shipments, parcels, etc. In the vast majority of cases, all these steps are outsourced and it is the provider who is in charge.

Wide variety of products: Since you do not need to buy items to sell in advance, you can offer a wide range of products to your potential customers. You could offer all kinds of articles, there is no limit in this regard. In fact, a good strategy is usually to focus on a range or typology of products at the beginning and then, as the business grows, expand your horizons.

Very scalable: If you started a traditional business you would see that due to the costs and the simple hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it would be quite difficult to scale as a lone entrepreneur. In the case of dropshipping it is the opposite, if your idea and marketing management works it is only a matter of doubling the investment in marketing and ordering more products as the orders increase.

When analyzing these benefits, it is not difficult to imagine that dropshipping is currently one of the most popular business models.

There is a lot of potential to generate good income, beyond the fact that the profit margins are usually not the best, especially at the beginning.

That is, since you are only an intermediary, the commission that you can get to charge for the sale of a product is usually not too much.

However, there are cases where, thanks to good market research, many marketers have achieved a return of (almost) 100% on the original sale price.

Negotiate with the supplier, provide added value, make a good marketing campaign, etc.

3. Digital Marketing

Another theme that pays well, has a good future prospect and, despite the fact that there is a lot of competition, there is also room to grow with a well-made website.

This blog can serve as an example since what I usually talk about most with my articles is about Digital Marketing and SEO, among other things.

What’s so attractive about this particular niche is that it influences (almost) every other type of niche.

That is, whether you decide to write about personal development, fitness and health, or you prefer to share your favorite hobby it does not matter, you WILL NEED to know something about digital marketing and / or SEO to know how to position your brand so that it is found by your audience.

Therefore, it is not only a super interesting topic (at least for me) but it is quite useful and, therefore, highly profitable.

Specifically, learning about digital marketing, copywriting, and SEO is a type of niche that helps you make money by reaching a larger audience.

And, as you may already know, any niche that is dedicated to generating, in one way or another, money will be a profitable investment … and advertisers will pay good money to show themselves on your blog.

On the other hand, and as if that weren’t enough, there are many topics and sub-niches that you could explore when creating content for a blog about digital marketing.

The utility of this type of blog for the future is extremely high and applies to all types of industries.

Of course, I am not referring only to SEO techniques but also to the good management of Social Networks, advertising campaigns, platforms such as YouTube or Pinterest, etc.

If this can be a topic that interests you, I recommend it!

4. Programming

It may not be a niche market for everyone, but if this is an area of ​​interest to you, then take advantage!

There aren’t many blogs these days that go into this in depth or answer most of the questions that younger programmers are asking.

Not only is there space on the web to develop your own brand but also for you to teach what you learn, as many of the problems this lacking talent industry has is that there is not enough “workforce” and job opportunities abound to who are encouraged.

An online course and even something as simple as an ebook could be a profitable way to monetize such a blog.

If you give good advice on how to learn to code from scratch and share some of your experience with an audience, you will see how that returns in various net profit figures.

Also, in programming there are dozens of languages ​​that you can explore, you can focus on just one or try to make a more comprehensive blog that addresses different topics.

It’s like they say: “The sky is the limit!”

For that reason, and for much more, starting a blog in the programming field is a very good idea.

I am not very clear about the CPC of this particular industry but, whatever it is, I am sure that in a few years it will continue to rise.

Interest in this market, in a few years, will increase more and more.

Enough to see this graph from Google Trends on one of the most popular programming languages ​​today (which I am studying right now).

5. Cryptocurrencies

Within the vast world of investing, here is a window of opportunity that you could focus on.

If you are interested in finances and making money through the Internet then THIS is a niche that you should consider.

There are very interesting topics that you could discuss with a blog:

  • Cryptocurrency mining.
  • Long-term investments.
  • Bitcoin and the currencies of the future.
  • What is needed to get started.
  • Blockchain.

Being that it is still a “new” topic, you can easily create a brand through an authority blog if you dedicate enough time and desire.

The most effective monetization methods you can try would be:

Make CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) by referring some of your readers to platforms where they can earn bitcoin for viewing ads for free, or for registering on X platform, and the like.

There are many sites that offer this type of alternative, such as Adbtc, Chopcoin, or Bitfun, to name a few examples.

Join a virtual wallet and offer its services in some of your posts or articles, generating a commission for each download or registration.

And so try many other methods.

Of course, not to mention that you can also monetize your content through more traditional ways.

6. Personal Development

From YouTube channels that summarize self-help and motivational books to blogs that only talk about this topic.

The breadth of this particular niche is practically infinite and it is 100% evergreen, it will never die.

This is a topic that generates a lot of interest, every human being applies on the face of the earth, and does not discriminate in age.

Some of the greatest gurus and thinkers dedicated to helping others maximize their potential are extremely wealthy and powerful for a reason.

A personal development ebook is a great way to generate long-term income, as long as the content is really good.

You can choose to sell it using platforms such as Amazon Kindle or directly offer it as an additional item on your website.

As is the case of private consultancies or consultancies, coach sessions, personalized strategic growth plans, and many more options.

This is a pretty big industry for the simple fact that, as I told you before, it applies to (almost) anyone.

Those characteristics are precisely those that allow a good income to be generated with this item.

7. Fashion and Beauty

If you are interested in this topic then rest assured that there is a massive audience of people eager to read this type of content.

You can find quite a few blogs focused on talking about the latest fashion trends and beauty tips for something, you make money!

In addition, the amount of unanswered questions and topics within Google is (almost) infinite, I tell you because I have seen it when working with some clients who were trying to insert themselves in the market and reach more people with a blog.

There don’t seem to be too many SEOs competing yet.

It is an ideal market niche for you to create your own online store and thus monetize the traffic obtained through the articles you publish on your blog.

That said, nothing stops you from making money the way many bloggers do, through Adsense and with affiliate programs, you decide.

What is certain is that you will need quality images, preferably personalized or a little worked, since there seems to be a special importance to the use of multimedia.

8. Make Money Online

It’s not for nothing that you see so many YouTubers, content creators, bloggers, and influencers talking about how to make money online, it pays well!

What you gain, both in terms of advertising and affiliate products is really powerful.


Simple, because (it is assumed) you are teaching other people how to earn money, therefore, that knowledge pays and sells much more.

Companies that try to advertise to attract potential customers within a niche like this pay well, therefore, the CPC (Cost per Click), as well as the commissions for affiliate products in this type of markets is usually higher.

And it is logical that this is.

The problem is that many of the people who “teach” you how to earn money have not really achieved such results themselves, they only do it because they know it is a profitable niche, so be careful who you choose as mentors.

The good news?

There is a lot of virtual space for you to choose from.

You could talk about YouTube and video marketing, how to earn with Facebook ads, talk about finances and investments (more on this in the next point), or simply show how you have managed to save and manage your income well to generate a little more month by month. .

The point is that this is a niche that offers many alternatives, to survive I would advise you to approach it with a minimum of seriousness, your audience will appreciate it.

There is too much scam, charlatan, and people trying to make “quick money” … that your differentiating factor is to take more seriousness and bring authenticity to the matter.

Although it is not easy to determine the CPC in this case since you cannot pigeonhole the category of making money online in a single industry, I can tell you, from my own experience, that it exceeds the majority by far.

9. Fitness

Seeing this niche on the list might not surprise you in the least, right?

The desire to gain muscle in the case of men and look thin in the case of women has not changed over time, and it does not seem that it will ever go away.

In the middle of both extremes are everyone else, who wants to maintain weight, be healthy, learn to incorporate some physical activity into the daily routine, and so on.

Doing some kind of activity is a habit we MUST get into, whether that means going for a walk outside every now and then or joining the gym and attending every day.

That is why blogging on this topic is a safe bet, you already know that there is an audience out there who may be interested in what you decide to share in your posts.

One piece of advice I could give you is to focus on a sub-niche or sub-category within the world of fitness.


Well, as there is already enough competition it is not a bad idea, at least for the beginning.

You can focus on “newer” sports, such as Crossfit, or less popular activities.

Then there will be time to spread your wings and start playing other songs.

We could incorporate this industry into the Health category, which has a high CPC, but I’ll talk to you about this in a minute.

10. Legal

Probably one of the most dense and complex topics you can choose to create a blog.

However, it is the clear winner when it comes to CPC!

Placing well above the average, blogging legal advice outperforms the vast majority of industries.

In fact.

The word “lawyer” is one of the most expensive on the Internet when advertising on Google or YouTube.

Therefore, if your blog shares content related to the subject and you manage to amass a considerable audience, you will see your Adsense income increase.

Of course, the number of companies, law firms, and private lawyers bidding for the ads may not be so high, so the Cost per Click may tend to vary a lot.

That said, on average, ads referring to this subject are usually very high.

Regarding other forms of monetization, there is not much to say.

Surely you can find other methods that are interesting to you.

11. Finance

Speaking of high CPC and great profit potential.

Second on the list is taken by Internet economists.

The area of ​​finance is highly competitive for a simple reason, those people in search of information on the subject have and are willing to explore different ways of investing their money, they have a capital that they want to learn to manage better.

Whatever the case, you will see that there are (literally) hundreds of companies and advertisers VERY interested in acquiring these types of customers.

Therefore, if your blog deals with financial issues, you will see a growing interest from credit cards, banks, financial institutions of all kinds, investment platforms, and others, bidding to advertise in your articles.

Great, right?

Well, something like that, in the area of ​​finance and investments is as the verse says:

“Not all that glitters is gold.”

Yes it is a highly profitable niche, however it is also highly competitive.

You should create a blog with very good quality content and do a lot of research, check the information you share, share on social networks, etc.

In some cases you will be competing with mega companies and industry giants, so you need to learn how to do it right.

12. Health

Occupying third place on the podium we have the health sector.

One of the greatest advantages of writing about topics related to this area is that they are topics of general interest, they are what is called evergreen.

Creating content about health through a blog ensures that there will always be someone looking for that type of information and, therefore, you will never need to worry about your articles losing relevance as the years go by.

The only thing to keep in mind when starting a blog in the health area is that Google will take special care when positioning your content.

Let me explain you.

If your blog is about health or money issues there will be a different standard for your content, that is, you must make sure that your articles are of quality and the information you share is really good.

Something that I would suggest you do anyway, regardless of the field or niche you choose.

Citing official sources, linking to authority sites, providing figures or statistics from government organizations, all help to provide truthfulness to your articles.

13. Relationships

You could divide (almost) all the niches or topics of interest to start a blog into three main ones:

Love, health and money.

Ready, nothing more.

Most of the niches or ideas you may have stem from one of those three.

Well, there is one that, at least I, find profitable and that has nothing to do with any of these, which would be the case of hobbies.

That said, I have already told you about money and health, hobbies I will leave it for the last point, now let’s talk about love and relationships.

The “market” for dating or romantic relationships is HUGE and has a lot to offer, different sub-topics of interest, and smaller or specific niches that you can explore if you find the competition too strong.

This is another evergreen type niche.

If you write about how to conquer someone or how to forget your ex you will see that there will always be people interested in reading what you have to say, always.

So if you put in the effort, it’s worth it.

A great way to promote your blog and content would also be to focus on two platforms that seem to have a lot of interested traffic:

I mean YouTube and Pinterest.

Both sites would be good bets for reformatting your articles into a video or simple infographic.

The cost per click is not very high but it does handle large volumes of traffic, that is, many people interested in this type of niche. Get more love and relationship articles here.

14. Business and Entrepreneurship

If you are interested in the world of business, leadership, how to create a start up, evaluate investments, and similar topics then consider this niche.

Not only is there a lot to talk about but there is also a wide interested audience.

I tell you as someone who has been trying to scale the YouTube algorithm for a while, hundreds of thousands of subscribers (or millions) do not happen out of nowhere.

It is difficult to categorize this topic since it can cover all types of industries and even include some of those that I already mentioned.

Therefore, I prefer to refer you to do your own research on this in this case.

Be that as it may, it is undoubtedly a little explored niche that requires new talent.

If you are willing to share good business advice, are authentic and write original content then this option is for you.

15. Real Estate

Another (good) example of a lucrative niche that, despite not having reached the podium, has great potential.

With a CPC of $ 1.81 per thousand visitors and a conversion above 4% this could be another niche to explore for your blog.

As in several of the other cases, it is an evergreen niche and is related to the investment sector, since it is another alternative of interest for those interested in the world of finance.

There are YouTubers generating millions of dollars thanks to the ads that are shown in their videos because this is a market where great capital moves.

This is a screenshot from one of his videos showing his ad revenue.

In many cases I use YouTube as a reference since the ad program that the platform uses is the same as in the case of blogs, Google Adsense.

Be careful, that does not mean that the same is paid in both cases, but there are similarities.

16. Very Profitable Hobbies

Yes, there are certain hobbies that, in addition to being very entertaining, can also be very lucrative.

Some typical examples may be those hobbies that involve acquiring some equipment, instruments or tools of various kinds, let’s say.

Such could be the case with construction and home crafts, including playing a sport, practicing some form of art, whether it is learning to play an instrument, painting or drawing, there are hundreds of alternatives and niches to explore.

The point is that you incorporate some creativity and try to share your passion with the world.

It works much better this way, think before about writing about something that you really like and not about something that you think will make you money.


Monetization is the simplest, the difficult thing is to get the attention of an audience … and keep it.

Once people trust you and what you share through your content they will gladly buy something you suggest to them, no matter what it is.

Also, as I mentioned in the previous points, there are a variety of ways to monetize and earn money with a blog, so do not focus too much on that, making money with your blog comes later.

Now, here is a list of hobbies that I consider profitable to start a blog, either because they have a high potential for traffic and monthly visits or because there are a variety of products to promote:

  • Archery. I have a friend very into this niche and he is doing quite well.
  • Paintball Great potential for affiliate products.
  • Home repair or refurbishment. Many articles that can compete on Google.
  • Learn guitar or piano. For both a blog and a YouTube channel, no doubt.
  • Soccer or basketball. Great potential to reach a mass audience.
  • Hair care. Many products and a variety of keywords to attack.
  • Crafts.

And these are just to name a few that I have seen over the years where many bloggers have managed to turn their passion or hobby into a very profitable niche.

17. Bet on YouTube!

Right now, both talking about YouTube on a blog and creating your own channel would be very profitable ideas.

First, the topic is trending and still relatively “new”, at least there aren’t many blogs entirely dedicated to the platform.

Second, you can integrate your own channel and have the blog to redirect your audience and thus get more traffic quickly.

There is room to grow on YouTube, I tell you from experience, look how my channel is growing little by little, despite being in a niche with a lot of competition and not too many monthly searches, it adds subscribers every day.

YouTube is a lucrative niche for several reasons:

You can monetize both the channel and your blog with Adsense and redistribute the traffic between both.

It’s easier and faster to grow on the platform than starting a blog these days.

The CPC for something like YouTube falls (in many cases) into the digital marketing category, a niche that, as I told you, pays well.

You don’t need to have the most sophisticated equipment or know too much about video or editing to get started.

There are free and easy-to-use options that you can try to launch your channel.

18. Astrology

If you’ve been doubting the power of stars by now, some numbers will put your skepticism in check: between 2016 and 2017, searches for astrology videos on YouTube increased by 67%. Do you think little? On Facebook, the search for the term grew 116% and, on Twitter, the subject grew 300%, also in the same period. The data are from Tubular Labs, a tool specialized in measuring social networks.

Millennials and Generation Z talk a lot about the birth chart, “My Venus is in Pisces”, “Saturn’s return”, “Retrograde Mercury is to blame”… If you want to talk to this generation, you can’t play the imposter.

Astrology, tarot, numerology, is increasingly mainstream. Its consumers have a voice and knowledge of mysticism. It’s up to you to understand how to surf this wave.

As you can see, there are several options, it all depends on what you want to do or what your preferences may be.

Keep in mind that you must write quality content and in quantity, therefore, if it is a niche that interests you or you find it exciting, the better.

I hope this information has been helpful or helpful to you.

Now I would like to know from you, what are your ideas and aspirations to generate income with your blog, leave me a comment below, I will answer you as soon as possible!

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