The face is undoubtedly the most valued part of the body for many of us. Object of all attention, we ensure that it appears under its best auspices for us but also for those we meet on a daily basis, at home or at work. We track down acne pimples, we fight against oily or dry skin and we try to overcome the slightest imperfection. But did you know that the best way to take care of our pretty face is to apply a skincare routine? We tell you everything!

The serum before or after the cream? The lotion when? Many women do not know in which order to apply the products in order to preserve beautiful skin. Discover the different stages of a good face routine.

Adopting a good beauty routine is essential to maintain beautiful skin. Every day, the skin is confronted with external aggressions such as pollution or perspiration. These two elements can cause the appearance of pimples if the skin is not cleansed well or if the wrong products are applied.

What is skincare routine?

A facial care routine is a ritual of hygiene and beauty gestures that we adopt according to stages and a certain regularity, to pamper the face and keep all its natural radiance.

Why have a face routine? Because the skin is like a plant, it must be watered every day to be able to see it grow healthy. Like the plant, your facial skin needs daily care to treat and prevent anything that is:


●oily skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin

●Dull complexion


●other imperfections

The facial care routine is therefore necessary to provide your skin with everything it needs for it to be healthy and to fight (or prevent) apparent imperfections. You would be wrong to overlook its importance.

The important steps of skincare routine

What we call the skincare routine, is none other than the set of products and actions carried out on the skin, to heal and magnify it. Just the simple application of a day cream is not enough to sublimate your skin day after day.

The skincare routine includes both make-up removal and cleansing of the skin, there is also daily care, which are day cream, night cream, serum, as well as ancillary products for the contour of the eye or the lips, finally it will also be necessary to think of using a scrub and a mask once or twice a week.

The skincare routine therefore requires careful selection of a range of product that is suited to your skin type: dry, oily, combination, mature, sensitive.

Step 1: Make-up removal

There are several methods to remove make-up, to choose according to your preferences and the needs of your skin. You can use micellar water (always rinse), cleansing milk, foam, cleansing oil or even vegetable oil. Be careful, however, with vegetable oil: take a non-comedogenic one ( jojoba or avocado for example) so as not to cause pimples. The make-up dice is always done in the evening so as not to clog the pores during the night because clogged pores are one of the main reasons for the appearance of comedones. When you wake up, apply a lotion to remove any makeup residue and follow the rest of the steps.

Step 2: Cleaning

After removing make-up properly, it is recommended to cleanse your skin with a facial soap to be chosen according to your skin type. Prefer a surgras soap for dry and acne-prone skin, a dermatological bar that respects the pH of the epidermis for sensitive skin and a natural soap for all skin types. ” To complete this ritual, do not hesitate to use a lotion that will eliminate makeup remover residues and neutralize the limescale in the water ” advises Marie-Noëlle, training manager at Mary Cohr.

Step 3: Applying the serum 

Now it’s time for the serum! This step is often forgotten when it constitutes an important moment in the routine. The serum is used to prepare the skin before receiving its usual care. Its texture is fine and penetrates quickly into the epidermis in order to diffuse all its active ingredients and to avoid a too oily finish with the day cream. A real booster for the skin, it is to be used every day, especially for mature skin for which it is recommended to use anti-wrinkle or anti-stain serums.

Step 4: The eye area

Far too neglected, the eye area is an area to be moisturized daily. ” The skin around the eyes is thinner, more fragile, it dehydrates faster because it has fewer sebaceous glands and it marks more quickly. It therefore requires a specific care product. It is recommended to apply the contour of the eyes. eyes before the face cream so as not to “saturate” the skin around the eyes with an unsuitable face cream “

Step 5: The care cream 

Last step and not the least, the application of the face cream. This step is essential before beauty treatment. It provides the skin with real care and acts as a protective barrier before making up the complexion. The choice of cream is made according to the needs of the skin and your beauty goals. Some skin care creams provide a matte finish to prevent the shine of the T zone during the day, ideal for oily and combination skin. There are also nourishing and moisturizing treatments that are perfect to put on before sleep so that the skin absorbs all the active ingredients it needs.

A routine is made to be followed rigorously in order to see the desired effects quickly. The training manager, Marie-Noëlle also recommends exfoliation of the face. Through this process, all dead skin is removed and the skin is ready to receive a face mask. This step should only be done once or twice a week depending on your skin type so as not to attack it.

Morning skincare routine VS evening skincare routine

As you know, the face needs specific daily care. To pamper your skin and display a fresh complexion, it is essential to follow a beauty routine morning and evening. But it is not always easy to find your way among all the types of products! Discover our tips for adopting good habits and using the best facials effectively and without wasting time.

The morning skincare routine

When you wake up, it is necessary to prepare your skin well to face the day. No matter how much time you have, don’t ignore the two essential things to do every morning: cleansing and moisturizing. Do you have a few extra minutes to spare for your face? Here are the steps to follow for a complete beauty routine.

Cleansing the face

During the night, your skin produces sebum and sweat. Even if you removed your makeup correctly the day before, impurities are still present. Washing your face with water is not enough. We recommend that you opt for a mild cleanser. The gel-in-foam Infusion Facial Cleanser by L’OCCITANE is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Rich in cucumber and thyme, it purifies your face and reduces imperfections. You will fall for its fresh fragrance and its melting texture.

Use thermal water

Water limestone tap dries the skin. Our tip? Spray a veil of mist Freshness Moisturizing Aqua Réotier in pure spring water Réotier on the entire face. You can replace it with floral water in the scent of your choice.

Tone the skin

Using a tonic lotion is not a mandatory step in your morning skincare routine, it will refine skin texture and tighten pores . Our Immortelle Essential Face Mist hydrates and tones the skin, to start the day right. It is a precious ally for a radiant complexion and beautiful skin. In addition, it is an ideal step to prepare the skin for the application of other care and makeup. A little extra tip: don’t hesitate to place it in the refrigerator for a boost.

Apply a serum

The serum is used to boost the benefits of your cream. The Immaculate Serum White Queen, for example, is formulated with the complex Reine Blanche plant extracts of natural origin and enriched with Vitamin C. It improves the uniformity, luminosity and texture of the epidermis. The mature skin will prefer anti-aging serum.

Apply a moisturizing cream

This is the crucial step in your morning beauty routine: moisturizing your skin. Nourish your skin with a day cream, with a targeted action according to your problem. Our Divine Immortelle Light Cream SPF20 will be perfect for taking care of your skin while fighting against the signs of aging. In addition, products that additionally contain sun protection (SPF) help your skin fight UV rays, summer and winter.

Apply an eye contour treatment

Do not hesitate to add an eye contour treatment to reduce dark circles and refresh your eyes, especially if the night has been short. The Care Immaculate Eyes White Queen fights fine lines, the brands strain, hydrates and brightens the eyes.

The evening skincare routine

After a long day, the skin on your face needs a moment of care. The evening ritual is just as important as the morning ritual. Here are the essential skin care steps to take before going to bed.

Remove your makeup

Do you ever go to bed without removing your make-up? Forget about this bad habit. Oily skin, combination skin or dry skin, everyone should go through this step to keep your skin healthy and avoid blemishes. Remove your makeup every night! Save time by choosing L’OCCITANE Infusion 3-in-1 Micellar Water. Formulated for all skin types, even sensitive, micellar waters have the advantage of removing make-up from the face, eyes and lips in a single step (including waterproof products).

Apply a serum

Applying a serum is also important for a nighttime routine. It will boost the effects of the moisturizer while letting you enjoy its benefits ! Our Immortelle Reset Night Serum transforms your skin from the first night and makes it more hydrated and radiant.

Apply a night cream

Choose rich and smooth night creams that nourish your skin deeply overnight, such as Shea Ultra Rich Comfort Face Cream. Enjoy this pleasant sensation and gently massage your face until you feel the product has penetrated well. Result: a very soft skin ready to rest, just like you!

Don’t forget lips

Your lips also need to be pampered! Do not hesitate to apply our Ultra Rich Shea Lip Balm for a greedy mouth upon awakening. Our lip treatments ensure beautiful plumped and hydrated lips. Take the products of your beauty routine with you everywhere with our travel-size facial treatments.

Why do you have to change your beauty routine with each new season?

Our skin does not have the same needs depending on whether it is spring or winter. It is therefore important to modify our beauty routine according to the time of year, starting by choosing products adapted to the weather. As we change our wardrobe each season, it is important to adapt the care we provide to our skin throughout the year. Close-up on the actions to be taken.

In spring and autumn, we clean!

Spring and autumn are transitional seasons where it is advisable to prepare your skin for summer and winter (it will then be put to the test). It is therefore the right time to exfoliate, cleanse, purify and detoxify.

●In spring: we prefer a day cream which gives radiance to the skin and which has a regenerative action after winter, the period of the year when our face looks gray. We choose a cream less rich than in the cold season: with fine weather, our skin needs less to be nourished.

●In autumn: we prefer a day cream with a plumping action to give elasticity to the face after the summer and prepare for the winter cold.

In summer and winter, we soothe!

Summer and winter are the seasons when our skin is the most damaged! In summer, the sun, sand and heat will particularly weaken our face while in winter, it is the wind and the cold that will take care of it. One thing to do then: appease! To do this, we avoid exfoliants and aggressive cleansers, we use gentle products to cleanse our skin and we focus on moisturizing masks at a rate of once a week, minimum.

In summer: put on foams that cleanse the face and balance sebum production. We prefer a day cream with an anti-UV filter as well as a night cream rich in water and therefore very hydrating.

In winter: avoid weakening the skin at all costs and use super gentle cleansing agents. We choose a face cream with soothing properties and a serum rich in fatty agents. We can even fall for oily care with hyper nourishing action.

Cleaning your skin

The first step in the skincare routine is cleaning. For this, we will of course use a makeup remover which will have to adapt to the type of skin, as well as a cleansing product. Gel, mousse or oil, there are many types of packaging today, so that everyone can find the ideal cleanser, as well as a makeup remover that not only aims to remove traces of makeup, but also participates in the care.


Choosing your serum  is an important step in a skincare routine, because it is one of the first products that you will use every morning. This is provided with very powerful and concentrated active ingredients that will nourish your skin. It will therefore be used sparingly, only one to two drops per day on the entire face. We will apply it before his day cream.

Day cream 

It is your daily ally and a real pillar of your skincare routine. The choice of a day cream must be made with great care, so that its active ingredients are able to improve the appearance of your skin, and to treat its small weaknesses. Do not hesitate to change it from time to time, in order to test new active ingredients. A skincare routine must evolve throughout life.

Specific creams

Some areas of the face cannot be treated with a simple day cream. This is the case, for example, for the eye area which will require the use of specific products, or the area around the lips. For these specific areas, it will be necessary to use a suitable cream, which will treat the problems, while respecting the fragility of the mucous membranes or the eyelid.

Night cream

Night cream is also essential for taking care of your skin. It can only be applied in the evening because its active ingredients often make it richer. It is not made to apply makeup afterwards, due to its composition. It is for this reason that we apply it at the end of the day, when we no longer go out.

Choosing your night cream requires some thought. Its objective will be to offer concentrated care to the skin, during the recovery period, when the epidermis will be very receptive to the active ingredients.

The scrub

In order for the skin to retain all its beauty, it will be necessary to exfoliate daily. The fact of using a scrub is therefore essential, generally once a week in order not to attack the epidermis. It can be chemical or mechanical depending on the skin types, however the goal will be to remove dead cells so that the epidermis reveals all its beauty.

You can also choose your scrub keeping in mind that it will also aim to prepare the skin for the installation of a mask, by making it more receptive to its active ingredients.

The mask

Moisturizing, nourishing, purifying, anti-aging, the mask is a treatment to be provided once a week, after its exfoliation. This will be provided with strong, powerful active ingredients, which will act in depth. It will therefore be important to integrate it into your skincare routine, to benefit from all the benefits of this type of cosmetic product. They are available for all skin types. We can even consider wearing several masks depending on the parts of the face: it is ideal for combination skin that is oily in the T zone, and drier on the cheeks.

Why adopt a beauty routine?

A beauty routine is an expression adopted by many “beauty addicts” for several years now. But then the beauty routine, quèsaco? A beauty routine is quite simply when we follow a unique beauty ritual on a daily basis.
Every morning and every evening, we therefore have specific actions and products adapted to take care of our face, or our body.

An adapted beauty routine also makes it possible to sublimate by providing hydration and radiance. But for a beauty routine to be really effective and offer visible results quickly, it is essential to be regular! We must therefore be careful never to miss your beauty break. We stay there morning and evening, for several minutes.

Even during your travels or after evenings with friends or family, you avoid skipping your beauty routine or following it only one day out of two. It’s no secret: the more regular you are, the faster you will get visible results. Finally, a beauty routine is like creating a little bubble of well-being. It’s a precious moment of the day to (finally) take care of yourself. And don’t forget about your hair. As your skin, your hair too, needs a beauty routine.

How long does it take for a dry skin routine to work?

We repeat: no matter what your skin type and what routine you choose, it is imperative to be regular if you want to see fast results on your skin.

If you have dry skin, you should therefore opt for a beauty routine adapted to treat dry skin. If you are in this case, you are in luck, skincare for dry skin offers fairly quick results. Indeed, depending on the cosmetics chosen, you will be able to see the first results on your face and your body after just a few hours.

Each morning, gently cleanse your skin with a gentle floral lotion and dry your face by gently patting your skin with a clean towel. Then apply rehydrating products to the face that will deeply nourish the epidermis and protect it.

Then, every evening, cleanse your skin gently and make sure you remove your makeup well.

Then opt for a restorative face night cream. Why? During our sleep, the multiplication activity of cells reaches its peak, as does the penetrating capacity of our care.

Nighttime moisturizers are therefore ideal for moisturizing your skin, treating your tightness and redness. Your baby’s skin the next morning when you wake up!

By following this routine specially adapted for dry skin, you will observe the first visible results after a few hours, or after two days, maximum.

However, this is no reason to abandon your beauty routine. If you really want to deeply care for your dry skin, you need to be regular. You will see real progress after a few weeks.

It’s almost the same principle to hydrate your body.
Apply a moisturizer to the body in the morning and afterwards, especially on dry areas such as arms, legs and elbows. You will see results after a few hours or days.

How to get quickly results for your oily skin?

Do you have excess sebum, large pores, blackheads, or microcysts and you want to get rid of them quickly? It will take a little patience and above all rigorously follow a beauty routine adapted to oily skin on a daily basis! Unlike care for dry skin, you will not get results in a few hours but rather after a few weeks.

Every morning, gently cleanse your skin using a mattifying lotion to remove the sebum produced during the night. Then apply a moisturizing and mattifying cream on your face. In the evening, cleanse your skin and remove your makeup with products specific to your skin type.

Perform a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week to unclog the pores of your skin and refine its texture.

Then apply a moisturizer for oily skin specially adapted to the needs of your skin (mattifying, anti-imperfections, etc.)

Hygiene and regularity will be really essential to have results after a few weeks.

We know that all too well, oily skin requires a lot of attention, so you have to pamper it morning and evening, and never forget, if possible, your beauty routine.

How long does it take to have an effective anti-aging routine? 

To fight against the first wrinkles – which sometimes appear from the age of 25 – it is necessary to quickly adopt an anti-aging routine to prevent and correct.

Why quickly? Because anti-aging care is not immediate (otherwise, it would be known.)

These unique treatments are enriched with regenerating active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or peptides. These famous assets, however, need time to deliver real results.

After a careful cleansing of the skin and make-up removal, apply your anti-aging agent morning and evening, without forgetting the eye area.

Our advice? Never forget to apply your anti-wrinkle cream at night. As mentioned above, cell proliferation reaches its maximum at night, so it is best to put on your treatment in the evening.

In addition, these treatments provide hydration and radiance to your skin. By following these habits, you will get visible results within a month or two.

The reasons why you need to have a good skin care routine

We repeat it often, we hammer this at you since your teenage years. We must have good hygiene, a good routine for the care of our skin, especially that of our face. But why? I try to lift the veil for you on all these questions.

To help your skin stay in good condition

Human skin is an incredible organ: it plays a protective role, it is waterproof and it is extremely useful. The skin is also constantly changing and regenerates itself. So, throughout the day there is a natural peeling of your skin which promotes cell renewal – as the skin regenerates itself. Having a good skin care routine with quality products will help your skin’s natural regeneration, for example by stimulating the cells responsible. A good skincare routine will also help prevent acne, treat the signs of aging, and ensure healthy, radiant looking skin, and help it look its best.

To help your skin look youthful

Over the years, cell regeneration takes longer and longer, which can lead to a dull, less radiant complexion. Using good quality products in your skin care routine will help remove dead skin cells. Your body will then be able to replace them with new ones, and activate regenerative cells. Good skin care will also stimulate the replacement of collagen, elastin and other components of the skin whose production slows down with age.

To Prevent, Instead of Trying to Fix

As with a lot of things in life, it’s just a lot easier to prevent damage to your skin than it is to repair it, and a lot less expensive too.

To gain self-confidence!

When we have radiant skin, when we feel good about ourselves, we shine and we gain self-confidence. Taking care of your skin is part of a whole regimen: that of taking care of yourself!

Product suggestions for exfoliating


The tonic lotion will be used according to the cleanser that it gently completes by removing the last traces of impurities and dead cells. But, it is also essential, because the lotion will help to firm, soothe and soften your skin while restoring the eliminated nutrients. It will also tighten the pores of the skin. The tonic lotion will hydrate the skin so that it is more receptive to subsequent care.


Moisturizer should be applied every time you cleanse your skin, even if you have oily-type skin. You just need to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. Before applying the cream, you can opt for a serum. The serum is a supplement to skin care and does not replace your morning or evening moisturizer. It is a concentrate of active ingredients that will act to treat a specific aspect or to reinforce the benefits of the moisturizer. It is light, fine and melting to quickly penetrate the epidermis and act on its radiance, firmness or softness.

The comparison between quality products and low-end products

Quality ingredients

●In the same way as for food where good products, good food, will improve your physical condition and support a healthy and healthy body. The right ingredients in your products will have a better impact

●Offers a protective barrier against pollutants and external aggressors.

●Fights the signs of aging of the skin such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigment spots

●Results commensurate with the investment. Even if you have to invest more for a quality product, this is more profitable than putting your money in a product that will not bring you any benefit.

●Superior production standards. This means that the products have less traces of bacteria or impurities that can slip into the production line.

Less good ingredients

●May yield no benefit whatsoever, as the active ingredients are too poor to act and have any real effect.

●May cause infections or allergic reactions such as redness or itching.

●Can worsen certain problems by clogging the skin pores, among other things, causing strong acne breakouts or eczema.

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