Like every year, Fashion Week in September set the tone for the trends to come in spring-summer. Fashion shows after catwalks, we discovered the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that would mark the fashion world the following season. The dress is just perfect for chilling at home or getting comfortable in the office.

In mini, midi or maxi version, the dresses are available in ultra-trendy cuts and models to satisfy all our fashion desires this season. Discover our trendy selection at unbeatable prices!

The spring-summer fashion collections are blooming in all boutiques and brands. Among a string of fashion nuggets, we will find the must have of the season: the dress! This season, there are as many long dresses as the midi or mini version to flatter all styles and all body types . As for desirable cuts, we will easily fall for a dress with balloon sleeves or a ruffled model.

To upgrade your look, do not hesitate to accessorize the whole thing with a pretty bob or a scarf to tie on the head. Trendy wicker bag and small jewels will complement your outfit perfectly. The stylish silhouettes at the top of the latest fashion trends are yours.

The history of dresses

The Dress, a cultural history from the Middle Ages to the present day, is divided into six major periods, each defined by fundamental breaks in the analysis and function of the dress. The first part, devoted to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, lays the foundations for dress at least until the Revolution. Vigarello shows here how, in the primitive dresses the bust appeared little by little thanks in particular to the invention of the lacing which makes it possible to tighten the top to give it a thinner shape and to reinforce the flare of the bottom. The belt, an important accessory, appears in the last moments of medieval times. During the Renaissance, the dress became more geometric, a reflection of its time, which further enhanced its sophistication.

In the 17th and 18th centuries it was “ the triumph of the top ”. During this period, it was the development of the corset, a major accessory until 1914. Denounced, even decried by doctors and surgeons from Ambroise Paré in the 16th century, the corset nevertheless became essential with dresses, the goal being to reveal a flared silhouette with a tight top and a widening bottom, even if it means reinforcing this thanks to hoops and other accessories in wood and metal adjusted under the lower part of the dress.

In the 18th century, it was a question of ” contesting the constraints “: from the Enlightenment period to the Revolution, women sought a new freedom of movement, far from the shackles of the corset and the frames. Les Merveilleuses, new figures of fashion under the Directory, adopted more fluid dresses and more able to follow body movements: a “ dress revolution ” as Vigarello announced.

It was only after the Great War that fashion really changed in the direction of freeing the body from the shackles: the dress then became less rigid, and more closely followed the shape of the body. The length is shortened, other fabrics are used: it undergoes a revolution which results in a much more slender female silhouette.

Women’s bodies and their enhancement through clothing are certainly part of an era in which clothing and its wearing are reflections.

The best summer dresses

The parades are starting to date and you’ve seen far too many clothes, shoes, accessories and bags lining up to remember everything. Need a little trend reminder? We are there for that !

Today, our fashion point will revolve around the lethal weapon of women: the dress! The mini, midi or maxi dress, in denim or ribbed, with extravagant sleeves or bewitching ruffles, patterned and printed … The dress in all its forms. What are the MUST HAVEs for this spring-summer season? Which dress trends are coming back again this year?

The eternal ribbed dress

Bring in the ribbed dress ! In wool or velvet fall and winter, cotton in spring and summer, the ribbed dress will never say its last word. We devour it in passionate red, we admire it in reassuring white, we savor it in chic black, we love it in pastel or more flashy colors.

For the shape, everything will depend on your tastes, your style and your morphology. Round neck or V neckline, mini, midi or maxi length, sleeveless or puffed sleeves … You are spoiled for choice.

Babydoll dresses

The slip dress is the sexiest and most chic thing about the dress trends of this spring-summer. We can imagine it perfectly in an aperitif or evening look, but it also corresponds to a more casual style. Plain, with a print or pattern, mini, midi, maxi … We validate!

For an even sexier look, you can adopt the slip dress with heeled sandals. On the other hand, to stroll in the sun, nothing like good old dad sandals …

The shirt dress

Speaking of chic and sexy, we continue our walk in dress trends with the essential shirt dress. This piece matches a streetwear style with sneakers as well as a more chic look, with sandals, mules or moccasins.

The goal, as with a lambda shirt, will be to have fun with your collar! Tuck it up to the top for sure occasions, or let your first sunburns show up with a plunging neckline for others. The shirt dress is several outfits in one …

Note that, depending on your body type and the part of the body you want to highlight, you can bend your shirt dress by wrapping it around it.

Backless dresses

Definitely, the trend is the femme fatale look … In fact, this one is a timeless fashion. Yes, backless dresses run through spring, summer, fall and winter year after year. We love the backless dress for its chic and sexy appearance and its ability to become relaxed with the click of a pair of sneakers. In short, to adopt!

Patterns and prints galore

Take out your sunglasses, you will be amazed! This summer again, the dress is made in the pattern and the print. Blue flowers, pink stripes, black polka dots, red squares … We see all the colors!

And to be honest, mixtures of prints no longer scare us. A striped dress does not shock us at all with a floral bandana … On the contrary! Let your style do the talking by matching your dresses with shoes, bags and accessories with different prints.

Bohemian dress

Ah, summer … We get sunburns, love shots, I love you shots. We love this time of flowers, where we ignore fear … Yes, FLOWERS! Who says beautiful days, necessarily says dresses, irrevocably says bohemian style.

The bohemian dress can be mini, midi or maxi. She is often light, quite loose and likes colored prints. Yellow, pink, white, red … She doesn’t deny herself anything. Adopting it is going on vacation!

The linen dress

Linen is a material that we see more and more. The linen dress is very comfortable to wear in summer. It brings a beautiful softness to the look. For cooler summer evenings, slip a little wool over your shoulders. 

The wrap dress

The wrap dress is a classic every summer. It’s definitely a go-anywhere dress that perfectly emphasizes the waistline. To highlight the neckline, complete your outfit with a pretty, delicate necklace.

The slip dress

Light and feminine, the dress, with the appearance of a nightie, is definitely a favorite for the summer. A very simple outfit to be comfortable during the beautiful hot summer days.

The crochet dress

Obviously, this dress is perfect for your days at the beach and by the pool ! It slips wonderfully over a swimsuit. We love this dress because it instantly gives a stylish look, with a minimum of effort.

The midi dress

The midi dress is THE all-purpose dress, which follows us from sunrise to sunset, whether it’s to go to work, enjoy the sun on the terrace or dance the night away. You can wear it plain, with a scarf tied on the head during the day and with a small sweater, by evening, to counter the light breezes. As for shoes, a pair of mules or sandals will do.

The long summer dress

Fluid and high waist, the long dress unquestionably reminds us of the 70s era. This season, we chose it sleeveless, floral or plain, to slip it over a fine cotton tank top or an “off-shoulder ” blouse for a retro inspired look. We love the slender look it brings to outfits and the unmistakable touch of cool it gives.

Long-sleeved maxi dresses 

We can’t say it often enough: never sort out the maxi dresses! They really go every summer. If you don’t have one yet and want to get one, it’s best to invest in a long-sleeved, high-necked model in the 80s look.

Yes, a dress with sleeves like this is not necessarily the perfect choice for midsummer – but it is perfect for mild summer nights, for going out and also for elegant occasions. Are you still invited to a wedding in the summer? Then a long-sleeved dress is just the thing!

Dresses in bright colors

The big trend in the new season are dresses in bright colors, which can also be used in neon colors. Red, pink, green or blue are among our favorites and go particularly well with classic shoes, jackets and accessories in black or gray – because in this contrast they shine particularly beautifully.

Denim dresses

Jeans are in! In addition to stylish double denim looks, denim dresses are also at the forefront of the top trends for autumn / summer. Combine your denim dress with gold jewelry and boots made of patent leather for a stylish and fashion-conscious appearance.


The delicate fabrics have already announced it: Transparency is a big issue for blouses and dresses this year, especially if the transparent fabric itself is also patterned. In combination with opaque qualities, a look is created that has tension and is an eye-catcher.

 White dress

A dress with white lace is a must in summer. Every woman should have this classic in her closet, because it is not yet clear when and whether these dresses will ever go out of style again.


Women have been wearing pleats for centuries, and in summer they will be showing that they are trend-conscious again. Dresses with pleated have a feminine look and are an eye-catcher – especially if they are asymmetrically cut.

Off shoulder summer dresses

Off-shoulder cuts are not only popular this summer for tops, but also continue in summer dresses. With them women can show their seductive side. But be careful: don’t forget enough sun protection!

Geometric patterns

However, if you have little knowledge of flower patterns, you don’t have to leave out the pattern trend. The alternative are geometric patterns, which – in keeping with the basic tone of this summer – are translated particularly gently this season.

Why should you wear a dress?

When Diane Von Furstenberg created the wrap dress in the 1970s, the stylist said: “Be a woman, wear a dress”. This quote still holds true today and could not be more true! It’s kind of a privilege to wear dresses when there are lots of other options. What better way to stand out and express your uniqueness and femininity?

If women had no choice, wearing a dress might be less appealing, but the fact of the matter is that fashion gives us a plethora of options in the morning when we need to get dressed to go to work or to relax. Today, most women have adopted the pants as a reliable and secure base of their outfit. Wearing a dress is therefore a way of asserting yourself, of showing off and being fully feminine. Mademoiselle Grenade explains why you should wear dresses more often.

Wearing a dress is easy

Choosing your outfit in the morning is an opportunity to be creative and to affirm with conviction your personal style. Choosing pants (or a skirt) and figuring out which pieces to pair with them to create a breathtaking outfit that will show off us is, for most women, a real pleasure. However, sometimes it happens that we are short on time to look into crafting a chic and trendy look. It also happens that we are not motivated by anything other than quickly putting on a simple and effective outfit. The dress is the ideal garment for both of these situations. By choosing to wear a dress we erase with a magic wand the step of associating a top adapted to our pants or our skirt.

Wearing a dress marks the spirits

As we said above, most women today wear pants. Wearing a dress sets us apart and makes us stand out from the crowd. By choosing to wear a dress, you therefore more easily attract benevolent glances by showing yourself in a singular, sensual and feminine allure. Men love it!

Wearing a dress flatters the figure

When shopping for a dress, make sure you know your body type, so you can choose the one that will flatter your best features . Rest assured, the dress does not emphasize our flaws. On the contrary ! Women with a round-type morphology should also have more confidence in a pretty dress adapted to their morphology than in pants.

Wearing a dress offers more comfort

Unlike pants, the dress is not used everywhere and the body receives less stress. We feel completely free of our movements in a garment that does not compress us. In addition, tight clothing increases sweating and body temperature. The dress avoids this problem which can be the source of many ailments: yeast infection, urinary tract infection, poor blood circulation …

Wearing a dress saves us money

By opting for the dress, you don’t need to invest in one piece for the bottom and another for the top. Awesome, isn’t it? Then ? Do you feel ready to adopt this ultra-feminine piece that slims the silhouette? Are you convinced by the advantages of this essential garment which makes you more beautiful, more sensual, more confident, more positive…? We are sure that you will not regret opting for this essential basic of the feminine wardrobe. Not sure which dress is right for you? Do not hesitate to consult our guide to know the lines of the different dresses.

Why do men no longer wear dresses

Why is it so unusual to see a man in a robe? Associated today exclusively with the feminine gender in Western countries, this garment has not always been reserved for women. For a long time, the dress was a unisex garment. 

In Greco-Roman Antiquity, the dominant garment was not trousers but derivatives of the dress. Both men and women wear tunics, draped fabrics, gowns, long shirts. In ancient Rome, even soldiers wear skirts. Short and ample, they allow easy movement in combat and are therefore seen as a symbol of virility.

In the 14th century, a sartorial break took place between men and women with the popularization of a new men’s jacket that was more complex to sew and more comfortable to wear. Men abandon dresses for a two-piece outfit. It is a profound sartorial revolution. 

In the 1960s, a great movement for unisex fashion developed, but this desire for sartorial equality knew its limits. If the women appropriate the pants, the short hair and the flats, the men will adopt few mixed clothes.

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