Venus, the Roman goddess of love, sex, and beauty, has long been associated with matters of the heart. In terms of astrology, the planet Venus plays an important role in your astrological profile, influencing your intimate relationships – both romantic and platonic -, your sensual desires, your self-esteem, and your relationship with money and the material world. Your sign of Venus, the astrological sign that Venus was in when you were born, is particularly significant. Find out and you might just find the key to understanding how you interact with your loved ones.

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure. A sign with good vibes that even the violence of Capricorn cannot shake. Result: when Venus enters Capricorn, the characteristics of the two signs combine and complement each other. You are now love and benevolence (thank you Venus), but know what you want and go straight to the point to get it (thank you Capricorn!). If in recent weeks, rocked by the free spirit of the Zodiac Sagittarius, you were more adventurous and open to new encounters, Capricorn comes to put an end to this energy and takes you to the next level

Now, in love as in friendship, you want something concrete and move forward in life. You want to go to people who represent the qualities of Capricorn: stable, reliable, ambitious and who take care of those around them. Result: nice talkers will make you look soft, it doesn’t take anymore, you are looking for a more serious and calm relationship.

What is the planet Venus responsible for?

The influence of the planet Venus ranges from sensuality to love. You can tell how you react to dates, relationships or interpersonal contacts. For example, if there is a strong Venus energy in your horoscope, then you are sociable. For example, it is also said that men who have their Venus in the zodiac sign Taurus tend to be particularly attracted to women with the sun sign Taurus. The Plant Venus stands for love, relationships, harmony, friendship, but also sex.

Venus sign: what does it mean?

The Venus sign tells you which of the 12 signs of the zodiac the planet Venus was in when you were born. That means: Your Venus sign is another sign of the zodiac. For example, you can be Libra, but your Venus sign is Scorpio. In very rare cases the zodiac sign corresponds to the Venus sign. Most of the time, however, they differ from one another.

In astrology, certain characteristics are assigned to the planet Venus, which can be transferred to the associated Venus sign. Venus is the planet of love, passion and devotion. However, it also symbolizes finances.

You can see your zodiac sign in Venus as a supplement to your zodiac sign. It shows additional character traits that are primarily related to love. This is not only related to the partnership, but also to family relationships or very close friendships.

The sign of Venus reveals:

●how you love

●how you wanna get love

●how you behave in love relationships

●how you behave in very intimate friendships

●what you expect from other people who are close to you

Interestingly, Venus not only stands for relationships with people, but is also a symbol of your relationship with money in astrology. So your Venus sign tells not only how you behave when big emotions are involved, but also how you deal with money and what is important to you.

In the area of finance, for example, the Venus sign reveals:

●how to spend money (frugally or wastefully)

●what you want to achieve in terms of money

●how important money is in your life

●how you prefer to earn your income

●what the ideal job would be for you

Find out what your Venus sign says about your love life and your money


Those with Aries as their Venus sign live for the thrill of the chase and always work hard to make relationships last. Money, however, is another story. This spendthrift attitude means you could start saving as soon as possible. On a good day, you are fun and engaging. Plus, you fight for who and what you love, no matter what the cost.


Venus is at home when she is in Taurus. She makes charming, loyal, decadent and flirtatious individuals. Some might call you a Casanova when it comes to romance. But, unlike the sweet-talking lover, you value commitment and stability in relationships, just like in your investments and financial situations. Along with your innate earthly energy, it is important that you receive luxurious gifts (from others and from yourself) to feel extra sensual.


With Venus in Gemini, you are a social butterfly who enjoys chatting endlessly with those you adore. You are drawn to people who have wonderful personalities and whom you have a brain connection with. In fact, you’ll want to engage with someone who makes you laugh and who shares the same intelligence as you. You have a punctual attachment or not to material goods. Your bank accounts can be as fickle as your heart.


You are very sentimental and caring when it comes to romance. You never turn your back on anyone. In fact, you will always stay with your friends or partners (or until a relationship ends). You are here for the long haul. But that doesn’t mean you’ll let anyone in. You are protecting your heart and your wallet, which means you will stay in a heartbroken cocoon until you are healed.


Those who have Leo as their sign Venus exude passion and confidence. You are trying to get what you want and you are almost always successful in convincing people. You never do anything trivial, you make great declarations of love, affection and admiration to those you esteem. But be careful not to distract those close to you with these dramatic gestures.


When it comes to love, you are not the type to let yourself be moved in public. You are more practical and down-to-earth when it comes to romance, which means you take your time before engaging with others. When it comes to money, you don’t like to explode the budget on things that are too important. You prefer to keep your money for things that you need (or have a lasting style and purpose).


Don’t be fooled by this astrological placement! Those born with Venus in Libra may seem detached, but you are actually super relationship oriented. In fact, you thrive when you’re in a relationship. You want to be bonded with your one and only person for all eternity (as long as it remains harmonious). You like to be in love. You don’t buy things on a whim, instead you like to find a balance in your spending habits.


You can always feel the heat for those who have Venus in Scorpio. You know who you want to engage with right away and you will be doing it on a very deep level. Once you’re in love, your feelings won’t go away. In fact, your infatuation with your partner will grow over time. You enjoy both owning others and being possessed in relationships, which extends to the material world and your possessions. The caveat is that you can be a little controlling in romantic and financial affairs.


With Venus in Sagittarius, you are adventurous and confident when it comes to love. Opposites attract here. You enjoy coming into contact with those who are different from you in all walks of life. You are optimistic and idealistic, but there is nothing you hate more than a partner who expresses jealousy or chooses to be negative. It is essential that you learn to moderate your spending, as you often take high risks when it comes to money.


You are not known to lose your mind over a romantic affair. You like dating someone and are happy to engage with them, but you can be picky when it comes to a partner. You tend to be frugal, straightforward, and serious in your intentions, your emotions, and your wallet. The flip side is that you are extremely loyal and yearn for stability in your relationships.


You like to keep things light, especially when it comes to romance. You prefer informal relationships to overly passionate ones. You are known to be distant in love and best friend of your partners, you freely express your unique and new feelings. Your avant-garde spirit allows you to have creative partners who are full of wit and poise. You are also known to have new ideas when it comes to making money.


Who says love is dead? Certainly not those who were born with Venus in Pisces. You are adaptable and tender. Your love knows no bounds. This means that you will do anything for those who are dear to you, even open your purses to share your wealth. Dreamy, hopeful, and intuitive when it comes to love, you believe in fairytale ends and don’t engage in anything that does not live up to your fantasies.

Love compatibility is more complex than you think

First of all, people are often classified into element categories based on their sun sign. But as we all know by now, a person’s birth chart isn’t just limited to their sun sign and, therefore, it is not always the best criterion for choosing a partner. The most relevant planets for determining true love compatibility are Venus (which governs relationships), Mercury (which governs communication), and the moon signs (which govern emotions). These will reflect a person’s type of relationship more than their personality in general. Then you can ask how important is being similar in relationships? And how positive is it to be with someone who looks so similar to us? I am not only talking about the phenomenon of “opposites attracting”, but also the need to meet people who have an opinion that is somewhat different from our own. Maybe not to an extreme degree.

When looking at compatibility in the context of long-term relationships – people with whom you may want to start a family, or even go into business, you need to identify areas where you need absolute consensus. It could be about core values, how you would like to raise your children, or how you see success. Then there are the areas that you recognize are not your strengths, but which could contribute to the success of a relationship. 

This is what your Venus sign reveals about your love life for women

Women with Venus in Aries would rather conquer than let themselves be conquered. You are communicative and like to flirt for your life.

In love you act impulsively and are clear and direct when it comes to sex, because you know exactly what you want. You love to be courted, but still long for a stable partnership. In a relationship, you need someone who will challenge you again and again so as not to lose interest.

Venus in the zodiac sign Taurus

If your Venus is in the zodiac sign Taurus, then you always need a certain amount of security in the relationship. You’re not after one-night stands, you want a loyal partner by your side – ideally forever.

In a relationship you give yourself completely – you also expect that from your partner, by the way. You love to be taken to a romantic restaurant, enjoy the attention and have a keen sense of good food and style. 

Venus in the zodiac sign Gemini

If you have the planet Venus in the zodiac sign Gemini, you want to be loved for your senses and intellect above all. Your stimulating conversations make you particularly attractive to the opposite sex, which is why you also need a partner on an equal footing. You find a man who can express himself particularly sexy.

You are also looking for diversity in a relationship. There must be no boredom, otherwise you will quickly lose interest. More important to you than physical closeness is that your partner challenges you every day. When you have found your dream man, you give yourself to him with complete passion.

Venus in the zodiac sign Cancer

You are a sensitive little girl who is rather timid when it comes to love and sex. Most of all, you want your partner to be emotionally secure. It takes time and a lot of affection to really let yourself go.

You love to be taken care of. In return, you take care of your partner with full devotion, because you take a relationship very seriously. Nevertheless, you should make sure to maintain your independence.

If you are hurt once in love, it takes a long time until you are over it and can open up again. 

Venus in the zodiac sign Leo

For the woman with Venus in Leo, love is a unique adventure. You are a passionate romantic and require a lot of attention and approval. You like to flaunt your relationship.

When it comes to sex you want from your partner like a queen to be treated. Loyalty in a friendship or relationship knows no bounds with you. Your partner shouldn’t give you any reason to be jealous, because you’ll find it difficult to deal with – and then you’ll get your claws out.

Venus in the zodiac sign Virgo

The planet Venus in the zodiac sign Virgo shows that you are very insecure. You have to test your love often enough before you commit yourself.

You are known for your structure and your organizational talent and you never act without having thought everything through beforehand. But since you are more of the reserved type, your potential dream man will not even notice that you are in the middle of working through your checklist – because men don’t have it easy with you.

At first glance, you seem reserved to your counterpart, but you open up quickly as soon as you are sure that he is the right person. 

Venus in the zodiac sign Libra

For you, a harmonious relationship is the be-all and end-all. If conflicts arise, you do everything in your power to get them out of the way with a lot of optimism and a willingness to compromise. 

Your keen sense of justice is particularly attractive to men, because they love women who know what they are responsible for.

You are definitely not looking for a short affair, but something for the long term. An intellectual connection between you and your partner is a must for you, as is politeness and good manners.

Venus in the zodiac sign Scorpio

When it comes to both emotional and physical love, you are by far the most passionate of the zodiac signs. Good sex in a relationship is very important to you, because in bed you can let your partner feel even more how much you desire him.

It is important to you that you know everything about your partner and that you have no secrets from each other, because you take the relationship very seriously and are firmly convinced that you can master everything together. However, one should not hurt a woman with Venus in Scorpio, because as passionately as she loves, her revenge also looks passionate.

Venus in the zodiac sign Sagittarius

For women with Venus in Sagittarius, one thing is particularly important in a relationship: freedom. Narrowing partnerships are more likely to awaken the idea of ​​escape in you.

But if you have a man who gives you enough freedom, you are a loving and funny partner. Humor in the relationship is important to you, as is spontaneity. After all, you quickly lose interest when your sex life or romance becomes too predictable.

Venus in the zodiac sign Capricorn

You are serious and reserved in love and find it difficult to show your feelings. Is it because you’re a realist through and through? You don’t like romance in everyday life and you find it difficult to open up when it comes to sex.

You feel drawn to men who have both feet on the ground and who share your professional ambition. If you have found such a man, you are a loyal partner who has his back in every situation.

Venus in the zodiac sign Aquarius

If Venus is in the zodiac sign Aquarius, you love extraordinary ideas and attitudes in relation to sex – according to the motto: love unusual.

Normally you find it boring. Therefore, always look for eccentric guys with whom you can start spontaneous actions. Couch potatoes are not for you because you are a creative, enterprising character.

You are often perceived as a rebel and you are not looking for a relationship with a classic happy ending. If you can find a man with whom you can imagine a relationship, your love has to overcome some challenges.

Venus in the zodiac sign Pisces

If the planet Venus is in Pisces with you, then you are a born romantic. You enjoy flirting, and your compassionate manner goes down well with men.

You have the talent to recognize the potential in all people and thus become an understanding partner. But be careful: You often let yourself be influenced by the feelings of others and are quickly exploited. That’s why you long for a partner who is just as empathetic and good-natured as you are.

This is what your Venus sign means

Venus in Aries

If you have the Venus sign of Aries, you are a flirt machine! With your self-confident, charismatic and open manner, you will be well received by men. You are bursting with passion, but you can also be impatient and sometimes a little too impulsive. Your friends admire that you always follow through with your plans and fight for your goals until you have achieved them.

Venus in Taurus

In love you finally want a partner with whom you feel comfortable, who is loyal and empathetic. You don’t need a macho, you’ve had enough of them in the past. You have a fine sense of aesthetics, you like to eat for your life. Sometimes you tend to be excessive and wasteful and quickly become jealous when it comes to having a man by your side.

Venus in Gemini

You are communicative, like to meet new people and love to discover cultures in foreign countries. Your humorous, poetic and positive character is very popular with men. If a guy who should be as smart and flexible as possible has captured your heart, intensive conversations are more important to you than sex.

Venus in Cancer

Conscientious, sensitive and creative are qualities that others appreciate in you. If you fall in love, then this is real for you. However, as an emotional and easily fragile character, you suffer three times as much when he drops you again.

Venus in Leo

If your Venus sign is in Leo, you are extroverted, very sensual and self-confident. Women want you as a friend, men as a lover. But a one-night stand is not your thing, you want great love. You are absolutely not jealous and expect the same from your partner. In the best case, he should be just as loving and loyal as you.

Venus in Virgo

If you meet strangers, you are shy and reserved, you even seem a bit reserved. Once someone has conquered your heart, you give 100 percent of your empathic nature. Flirting is not your thing, which is why men often have a hard time. You are also picky and your tendency towards order and structure sometimes gets in your way.

Venus in Libra

Your motto is: Take it easy! You tend to get into love and run after your ideal ideas instead of enjoying what you have. The sign of Venus in Libra not only likes it harmonious, but also neat and stylish. You can not only see this in your outfits, but it is also reflected in your apartment.

Venus in Scorpio

Sex, no-obligation adventure and a large portion of eroticism are part of your life. When you love, it is very intense – which can sometimes lead to extreme jealousy and control. This can even go as far as making plans for revenge or intriguing.

Venus in Sagittarius

Freedom is your greatest asset – if your partner doesn’t accept that you like to travel around the world, are spontaneous and love the thrill, you’d better go your own way. Your creativity knows no bounds, so it is sometimes difficult for people around you to keep up with your pace. Not everyone can cope with your flighty manner, but everyone appreciates your uncomplicated side.

Venus in Capricorn

As a sign of Venus in Capricorn, you are considered a loner who is ambitious, ambitious, but also reliable and soulful. However, it is not easy for men to break your hard-looking shell. If somebody manages it after all, you open yourself with all your heart.

Venus in Aquarius

You are a rebel, eccentric, and complicated in relationships. You have a sensitive being in your heart who appreciates good conversation over a wine or enjoys all kinds of activities. Friendships are important to you and you do everything you can to keep them. But if you notice that someone is not doing you good, don’t hesitate and break off contact.

Venus in Pisces

Something mystical is around you that drives men crazy. At the same time you are very emotional, dreamy, gentle and sensitive. Every now and then you let yourself be influenced by the opinion of others and forget what you actually want.

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