The 1980s marked the era of “cash and fluff” in terms of fashion: colorful, wardrobes abandoned wise outfits in favor of destructurations, eccentricities, even provocation. Without subscribing to a code or a single trend, fashion appears in the multiplicity and interbreeding.

In France, the fashion of the 1980s was an artistic phenomenon in its own right: for the first time, the work of designers was exhibited in museums and galleries, while the end of the decade saw the phenomenon of starification of top models. 1980, it is the beginning of a generation of models called to an international celebrity (Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, etc…). The media and advertising are the privileged echo chamber of clothing trends, which affect a large audience.

In the street, the craze for fashion is evident, with a general tendency to show and flash. The look of the 80s indeed consists of a cocktail of vibrant colors, patterns and details: neon shades, pastels, stripes, dots, rhinestones or sequins illuminate the silhouettes, while we witness the explosion of accessories. Earrings and plastic bracelets invade outfits and are preferably worn oversized and colorful.

80s Fashion for Men

The 1980s were without a doubt a very interesting period for fashion. Filled with bold patterns and vibrant colors, the decade has seen men fully embrace the trends and proudly showcase their style. Of course, over time those brave looks slowly faded to make way for minimalist ’90s.

What was the fashion in the 80s?

The 1980s were a time of excess and maximalism for both men and women. So, the decade was marked by bold styles, bright colors and eye-catching silhouettes. The ’80s also saw a variety of forward thinking trends, including hip-hop, preppy, workout, rock, and punk styles. Not just women but men to, shared to the world the best fashion trends, as clothes, cologne, shoes, etc.

Fashion trends of the 80s

80s casual fashion

Casual ’80s fashion saw men wearing daddy’s jeans in full force, often with a matching denim jacket. Loose T-shirts and shirts were also popular at the time, while bombers, leather jackets, windbreakers and sweaters were the outerwear of choice. When it came to footwear, white sneakers were the quintessential casual shoe that works well with a range of gaits.

Hip Hop Men 80s Fashion

Hip-hop was another popular fad in the 1980s. Inspired and influenced by music stars and rappers, such as members of Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, and NWA, the style was well known for its silhouettes. oversized. In addition to loose clothing, hip-hop fashion also featured sportswear details, like athletic sneakers and caps, and accessories, like gold chains.

80s Preppy Fashion

Preppy fashion also played a pivotal role in the ’80s. Unlike hip-hop trends, which are typically characterized by dark colors, preppy outfits are distinguished by bright hues, including shades of pink, yellow and of blue. Main items for preppy fashion included sweaters, which the gentlemen would often wear around their shoulders, as well as polo shirts.

80s sport fashion

The sports activities may be popular today, but workout clothes have long been the favorite look of men. In the ’80s, the fashion for the workout was massive and it saw the adoption of a range of styles of everyday sportswear including sneakers, sweatpants, joggers and sports shorts, not to mention sports tracksuits.

80s summer fashion

’80s summer fashion was iconic. It featured bright colors, abstract prints, short-sleeved shirts and short shorts. Another favorite of the time was the tank top, which was worn cut across the stomach. As for women, they showed to the world the best and trendy summer dresses which inspiring us even nowadays.

80s rock fashion

Like everything that happened in the 80s, rock fashion was excessive. The hair was huge, the clothes wild, and there was a lot of makeup. Of course, as with all rock looks, leather played an essential role. Accessories have also played a crucial role, with jewelry and headbands becoming very popular with men.

80s punk fashion for men

While 80s rock often took on a glamorous twist, the decade’s punk looks were decidedly more hip. While the trend was still leather, there was also a lot more hardware and eye-catching hairstyles, including brightly colored mohawks and spikes.

80s Fashion for Women

A typical outfit of the Soviet “80s” model included brightly colored leggings, a fluffy skirt and a wide top with a print (fine, if it slipped casually off the shoulder). Stylish was the fashion and other elements of the wardrobe. Leather jacket, pumps and wide belt at the waist are not less important elements of the clothing of this time.

In the hairstyles of girls dominated by bouffant tops, curls and voluminous bangs. Nowadays, this style is called “vintage”. And in 80-th, such a “model” walked through the streets of every Soviet city.

With 80’s, lace gloves, plastic jewelry and colorful bracelets are all the rage. Also, the more a girl puts such bracelets on her hands, the better. Numerous photos of young fashionistas of this time again confirm an extraordinary passion for this accessory.

At the beginning of the 80’s, the practice of aerobics, fitness or sports dance became very popular. Of course, it could only affect the girls’ clothes. First of all, there was a fashion for colored leggings and tight leggings, which were often worn in combination with loose sweaters. Interestingly, girls wore them not only in nightclubs, but also in everyday life.

To adapt today the spirit of the time, it is worth choosing an oversized jacket, a bulky denim jacket, a bomber jacket, a kozuhu jacket, high-waisted jeans (skinny, jeans), sneakers and sneakers. Accessories are needed badges, stripes, shiny plastic jewelry, single earring.

How did the icons of the 80s shape fashion today?

If the 1980s continue to fuel current fashion, it is because they are synonymous with freedom and stylistic daring. Eighties fashion remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers and is reinvented in our wardrobe by small touches or in total look.

It is because this colorful fashion is the expression of a liberating spirit that it has brought us timeless pieces. Eccentricity and carelessness are the hallmarks of the 80s . Wardrobes abandon wise looks in favor of destructurations and ostentatious outfits. The era is full of contrasts and volumes: the X-shaped silhouette stands out with structured shoulders and an hourglass figure. In the same vein, oversized jewelry and accessories reign supreme over most of the looks of the decade. The eighties also freed themselves from all decorum to reign in pop and tangy tones.

Glitter is all the rage while neon electrifies the outfits. Conversely, the rock music of the New Wave made black the flagship color of the time. An eclectic fashion, therefore, where everyone can find their way around and assert their personality in complete freedom.

Legendary icons

Princess Diana, Joan Collins, George Michael, Madonna … The stars of the eighties embody innovation and style in all its forms. They initiate the trends of the decade and the years to come: the punk movement is in full swing with Boy George and the Blitz Club team while the epaulettes are essential in the outfits of the actors of Dynasty. Lady Di assumes both a sexy, masculine or colorful allure while Michael Jackson conquers the fashion world with his pop and flashy looks. No wonder the 80s continue to fascinate designers and fashionistas around the world.

The latest Fashion Weeks bear witness to this: silver outfits from Alberta Ferretti and Yves Saint Laurent through the exaggerated shoulders of Isabel Marant, the catwalks let themselves go on an eighties note. An echo of the festive spirit of the time and of the working woman in an oversized suit by Thierry Mugler or Claude Montana. Inventory of icons that still inspire us today.

Madonna’s glam-punk look

Colorful scrunchies, leather leggings and alluring tutus … When she arrived on the pop scene in 1983, Madonna panicked. Naturally, everyone falls backwards in front of the aura of the queen of pop who, with her unique style and her unusual stylistic experiences, unquestionably reigns over her kingdom, and still does today.

The iconic style of Princess Diana

It’s impossible to sum up the impact Princess Diana had on ’80s fashion and pop culture in general in just one paragraph, but if we had to, this is what it sounds like: She’s behind the trends. who have marked an entire generation, a champion of epaulettes, not to mention her incredible wedding dress, typical of the decade.

Michael Jackson’s pop looks

This jacket perfectly represents the fashion of the 80s. It quickly became the signature piece of the Michael Jackson style and one of the most copied of the decade. This iconic piece sold for over $ 1.8 million at an auction in 2011. Following its purchase, its new owner described it as “the largest piece in the world. rock history ”. All is said.

Boy George’s festive looks

Boy George saw fashion as he saw a work of art. With his “Blitz kids” gang, which included Leigh Bowery and Stephen Jones, he turned the middle of the night into a colorful catwalk, then dressing as if their lives depended on it and partying to the point of making headlines. The only fashion rule that holds? None.

Donna Summer’s disco looks

Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand, Gloria Gaynor, … If the beginning of the 80’s marked the emergence of nightclub stars, Donna Summer is known as THE queen of disco. His stage looks punctuated the dancefloor as much as his catchy music.

Hot Stuff. Mid-length voluminous bob and short wavy bangs. High- cut bodysuit, expensive fur and platform sandals. In her tights shinier than a mirror ball, the singer breaks the flower power style of the previous decade by playing the Bad Girls.

The colorful looks of Joan Collins

The queen of the Dynasty series has inspired thousands of imposing hairstyles and styles. Her character, the villainous Alexis Colby, had a wardrobe full of shoulder-padded dresses, multi-colored jackets that you wouldn’t even look at today, but awesome back then.

Janet Jackson’s masculine looks

Many artists have marked the 80s with their flagship lyrics. Between U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, Janet Jackson’s discography rocked its time, and its style too!

In 1989, with the release of her album “Rhythm Nation 1814”,the youngest of the Jackson clan shakes up the codes with her avant-garde looks. Inspired by the masculine wardrobe, Janet popularized cargo pants, padded shoulder pads, and oversized blazers.

She even revisits the military style in a monochrome color palette. Janet Jackson’s black cap, leather boots and military uniform with metallic inserts become iconic. In her famous uniform, the singer invites the whole world to join the ranks to fight against all forms of discrimination, in particular racism. A claiming era, precursor of the Formation era of a certain Beyoncé.

Jane Fonda’s sporty looks

It’s impossible to talk about the 80s without mentioning the queen of fitness: Jane Fonda. The actress is first noticed for her atypical look in Barbarella, and without knowing it, will draw the contours of the fashion of the 60s. She marks the spirits again a few years later, by becoming the first celebrity to imagine and participate in a gymnastics video. The fashion for gaiters and lycra is what you owe it to.

The eccentric looks of Bananaram

The knots in the hair, the t-shirts with messages… This photo of the Bananarama group, including Sara Dallin, Siobhan Fahey and Keren Woodward, dating from 1986, is exactly what we dreamed of in our high school years.

Molly Ringwald’s girly looks

From Diamonds on Couch to Candy Pink, the personalities of American actor group Brat Pack dominated the teenage films of the decade, with one actress in particular who never ceases to stand out, being painted each time as the prettiest and most popular school girl. 

Adam Ant’s eclectic looks

New romantics ‘styling and eyeliner are two of our favorite things, and during the’ 80s one artist embodied them perfectly: Adam Ant. He mixed the punk, military, dandy and pirate styles for fantastic results. The proof in this photo with this iconic jacket.

The western looks of Dolly Parton

A pioneer of country music, singer Dolly Parton made the western glamorous! The beautiful busty blonde has imposed her style by remaining faithful to her origins. Born on a Tennessee ranch, Dolly Parton has revived the folk style: cowboy boots, checkered shirts that tie above the navel, denim pants with cutouts …

Outfits of character always sublimated by a voluminous styling. The composer of ” I Will Always Love You”, a must-see cover of Whitney Houston, strolled on stage dressed in long beaded or fringed dresses.

The style

80s fashion places a strong emphasis on fashion accessories. The bright colors that we had started to see in the hippie looks of the 70s are asserting themselves. The outfits are often endowed with original colors, and rather provided at the level of the reasons. Women look to the image of wealth displayed by jewelry, including large gold earrings, pearl necklaces, and garments covered in sequins and rhinestones, in the spirit of Princess Lady Diana. The beginning of the decade also saw punk fashion gradually fade away.

Women’s haircuts are starting to get very big, long and tousled, in contrast to the long, straight style worn in the 70s. This is especially due to television, which has helped popularize hairstyles with volume and length. glamorous image she associated with him. As a pair, the women of the 80s wear heavy and luminous makeup, consisting of light-colored lipstick, thick black eyelashes, pink and light blue blush, always in the same glamorous optic.

The high fashion, whose art remained so precious and exclusive, begins to decrease over the years in favor of more fashionable casual. The 80s therefore marked the relaxation of the dress style (both for men and women). Several haute couture houses like Cardin, for example, have ceded their operating licenses, and once luxury products are becoming mainstream. Fashion icons are now people from television, politicians and sportsmen: the Reagan couple, Lady Di and the actors of American series whose styles people copy.

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