The Chinese horoscope (shengxiao, 生肖) is made up of 12 figures, all belonging to the animal world. The beginning of a sign of the Chinese horoscope lasts one year and is calculated with reference to the Chinese lunar calendar, which marks the passing of the years. The Chinese zodiac system consists of 5 cycles of 12 years each, therefore, in total, the system has a duration of 60 years.

The history of the Chinese horoscope

Legend has it that the Buddha, sensing his end on Earth, summoned all the species of animals present on earth for the last farewell. Not everyone showed up though, but only a few.

The first to arrive was the Rat, followed by other animals: Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. To reward their loyalty , the Buddha decided to nickname each lunar cycle with the name of one of the 12 animals.

There is also another legend linked to the Chinese horoscope: the Jade Emperor (ruler of Heaven and Earth), one day decided to go down personally to visit the Earth and was amazed by some terrestrial creatures (Mouse, Buffalo, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig), so much so that he wanted to take them away with him to show them to the other deities.

It is also said that the cat, the most beautiful of animals, did not show up at the arrival of the Emperor because he was not informed by the Rat, perhaps jealous of the cat’s beauty. When the cat found out about what had happened, he was furious with the mouse. This legend also explains the rivalry between the cat and the mouse.

The order of signs in the Chinese horoscope

Nothing is casual in the order of the signs of the zodiac: the principle of alternation of Yin and Yang determines the order. If the claws of the animal (fingers or hooves) are even, then the animal belongs to Yang, if they are odd it belongs to Yin.

The Rat is the first animal as it is the rarest animal, because it has four toes on the front legs and five on the hind legs. However, it is considered a Yin sign as the sum of the toes (4 + 5) gives an odd number (9).


In the Chinese calendar, the first sign is the Rat. This animal has very specific characteristics. Those born under this sign are determined, very precise in their work and expect that everything they do is done in the best possible way and reaching – possibly – the limits of perfection. Those born in this period are endowed with great intelligence and cunning, thanks to which they manage to achieve the objectives set. Very mischievous, the people of the Rat carefully choose friends and loves and will always be faithful to them: honesty is the basis of their values. In love they are very romantic, passionate and charming. the signs with which the Rat gets along very well are Taurus, Monkey and Dragon.

Rat: the years belonging to this sign

Those born belong to Rat:

from January 3, 1900 to February 18, 1901
from February 18, 1912 to February 5, 1913
from February 5, 1924 to January 24, 1925
from January 24, 1936 to February 10, 1937
from 10 February 1948 to 28 January 1949
from January 28, 1960 to February 14, 1961
from February 15, 1972 to February 2, 1973
from February 2, 1984 to February 19, 1985
from February 19, 1996 to February 6, 1997
from 7 February 2008 to 25 January 2009


The Ox is a sign endowed with infinite gifts: it is very modest, reliable and thanks to its calm , patience and organization it succeeds well in many activities. When asked to find a solution to a problem, he needs space and peace of mind , but then manages to get to what was asked of him. Those born under this sign can be very sociable, honest and sincere people; they love to work for their own well-being and not necessarily for profit. They hate being in debt to someone and are always trying to make ends meet, because they know that anxiety and nervousness are negative emotions for family and love life.

The Buffalo: the years belonging to this sign

The born:

from February 19, 1901 to February 7, 1902
from February 6, 1913 to January 25, 1914
from 25 January 1925 to 12 February 1926
from 11 February 1937 to 30 January 1938
from 29 January 1949 to 17 February 1950
from February 15, 1961 to February 4, 1962
from February 3, 1973 to January 22, 1974
from February 20, 1985 to February 8, 1986
from 7 February 1997 to 27 January 1998
from January 26, 2009 to February 13, 2010


Those born under the sign of the Tiger have an impetuous character. They have a very strong personality, sometimes authoritarian. They are very ambitious people and want to achieve their goals at all costs. Tigers are determined, have indescribable energy but are able, through their high degree of positivity, to transmit happiness even on the darkest days.

In every problem, the Tiger always tries to find a solution, surrounds himself with many people who love him and establishes a relationship of mutual trust with them. Tigers make people fall in love so much that separation is very difficult. They are passionate, romantic and with their partner they love to make plans and share everything.

In case of disappointment or non-mutual affection, however, they know how to be cold, proud and detached. Those born under the sign of the Tiger believe that everything they think and do is right, so you will hardly be able to change their mind. Beware of when a Tiger gets angry, better stay away from him and wait for him to pass. They are touchy beings: watch what you say and how you say it!

Tiger: the years belonging to this sign

Those born belong to the sign of the Tiger:

from 8 February 1902 to 28 January 1903
from January 26, 1914 to February 13, 1915
from February 13, 1926 to February 1, 1927
from January 31, 1938 to February 18, 1939
from February 17, 1950 to February 5, 1951
from February 5, 1962 to January 24, 1963
from 23 January 1974 to 10 February 1975
from 9 February 1986 to 28 January 1987
from January 28, 1998 to February 15, 1999
from February 14, 2010 to February 2, 2011


Those born under this sign have the characteristic of possessing values ​​that have always been at the basis of every era: love for the family , so much so that they almost never want to detach from it, love for friends and for their partner. Those born under the sign of the Rabbit are very tender and sentimental; they always try to make the people around them happy and feel good, they are very selfless. They hate loneliness and being abandoned by their loved ones.

On the other hand, these people can also be extremely negative , facing situations that seem unmanageable and “incurable” to them. Fortunately, they are usually very imaginative , almost detached from the ground. In love they are faithful and romantic: the Hare look at their beloved as a muse, idealizing her as much as possible. At work, they prefer tasks related to manual skills and art.

The Hare: the years belonging to this sign

Those born belong to the sign of the Rabbit:

from 29 January 1903 to 15 February 1904
from February 14, 1915 to February 2, 1916
from February 2, 1927 to January 22, 1928
from February 19, 1939 to February 7, 1940
from February 6, 1951 to January 28, 1952
from 25 January 1963 to 12 February 1964
from 11 February 1975 to 30 January 1976
from 29 January 1989 to 16 February 1988
from February 16, 1999 to February 4, 2000
from 3 February 2011 to 22 January 2012


The Dragon is a very authoritarian sign of the Chinese horoscope. Those born under this sign have a very strong character, they want to achieve goals at all costs. They are very exuberant, they love to show all their qualities, especially in the working field. The Dragon is a not very altruistic animal , he tries first to obtain his well-being, sometimes going beyond limits, and then he takes an interest in the life of others; for this reason he is considered an annoying, selfish and eccentric person. In love, the Dragon knows how to win over his partner and will be loyal and passionate with him.

The Dragon: the years belonging to this sign
Those born belong to the sign of the Dragon:

from February 16, 1904 to February 3, 1905
from February 3, 1916 to January 22, 1917
from January 23, 1928 to February 9, 1929
from February 8, 1940 to January 26, 1941
from January 27, 1952 to February 13, 1953
from February 13, 1964 to February 1, 1965
from January 31, 1976 to February 17, 1977
from February 17, 1988 to February 5, 1987
from 5 February 2000 to 23 January 2001
from 23 January 2012 to 9 February 2013


The Snake is a very fascinating and mysterious sign. Those born under the sign of the Snake appear impossible, by their nature, to avoid situations that involve sentimental and emotional involvement. They are aware of their beauty and often take advantage of it to be able to achieve certain goals. The Snake is a suspicious and taciturn sign ; he prefers to spend his earnings on clothes and travel. A characteristic of those born under this sign is that, in some situations, they know how to be wise and calm . In love, if they find the right person, they are extremely romantic, passionate and faithful .

The Snake: the years belonging to this sign

Those born belong to the sign of the Snake:

from February 4, 1905 to January 24, 1906
from January 23, 1917 to February 10, 1918
from 10 February 1929 to 29 January 1930
from January 27, 1941 to February 14, 1942
from February 14, 1953 to February 2, 1954
from February 2, 1965 to January 20, 1966
from February 18, 1977 to February 6, 1978
from 6 February 1989 to 26 January 1990
from 24 January 2001 to 11 February 2002
from 10 February 2013 to 30 January 2014


Those born under the sign of the horse have the makings of a leader: they know how to be engaging, love to surround themselves with people and manage to drag even more shy people with them. The horse loves to have fun and entertain. On the other hand, in his “no” moments, he is a very fragile animal, counting on the help of loved ones to overcome certain periods. Those born under this sign are also very determined and gritty, eager to reach the finish line. They are positive and sociable, but for those who cannot understand them, their constant chatter and desire to do, could make them seem a little eccentric.

Horse: the years belonging to this sign

Those born belong to the sign of the Horse:

from 25 January 1906 to 12 February 1907
from 11 February 1918 to 31 January 1919
from January 30, 1930 to February 16, 1931
from February 15, 1942 to February 4, 1943
from February 3, 1954 to January 23, 1955
from January 21, 1966 to February 8, 1967
from 7 February 1978 to 27 January 1979
from January 27, 1990 to February 14, 1991
from 12 February 2002 to 31 January 2003
from 31 January 2014 to 18 February 2015


Those born under the sign of the Goat are long-suffering by nature: selfless, tender and kind. Sometimes they can get lost in roads that are not completely beaten, even risking getting lost: for this reason it is of fundamental importance for them, to surround themselves with faithful people who bring them back on the right path. At the base of every love relationship, for a Goat there must be respect and loyalty; this is the only way to have a lasting relationship. The partner must never try to deceive a person born under this sign, because he risks losing him immediately. A negative characteristic of this sign is that it is possible that at the first difficulties, the Goat falls down and loses a lot of confidencein their abilities; that’s why, those born under this sign tend to surround themselves with people they can rely on.

The Goat: the years belonging to this sign
Those born belong to the sign of the Goat:

from February 13, 1907 to February 1, 1908
from 1 February 1919 to 19 February 1920
from February 17, 1931 to February 5, 1932
from February 5, 1943 to January 24, 1944
from January 24, 1955 to February 11, 1956
from 9 February 1967 to 29 January 1968
from January 28, 1979 to February 15, 1980
from February 15, 1991 to February 3, 1992
from 1 February 2003 to 21 January 2004
from 19 February 2015 to 7 February 2016


Those born under this sign are people full of energy, they love to be always on the move and this leads them to get involved in all kinds of adventures. They are very sociable people, who love fun and do not get discouraged by difficulties. In love, they play a lot in the seduction phase, they are extroverted and seductive and this leads them to have more than one conquest. The Monkey is a curious animal and tries, through experience, to find the right person to spend life with. With friends, once the relationship is consolidated, he is very generous, always try to lend a hand and consequently, to receive it when he needs it; those born under this sign tend to talk in great detail about their life and various problems, in order to get the right advice.

The Monkey: the years belonging to this sign

Those born belong to the sign of the Monkey:

from February 2, 1908 to January 21, 1909
from February 20, 1920 to February 7, 1921
from February 6, 1932 to January 25, 1933
from 25 January 1944 to 12 February 1945
from 12 February 1956 to 30 January 1957
from January 30, 1968 to February 16, 1969
from February 16, 1980 to February 4, 1981
from 4 February 1992 to 22 January 1993
from 22 January 2004 to 8 February 2005
from 8 February 2016 to 27 January 2017


Those born under the sign of the Rooster are very eccentric and presumptuous people. They are also considered to be good talkers, because they tend to plan a lot of things, even if few are completed. They are intuitive people , they find the most appropriate solution to get to their projects. A negative characteristic of this sign is the inclination to be very meticulous and short-tempered: it is possible that they can be aggressive, especially if something in their life “does not add up”. In the field of friendships, they tend to surround themselves with few but faithful friends.

The Rooster: the years belonging to this sign

Those born belong to the sign of the Rooster:

from January 22, 1909 to February 9, 1910
from 8 February 1921 to 27 January 1922
from January 26, 1933 to February 13, 1934
from February 13, 1945 to February 1, 1946
from January 31, 1957 to February 17, 1958
from February 17, 1969 to February 5, 1970
from 5 February 1981 to 24 January 1982
from 23 January 1993 to 9 February 1994
from 9 February 2005 to 28 January 2006
from 28 January 2017 to 15 February 2018


Those born under the sign of the dog are very protective people, especially towards the weakest. They are intelligent, loyal, loyal and likeable . At the beginning of a relationship, however, they tend to be suspicious, due to their introverted nature, allowing themselves to be perceived as selfish people. In love, the dog is invaded by insecurities, a solid relationship is necessary to bring him to be himself, without fear of judgments. Those born under this sign are able to build sincere sentimental relationships and friendship .

The Dog: the years belonging to this sign

Those born belong to the sign of the Dog:

from 10 February 1910 to 29 January 1911
from January 28, 1922 to February 15, 1923
from February 14, 1934 to February 3, 1935
from February 2, 1946 to January 21, 1947
from February 18, 1958 to February 7, 1959
from February 6, 1970 to January 26, 1971
from 25 January 1982 to 12 February 1983
from 10 February 1994 to 30 January 1995
from 29 January 2006 to 17 February 2007
from 16 February 2018 to 4 February 2019


The Pig is a horoscope sign with many positive qualities. He knows how to be precise and has a great organizational capacity, therefore he is able to carry out several projects at the same time. They are gifted with strategic intelligence and succeed in scientific subjects , which often appear to be the most difficult. Those born under the sign of the Pig have a great soul , are very attached to family and friends and do everything to make them feel good. A negative feature is that they are stubborn and grumpy and tend to get angry right away, especially if things don’t work out – they have little patience. In love they idealize their partner, they are sincere and faithful.

The Pig: the years belonging to this sign

Those born belong to the sign of the Pig:

from January 30, 1911 to February 17, 1912
from February 16, 1923 to February 4, 1924
from February 4, 1935 to January 23, 1936
from January 22, 1947 to February 9, 1948
from 8 February 1959 to 27 January 1960
from January 27, 1971 to February 14, 1972
from 13 February 1983 to 1 February 1984
from January 31, 1995 to February 18, 1996
from 18 February 2007 to 6 February 2008
from 5 February 2019 to 23 January 2020

Chinese zodiac, what sign are you?

It is a temptation that more or less everyone succumbs to when a new year begins. After all, superstitious or skeptical it does not matter, a peek at the horoscope does not hurt, in the hope of reading something that promises a better year than the one you leave behind. It also applies to the Chinese. Their zodiac, shengxiao in Chinese, is made up of twelve animals. To get a precise picture it is necessary to consider what Chinese astrology defines as the Four Pillars of Destiny , that is, the year, month, day and hour of birth. Each of these four elements is associated with a zodiac sign, determining respectively the annual animal, the internal animal, the true animal and finallythe secret animal.

The origin of the Chinese zodiac is told by several legends. According to one of these, Buddha, feeling that his earthly life was about to end, called all the animals to him, but only twelve listened to him and went to greet him. The first to arrive was the mouse , who resorted to a stratagem to beat the ox on time, climbing on its back and jumping down once it arrived in front of the Enlightened one, so as to greet him first. After the mouse and the ox, the tiger , the rabbit , the dragon , the snake , the horse , the goat arrived in order., the monkey, the rooster , the dog and the pig . Buddha decided to reward them for their loyalty by calling each year of the lunar cycle with the name of each of the twelve animals that came.

Another legend tells that the Jade Emperor, ruler of Heaven and Earth, decided to visit Earth and, struck by the earthly creatures, took twelve to take to Heaven. Also in this version the mouse is the protagonist of a trap, put in place to prevent the cat from being among the chosen animals. Jealous of her beauty, the mouse did not inform him of the day the Jade Emperor would arrive to take the animals away, so the cat did not show up for the appointment and was replaced by the pig. When the cat learned of this, he got angry with the mouse, thus starting the enmity between the two animals.

The annual sign

While in the West the zodiac sign depends on the month of birth, in China on the year . Each of the twelve animals is assigned a year , with twelve-year cycles starting with the mouse and ending with the pig. It is believed that the animal corresponding to the year of birth determines some individual characteristics, in particular those traits that are highlighted in interpersonal relationships. To establish exactly your animal it is necessary to keep in mind that the Chinese zodiac is based on the lunar calendar , in which the months are marked by new moons. Hence, the start of the first month varies from year to yearand coincides with the second new moon after the winter solstice. According to the Gregorian calendar, the lunar year begins on a day between January 21 and February 19. This is why if you were born in the first twenty days of January your Chinese sign is that of the year preceding the one in which you were born, while if you were born in this specific period of time in which the Lunar New Year can fall , you must pay particular attention. and check the start date of the lunar year to correctly establish which sign to take into consideration.

The internal animal

The second of the Four Pillars of Destiny is linked to the month of birth , which determines one’s inner animal. Chinese astrology relates the internal animal to the period of adulthood and to its parents. If you were born from 7 December to 5 January, the internal animal is the mouse, from 6 January to 3 February the ox, from 4 February to 5 March the tiger, from 6 March to 4 April the rabbit, from 5 April to 4 May the dragon, from 5 May to 5 June the snake, from 6 June to 6 July the horse, from 7 July to 6 August the goat, from 7 August to 7 September the monkey, from 8 September to 7 October the rooster, from ‘8 October to 6 November the dog, from 7 November to 6 December the pig.

The real animal

The third pillar is determined by the day of birth. From it we derive information on adult life day after day. It is based on sexagesimal cycles that begin when the sun reaches 315 ° of celestial longitude and ends when it reaches 330 °. It is therefore not possible to have a fixed table that associates an animal of the Chinese zodiac with each day of the year, since the correspondence varies from year to year. Calculating it is very complicated and the quickest way to do it correctly is to rely on specialized websites, where you just need to enter your date of birth. Don’t miss our article The 12 Zodiac Symbols and their Meanings.

The secret animal

The last of the four pillars is established by the time of birth. According to Chinese astrology, this is the most intimate pillar , which reveals the most real representation of oneself, regardless of the influence that education and the environment have on who we are. It is also used to get information about their adult children. The twenty-four hours are divided into two-hour bands each of which is associated with one of the twelve animals: from 11pm to 1am the mouse, from 1am to 3am the ox, from 3am to 5am the tiger, from 5am at 7:00 the rabbit, from 7:00 to 9:00 the dragon, from 9:00 to 11:00 the snake, from 11:00 to 13:00 the horse, from 13:00 to 15:00 the goat , from 15:00 to 17:00 the monkey, from 17:00 to 19:00 the rooster, from 19:00 to 21:00 the dog, from 21:00 to 23:00 the pig.

Yin and Yang

Once the Four Pillars of Destiny have been established, there is an additional piece to add to have an even more complete astral picture. Each year, and therefore each sign, is associated with yin or yang , two contrasting and complementary principles that determine personality characteristics. Yin is associated with femininity, passivity, cold, submission, while yang is associated with masculinity, activity, warmth, aggression. Odd years are considered yin , while even years are yang. Consequently, the ox, the rabbit, the snake, the goat, the rooster and the pig are yin , while the mouse, the tiger, the dragon, the horse, the monkey and the dog are yang.. Both are present in each person, but depending on whether one is born in a yin year or a yang year, one of the two principles will prevail in the personality. This distinction can be likened to that which is made in Western astrology between male and female signs.

The five elements

Even the last element that must be considered in order to have a complete astrological picture has a correspondent in Western astrology and concerns the association of the zodiac sign to an element. But while in the West there are four elements (fire, air, earth and water), in the Chinese horoscope there are five: metal, water, wood, fire and earth . Each element dominates a two-year period , in which, as already mentioned, the even year is yang and the odd year is yin, so the cycle is ten years . To know the element associated with your sign, just consider the last number of your year of birth. If it ends in 0 or 1 the element is metal, in 2 or 3 it is water, in 4 or 5 it is wood, in 6 or 7 it is fire and in 8 or 9 it is earth. From the astrological point of view, the five elements influence the course of the year, interacting with the individual element according to cycles of construction and destruction.

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