If you thought perfume was a modern product, well you were wrong! The use of natural ingredients for their scents would even date back to prehistoric times. Indeed, Neanderthals already used woods and resins to flavor their food. Obviously, we were still a long way from our current perfumes. Over the course of history, smells have continued to gain ground and take on an increasingly important place.

Ancient Egypt greatly contributed to this development. Then, later, the greatest crowned heads in Europe also accelerated the development of this know-how. Today, perfume is one of the most popular luxury items on the planet. Women are crazy about it and the trends in this area are constantly evolving. If the latter choose a perfume to please themselves, they are also more and more likely to listen to the opinions of their men. So let’s see what it istastes of these gentlemen in terms of feminine perfumery.

The perfume is of course used to indulge yourself and to offer yourself a comforting break in everyday life. Nevertheless, it is also used as a weapon of mass seduction. Moreover, you only have to see the advertisements for feminine fragrances to realize it. Most of them play on a very carnal and somewhat sulphurous aspect. While it is important that your perfume matches your personality, it is also essential to choose it so that it pleases your partner. To help you with this task, we have compiled a ranking of the most popular perfumes for men from year to year.

A brief history of perfume

Perfume has, as it were, always been an inherent part of men’s lives. Although used in many forms and for different purposes, it has always retained significant importance as well as an image of luxury over the ages. Where does the perfume come from? What was it used for? How did it become a luxury item? Answers to these questions and many others in this article devoted to the history of perfume and stories of the most famous fragrances.

Ancient civilizations and apothecary

The art of perfume making originated in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley and ancient China. It was later improved upon by the Romans and the early Arab and Persian pharmacists, who developed the technique of distilling and suspending essences usually derived from plants in alcohol.

Medieval Europe, the perfumer and the pharmacist

This knowledge was then carried through to medieval Europe, and perfume making soon flourished among royal courts – especially later in 17th century France under Louis XIV, and in England and Italy. Scent oils were also used for healing and wellness, which meant that the professions of perfumer and apothecary or pharmacist quickly became closely related.

Hide the smell

Curiously, it is the European leather goods industry which will accelerate the development of perfumery. Leather production in the 17th and 18th centuries used unpleasant rotten odor processes during tanning, which meant that leather goods (including saddles and gloves) imparted unpleasant odors to anyone who used them. European nobility and high society consumers demanded that their leather goods should have a pleasant smell. Manufacturers of leather gloves, known as ‘glove-perfumers’, took up the challenge in towns like Grasse in Provence, which was famous for growing plants, especially the flowers used for the production of oils. essential.

Marie Antoinette’s love for perfume

In the 18th century, Marie Antoinette’s love for perfume was well documented. Her perfumes were prepared by the great Master perfumer, Jean-Louis Fargeon, with whom she had a particularly close relationship. Fargeon would create a variety of scents to suit his different circumstances and requirements – even going so far as to create scents to scent his bath water. Her deeply rooted love of perfume let her down in the end – it was said that she was only recognized as royalty when attempting to flee Varennes due to her Houbigant scent, which only royalty could get away with. to allow.

The rise of the UK perfume industry

At the end of the 18th and 19th centuries, the French Revolution and War in Europe gave Great Britain the lead in the marketing and production of European perfumes. Compared to its immediate neighbors at the time, Britain experienced rapid industrialization and technological advancements, which created a thriving and increasingly wealthy consumer society. The British Empire, with its global trade routes and organizations such as the East India Company, brought various exotic spices and ingredients to ever more demanding perfumers and consumers. The modern world of perfume was born.

Mix of nature and science

Perfumes are generally produced from plants: a mixture of scented plant materials. Essential oils are extracted from different parts of the plant, flowers, seeds and bark. However, a lot has changed since the early days of perfumery. Scientific advances have enabled many of these naturally occurring compounds to be produced synthetically. The modern perfumery we know today began at the end of the 19th century, with the commercial synthesis of aromatic compounds such as vanillin or coumarin. This has led to the creation of perfumes with aromas previously unavailable only from natural sources.

From well-being to survival

Throughout history, the pleasantly smelling volatile particles emitted by these fragrant botanical compounds have been synonymous with well-being. Today, perfumes are commonly used to enhance the scent of our living spaces, bodies and clothes. In our modern day-to-day life, our sense of smell continues to act as an important cue, feeding us information about our immediate surroundings. From a biological point of view, the sense of smell remains essential to the survival of many species, including our own.

5 Iconic perfumes that have made the history of perfumery

“It is the basic, unforgettable, unseen fashion accessory, the one that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure” so said the one of the most famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel. The perfume, so personal, so changeable from skin to skin. The best way to express your personality, according to many, much more effective than the most studied look if well chosen. The iconic perfumes that have made history, in this sense, are the ones with which you can never go wrong, even if it is a gift. From the ever-current Chanel N ° 5 to the powdery Miss Dior, the 5 most famous (and loved) perfumes of all time.

Chanel N ° 5 

Created in 1921 at the behest of Coco herself, it is perhaps the most famous perfume in the world. Thanks to his provocative bouquet and also to a certain Marilyn Monroe who, in an interview with Life , said to sleep only with him. Worn, over time, by Catherine Denevue, Nicole Kidman and many others, it is from the aldehyde-floral family and its top notes are aldehydes, bergamot, lemon, neroli, while the heart is structured on jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and iris. The base notes, on the other hand, are vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, amber. Timeless.

Arpège by Lanvin

Nicknamed the perfume of 100 flowers for its particular composition, it was created in 1927 and then revised in 1993 and, again, in 2006 through even rarer flowers. Among the aficionados of this fragrance Lady D, but also Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Martha Stewart. From the same family as Chanel N ° 5, its top notes are aldehyde, bergamot, neroli and peach, those of the heart jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and ylang-ylang while the base is built on sandalwood, vanilla, tuberose and vetiver.

Miss Dior by Dior

“I created this perfume to dress every woman with a trail of desire and to see all my dresses rise from her bottle”, this is how Christian Dior commented, in 1947, on the birth of the maison’s first perfume, Miss Dior. Legend has it that it was actually created for the designer’s sister. From the chypre-floral family, it sees in the head the notes of gardenia, galbanum, bergamot, clary sage, at the heart those of jasmine, narcissus, neroli, rose while on the bottom are protagonists patchouli, oak moss, labdanum and sandalwood. Very feminine.

Eau d’Hermès by Hermès

Sensual and timeless, it is one of the most popular fragrances for both women and men. Much loved by Angie Dickinson, he is of the oriental-woody family. Its olfactory pyramid features notes of lemon, cumin, birch, musk, cedar, sandalwood and vanilla. Enveloping.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent 

When it was created it caused quite a stir. The reason? A name that caused a late launch, in 1977. Despite a turbulent start, Opium remains one of the most loved perfumes. Become a real cult in the eighties, over time it has been carried by Carine Roitfeld, Emily Blunt, Gisele Bündchen and many others. Inspired by imperial China, it is from the oriental-spicy family. Its olfactory pyramid sees cinnamon pepper, orange and chilli pepper at the head, carnation, jasmine, orange and ylang-ylang at the heart, vanilla, benzoin, patchouli and opoponaco at the bottom.

The best perfumes for women

The perfume, like a summer dress, must be worn; for this reason, choosing it carefully, paying attention to details, is essential. Instead of the size and color, you have to consider the fragrance, the notes (top, heart and base), making sure that every olfactory nuance “fits you perfectly” and speaks about you, your personality, your way of being. Just like wearing a dress that is too tight or too long, the wrong scent could make you feel uncomfortable; with the right women’s perfume, on the other hand, you will feel safe and ready to conquer the world.

Juice Couture Vive La Juicy

Vive la Juice is a cheerful scent right from the bottle, decorated with a pink bow. It blends floral tones with fruity tones in a delicate and lovable composition that you can wear at any time of the day. The sweet top notes, given by berries and mandarin, are transformed into a floral trio and then delicately fade into even sweeter base notes, characterized by vanilla, sandalwood, caramel and amber. Ideal for girls looking for a lively and never vulgar perfume, but also for those who, despite having a few years older, are looking for a sweet fragrance that brightens their days.

Christian Dior J’Adore

J’Adore is a great classic, characterized by fruity and floral notes that make it unique. If your watchword is “elegance”, this Christian Dior perfume will underline your style with class. Thanks to a fragrance born from a bouquet of luxurious flowers, such as damask rose and jasmine, a few drops will be enough to be admired by all.

Chloé Eau de Parfum

Cleanliness, youth and delicacy are the adjectives that come to mind when you enter the olfactory trail of Chloé Eau de Parfum. After an initial full-bodied and sweet tone of rose mixed with lychee the notes first become sweeter, then more and more nuanced and pure. Ideal perfume for the woman who does not want complications and makes simplicity her lifestyle, it will be your faithful companion if yours is a soap and water romantic style, to which you want to add an extra touch.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Perfect for the woman with a strong and determined character, who knows how to dare and get involved, this perfume is the dark version of the historic Opium. In the name and in the packaging, it wears black, the color of elegance and sensuality, but also of mystery. Perfume suitable for cold winter evenings, alternating a head of orange blossom and pear with a heart of black coffee and licorice, ending with a final sweet and spicy symphony of patchouli and cedar wood. Opium Black has a lasting, slightly masculine fragrance that will accompany you for many hours, without losing its charm.

Giorgio Armani Yes

Experimenting, discovering, not stopping in front of obstacles and living every moment with strength and positivity: these are the traits that outline the identikit of the Sì woman by Armani. Sweet and earthy fragrance, it will attract the attention of those you love thanks to the alluring notes of black currant, cedar wood and rose. The sweet fragrance of black currant fades into first green notes and then, on the finish, increasingly earthy and powdery, immersing you in an elegant atmosphere and enhancing your love for life and freedom. Perfect at any time of day, this Armani is at its best when the weather is cool.

Jimmy Choo Illicit

Unconventional and ready for anything: the Illicit woman is strong, determined and does not fear seduction. You will not go unnoticed if you decide to use this Jimmy Choo perfume: the top notes, which mix between spicy ginger and orange, are slowly sweetened first by a floral note and, secondly, by honey and caramel, creating a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere. Perfect perfume for special occasions, it will underline your charm, making you smash hearts.

Gucci Bloom

Perfume that enhances vitality, Bloom is perfect for the romantic and extremely feminine woman. Jasmine, tuberose and rangoon creeper: there are only three floral notes that come together to create this unique and unforgettable bouquet. If you love flowers and are looking for a perfume with charm and elegance, Gucci Bloom will not disappoint you.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose

Wearing the Ballet rose version of Amazing Grace means walking on a bed of roses. This perfume is like a dance of flowers, a delicate classical ballet. The sweetness of the perfume is never annoying and, unlike other floral perfumes, it does not want to enhance your sensuality. Perfect for the active woman who prefers a non-exuberant perfume able to accompany her with kindness in daily chores.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain

This perfume, suitable for the woman who loves adventure and everything that is different and distant, will literally make you go around the world with your sense of smell: from India to Australia, from Papua New Guinea to the nearest Provence, you can savor them all the most intense and captivating scents on the planet. Mon Guerlain is a modern and exotic perfume that will make you dream, opening up new olfactory horizons.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Perfect for the self-confident and mysterious woman, as soon as you apply Good Girl it makes its part feel luminous, with top notes of jasmine. The light does not last long: just wait a little while and, as soon as you enter the heart notes, the good girl turns into a dark and seductive woman. The secret? The dense notes of coffee and cocoa that dominate the other fragrances with their strong presence. If you are looking for a transgressive perfume for your crazy dark lady nights, the stiletto heel by Carolina Herrera is the one for you.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Cheerful, optimistic and unconventional: this is the woman who best suits this fresh perfume by Lancome. Enclosed in a smiling bottle, La Vie Est Belle is characterized by the sweet top notes of black currant and pear that fade into floral shades of iris and jasmine, ending with an exotic mix of patchouli, tonka beans and vanilla. These luminous and sunny fragrances will make your day shine with their subtle feminine sweetness.

Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Ideal for the woman who wants to relax, carving out a space of her own, this perfume by Elizabeth Arden has a fresh and delicate fragrance. The simple heart notes of white tea and iris are preceded by the freshness of sage and mandarin and followed, on the finish, by woody and musky accords. Light and positive scent, it is perfect at any time of the day.

Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum

A sensual perfume in evening dress, perfect for the woman who loves luxury and elegance. Its modern, sweet and citrus scent fades towards ever more seductive notes of musk and patchouli. Tiffany’s perfume water is enclosed in a diamond-shaped bottle that emphasizes its value. If you are planning a special evening, one that requires a long dress and precious jewels, a few drops of this perfume will enhance your style even more, spreading a heady and luminous trail around you.

Flower by Kenzo

Gentle scent that combines the tones of a floral bouquet, from which the citrus notes of orange blossom and the delicacy of Bulgarian rose emerge, with an oriental background of incense and myrrh. The Flowers by Kenzo woman is in all similar to the poppy: strong, enigmatic, sensual, but at the same time fragile and delicate. Long-lasting, poetic and non-binding perfume, it will make you walk with your head held high like a beautiful flower grown by mistake on the city asphalt.

Estée Lauder Pleasure

A light, airy floral scent. The freshness of this flowery bouquet never flows into an excessively sweet fragrance, concentrating its power on olfactory transparency. Ideal for the romantic and sunny woman, Pleasure is a real pleasure of the senses that will keep you company at any time of the day, making you rediscover spring even under the snow.

Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs

Blackberry, daisy, wood and musk: these are the notes that will guide you on a journey back to carefree and happy days. Daisy Love is a young and fresh perfume, suitable for young women in love with life and looking for their own space in the world. From the floral botticino to the happy fragrance, you will fall in love with every aspect of Daisy Love and you will not be able to help but wear it every day.

5 tips to find the right perfume for you

Choosing the right perfume for a special occasion or to wear every day, the one that will create an indissoluble feeling with you, is really difficult! Hundreds of fragrances, all different and fascinating in their own way, as well as many captivating descriptions, can put you in trouble. Better a citrus or a floral perfume? To help you choose, we have compiled a list of 5 tips that will help you orient yourself in this sea of ​​perfume. First, don’t rush to choose. Remember that the wrong perfume could make you feel uncomfortable, while the right fragrance, just like the ideal partner, will make you feel beautiful, sexy and desirable.

Style and personality

First, analyze your style and personality, and ask yourself what you would like to convey through the perfume. Are you an elegant and classy woman or do you have a sporty and youthful style? Do you prefer to highlight your sensuality or your positive and optimistic spirit? Take all the time you need to reflect on these aspects, without neglecting anything.

Where, how and how much

The second aspect you need to think about is the occasions on which you will use your new perfume.

Do you want a day perfume, which adapts to everyday life, or do you want a different fragrance, perhaps for a special event? And again: should the fragrance accompany you throughout the day or just for a few hours? Are you the kind of person who gives a splash and go, or do you like to pamper yourself, occasionally vaporizing the perfume that you always carry with you in your luxury handbag?

If you want a more persistent perfume, you will have to direct your choice towards an eau de parfum or an extract, while if you are looking for something more volatile, you can choose an eau de toilette or even a light cologne.

The litmus test

When you go to the perfumery, first try the fragrances that most inspire you on the mouillettes, the classic strips of paper, which give you a general idea of ​​the perfume. We advise you not to purchase a perfume based on the first paper test, as the smell on your skin may be different. What to do then?

Try the fragrances you liked on your wrist and wait a few minutes to see how the notes change over time. If possible, do not rush and wait a few hours before deciding if that particular scent is really suitable for your skin and your needs. Remember the three veils!

Don’t try too many in a row

Smell is a delicate and, in many of us, untrained sense. By smelling too many fragrances one after the other you run the risk of saturating it and no longer being able to grasp the differences. Plus, you risk a headache! Try no more than three or four fragrances in a row and let your nose rest for a few minutes before continuing with your olfactory research.

Follow your gut

Reflecting is good, acting is better. Love at first sight also exists with perfumes, so don’t be intimidated: if a particular fragrance has made your heart beat faster, awakening special emotions, don’t think twice because there’s a good chance it’s your soul mate!

FAQ on women’s perfumes

Can I apply the perfume on my hair?

It is not recommended to use perfume on the hair as alcohol can affect its structure, making it dry. Plus, you run the risk of irritating your scalp. If you want to spray some perfume on your hair, get a hair mist.

I sprayed the perfume on a dress and a stain remained. Why?

The main cause is the alcohol contained in the perfume, which, especially if sprayed directly and closely, can leave unpleasant stains. Some types of fabrics tend to stain more easily. If you want to perfume your clothes, spray the perfume on absorbent paper, the one you buy at the stationery, and put the sheets in the closet. By evaporating, the fragrance will give your clothes an unmistakable smell, without the risk of them being damaged.

I can use perfume when I take the sun

Better not: alcohol and other substances, being photosensitive, can cause spots and dermatitis. If you want to use a perfume also on the beach, choose one that is alcohol-free, specially designed for this purpose.

Where is it best to apply the perfume?

To make the scent spread around you, apply it to areas of the body where there are superficial veins or, more generally, a greater blood supply: wrists, back of elbows and knees, neck and earlobes. In these points, the higher body temperature favors evaporation. Warning: if you choose to apply it on your wrists, avoid rubbing it so as not to break the molecules that make it up, changing the succession of notes.

I bought the same perfume as my friend, but it smells different on her. Why?

A perfume can give different results on different skins. The factors that influence it the most are: pH, diet, drug intake, smoking, epidermal hydration and age. The same perfume could give different results even on the same person, if applied in different periods of his life.

Does the perfume expire?

The perfume does not expire, but it can undergo some structural changes and be irreparably damaged. In particular, you may notice a change in color or a change in the notes and, in particular, the disappearance of the top notes or a general souring. To avoid these inconveniences, always keep the vials tightly closed in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

How is the perfume applied?

To get the most out of it, apply it in the morning, immediately after a shower, to cleansed and moisturized skin. Spray from a distance of about 20 cm., Directing the jet from the bottom upwards.

I no longer smell my favorite perfume. Why?

Over time, our sense of smell tends to become accustomed to some smells, no longer allowing us to perceive them as intensely as before. If you have been using a perfume for a long time, it is possible that your nose no longer recognizes its aroma. To keep feeling it, use two or more perfumes alternately, so as to avoid addiction.

Is there a way to make the fragrance last longer?

Greater hydration of the skin, as well as oily skin, favor the persistence of fragrances. If you want to make the olfactory melody last longer, apply a base of moisturizer, odorless or with the same smell as the perfume.

What happens if I apply two different perfumes at the same time?

At best, a real olfactory mess! In the worst cases, an allergic reaction could occur. If you like to “mess around” with smells, get some pure essential oils and try to make your own personal perfume!

What fragrance must the body cream have to match my perfume well?

To avoid “out of tune” in the olfactory melody, apply an odorless body cream if you do not want to alter the effect of your perfume, or, if available, buy one that has the same fragrance. Alternatively, add a few drops of perfume to an odor-free cream and blend well before applying. The same rule applies to any other product with its own fragrance, from simple soap to hair perfume.

Which perfume is best to use in hot weather?

Many people, fond of a particular fragrance, use the same perfume in every season and in any climate. However, if you like to vary and adapt your style to the climate, on the hottest days you prefer light and fresh scents, as well as less concentrated.

Which perfume is best to use in cold weather?

On the contrary, when it’s cold, green light for warm, aphrodisiac and oriental fragrances: chocolate, wood, sandalwood, incense are just some of the aromas that can warm up your winter days. Green light to more concentrated blends such as eau de parfum and essences.

I’m allergic to alcohol. Should I give up on perfume?

Absolutely not. It is true that most perfumes are alcohol-based, but there are also alcohol-free ones, usually designed for the summer season.

Can I use it to perfume my apartment?

Of course yes! Put a few drops on a cotton ball and place it on the hot radiator or, if you have a humidifier, use it instead of essential oils.

Eau de parfum vs eau de toilette

Try asking someone what is the difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette, especialy a man in searching for a men’s cologne. The most common answer you will get is that “the second is lighter”. This definition is not only not entirely correct, it is somewhat incorrect. Ok, you will say, all very beautiful, but also extremely technical; in a nutshell, what does it entail? Being less concentrated, the eau de toilette is no longer lighter, but wears off more quickly. The top notes are the strongest, while the base notes are perceived for a shorter time. Given the lower presence of essences, the price is lower. The eau de parfum evaporates more slowly and the fragrance focuses in particular on the heart notes. The base notes are perceived more than the other type of blend and last longer. The price is a bit higher.

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