The spirituality you will experience this year will help you make new discoveries and make big changes in your life that will lead you to success and respect from those around you and your colleagues in the workplace. All these aspects will bring you peace of mind.

You will face several challenges during this year and they may make you feel frustrated and experience moments of personal isolation. However, the patience and perseverance you put into everything you do will be adequately rewarded, perhaps with promotion or career recognition. This will bring joy and happiness into your life.

In esoteric astrology the sign of Capricorn is considered the door of the Gods from which one can reach higher levels of awareness and spirituality, and is diametrically opposed to the sign of Cancer which instead determines the entrance into a more carnal world.

Monthly Horoscope for 2022

This sign is the embodiment of the free man both spiritually and materially, it is an earth sign, concrete and responsible. It is the sign that represents extremism, head and heart are almost always in balance, it knows how to give others the best and the worst of itself, always and in any case. If you are curious to know what the 2022 Capricorn horoscope predicts for you, keep reading this article. We will reveal what this year holds for you in love, family and health.

1st decan of Capricorn

In January and February 2022, if not daily happiness, there it will look like. All that to say that Jupiter in Pisces is usually a happy day enhancer for our Capricorn. During the 2th half of April, the well-being will always be there and the share will be even better. Change of style expected from May to October: we think there will be a little too much speed in the events. At this point, don’t overdo it and remind yourself more often than “qui va piano, va sano”. And also that we can obtain results without constantly putting oneself in “fighting action” mode. Aggression will obviously be banned.

2e decan of Capricorn

Between 10 February and late March 2022, the chance will protect your initiatives (even the most fantastic) and with these planets, there you should find a big full amenities in every kind of change. Our Capricorn might even say or think a little more often “This is wonderful!” “. In late April and during the 1st half of May, if it is to change something in your life, walk by feel, as Act according to the good of all and we bet you will be on track. Between May 25 and June 10, always think about tempering: this is also how you will prevent stress. Between July 20 and August 8, any new management will still be a good option, but during these days, you will have to think “construction” and get your hands dirty.

3e decan of Capricorn

Your great bonus for the year 2022 are expected between late March and mid-May so that between mid-October and the end of the year. You will then have the spearheading luck and optimism to spare. If you are pregnant, with this generous Jupiter in the atmosphere, we are almost sure that you will calmly await the happy event. Anyway and at these times, our Capricorn will often have stars in their eyes. Please note: between June 22 and July 8, the sky could shake you up a bit. Stay away from thorny topics and people with history!

2022 Capricorn Horoscope

To find out what the stars have in store for Capricorn this year, check out the free 2022 horoscope for Capricorn. Our astrologer answers your questions in the decan by decan annual horoscope.


First fortnight: The period will certainly be marked with a milestone. You will be relaxed, comfortable in your skin, and this beautiful balance will have happy repercussions on your life as a couple. You will want to strengthen the bonds that unite you with your spouse or partner and, over time, build more and more solid happiness. Single, you will only think of collecting adventures and having a good time. However, someone will find some compelling arguments to hold you back. And it will be a sublime, healthy and lasting love.

Second fortnight: These days, anything that goes in the direction of strengthening your material ties with your spouse or partner, such as the acquisition of an apartment or a car, will be marked with the seal of luck and love. For those who are alone, this will be the ideal period for a meeting with a long future.


First fortnight: This time, you will be able to carry out professional projects that have matured for a long time. You will undoubtedly be in contact with strangers, you will move around. All your steps will be marked at the corner of common sense and trick. Your rivals, young wolves, will break their teeth there!

Second fortnight: It will be easy for you to develop a good work program, because you will have clear ideas and will be able to embark on new paths with a real chance of success. You will undoubtedly be brought to meet a lot of people and to frequent an environment totally different from the one in which you are used to evolving. It will be a great time to seek outside support and make new and useful connections.


First fortnight: Mercury will be well aspected: this should help you balance yourself financially. If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, do your accounts carefully and set a tight budget to get by. If you are more comfortable, choose safe investments. Some of you will be subject to momentarily unsettling influences, and it will be in your best interest to keep a drink for your thirst.

Second fortnight: The planet Jupiter will be well aspected throughout the period: this is a godsend! You will indeed be protected by luck, and should be able to round off your next end of the month in style. Do not hesitate to ask for any bonus, you will have every chance, this time, to succeed.


You start 2022 with high energy. It is a good time considering what is going on in your life. Make the most of it! And try to preserve it by eating a healthy diet and participating in sports. You could have joint pain in the fall from being overweight. A course of trace elements and vitamins would be indicated.


The family is growing ? Or is it your evolving circle of friends? Anyway, this year, you will certainly have to redefine yourself, find your place among yours and remain open-minded. The Stars know how much you like to stand out of the circle. This summer, though, you may have to mingle with the crowds. Everything will be fine you will see.

What is the character of Capricorn?

A sign that straddles the end and the beginning of the year, Capricorn is not necessarily changeable: on the contrary, its great strength is its tenacity and its stability. His planet, Saturn, likes to give time to time. A Capricorn likes to think, build and deepen, so it is naturally that they are associated with the element Earth. Its stone, onyx, corresponds to its solidity, and to the color often cited for this sign: black.

Faithful to his earthly character and his horns, Capricorn is an earthly sign, solid, even a little stubborn. He needs concrete, organization, benchmarks! In return for this, he can go very far thanks to his great qualities of perseverance and his ability to coordinate and structure projects. Rather shy and lonely by nature, the native of Capricorn is rarely at the center of parties: his true friendships are rather rare, but they are very valuable to him and he will keep them for the rest of his life. His serious side can sometimes be a little surprising at the beginning of a romantic relationship, but if we manage to break the ice with him, he will then fully invest in his relationship.

The Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman has a structured and very square mind, as she likes rules, principles, hierarchy, and clear things that help achieve goals. She is very hardworking, patient, loyal and persevering, which helps her satisfy her great thirst for ambition. The latter can be explained by the importance she attributes to materialism, by her fear of missing out and by her need to profit without ever depriving herself. She is very intelligent, a perfectionist, and has eyes only for rigor, standards, precision and accuracy.

Sometimes she can adopt a judgmental and rigid attitude that puts her in a position of discomfort and poor communication with people who don’t think like her. On the other hand, the years which pass help him to become more flexible and to let things be done by themselves, without needing to intervene every time. But if the situation goes too far, she feels compelled to intervene, and only manages to breathe when order is restored.

The Capricorn man

Organization, clear and structured ideas are the words that most characterize the Capricorn man. Indeed, he knows perfectly well how to show discipline and perseverance in order to face concrete situations, but he is not the style to shoot high. Reserved, shy and discreet, he does not like to reveal himself and say what he thinks. He can therefore appear distant and have a cold air.

But when he finds someone who manages to understand him and accepts him as he is, he reveals his great sensitivity. It is in this way and thanks to the point of honor that he makes to be faithful that he creates links and weaves solid sincere friendships, even more if affinities. At the level of his faults, in addition to his great shyness, the Capricorn man is a stubborn, sensitive personality who can even use pettiness.

What is the meaning of the sign Capricorn?

Capricorn refers to a goat or a billy goat. However, this goat is not ordinary because it is drawn with a body ending in a fish tail. This fantastic beast evokes two Greek legends: either that of the god Pan, who had transformed into a goat to escape a monster and ended up plunging into water in this form; or the goat Amalthée, who nursed Zeus when he was still suckling. The constellation Capricorn is located between Aquarius and Sagittarius; astronomy enthusiasts can spot it by drawing a line between the Big Dipper and Vega. This constellation has been known since the Babylonians, at least 3000 BC: it is among the oldest, if not the oldest, that we know among those of the Zodiac!

10 things to know about the Capricorn sign

Were you born under the sign of Capricorn? Or do you know someone close with this zodiacal influence? According to astrologers, Capricorn.

●do not let themselves be diverted from their goals

●is able to deprive himself to achieve his goal

●needs to know where he is going and with whom

●is a hard fake

●enjoy loneliness

●fear mockery

●sometimes prefers to be at work rather than on vacation

●is an organization god

●often has a toothache

●invested early and in good investments

What are the love compatibilities of the sign Capricorn?

Of course, Capricorns need to find above all in their partners a sense of loyalty and commitment. So they are often in a relationship with Earth signs with whom these sign is most compatible. The Capricorn woman, for example, will be fully happy with a native of Virgo who, like her, will place the home at the center of her concerns. A Taurus or Cancer spouse can also form a stable couple with her. For his part, the Capricorn man also falls for a Virgo woman, who understands him and supports him perfectly.

What are the faults of Capricorn?

Capricorn is considered by many to be the most serious zodiac sign. From childhood, he stands out from his fellows by often showing himself to be more responsible than children of his age. It is true that the natives of this sign are often conscientious people who are totally invested in their activities, whether on a professional or personal level. However, this hard-working side can sometimes make you come across as ambitious and lacking in empathy. Capricorn can indeed be taciturn and have little interest in people who do not serve his purposes.

Ascendant Capricorn

If you were born under a fire sign and your Ascendant is Capricorn, then you will benefit from its beneficial auras which will help you suppress your instincts. If you tend to get carried away easily, its influence could help you take some distance. Once the tensions have subsided, it is easier to make thoughtful decisions. This is where the Capricorn ascendant can be beneficial, both personally and professionally. For people who tend to make rash decisions, as Libra and Gemini can be, Capricorn will help them project into the future so that they better understand the consequences of some of their actions.

Capricorn ascending Aries

A fighter is what the ascendant Aries Capricorn is. With his goals, he does everything to get there, so be careful of who dares get in his way! The Aries ascendant must also fight with himself to suppress his unreasonable impulses and urges.

Capricorn ascendant Taurus

Stability is the strong point of the Taurus ascendant. At the same time careful, enduring and balanced, he knows how to show composure and patience. Attached to the material aspects of his life, the ascendant Capricorn Taurus watches over his interests. Rigorous and hardworking while being a good living, he is able to anticipate events.

Gemini ascendant Capricorn

A true satyr! The Gemini ascendant Capricorn possesses a scathing humor that will not please everyone. Very good orator, a bit cynical, he is both feared for his harsh criticism and appreciated for his positions. Those around him, however, have a hard time understanding this complex personality.

Capricorn ascendant Cancer

With a dreamy character, the ascendant Cancer Capricorn nevertheless knows where the limits are: his concern for duty and his responsibilities calm his ardor. He is nonetheless a great emotional. This great tender knows how to hide his weaknesses at work. Rigorous and serious, he has a certain ambition and knows how to achieve his goals.

Capricorn Ascendant Leo

Charisma, the ascendant Capricorn Leo has more than enough! Ambitious and determined, he offers a natural authority. He is also persistent and rigorous. But beware, if the Leo ascendant gives the impression of not needing anyone, he does not like the loneliness that scares him.

Ascendant Capricorn Virgo

Of a patient and scrupulous character, the Virgo ascendant likes to do things meticulously. It is through the success of his achievements that he will gain confidence. Rather discreet, he has his feet on the ground and is constantly responsible and serious. Those around him may blame him for a lack of spontaneity and generosity.

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