Do you read your horoscope every morning? Or are you obsessed with astrological sign compatibility? Whether you believe in astrology or not, humans have looked to the stars for thousands of years. The constellation cards existed before the world maps. There are even cave paintings, mammoth tusks, and bones marked with moon phases. For centuries, the first civilizations lived to the rhythm of the cycles of nature: they hunted, gathered and migrated with the stars.

Over time, advances in science and technology have allowed us to stop relying so much on the sky to predict certain patterns. Astrology has become a simple curiosity and a method of gaining more self-awareness. Human beings are narrative creatures, constantly interpreting our lives by weaving together the past, present and future. Astrology helps us find meaning when we can’t find it anywhere else.

Humans since Antiquity have realized that there is a close relationship between terrestrial phenomena (change of seasons) and the movement of the stars. From then on they looked for the link between heaven and earth, a celestial cause involving a visible effect on Earth. In fact, it was by observing the position of the moon and the sun, and its influence on the tides, that men really realized that there was a link between the movement of the planets and the consequences observable physically in nature. Thus was born the calculation of ephemeris and calendars.

The origin of astrology

Astrology would have appeared 3000 years before Jesus Christ in Sumer. Indeed, it was the Chaldeans who began to observe the planets, but astrology considered to be a mathematical science comes from the Greeks. The Greeks rationalized the observation of the planets, they tried to make a science of it. Before them, astrology consisted only of observing the planets and deducing their concrete influence on the earth, in relation to their movement.

It was in Alexandria that astrology took off. In the 2nd century, the Egyptian city was the most important cultural center of the whole Mediterranean. It is here that the Greek, Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures met. Thanks to Claudius Ptolemy, all this knowledge from divergent cultures will be brought together and, thus, the fundamental principles of astrology were born in 140 AD. Ptolemy was a great mathematician and a very recognized astronomer at the time. It was he who transmitted the Greek astronomical tradition, which imposed itself in Europe until the 17th century. Although the first horoscope is of Babylonian origin (419 BC), we can say that it is thanks to Greek science and Ptolemy.

In the 2nd century BC, astrology made its appearance in Rome. The Greeks, slaves of the Romans, revealed to their masters the secrets of this new science. Under the reign of Augustus, astrology took on all its importance, it was part of the manners and customs of the Romans. At this time, it lost all religious character to become a divinatory art.

In the 4th century AD, astrology was regarded by some as a science and by others as a religion. Christianity will reject this divinatory art, claiming that it is a dangerous pagan superstition. Thus, astrology gradually disappears from mores, giving way to Christian religious faith. It was not until the Middle Ages that it reappeared in Europe.

Saint Thomas Aquinas will definitively introduce astrology into Christian thought. Thanks to his work, a chair of astrology was even created at the medical schools of Bologna, Padua and Milan. Many doctors at the time treated their patients, taking into account the principles of astrology.

Astrology present in advanced societies

Throughout history we have realized that astrology was respected, listened to, heard, in technically and intellectually advanced societies. Its importance therefore did not depend on the time, but on the cultural advances of society. Communities open to the world liked to take advice from astrologers. The greatest leaders of the whole world (Louis XIV, Catherine de Médicis …) called upon astrologers. During the Renaissance, which is a scientifically and culturally rich period, astrologers were involved in the politics of the country. In Hungary, astrologers were called in to decide when the University of Presburg should be built. In England, astrologers had the status of ambassadors.

Astrological knowledge was taught in universities, without any taboos. Then came the Age of Enlightenment, and philosophers like Diderot and Voltaire began to mock astrology. At this moment, monarchical society entered a period of transition, where all knowledge was called into question. Colbert forbids academics to teach astrology, Leibniz, German philosopher, declared that “astrological divination led to a“ pure illusion. ”And yet, astrology and the observation of the movement of the planets was one of the knowledge most useful for the survival of civilizations, more particularly in Egypt. monarchical society entered a period of transition, when all knowledge was called into question.

Colbert forbids academics to teach astrology, Leibniz, German philosopher, declared that “astrological divination led to a“ pure illusion. ”And yet, astrology and the observation of the movement of the planets was one of the knowledge most useful for the survival of civilizations, more particularly in Egypt. monarchical society entered a period of transition, when all knowledge was called into question. Colbert forbids academics to teach astrology, Leibniz, German philosopher, declared that “astrological divination led to a“ pure illusion. ”And yet, astrology and the observation of the movement of the planets was one of the knowledge most useful for the survival of civilizations, more particularly in Egypt.

1500 years before our era, only by watching Sirius rise, the Egyptians were able to foresee the floods of the river and knew how to determine the coming of a new annual cycle. Among the Egyptians, science and religion were complementary. Egypt was the first civilization to divide the year into 12 months and 365 days. These divinatory calendars were very different from astrology as we know it today, they were nevertheless the point of origin. Without this will of men to want to know the future, to want to predict, astrology would never have existed.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is not a science, there is no evidence to prove that the signs of the zodiac actually correlate with the personality. It is simply a method of predicting earthly and human events based on the placement of the sun, moon, and planets in astrological constellations. There are 12 constellations in the zodiac family: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Your “sun sign” is determined by the location of the sun on your birthday. However, the placement of the moon – and each of the other planets at the time of your birth – provides additional insight into your personality and life events, depending on your “birth chart ”.

Mesopotamia and the Babylonians

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia, a historic region of Western Asia, were the first to note the movements of planets and stars. Around 3000 BCE, they recorded and identified important constellations and patterns. In Mesopotamia, the Babylonians (also known as the Chaldeans) became the first great astronomers. Continuing the research of the Sumerians, the Babylonians created the first wheel of the zodiac.

Towards the end of the 5th century BCE, Babylonian astronomers divided the ecliptic into 12 equal “signs”, which correspond to the 12 months of the year at 30 days each. Each sign contained 30° celestial longitude, creating the first celestial coordinate system . Each segment was often identified by the name of an animal. The Greeks later coined the term zodiac when they described it as the zodiakos kyklos, aka “animal circle”.

Hellenistic Egypt

After the occupation of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE, Egypt came under Hellenistic rule. In the city of Alexandria, founded by Alexander in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BCE, scholars created Horoscopic astrology by merging Babylonian astrology with the Egyptian tradition of the Decanic zodiac.

This system included the Babylonian zodiac wheel, but incorporated the Egyptian concept of dividing it into 36 sections of 10 degrees each. The Egyptians emphasized the ascending decan, the Greek system of planetary gods, sign dominance, and the four elements. In ancient Hellenistic astrology, the calculation of the degree of rise of the eastern horizon against the backdrop of the ecliptic at a specific time is called “the ascendant”. In ancient Greek, the word “ascendant” is horoskopos, where the French word “horoscope” comes from.

Primitive horoscopic astrology was used to draw astrological charts that visualized the positions of the stars, sun, and moon at the time of a person’s birth. These astral charts were used to read an individual’s character traits, and even their fate.

Ancient Greece and Rome

Around 280 BCE, Berossus, a priest of Bel from Babylon, moved to the Greek island of Kos in order to teach astrology and Babylonian culture to the Greeks. In the 1st century BC, two versions of astrology were widely practiced: reading horoscopes and theurgic astrology (which literally means “work of God”). The first sought information about the past, present and future, while the second was interested in the soul’s ascent to the stars and its personal transformation.

The Greeks played a crucial role in bringing astrological theory to Rome. The first emperor who would have had a court astrologer was Emperor Tiberius, who hired Thrasyllus of Mendes in the 1st century CE. During the 2nd century CE, astrologer Claudius Ptolemy was so obsessed with forecasting accurate horoscopes that he began to create accurate world maps so that he could trace the relationship between a person’s place of birth. and the stars. Previously, cards were primarily illustrative and symbolic, so in search of astrological meaning, Ptolemy helped develop cards as we know them today. He even coined the term “geography”.

In 140, Ptolemy published Tetrabiblos, one of the most famous astrology books ever written. It explains the key elements of astrology that are still used to this day, including planets, zodiac signs, and houses.

The rest of the world

Astrology became a fundamental part of culture in the Middle Ages and was practiced by physicians, astronomers, and mathematicians. India and China developed their own versions of the zodiac, while the Western world favored Greek beliefs.

Advances in mathematics have helped astrologers develop more precise and sophisticated maps, and astronomy has even been studied at many well-known European universities, including Cambridge (1225-1250). However, belief in astrology began to decline as the church gained power, and this was seen as an unpopular superstitious belief during the Holy Inquisition. Meanwhile, the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei was convicted of heresy and had to give up his astrological beliefs to save his life.

During the Age of Enlightenment (1650-1780), societies began to believe in science rather than astrological theory, and the practice of star reading became a mere source of entertainment. Today we continue to search the sky for answers, but we can only speculate if our horoscopes will come true.

What is the symbol of each astrological sign?

There are 12 Western astrological signs corresponding to 12 constellations discovered in ancient times. And so many symbolic representations. Some are easy to understand at first glance, while others are questionable. To better understand them, we must turn to Greek and Roman culture and mythology.

The symbol of the astrological sign Aries

Here, no ambiguity: we can easily guess the spiral horns so characteristic of this bovid. In Greek mythology, we meet Chrysomallos, a ram with a golden fleece serving as a mount for Phrixos, children of King Athamas and Nephele, a nymph of the clouds. His famous golden fleece, which we all know, is related in the adventures of Jason accompanied by the Argonauts. The Aries, in many cultures, exemplifies strength and power.

The symbol of the astrological sign Taurus

A circle with two graphic escapes illustrating the ruminant whose horns originate on the forehead and seem to form a body. The bull is very present in Greek mythology. Doesn’t Zeus take the appearance of this bovid to kidnap Europe, the daughter of the king of Tire? Don’t we also know the Minotaur, this hybrid monster with a human body and a bull’s head? This animal, in many ancient civilizations, symbolized fertility.

The symbol of the astrological sign Gemini

Two parallel straight lines connected to each other at each of their ends thus becoming inseparable. The illustration of twinning is obvious here. Let us recall in passing that “twin” comes from the Latin “gemellus”. You should know that the Romans, in their mythology, envisioned a constellation representing Romulus and Remus, twin brothers to whom we attribute the creation of ancient Rome. Don’t we often say that people with the sign Gemini shine with their split personality ? A little Romulus here, a little Remus there, you might say.

The symbol of the astrological sign Cancer

The symbol corresponding to Cancer looks like an elongated 6 overhanging a 9 also lying. The badly placed minds will see a sexual position that one does not present any more … It is in fact a representation of the claws of a crab. But why a crab? Well, simply because the word cancer means “crab” in Latin. In fact, in common parlance, we say that a person suffering from cancer has a “crab”. It was, moreover, Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician and philosopher who was the first to highlight a similarity between the appearance of a tumor lesion and the crustacean whose massive body displays, on all sides, legs and claws.

The symbol of the astrological sign Leo

This symbol represents, in Roman mythology, the Lion of Nemea, a monster slain by Hercules (or Heracles in Greek mythology) during the first of the famous twelve labors that are no longer presented. But why this drawing? Because it illustrates the head of the monster positioned downwards and the very curved body of the animal. The graphic representation of the sign Leo then freezes the moment when the demigod stops his opponent’s attack by grabbing him by the neck to better strangle him.

The symbol of the astrological sign Virgo

We can compare this symbol to an “m” to which we would have added a leg crossing the previous one. What does it illustrate exactly? A goddess, that’s for sure, but which one? In fact, we associate most of the important goddesses such as Isis (Egyptian mythology), Demeter (Greek mythology) or even Minerva (Roman mythology) to name but a few. We must therefore consider the “m” of the sign Virgo as the personalization of a divinity and the additional leg as the symbolic attribute that it holds in the hand. For example, for the goddess Demeter, it will be a sheaf of wheat.

The symbol of the astrological sign Libra

This symbol actually represents a measurement standard with a handle that is hung on the beam of a balance. In Greek mythology, this object of measurement made in solid gold is used by Zeus to decide between the two Achaean and Trojan armies who wage war against each other without one managing to dominate the other. Don’t we say that people with the sun in Libra turn out to be excellent arbitrators and mediators capable of clarifying ambiguous situations?

The symbol of the astrological sign Scorpio

Through this symbol, we find the “m”, already present for the sign of Virgo. But this time there is no extra leg and the one that completes the “m” extends into a tail that represents the arachnid’s poisonous sting. The scorpion is recurrent in Greek mythology. It is a giant monster (the golden scorpion) commissioned by deities (Gaia or Apollo) to defeat certain enemies. It is also found through the exploits of Perseus.

The symbol of the astrological sign Sagittarius

This symbol represents an arrow. This throwing weapon was fired by archers called centaurs, half human, half horse creatures in Greek mythology. Thus, Sagittarius (from the Latin sagittarius meaning “archer” and from sagitta “arrow” would be the representation of the centaur Pholos (which appears in the 12 labors of Hercules) or of Crotos (the centaur inventor of the bow) or even of Chiron (the only immortal centaur).

The symbol of the astrological sign Capricorn

This symbol looks like an “n” ending in a loop. We must see a goat whose rear is a fish tail. It is about a Capricorn, a chimera which one finds in Greek mythology. Are we in the presence of Amalthea, the animal that nursed Zeus when he was a baby or is this a representation of the god Pan, protector of shepherds and flocks in Greek mythology? Opinions differ…

The symbol of the sign Aquarius

These are two similar patterns positioned parallel. They represent waves whose tops can be curved or pointed according to the representations. The reference to water is obvious because, by Aquarius, we mean water carrier (pouring water). The references to Greek mythology are different according to the times. But the one that comes up most often concerns Ganymede who was Zeus’ lover and in charge of serving drinks at the table of the gods.

The symbol of the astrological sign Pisces

The sign Pisces is always plural. And its symbol consists of two opposite vertical curves connected at their center by a horizontal line. You must see two fish. Why two and why are they connected? Here again, we must turn to Greek mythology. Indeed, this one tells that Aphrodite and Eros transformed into fish to flee in a river the primitive divinity Typhon. In order not to separate and get lost in their race, they would have tied their respective tails with a tie.

Compatibility of each zodiac sign

In fact, we cannot predict the precise moment of the meeting or what it takes for two souls to cross. However, astrology and horoscopes serve as a guide for all zodiac signs on their path to the future and true love. So, if you are looking for a romantic partner, you might see what astrologers suggest as astrological compatibility. Although each sign has its distinct qualities, they are not all reconcilable.


Aries has a strong personality. People of this sign are enthusiastic and ready to act as a leader. They are very active and determined to face any problems. In their love life, Aries needs someone who will not be in their path. “Aries seeks above all a partner who will stimulate his inspiration and not diminish his joy of living”, emphasizes Emily Ridout. This doesn’t mean that he wants an amorphous partner, but rather someone who knows how to handle him without confrontations. Read Here

Compatible Signs

Sagittarius is a perfect companion, as people of this sign are adventurous and extroverted, with one stimulating the other. Gemini is a good partner for these same reasons, while Libra can also forge bonds based on respect and mutual understanding.

Incompatible Signs

Aries is too optimistic about signs like Scorpio or Cancer. Virgo wouldn’t be a good match either, as the two would argue endlessly over what they perceive to be the right course of action.


Taurus is a fixed sign, linked to the Earth, which is rather anchored in its habits. This sometimes makes him stubborn, but he knows deep down who he is and what he wants. “The Taurus seeks a partner who respects his rhythm, his passions and his desire to keep his inner consciousness and his power to himself,” explains Emily Ridout. Both literally and figuratively, the Taurus is like a rock for the object of his love that he will never let down.

Compatible Signs

Capricorn and Virgo, which are other Earth signs, get along very well with Taurus, since they share their deep nature. (This is the basis of all astrological compatibility.) Cancer is also compatible, because they are as passionate and caring as Taurus, and take their dedication to those close to them just as seriously.

Incompatible Signs

As much as Taurus appreciates opulence and sensuality, he has no regard for bragging in his relationships. Leo, Aquarius and Sagittarius are too sensitive for Taurus who prefers more grounded temperaments.


Gemini loves to be entertained and are rather difficult to pin down. It goes with the wind and requires an equally flexible partner. Emily Ridout sums it up as follows: “Gemini wants a partner who stimulates their freedom of thought and follows them in their experiences where they have a good time.”

Compatible Signs

Libra, which perceives both sides of things, is perfect for Gemini, the sign of twins. Where some might call Gemini double-sided, Libra will understand that there is more of it than it looks. Additionally, Sagittarius and Aquarius share their intellectual curiosity and need for exploration.

Incompatible signs

Capricorn and Taurus do not appreciate the unpredictable side of this sign, which they perceive as flippant. Scorpio can also be fundamentally wary of Gemini.


Whether it’s food, gifts, or attention, Cancer is a loving sign who is generous and seeks someone who shares their values. “Cancer wants a partner with whom he feels comfortable and who takes care of others as well as himself,” explains Emily Ridout. He likes to be the shoulder on which we like to relax, and will be fulfilled by a relationship that gives him the same comfort. Read More

Compatible Signs

Scorpio and Pisces, which are two very intuitive and emotional signs, will particularly appreciate a Cancer’s love and determination. Virgo also loves to pamper and cherish a reliable partner, such as Cancer.

Incompatible Signs

Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo are too independent and will not satisfy the Cancer who needs to feel indispensable. They don’t have to be selfish, but they don’t have the same need for domesticity.


Cheerful and gregarious, the Leo wants a loyal friend as much as a friend of the heart. “The Leo wants a partner with whom he can have fun, and who recognizes and appreciates all his brilliance,” says Emily Ridout. He is fiery and wants an accomplice who shares his passion for existence. For him, astrological compatibility implies that he finds someone whom he will not intimidate and who will not be taken aback by his strong personality.

Compatible Signs

Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini share Leo’s aspirations and enthusiasms, which makes them very compatible. It is understood that this is not always enough to avoid the argument, but knowing your good days might cause you to avoid some obstacles in the way.

Incompatible Signs

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo may be too enlisted for Leo who might feel overwhelmed by all of their regulations. Earth signs tend to see Leo as a self-centered being.


Emily Ridout explains, “Virgo seeks a consistent, loving and ethical partner who values ​​their thoughtful approach to life.” This sign, who always has a goal in mind, expects his partner to do the same. Due to her strict standards, it can be difficult to pin her down and please her, and she finds the more playful signs irresponsible and even silly.

Compatible Signs

Capricorn shares Virgo’s love for hard work and goal setting. Taurus and Scorpio are passionate and trusted potential partners. Without necessarily adopting their view of things, Virgo admires the fact that these signs have their own code of ethics to follow.

Incompatible Signs

Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aquarius could get the better of Virgo’s patience by testing their limits, or acting unexpectedly. And against all odds, it’s the same process for choosing the right pet. 


Libra is marked by the scales of justice, and more generally, by the notion of balance. According to Emily Ridout, “Libra is looking for a partner who brings stability and meaning to their life, and who does not command it or sit around and watch it passively.” This intellectual sign enjoys learning and desires a mutually beneficial and egalitarian relationship. Surprisingly, this sign has the largest number of billionaires.

Compatible Signs

Since Libra is so measured, its logical choice is another Libra as a partner. People of this sign can also get along with Aries and Aquarius, which provide them with an interesting challenge and mental stimulation.

Incompatible Signs

One of the things that makes love so wonderful is the spark that sets it off, and Libra usually doesn’t get this signal from Virgo or Capricorn. Neither does Pisces, because of his detachment from reality, preferring the artistic, sentimental or dreamlike world.


Scorpio has their own inner world that is difficult to unravel or understand. People of this sign can be extremely secretive and want to make sure that anyone they let approach is worth the risk. Scorpios might seem lacking in interest, but they actually search for the chosen person intensely. “The Scorpio wants to be fully involved with the other and love them for who they really are,” adds Emily Ridout.

Compatible Signs

The other two water signs, Pisces and Cancer, also perceive the universe through their emotions, which corresponds to the intensity of Scorpio. These signs are ready to forge the deep bonds that Scorpio secretly dreams of. Virgo likes to try to solve the puzzle that surrounds Scorpio, and also appreciates long-term involvement. This thoughtful and nurturing Earth sign corresponds to the committed partner wanted by Scorpio.

Incompatible Signs

Aquarius may be too cerebral for the sensual Scorpio. Leo and Aries are also ill-advised choices for Scorpio due to their determination to fulfill their own ambitions, which can prove to be conflicting. To become more productive, your zodiac sign will define the right and wrong way to get there. 


Sagittarius is a sign who thrives through their experiences, and loves to explore and experience. Much like the Leo looking for a playmate, the Sagittarius wants an adventure partner. “Sagittarius is looking for someone who is both deep and entertaining,” says Emily Ridout.

Compatible Signs

Another Sagittarius or Gemini could adapt without restraint to this inquisitive and energetic lifestyle. Another active sign, Aries, could also be a good guide when the situation calls for it.

Incompatible Signs

Sagittarius is too rowdy for Capricorn and Taurus, and doesn’t share their emotions enough to attract a Pisces.


If the zodiac were a class, Capricorn would be the child who is proud of his school performance, who prepares scrupulously for each exam and who laments any grade other than an A. He loves to feel that he has succeeded and also aspires to recognition from others. Despite everything, he is a human like any other. “The Capricorn seeks above all a partner who supports him in his successes as in his vulnerability”, underlines Emily Ridout.

Compatible Signs

Virgo and other Capricorns admire and respect this sign’s determination, and sympathize with its pursuit of perfection. Scorpio knows that this sign is more complicated than it looks, and that it often happens not to understand itself.

Incompatible Signs

On the other hand, Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius find Capricorn too serious and unsubtle.


Far from tradition, Aquarius is the eternal free thinker who always wants to improve. People of this sign strive to find new solutions to old problems, drawing inspiration from the most unexpected sources. In his romantic partner, this air sign expects him to arouse his intellectual curiosity. “Aquarius seeks above all a spouse who can think deeply and with discernment, explains Emily Ridout. Someone with whom he could form a real partnership based on a deep and egalitarian exchange. ”

Compatible Signs

Aquarius will be better off with someone of their sign or with a Gemini, who is as energetic and quick-witted as themselves. Libra, a proponent of fairness and appreciative of research, also lives up to the humanitarian leanings of an Aquarius.

Incompatible Signs

Scorpio’s way of thinking may seem too complex for Aquarius, who prefers logic and openness to emotions and secrets. Cancer, another water sign, won’t be luckier for this reason. A Taurus wouldn’t suit Aquarius either, being a sign that likes to see things differently.


Pisces love to swirl around the waves of the subconscious. He is comfortable with the intangible and the ethereal, such as mysticism and artistic creation. Because of this, some signs may find him too extravagant, but others admire his detachment.

Compatible Signs

Scorpio and Cancer share with Pisces their deep involvement in emotional connections. The Scorpio particularly appreciates the capacity of this sign to think and live in an abstract way, thus joining the words of Emily Ridout wanting that the Pisces needs “a partner with whom he can navigate around the world, while diving deeply. in spiritual and artistic meanders. ” And surprisingly, Capricorn is also a great companion for Pisces, confirming that opposites attract.


Signs Extroverted signs like Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo don’t really speak the same language as Pisces, who can be kind and shy.

The character of each zodiac sign

In reality, it is the position of the sun at your birth that mainly determines your qualities and your faults. Each zodiac sign is also linked to an element (earth, water, air, fire). Each of these elements promotes a certain spirit. Water is linked to sensitivity, fire to assertiveness, air to imagination and earth to materiality. Finally, the ascendant determined from your birth time depends more on the position of the moon when you first appeared in the world.

Aries character

Linked to the fire element, Aries shows energy, daring and courage. We imagine it demolishing everything in its path! First sign of the zodiac, he is able to undertake, he is a leader! His fault is to act before thinking. This is why it is better to take tweezers with him, because he can be aggressive, he is whole! This horned animal needs to spend its energy in physical activity, in its work. We recognize in this description Victoria Beckham!

Taurus character

Linked to the earth element, Taurus is serious and their personality is stable. For this reason, some people may get bored around it! Far from him, the mood swings. His character is perfect for building a household and raising children. Its horns mark an assertiveness. He loves a job well done to the point of being a bit of a perfectionist! The young American actress Jessica Alba is of this sign. She plays for movies and television series.

Gemini character

Linked to the air element, Gemini are frivolous, light beings. They love to laugh and not take anything seriously! We also find in this sign Courteney Cox, the actress of the famous television series “Friends”! His lightness of mind in no way detracts from his intellectuality. His humor is subtle! Gemini are outgoing and fit in well with their social environment. They are generally found in communication professions.

Cancer character

Cancers hide in the water like crayfish! With a calm temperament, you have to know how to leave them alone! Because at the slightest fear, they slip inside their shell! With their pincers, they cling to the past. They are nostalgic and sensitive people. They like to be closer to their family, more than to widen their circle of friends. Discreet, they have an artistic flair, but don’t like spotlights! This is also the case with Eva Green, a French actress who made her theater debut.

Leo character

Linked to the fire element, the Leo likes to show off, discuss, play. He thinks big and is not satisfied with small things. The celebrity who best represents him is Madonna! Unlike Cancer, he loves light! The Leo needs passion to live, otherwise he gets bored. He loves everything that glitters, everything that binds him to the sun, his mother planet! Mila Kunis, an American actress, is of this sign. His physique, luscious, expresses the generous side of the Lion!

Virgo character

Coming from the earth element, the Virgin is serious, stable and concrete! Reasonable, loving to be methodical, Virgo is a modest and trustworthy person. Often worried, she prefers to observe, analyze and be discreet. Dedicated, she generously helps others to the point of being abused at times. Blake Lively and Salma Hayek, American actresses, are of this sign.

Libra character

Naomi Watts, an English actress living in Australia, is Libra. The air element dominates his personality. Libra is therefore intellectual, liking mind games. It represents justice and balance, the right measure. It can appear severe and strict. Very upright, she respects values. It is said of her that she cares about her image; which might explain why Kim Kardashian is also a stylist.

Scorpio character

The water element characterizes this sign with a very strong character! Very self-centered, he can appear selfish. But he is also sensitive, to the point of sometimes becoming nervous. Scorpios are whole people, sometimes difficult to pin down. Attracted by secret things, they possess a mysterious, dark aura. American actress Ellen Pompeo is of this sign. She is known to have appeared in the television series Grey’s Anatomy.

Sagittarius character

Sagittarius carries a bow and shoots his arrows. He knows where he is going and is combative! On his mount, he moves forward in life, has ambition and defends his freedom. The fire element gives him all the energy necessary to meet the challenges! Sociable, the Sagittarius has a lot of humor. Actress Julianne Moore is of this sign. Her acting talent has been recognized several times with awards.

Capricorn character

Capricorn is guided by the earth element. It is therefore realistic, concrete, materialistic and trustworthy. Its rounded horns are a sign of a certain fragility, and therefore its priority in life is emotional. He needs to be surrounded, loved both by his family and by friends. Zooey Deschanel, Capricorn, stars in movies, TV series and sings. Married then divorced, she shares her life today with a man belonging to the world of cinema.

Aquarius character

Guided by the air element, Aquarius flies from one direction to another! Characterized by his originality, he likes to constantly discover new things, new people. In short, he loves change and keeps all routine away from it! He likes to travel to discover new landscapes, new cultures. Sociable, he prefers his friends to his family. Independent, he lives his celibacy well! Justin Timberlake is of this sign.

Pisces character 

Pisces let themselves be carried away by the current. Guided by their emotions and the water element, this sign does not wish to be exposed to daylight. Shy, he has artistic talents within him. Close to others, he listens to them. A dreamer, he draws on his imagination in order to resolve difficulties. Jessica Biel, wife of Justin Timberlake, is of this sign. She is known for her artistic performances.

The 10 main characteristics of your astrological sign

If you are interested in astrological signs and what they say about each person ‘s personality, what follows should be of great interest to you. Even though we are all different and have a unique personality, it is always interesting to realize that each astrological sign shares certain very specific characteristics.

By learning to detect them, you learn to know yourself better, to identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to rely on your strengths and never let yourself be overwhelmed by your weaknesses.


The astrological sign of Aries generally tends to:

●not like wasting time

●act first then think afterwards

●dare to say what he sincerely thinks

●be very generous

●be very sensitive and take everything to heart

●to be optimistic

●be smiling and friendly

●love genuine people

●hate routine

●enjoy the moment


The Gemini astrological sign generally tends to:

●spend a lot of time thinking

●analyze each situation

●overflowing with energy

●be attentive to others

●never pretend

●dislike lies

●love the change

●to be curious

●give good advice

●change your mind quickly


The astrological sign of Taurus generally tends to:

●need to be very surrounded

●always listen

●be loyal

●never change your mind

●love to make others happy

●have an excellent memory

●Do not abandon

●prefer actions to words

●be honest and generous

●be a leader


The astrological sign of  Virgo  generally tends to:

●easily adapt

●follow your intuition

●be sincere

●give good advice

●to be realistic

●question everything

●dislike conflict

●know how to keep a secret

●dislike being noticed


The astrological sign of  Leo  generally tends to:

●be loyal

●be very positive

●quickly identify people

●do not change for anyone

●be proactive

●do not rush important decisions

●not to like to show his sensitivity

●overflowing with energy

●always tell the truth

●be original and creative


The Cancer astrological sign generally tends to:

●identify people quickly

●be sociable

●like being well surrounded

●give good advice

●get enthusiastic about everything

●listen to his feelings a lot

●very quickly get attached

●be greedy

●dislike following the rules

●to be a great sentimentalist


The Libra astrological sign  generally tends to:

●laugh easy and be a good audience

●quickly identify people

●put others first

●love to listen to others

●hate conflict

●change your mind often

●to be reserved about his personal life

●be a great romantic

●procastinate often

●have a lot of intuition


The astrological sign of Scorpio  generally tends to:

●like to observe those around you

●love new things

●appreciate the frankness

●to be comprehensive

●be attentive, caring and very generous

●have an excellent memory

●be honest

●love to compete

●always achieve his ends

●hide your great sensitivity well


The astrological sign of Sagittarius  generally tends to:

●love the simple things

●to laugh easy

●like to follow what his intuition dictates to him

●do not change for anyone

●dislike conflict

●do a lot of things

●love going out and having fun with friends

●to be optimistic

●be spontaneous

●love to try new things


The astrological sign of Capricorn  generally tends to:

●be very loyal

●be sincere

●love to make those around you happy

●have a great sense of friendship

●to be perseverant

●not like expressing emotions

●be very cranky at times

●hate criticism and lies

●quickly identify people

●never give up


The astrological sign of Aquarius  generally tends to:

●think a lot about everything

●know what he wants

●rarely change your mind after making an important decision

●do not rush

●never pretend

●never change for someone

●have an excellent memory

●be honest

●have a lot of humor

●to be a big dreamer


The astrological sign of Pisces generally tends to:

●change your mind often

●be very demanding

●have a lot of communication

●follow his instinct

●take things to heart

●be a good audience

●love helping others

●get bored quickly

●constantly reflect and analyze everything

●dislike following the rules

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