What do the stars have in store for you this year? To give you the main trends for the coming seasons, our astrologer, Marc Angel, deciphers the year month by month. A calendar dedicated to people born under the sign of Scorpio, between October 23 and November 22.

From January, the accumulation of planets in Aquarius thwarts plans, crumples relationships. Yesterday, you were going strong, this year it is wiser to deal with situations if you want to carry out your projects.

This year, you will need to take the time to reflect on your love life or your relationships with others. The stars will give you the perfect opportunity to better understand your surroundings or to apprehend your loved ones differently.

Horoscope for Scorpio for the month of November 2021

You take advantage of a very mild autumn to advance your pawns, gain leadership, get a promotion. In Capricorn from the 6th, Venus optimizes performance, maximizes benefits. Its effects also accelerate real estate projects. A good time to invest. All month long, Mars stimulates actions and animates discussions. The conquering soul, you push your limits to improve your situation. Same displayed desire to find love, if you are single. Between the 6th and the 24th, Mercury deepens the exchanges. You make sincere contacts, which will prove useful in the future. Read Here

Horoscope for Scorpio for the month of December 2021

After January’s grin soup, you end the year with a big smile. If the journey has been tortuous, you are learning positively from your experiences as hardships. Venus in Capricorn all month, confirms that love triumphs. The relationships are long-lasting, the projects solid and reassuring. In Capricorn again from the 14th, Mercury stresses the importance of a commitment, able to strengthen your position. You will be able to measure its financial stake before the spring of 2021. Good news, Jupiter is moving away at the end of the month, replacing the tornado with a light breeze, both in the heart and in business.

Scorpio Horoscope for 2022

Born under the sign of Scorpio, are you curious to know what the stars have in store for you this year? Discover the 2022 horoscope for Scorpio and let yourself be guided by the astrological forecasts of our astrologer.


Congratulation ! This year, you will touch the unexpected, the Grail, the rarity: the love balance. Like what, even the most Scorpio of Scorpios also has the right to Astral harmony. The planets will agree on January 10 to send you all the good waves from Heaven and Earth. If you are single, you will not be refused anything. Neither the most beautiful, nor the most charismatic, nor the most desirable … Jupiter, in his goodness, predicts a great and beautiful love story for you, fluid, light and sincere. As a couple, Mercury will guide you, in May, on the path of reconciliation, understanding and communication. It will also boost your charm and your power of attraction. Finally, the beautiful Venus will, this summer, put your couple in the spotlight so that you feel fulfilled, happy,


It may well be that, in recent years, you have been very inspired, productive or even hyperactive. Maybe it’s time to take it easy? In September, after an eventful summer under the leadership of the mighty Mars, find yourself, recharge your batteries and get off to a good start. Look for inspiration elsewhere, far from the hustle and bustle of the city or your habits, in the peace and quiet of a place that reassures you. Remember that imagination and creativity are born out of boredom.


Everyone will agree that you have changed this year. In what ? Better ! It will be about you, your values, your frank talk, your special aura… all sprinkled with a magical ingredient: serenity. It will make your exchanges and all the previously complicated situations that you come across smoother and easier. She will invite you into a virtuous circle, a benevolent and welcoming round where friendship will have a central place.


In January and February, you’ll be good in your sneakers and ready to start this New Year. In March and April, you will be led to feel a certain fatigue. Consider taking breaks. From May to October, you will experience a great boost of energy and enthusiasm. Take the opportunity to move forward in your projects. In November and December, cultivate optimism and good humor.

Your ideal destination

Canada. It may not be the most “instagramable” place on the globe, but it is good to live there in slow motion. Think of these lakes under the amber leaves of autumn, the smell of maple forests and these blazing colors.


During this year you will have a lot of fun and hang out a lot more than in the previous year. You will do it as you have never done it before. You want to enjoy a bit of freedom and to live your friendship more with those around you.

Thanks to the outputs you will do, according to the Scorpio predictions 2022, you will be able to encourage many new people. Pay particular attention because you may have very important encounters that will allow you to establish new relationships.

It will be a year in which you will have the opportunity to enjoy different changes in your life path and in this you will be able to enjoy the closeness of many of your friends, who will help you to be happy and to achieve what you want. They will be close to you at all times and will encourage you to achieve your goals.

All this will be fundamental, because in addition to the adventures, 2022 will be a year in which you will have to make good use of your friendships, since only through these you will be able to know how to manage very well the different ways to improve your life. You may also want to take advantage of these moments to reunite with your longtime friends and cultivate your friendship with them. You will really need this because it will be a way to evolve and grow.


Horoscope According to the Scorpio 2022 horoscope for money it will be a very good year.Your relationship with money will be great as you will be able to reorganize your finances. This will allow you to end 2022 better than 2021 ended and it will also be much better than how it started.

According to the scorpio horoscope predictions you will have different job and employment prospects that will lead you to obtain a higher income. You will then start earning more money and have a higher salary than usual. This could be the consequence of a career promotion or the possibility of taking advantage of a job opportunity.

Believe it or not, this year you are starting to get a good insight into money, therefore it is good that you take the right time to meditate. Meditation could bring you important revelations and different certainties on how to make more money, on which business to start, on how to invest your money. The revelations you will have will surely make you more money and this will be really lucky for you, as you will be able to solve many of the problems that you have been carrying around for a long time.

Your keen intuition will therefore lead you to invest a lot and your parents will also make sure that you can then invest and do business. They will help you in this regard.

Also try to collaborate in humanitarian causes during this year, contributing part of the profits that this year you will be able to earn and try to spend more money than usual on the home and family.

Celebrities born under the sign of Scorpio

They were born between October 23 and November 22. Mars rules them and their element is water. They are the Scorpio women , attentive thinkers with magnetic personalities. The most famous Scorpions? From Julia Roberts to Winona Rider through Grace Kelly and Sophie Marceau, we have selected the 15 most beautiful in Hollywood!

Katy Perry

A year of love with Orlando Bloom, a series of pro-curvy campaigns (“not being a size 38 does not mean being curvy!”) And another year closed in (much more than) active. Katy Perry is by far the most (gossipsed) and influential celeb on the planet. Even if it didn’t help her sweetheart Hillary.

Julia Roberts

Between changes of look and styling at times more than questionable, the smile of the almost fifty-year-old Julia remains by far the most generous and highly rated in Hollywood. She is ANTA but never FAKE, forever young still beautiful on glossy covers and as a testimonial. Chapeau.

Winona Ryder

Icon of the nineties style, a cult cut and red lips. All time. Grunge but never excessive, Winona chose excessive boyfriends (see Johnny Depp), remaining a champion of self-control rather than normcore. Winona Forever.

Monica Vitti

Unique actress, master of style and non-conformism. Magnetic intensity and disillusioned eyes, disenchanted mind and unforgettable voice. VIVA Monica!

Tilda Swinton

To consider the British actress only as a healthy bearer of intellectual nonconformity would be a real shame. For Tilda (following a review of her cult and other roles) it is clear that nothing is impossible. Not to mention his style. Innate. Tilda is androgynous, magnetic, simply… superb!

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is delightful. Her onomatopoeic beauty would sound like a tune similar to the title of her latest film: La, La Land (film presented at the last Venice Film Festival in which she stars alongside Ryan Gosling). Recently (according to rumors) returned with the former historian and historical co-star Andrew Garfield, it seems that the second attempt was not successful. Emma delightful but (still) single.

Demi Moore

The elixir of long youth is called Demi Moore. Dry for a lifetime, always beautiful, her allure goes beyond epochs and ages and her silhouette of a perennial thirty year old consecrates her to the Olympus of the fittest celebs ever.

Anne Hathaway

Her pixie cut (that made her damned!) Will go down in history. As well as its numerous metamorphoses (cinematic and otherwise). Its pluses? Deep dark eyes and chocolate hair. A welcoming and familiar beauty. We love you Anne!

Grace Kelly

Queen of Hollywood, Princess of Monaco, Tsarina of style. She is a myth. Untouchable.

Sophie Marceau

If there is one who can still wear a half size head (or a breathtaking slit on the red carpet) without feeling the parody of some other ethereal earthly creature, it is her. His fashion (from the time of The time of apples) is now immortal.

Rachel McAdams

Considered the worthy heir to Julia Roberts’ smile (ne), her dimples are a hymn to whispered sensuality. The directors contend for it, starting from the TV series (he is the star of True Detective), arriving at the great colossals. Ah, in his record of former historians is Ryan (Gosling).

Chloë Sevigny

Gifted with a very defined and anything but monotonous personality, she is the fifth essence of intriguing beauty. Not at all conventional (which is why he often divides crowds), he has many (cool) and very clear ideas.

Meg Ryan

There is no disguise (or maybe yes) that holds. Even under centiliters of botox, its spirited beauty remains. Alterations of reality aside (or maybe not), Meg: where have you gone?

Jodie Foster

The child prodigy and then the girl next door has grown up. Today more than yesterday he lives «with fun and dedication the physical aspect, from the choice of clothes to makeup, I learned to accept my body, and now I want to take care of it».

Scarlett Johansson

In 2015 her body was elected the best in the world for the fact that it corresponds to the ancient Greek calculation of the golden ratio. Absolutely top of the list of the most beautiful women on the planet, her soft curves do not worry her, on the contrary, they help her keep the title high. And expectations.

2022 monthly horoscope


There are compelling reasons to keep the situation under control. The awareness of getting little recognition of your professionalism puts you in contrast in the workplace: do not spare yourself, but react with more determination …


The jealousy of the partner could also represent a brake in the professional field! Better to avoid, it is necessary to engage without conditioning making the most! With your better half, come to terms!


The fast planets present in the sign of Pisces, put wings on your feet to your proposals, which finally arrive on the right desk and are appreciated for what they are really worth! Affectionately, a bond expands and takes shape …


The magical Uranus-Mercury pairing suggests innovative strategies: however Jupiter remains the true protagonist of your astral chart! Your way of acting is supported by dynamism and concreteness, now you are able to take action with surprising speed …


Extraordinary moment to which, on the “push” of Uranus and Jupiter, the facilities transmitted by Mars are added, equally positive! Luck notices you, and it does it in a very generous way …


The work goes on quickly, it is not so for the love life: you take too many things for granted, instead those who love you need to feel involved and available in all the complications that the relationship creates, get busy.


The horoscope gives you a truly driving and particularly active period. Make the most of the moment with ease, because with the ideas that come to you from up there, you can go very far.


Now, feelings have priority: emotions make you share with your loved one a moment of sweet and overwhelming sensations … Love and harmony create between you, an absolutely enviable reality!


A pinch of jealousy and some contrasts, touch the love life: you are the first to try to react with balance. There is a need to build harmony with partners and collaborators, for a team that is efficient and creative: make the advice yours!


Excellent financial management skills. There is no shortage of investment and purchase opportunities and they always turn out to be a big deal. Health must be respected: do not abuse your strength and restore the right balance, so well-being will not be long in manifesting itself!


A very vigorous month full of affirmations: the stars are indulging themselves to create new chances of success for you. Love in 2022 has a fundamental place, feelings turn out to be the right way to reach their destination … naturally in the arms of those you love!


Family tensions can become topical again: remember the concept that it is necessary to divide equally between the pressing family tasks and the desire to occupy prestigious positions professionally is valid. Don’t let anyone miss your attention …

Conclusions and advice from the astrologer

Speaking of work, keep in mind that this month Mercury will begin a long layover in Aquarius, and it could create some slowdowns in work, in business, in your personal economy. These are not insurmountable problems, but it is possible that some answers will be slow to arrive, that the interviews in which you have placed expectations will not be granted to you, or that your studies, or some travel, leisure or work projects, are delayed. Take advantage of this transition period to make a real mental inventory, evaluating what you want and what is close to you, starting for example from bad habits, vices and whims. In love, try to avoid provocations, especially with the fixed signs, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo.

And try to show yourself more flexible, less rigid. The key to living this new phase of your life, undoubtedly a bit challenging, in the best way is to approach life with a little lightness, which does not mean being superficial, but only allowing yourself the opportunity to recharge, to grasp the beauty of things, to play down events, people, situations, and at times, to take oneself even less seriously. Your body means gift. It means it, it represents it, it embodies it. Even the body of others. Receiving and giving means this, it has to do with gifts. Read Here

This is your tool, take care of it. Think, for example, if it were a car, you would hear from the sounds how the engine is, you would take care of the bodywork. The same if it were a plant, you would see the leaves, you would hydrate. Your wonderful mechanism must be respected. The body is at your service and remains there and if you change your attitude your body notices it. The mind often creates unnecessary problems. Reclaim and reclaim your body to yourself and yourself.

Start with muscle stretching, take care of your entire structure. In this early month of 2022 we remember the words of Aïvanhov: “he who lives every day in passions and sensuality burns this energy” or “eats the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil” and this does not allow him to be empathetic towards others and not even to live relationships with a higher conscience that guides him. In this month, however, you could try to push yourself towards your real well-being, also considering that of others and creating dialogues that have the heart as an interlocutor. Try to be on the side of what remains true and pure and if some acquaintances push you towards a moralistic version of life that you don’t share, don’t punish them, simply walk away. Great time to understand how much soul and body are inseparable.

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