Do you want to start a new business? Are you wondering how to find a profitable business idea? Thinking of creating an online store? Among all the ideas for starting a business is difficult to decide which ones are worth trying.

Are you a student or an employee and would like to launch your business project? You are right to choose entrepreneurship, but you still have to have a self-entrepreneur or company idea to start and then build your business plan.

We will see together that among the new profitable businesses, e-commerce or dropshipping can be a good idea for business on the internet. This is a small budget business idea, so not bad if you don’t have funds to invest!

Let’s get to the heart of the matter right away with ideas for starting a business.

The best business ideas

Starting a small business is a great way to generate passive income. Plus, if you plan well and work hard, there is always the possibility that it will turn out to be a very profitable job. With the right tools and determination, even the smallest business can grow into an empire of millions. It might be time to start your own business. Rest assured, we won’t tell your boss that you don’t plan to come back to the office tomorrow. In this article, we’ve taken a look at busines ideas you can do wherever you are. So make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and dive into this list of ideas.

Sell dropshipping products

You don’t need a Steve Jobs or Elon Musk-style business start-up or breakthrough idea to be an entrepreneur. Every year, many people go into selling items online. According to our latest e-commerce figures, France, for example, exceeded 100 billion euros in turnover in 2019 and is today the 5th largest market in the world.

So you can start an online dropshipping store and sell quality products that you find from suppliers with an app like Oberlo, often in China.

Become a freelance and sell your services

If you are good at digital marketing, have a project manager training or have write or use Photoshop you can sell your services as a freelance on freelance platforms, such as, Malt or Fiverr at the international. For example, you can sell a logo design or the community management of a website. You can very well do this activity full time or as an income supplement in parallel with your business project. Check out our article on how to become a freelancer.

Become a writer or translator

Still in freelancing, you can very well offer your web writing or translation services. This is one of the best easy business building ideas if you love to write, or a business idea that you can do alongside another.

For example on Fiverr, many international companies are looking for translations of sites or localization of articles. Few people are still present on this platform, so you may find it easier to find missions. As long as you have a good command of English to ensure the quality of the translation and to receive the right advice!

Offer training and ebooks

In the same vein, you can also write ebooks or white papers and offer them for sale if they have real added value. This could be a list of influencers, an ebook on internet sales strategies, sheet music, English lessons, etc. As long as the quality and the price of entry is not very high, the files can sell without problem! You can also offer ebook writing to companies, which will pay more for this in-depth work than just an article.

Coaching Online

Do you like sports ? Are you a management expert or a nutrition professional? Coaching is a great idea for internet business. Coaching is like training, but much more personalized and extensive. You will really follow the person and help them make the right decisions, be there for them on a daily basis. 

Become an influencer or blogger

Although it takes time, you can also decide to become an Instagram or YouTube influencer and then receive money with product placements made on your network. If you are more into writing, you can start a blog that can help you promote possible training, ebook or coaching. For example, if you are an expert in digital marketing, you can blog about the latest trends in SEO or social media advertising. The blog will bring more traffic to your site and also rank better on Google.

Make an online affiliation

If you are a Youtube influencer or blogger, then you can form affiliate partnerships with brands. With these links that you share with your community, you get a percentage on sales or company service subscriptions and thus you can receive a good passive income every month if you negotiate multiple types of affiliations.

Sell your creations on Shopify or Etsy

If you like to create DIY and you like to create your own jewelry, objects or decorations, you can very well decide to sell your creations on the Esty platform or you can eventually create your own online store thanks to Shopify. Many entrepreneurs started with this idea of ​​creating a woman’s business. It is now very easy to create a microenterprise at home.

E-commerce activity idea: wireless headphones

By 2025, headphone retail is expected to reach US $ 15.8 billion, which represents a very promising niche for new entrepreneurs. With the AirPods, Apple popularized wireless headphones but their price remains very high. Many other brands have therefore started their production at a lower price as well.

Personalized T-shirts

If you want to have a dropshipping business but have an impact on your products, you can choose to do print-on-demand (POD). POD consists of selling t-shirts with patterns or graphics of your creation that you can then print to order.

It is therefore the solution to create a line of clothing or t-shirts without stock. The margins are less important because the raw material is very often high. But you can with the POD offer quality and personalized products.

The DIY trend

During the confinement, we embarked on a lot of recipes or homemade decorative items. This DIY trend has therefore accelerated in recent months and even if we are resuming a normal life, has become anchored in the habits of many people. 

How do you check that your business idea is good?

Making sure your idea is the right one is the first step in building a successful business. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

Does your idea generate interest?

A new idea may confuse consumers at first. However, we recognize a good idea because it meets an existing consumer need. It brings real added value compared to what already exists.

To refine his idea, the project leader must carry out a market study to better understand his potential customers and their needs: habits, consumption patterns, etc.

Is your idea feasible?

To study the feasibility of your idea, you must anticipate certain points that could compromise the success of your project, in particular:

●Do you have sufficient training?

●Is the market accessible (binding regulations, authorization required, etc.)?

●Have you thought about how you are going to differentiate yourself from your competition (especially if there are many)

●Do you have the necessary funding? Can you claim aid for the creation or takeover of a business to get started (ACCRE, aid from Pôle Emploi, etc.)

●Are you aware of the various administrative formalities to be carried out?

●Do you have an idea of the legal status / legal form of your future business (sole proprietorship, micro-business, start-up…)

Have you tested your idea?

From the start of the formalization of the idea, the business manager must go out to meet the future users of his offer. Testing your idea with various people to see their reactions is essential.

These exchanges allow you to learn, improve your initial offer, confirm or refute your hypotheses. You are thus building an increasingly viable project!

10 ways to find a good business idea

What you know that you can do the best and, above all, what do you like to do?

It is often easier to create in the profession that you master, because in such a case:

●you know if the idea is realistic

●you know the sector and the rules of the game

●you master the technical know-how

●You have the right “address book” to move quickly

Are you hesitating or do you really want to change profession or field of activity? Whether you are an employee or a job seeker, consider taking a skills assessment. This will allow you to mature your business creation project and choose an idea that suits you perfectly.

What is your talent? Listen to what others are saying about you!

“You are really good at …” “Me, I would really see you in …” “You are not the same for …” “Can you help me …”.
You’ve heard this kind of thing before. This means that you have a talent that you could perfectly harness by starting a business.

Use your critical mind!

When you buy something or use an object or a service, ask yourself: is it the best product, the most effective, the cheapest, the safest, the most practical? What are its faults? What are its points of improvement? Look for solutions to improve it: this can inspire you and give you many ideas!

Brainstorming, defectology, leading words, crushing … Discover the creativity techniques to find a business creation idea !

Be curious to find inspiration!

Go and trade shows related to your areas of interest and spot technological innovations and new products presented there.
Regularly read the magazines and professional journals that interest you and surf the web to feed your own thinking.

Observe the concepts that work abroad!

A new product that does not yet exist in Germany, for example, or a concept that is all the rage in another country? You just have to import the idea or adapt it to your clients, and that way you can start your business!

Find out what makes your life difficult!

Keep an eye out, at home, at work, in your school or university, in your own neighborhood … and notice what is complicating your life. You might find your creative idea trying to simplify your day-to-day life.

Investigate the needs of your loved ones!

Ask your friends, family or colleagues: what are the goods and services that would be useful to them but that they cannot find in store? What would they dream of but which does not yet exist? To save time, it is necessary to organize a brainstorming by bringing them together. You will be full of new ideas, that’s for sure!

Take over a business, why not?

You wish to undertake in an already structured environment. So why not consider a takeover project? You immediately benefit from a turnover, a clientele, a reputation, the means of production (an operational work tool) and you can thus devote yourself to the development of the activity and the strategy of the company. Find out which businesses to take over near you.

Find a well-placed commercial space!

What could you do in this room located in a busy area? What activity is missing in the neighborhood?

Take part in weekend startups!

These events are open to all people who have an idea of ​​creating new products or concepts or who wish to share their experience or skills with project leaders. A great opportunity to build a network, test ideas or even get involved in the construction of a business creation project that meets your criteria and values. Find a weekend startup near you.

Another 9 profitable business ideas to start at home today

While there are many, many approaches to starting a home business, here are some of the more accessible ideas for starting a profitable business yourself:

●Buy products wholesale for resale

●Sell ​​homemade products that you prepare or make yourself

●Start selling second-hand products

●Start a dropshipping online store

●Launch a print-on-demand online store

●Sell ​​your services or expertise

●Develop packages focused on your service offer or your expertise

●Build an audience that you can monetize

●Buy an existing e-commerce site

What are the advantages of a home business?

Starting a business from home offers multiple benefits to entrepreneurs such as reduced overheads and tax deductions, a balance between personal and professional life and the possibility of starting a family business.

What are the disadvantages of a home business?

Before starting a home business, you must find the necessary space to meet the needs of your activity (e.g. a desk to work on, a space to store your products, etc.), but also prepare yourself for having to work alone at all times, during the day, which can sometimes be a source of loneliness.

What profitable businesses to start at my home?

If you want to start a profitable business from home, there are several activities available to you. You can decide to resell products you bought wholesale, sell products that are prepared or made by you, start a dropshipping or print on demand online store, sell your services, monetize your subscribers, or yet to buy an existing e-commerce site.

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