Every person dreams of having a perfect hairstyle that will highlight all the qualities of the face and camouflage the flaws. Today there is such a huge variety of styles that it becomes quite complicated to choose one in the end. Moreover, it is now fashionable to follow modern trends, many would like to try “the hairstyle of the season”, “the color of the season”, etc. In pictures they may look beautiful, but in reality they often disappoint. We wrote this article to tell you how to choose the right haircut that you will not regret.

Hairstyles are not universal. The right hairstyle for that stylish mother or your favorite influencer might not have the same effect on you. Before you book a hairstylist’s appointment, read on to find a cut that matches your face shape.

Even if you dream of having the trendy haircut of the hour or that of your favorite actress, it is important to think carefully before visiting a good hairdresser. After all, you don’t want to walk out of the barbershop wearing a hat on your head to hide a disastrous cut or dye!

The hairstyle to favor according to the shape of your face

Not all cuts are right for your face. Knowing the shape of your face will allow you to choose the best haircut – the one that will enhance your natural beauty and your features. There are four main types of face shapes. Which one suits you?

Haircut for a round face

The parting and straight hair tied back not only highlights Miranda Kerr‘s broad face, but also adds to her age. Instead, the long layered bob looks great on her. Unsuitable hairstyles: “Very voluminous hairstyles on the sides, straight hairstyles with the hair tied back, a straight cut at the level of the chin or higher – all these are the mistakes for a round face,” explains the main stylist of the salon Redken Daniela Schult. Also, the center parting and thick, heavy bangs don’t look good. These hairstyles will only highlight the width of your face.

The goal is to make the face visually longer. The excellent solutions will be: the smooth locks around the face, an asymmetrical fringe, the waves and the medium and long cuts in layers.

Haircut for an oval face

The bob bob up to the level of the chin draws the attention of Olivia Wilde’s wide and square jaw. Surrounded by long locks, the face has a more cute and sweet look.

Hairstyles to avoid: too straight and symmetrical lines will highlight the angularity of this face. The bob bob up to the chin with a straight and thick fringe is really forbidden, as this type of cut too emphasizes the wide jaw. You have to be careful with short cuts as they can give the face the masculine look. “Women with a square face shape should avoid tying their hair back, for example by making a ponytail. This over-emphasizes the angular features of the face and makes them harder, ”says Caren Thomson, a stylist and salon owner.

Long hair is the best solution for a square face, be it straight or wavy, curls or wide waves, this length will camouflage the corners of the face. If you want to do a fringe, go for an asymmetrical shape on one side rather than straight which makes the face look even wider.

Haircut for a heart-shaped face

American actress Reese Witherspoon is the epitome of the heart-shaped face, with a wide forehead and a narrow, pointed jawline. The best feature for this face shape is the bangs, according to Lauren Thompson, stylist at Nunzio Saviano Salon. “Side swept bangs or long bangs with a center parting are perfect, as they both draw attention away from the chin, to create better balance,” she explains.

Haircut for a square face

If your face length and width are equal, like Salma Hayek and Cameron Diaz, you have a square face. “People with square faces have heavy jaws,” Cairns explains. So when it comes to cuts, you want to soften the features around the chin. Bangs that frame the face with a gradient provide movement that will really help soften strong lines.

Haircut for an elongated face

Not to be confused with an oval face. Oblong (or elongated) faces tend to be narrower and longer (think Liv Tyler). Thompson recommends avoiding long hairstyles (below the shoulder), as they can draw the eye downward, making the face appear even longer. A short hairstyle, like a bob with texture and layers, is ideal, as it draws the eye upward and adds volume to the sides of the face, to create more width and balance.

Haircut for a diamond shaped face

“Diamond-shaped faces – like actress Keira Knightley – are interesting, and the options for cuts and hairstyles are plentiful,” Cairns says. She recommends a single-length cut with bangs, which softens pointy cheeks with an emphasis on the eyes. For styling, a deep side parting can distract from the hairline.

Haircut for a high forehead

“It’s an area that women often try to cover up,” says Cairns. Bangs are a great way to take the attention away from the forehead and focus it on the eyes and cheekbones. If you have thick hair, you can do full bangs (a la Zooey Deschanel or Heidi Klum). If your hair is thinner, she recommends a fringe curl in the middle.

Trendy hairstyle for women

As fashion is an eternal restart, we draw inspiration again and again from past decades that we bring up to date whether for a back- to-school hairstyle or not. The trend that we had already seen last year and which is confirmed a little more this year? The 70s and 80s. If on the fashion side, we fall for seventies boots, and when it comes to makeup, we are back to disco colors, we also style our hair by imitating this era rich in inspiration.

The smooth square cut

This hair trend, also known as the “bob cut,” is perfect for those with straight hair without frizz or curls. Your hairdresser will have to be meticulous to achieve a straight cut, at the height of the jaw. Rather timid in 2020, this trend will arrive in force during the year 2021.

The Pulp Fiction Cup

Do you remember Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction? This actress will have inspired one of the biggest hair trends of 2021. Once again, we suggest a square cut, but with the addition of bangs. Classic and cute, this haircut will turn heads!

The wavy shag cut

Once again, we suggest you have your head free, by lightening your mane! Thanks to this haircut, we draw a line on the year that has just passed. Somewhere between your jawline and shoulders will end your pretty curly hair. If your hair is wavy naturally, it won’t need any maintenance. 

The glued braids 

As singer Ciara proved to us, you will see this hair trend taking shape everywhere. In 2021, the braids glued to the head will light up the faces of those who wear them, in addition to being ultra-comfortable. If you have a thick mane to tame, this is the trend for you.

The gradient

If you are tired of the “full length” cut, know that the year 2021 has a surprise in store: the return of the gradient. The multiple layers created by this cut will give movement and flexibility to your hair so that it unfolds naturally.

The short punk or ball cut

This season the cropped hairstyle is more inspiring than ever. The ball version features a wick or a fringe to accentuate its glam side while the punk version asserts its wild side with a very pronounced gradient ( mullet cut ) which offers, depending on the nature of the hair, a cascade of curls or a voluminous wavy. The boyish cut is still very present, but slips with a flat styling, a very open neck or a parting on the side for a more boyish style.

Retro bangs

Since the revival of the 70s, the fringe continues to be emulated. This season again we find it on the faces of the models of the parades and that of the stars of the moment. From Clara Luciani to Angèle through Selena Gomez all have adopted her successfully. Version curtain, graphic or short, it is unrivaled to bring style. The only downside is that it requires regular maintenance (cutting, styling) to keep its hold.

The elegant middle parting

It is child’s play to make it, but that’s not what we love it for. We especially appreciate the chic and elegance that it brings in the blink of an eye to all hair lengths. Fancy some extra sophistication? Discipline the roots with an anti-frizz spray for a clean separation.

The messy bun

Because it is both easygoing and elegant, the bun chignon has carved out a place of pride in the fall-winter hairstyle trends. We wear it combed-disheveled with a few locks that escape on the temples or the nape of the neck and preferably with crumpled lengths to assert its cool attitude even more.

The vintage scarf

Already present in spring-summer hairstyle trends, the scarf confirms its star status this season. A real alternative to classic hair accessories (headbands, scrunchies …), not only does it tame the hair in a jiffy (by tying it under the chin or in the neck), but in addition it brings a retro touch, like Jacky Kennedy. All you have to do is choose the print and / or the color that speaks to you the most.

The long shag, versatile and glamorous

For those who want a versatile, modern look with an irresistible gritty touch this cut is perfect and stands as the best alternative to the beloved bob, suitable for both fine and thick hair», say the AHS experts. What makes the difference, however, is the styling. The new version evokes the “shaggy” style, with important fringe and slightly scaled sides, but softens the distinctive elements with a more contemporary variation. Less rock than the classic version, but more decisive than a long bob, it is ideal for those with straight hair because it creates movement on the head, and becomes super cool in a wavy version.

The mullet, new rock header

And among the autumn haircuts, certainly the most decisive is the mullet, among the hairstyles proposed by almost all the brands. Version 2.0 is nothing extreme, but a very soft, gritty and feminine look at the same time that goes well with all types of hair, experts Tony & Guy Italia know. Curly, smooth, shorter or longer, it is extremely versatile.

The boule, the middle way between short and bob

A decisive but at the same time welcoming style: among the autumn haircuts, Franck Provost brings back the boule, made even more sophisticated thanks to the long fringe that embellishes the forehead and allows you to bring the hair back for a hair more glamorous look. Also thanks to the proposed styling, a soft and moving look that is achieved with a large diameter curling iron and then disheveled with the fingers. Among the possible variants, a smooth styling, to be achieved with a brush and hairdryer. In this way, the Boule Cut emphasizes the look, thanks to the strands combed forward that touch the eyes.

The long hair

Set aside a little in recent seasons, pursued by the bob in all its variations, the long takes back the scene and forcefully returns to have its say, thanks to the innate versatility that allows this cut to express all its souls.

Timeless bob

The bob cut of the cuts, beloved by stars, influencers and ordinary women, has no intention of going out of fashion, and will also be very popular. Super glam, for example, the one proposed by Franck Provost, a graphic yoke slightly drawn on the contours of the face gives body to the hair and gives a current allure. Beautifully wavy, smooth or more casual, to be made with a round brush, it is a wonderful passepartout.

Trendy hairstyle for men

New hairstyles for men are constantly appearing in barbershops across the world, skilled hairdressers are constantly pushing the limits of creativity to create the most fashionable cuts and styles. And thanks to our site you will always be aware of what is happening at the moment in terms of men’s haircuts. From classic styles to modern styles, these are the best haircuts for men this year.

Textured pompadour

To get the ball rolling, here is a magnificent textured Pompadour accompanied by a low gradient. If you want an effective hairstyle that will not go unnoticed while remaining stylish and elegant, this is the cut for you!

Textured quiff

This hairstyle is one of the most popular men’s haircuts. It offers a lot of versatility and gives you the opportunity to style the hair you have on top however you like. Combined with a gradient to white, the Quiff is always a success.

Buzz cut

The combination of the Buzz cut with contours and a must have hairstyle for those who are looking for a simple and short hairstyle. However, if you have an unevenly shaped head or large ears, you should go for a longer hair style. This hairstyle highlights facial features such as nose or ears.

Bowl cut

The Bowl Cup returns with several variations and styles. You can shape it according to your moods and preferences. Your hair is cut short on the side, staying long at the top. A very easy hairstyle to maintain.

Original braids

Although it is women who initially wear braids, they also remain very popular with men. These hairstyles are unmatched in style. This is the most creative cut style for men who want to look cool and fashionable.

Caesar cut

If you have natural wavy hair, then this hairstyle is for you. On this Caesar cut, the hair is shaved to the sides and the hair styled at the top. You get a very good result as can be seen in this image.

Slicked back

In this photo we have a magnificent Slicked Back, a hairstyle that is always very trendy, combined with a perfectly executed high gradient and a neatly trimmed and groomed beard.


Waves are a classic among black or mixed-race men, in this example we have a subtle gradient at the temples and a disconnected beard, all sublimated by perfect contours. If you want a simple hairstyle that is perfect for a relaxed lifestyle, this is the cut for you.

Hair styled on the side

This is a very popular hairstyle among men and will remain so for quite a while. The hair is styled to the side with a very nice movement. However, this cut does not work for all hair types.

Small afro

If you love afro hairstyles but don’t want to stand out too much, here is a perfect, stylish and style-packed alternative. The layering and outlines are of utmost importance if you want the hairstyle to work.

Flat top

If you are looking for originality, then this hairstyle may be for you. We have a Flat Top at the top and the sides are layered with an original parting, which gives that sleek and stylish look.

Man bun on long wavy hair

This hairstyle is one of the best alternatives to the ponytail to tie your hair back. The contours and the slight gradient sublimate the whole hairstyle.

Side part pompadour

This hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles on the market today. If it is to your liking, do not hesitate to try it. Simple, chic and terribly effective.

Textured crop

Are you looking for a classic and stylish haircut that will give you the look you crave? Here is the hairstyle for you. The textured crop is beautiful, the perfectly executed gradient and good contours sublimate the whole, a cut that we love.

Comb over

In this example we have an excellent Comb Over on the side part, the parting on the side and the medium gradient add style to the whole, a sophisticated haircut that will require a little daily maintenance.

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