Working with the whole family has a number of undeniable advantages that are hard to underestimate. First of all, it is necessary to note the trust in each family member and their desire to make their contribution to the development of a common cause. In addition, all profits from the work of the enterprise created by you and your family will always be in the family. This will allow you to reorganize the company at any time, increase production facilities and personnel, which ultimately leads to increased profits.

At the initial stage, choose a profitable idea to keep your business, competently create a business plan, explore the work of competitors in the chosen niche and consumer demand. Consider what the whole family should do so that the business brings decent income and pleasure, where to start it right.

How to choose a profitable direction of the family business?

What do you need to know to create a profitable family business? What is the idea of ​​giving preference and where to get the starting capital to implement it? With these and a number of other issues, novice entrepreneurs are facing, who firmly decided to make money for the whole family.

First of all, it is necessary to approach the business structure of the family. It’s no secret that most people don’t have an opportunity to invest a lot of money in developing their business, so the lion’s share of entrepreneurs who worked with their family members is small business representation.

For this type of family business, the presence of a small number of employees and the absence of a pronounced service hierarchy is characterized. As a rule, the family structure is created by several members, and the total number of relatives of the enterprise is 5-10 people. In this case, among all employees, the duties are distributed almost equally, everyone can replace them if necessary at the “workplace”.

One of the varieties of family business is a small business in which each of the employees (of course, family and relatives) occupies a certain position. At the same time, the entire state of the enterprise is professionals in their case. For example, a small family-owned company specializing in the development and manufacture of prosthetics and other medical equipment. The Company is led by the Company, as a rule, the head of the family, as well as in the state there is an accountant, an engineer, creating models of equipment and layouts, as well as prosthetic people. Of course, to create such a family business, it is necessary to have the appropriate education and the desire of native people to fulfill their best jobs in such businesses, because the competition is high, especially in small towns.

Many would like to be shareholders of a large company and to receive dividends for the ownership of the stocks. Imagine that this is possible if with your own people they are the owners of the family company. As a rule, such firms work as an analogy with joint stock companies, and the main (and only) owners of securities and other assets are all family members. Of course, to create such a family business, he will take multi-million seed capital and a profitable idea. All rights to ownership of the Company’s assets are transferred to family members (successors) inheritance.

Ideas for family businesses

To create a profitable family business, each entrepreneur will have to choose the direction of the business of his company, because this will largely depend on the success of the company and profit. It should also be borne in mind that you can start your own business with attachments and without them.

Website development

If you are familiar with programming and can create web resources (sites, loans, satellites, other), then, as in the previous embodiment, no investment will be required. In addition, you can easily even in the first place on the Internet without investment (and even more so). For small family businesses, web mastering is one of the profitable and promising areas where the competition is outweighed by creating high-quality sites with compelling content.

Organization of celebrations

Do you love to create? Create a small business for organizing celebrations, parties and weddings. Here, relatives have to distribute the duties of the photographer, Tamada, Driver, Musicians, etc.

Online shop

Create a family business by opening an Internet shop. To date, there are many information resources, with which even a first recruiter will create their own website, and absolutely free, and will learn about what e-commerce mistakes to avoid. To successfully sell various goods, it is necessary to study consumer demand, choose products (various versions of hours, children’s goods, clothing) and use effective methods of promotion on the Internet (social networks, teasers and banner ads, others).

Photographic services

Make a family with the provision of professional photo shoots. For example, you can make modern digital models, images with films, restore old images and take photos on documents.

Opening your coffee shop

You can create a family business by organizing a small catering company. Today, all kinds of fast food, dumplings and mobile cafes are very popular. You can lure your kids to work on pocket expenses if they want to know.

Private kindergarten

Private nursery school will bring considerable income to its owners, of course, if you properly organize this type of family business. You need to choose (or build) the corresponding building with a bedroom, dining room, game room and the actual room. It will also be necessary to attract professional teachers who will teach the basics for children of foreign languages, etiquette, music and dance, logic, etc.

Family hotel business

Of course, we are not talking about the world-class trendy five-star hotels in La Burj Al Arab, but to create a business with the whole family when the hostel opens it will be very much in power. In any city, a lot of people need a lot of people in every day, so this direction will always be relevant.

Souvenir products

Resort in the resort area? Take care of the souvenir production. This type of activity is advantageous to organize in the city and other settlements, where there is a large number of visitors of the visitors. Souvenirs with pleasure (and in considerable quantities, which is important) are bought from resorts for the memory. You can also try to create the virtual version of your shop, where you will sell your product to people from other cities or even countries. Read and learn how to increase your online sales of your store and start making money.

Repair workshop exit

If several relatives of the family are able to perform sanitary, repair and electrical work, it is possible to create a family business for the provision of urgent technical assistance at home. We will not focus on the fact that a large number of families need such services, we only note that this business direction can be successfully developed with minimal investment.

Beauty services

This type of business is mainly suitable for women who can qualitatively create cosmetic procedures, perform hair coloring, do manicures and pedicures. To start working, you will need to acquire professional tools and equipment, also to learn and start a social media marketing for your business. It should also be borne in mind that the prices of their services must be offered to potential customers somewhat lower than those of “salon competitors”. With due diligence, for a short period of time you will have enough customers, thanks to which it is possible to earn solid amounts on an ongoing basis.

Stock opening business

Do not bear to think that if the city is full of such shops, you have been orderly in this business. To begin with, you need to decide with the suppliers of “bashing” and warehouse clothes. They can easily be found on the Internet in search results, as well as visiting thematic groups and communities in social networks and also learn SEO, which will help you to boost your sales. In addition, there is no need to search for premises and payment rent, as the sale of clothes and shoes can be engaged on the Internet. First you need to create audiences and be sure to place photos of things you sell, indicating prices. As practical shows, people who want to acquire good quality used things at a rustic price, a lot. In addition, suppliers are very often completely new clothes and shoes, as well as branded things.

Opening of the mini bakery

If you can delicious baked, you should pay attention to this type of business. Bread is a product of daily consumption and excellent baking everywhere disassemble almost without residues, so this business will always be profitable for the whole family.

Where to get money for a quick start?

As we said, it is possible to create your business from scratch without starting capital, but it should be noted that to get a solid income and the opening of our production will have to fork. The amount of seed capital will depend on the selected direction, the need to acquire a variety of equipment, rental of premises.

Then you get the desired amount for the start. If you, family members and closest relatives, there are savings, then it can be divided equally or in some shares among everyone. Otherwise, you will have to take a bank loan, which, with a competently compiled business plan and other calculations, can be obtained on favorable terms.

You can also attract third-party investors if, of course, you are interested in the idea that it can be boosted into a successful implementation. City authorities are known to cater to beginner entrepreneurs, so it is possible to obtain small business loans on preferential terms, as well as tax payments for simplified rates.

How to interact with family members at work?

You managed to create a family business, and it began to develop gradually. In the beginning, all relatives can work almost “FREE”, realizing the well-being of the whole family. However, over time, everyone will want the remuneration they deserve, as well as some positions in the firm.

In order not to disagree between native people, it is necessary to initially agree on the rules of relations. It is clear to distinguish between service and related relationships. It is recommended to display the duties of the sides of the other on the other on the card and make them increased.

When making a family member a certain amount of money, it is necessary to coordinate the time of his return, which should be documented. Regardless of the post, each family member, busy with production, should clearly fulfill his duties and not shift them to their native people.

If you have opened production, then there will be a series of questions most days that require urgent resolution. To do this, there should be small floors on which command actions can be coordinated and avoid problems.

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