A romantic evening is what it takes every now and then to strengthen the couple’s relationship. There is no need to organize an evening with special effects, although sometimes these can be a nice surprise. Often it is enough to set up a different evening for everything to be more beautiful.

In any case, there are also many original ideas for a romantic evening : you can think, for example, of a romantic one-night getaway or a whole romantic weekend in a private spa complete with a whirlpool. Of course you can also organize a romantic evening at home, with an excellent dinner followed by a romantic and passionate night.

Now let’s go ahead and try to figure out how to organize a romantic surprise-proof evening and what to avoid in order not to make a barbed figure.

Two special recommendations for boys: girls have come down from Venus and now they no longer spin sweaters, if they want a sweater they go to buy it. Therefore? So think about something else. It is useless, then, to limit yourself to cooking thinking that it is a gesture for great gentlemen, when, on the other hand, waiting for you to free yourself from the traffic on the ring road after a day spent in the office, it should be the rule.

Why is romance so important?

Being romantic is essential in a couple relationship and, in general, in any love relationship. Basically it is a purely masculine modality: it is in fact up to the man to exercise the art of romance, to conquer a woman, to show her his love, or to keep the relationship alive.

In the phase of acquaintance between man and woman, romance is an inevitable component and is part of the overall process of seduction. A meeting takes place between the two parties through channels that can be the most disparate, then in the case of real interest – sexual or love – being romantic becomes part of that process of approaching the “hunter to the prey”. A vision perhaps too cynical and predatory this, but certainly real.

Other times, if the conquest of the woman is not the drive for romanticism, it can be her re-conquest, for example in the case of a relationship that has been interrupted, perhaps precisely because of a man’s error of some kind, which in this way he tries to mend the situation.

Still other times, being romantic is a necessary attitude not only in the initial phase, but also during the relationship, in the long term: constant attention that every day serves to cultivate a love that, if not nourished with gestures and actions of this type, it tends to wear out over time.

Romantic date night ideas

Have you met a man or a woman you like and you would like to spend a little one-on-one time, just to get to know each other better and have a little more privacy? Unless you want to go out with your partner. Yes but here it is, in both cases, the accounts are (almost) empty / taxes are coming / the purchase of your last favorite dress has ruined you: in short, now is not the time to spend. Despite everything, we agree, this little meeting, because we are full of almost free ideas.

A classic romantic evening

Imagine the scene right away. A corridor illuminated by tea lights, covered with colorful fragrant petals, leading to a table laden with nectars like Sassicaia (a Prosecco doc is fine too, it depends on the pockets) and aphrodisiac foods like oysters (or mussels, it depends …), while the background fills up to the notes of your song and the fireplace crackles. Not bad, right?

An adventurous evening

Take any means of transport and aim for otherwise inaccessible and lonely destinations, far from the lights of the city, in places where you can observe the lights of infinity. The arabesques of the sky offer enchanted spectacles, but you have to “reach” them by the lakes or on top of the mountains. Also, the thrill of loneliness will ignite ancient passions.

Spend an evening baking pastries

Arm yourself with aprons, recipes and ingredients. Everything is there to have a memorable moment. Between Darling who doesn’t know how to cook and you who won’t be able to stop giggling at the slightest mistake, we are willing to bet that all this will end in a flourish. Or a tasting of succulent coulants with chocolate.

Have a drink on a rooftop

Drink a shot, that knows you. And since you love it so much, why not spice it up by changing the location. Terraces and trendy bars are fine for a while, but what can compete with a stunning night view, a good cocktail and your lover’s hand in yours?

Dinner on a boat

Preferably, avoid anything called “Titanic” or something like that. We would not want this date to end in tragedy. On the other hand, we have rarely seen more romantic than a candlelit dinner on the water with soft music. You do not necessarily feel that you are on a boat and in terms of context, that makes all the difference.

Visit a museum at night

Because the day is quite simply unlivable. All tourists and especially those with their cameras annoy you more than they relax you. At night, however, the museum takes on a magical dimension and the world is much less present. It’s like it’s just you, Honey, the art and the stars. If you want really to surprise her, take her to a fashion museum where she will like every second spent there.

Take a drive into the unknown

It’s true that in general, it’s always better to know where you’re going. But it is clear that when this is the case, our natural reflexes push us to want to go strangely faster than cruising. Choose together your circuit, a good playlist and let yourself be carried away by the landscapes that surround you.

Go clubbing, just the two of you

If dating your group of friends is usually a subject of conflict, consider that dating can be quite different. Imagine yourself surrounded by strangers. You have a drink, then two, then three. Or maybe even a bottle who knows and you’re gonna do a remake of “The Boom” on the dancefloor. More than you and him, we tell you! 

An outdoor cinema

A bit like in American movies? Yes, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. Not easy to find but still existing, play the game and take yourself for Dany and Sandy for an evening. There’s no harm in wanting to play it vintage!

A hot air balloon ride

Certainly, this is the kind of meeting to organize in advance. But who has never wanted to take a little height and be able to contemplate the world from above, in the arms of the person you love? Dare to say no to us!

Visit your city, as if you were tourists

If you like role-playing games, this date is for you! Obviously, you both know your city like the back of your hand. But it’s a lot more fun to pretend it’s just the opposite. Bring hats, glasses and even scratch sandals if you like, ready to take out the disposable camera: in short, the whole outfit of the perfect tourist and have fun rediscovering your city. And maybe you will re-discover each other.

Go see a jazz concert

Electro is overrated and overheard pop-rock. When the two of you go to a concert these days, you don’t take the time to sit down or sip a drink while giving each other sulky looks. And what better than a jazz concert to get you out of your music and love routine?

Sex on the first date: yes or no?

Sex on the first date, yes or no? The eternal dilemma that assails us when we go out for the first time with a person we like. How should we behave in this situation? Let yourself go or be desired? Here are the pros and cons of such a choice. How long do you have to wait to sleep with the person we like? These are questions that we legitimately ask ourselves when we go out with a man for the first time: many women think that having sex on the first date can compromise a possible relationship, therefore it becomes a serious matter that often blocks us. The same cannot be said of the opposite sex: men are in fact more predisposed to sex on the first date, a behavior that is therefore less cautious but certainly more free from conditioning. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, it is possible to weigh the pros and cons of such a choice: here are what they are.

It is important to decree the beginning of a relationship

Those who object that having sex right away is not “serious” do not realize that in reality sex is fundamental in a couple, especially if one is determined to start a long-term relationship: it is important to understand immediately if there is understanding and sexual compatibility, before becoming infatuated with the person who could then disappoint us in bed.

Helps establish a deep connection right away

Sex on the first date would also help create a deep connection with the partner, making us understand immediately if that person likes us, helping to establish an intense bond. Some might argue that unveiling immediately makes you lose that aura of mystery that serves to intrigue the other person: this is not true. Let’s take into account that the other likes our being free: that is, behaving without conditioning or strategies. It is therefore useless to have too many problems, if in front of us we have the right man we will be able to seduce him. And then no one said that everything should be played on the first night. The subsequent meetings will be essential to discover and make us discover more and more.

It makes us understand who we are facing

Having sex on a first date also helps us to understand immediately what we are dealing with: if the person you like judges your sexual freedom in a negative way, they will never appreciate you and will never love you for who you are. At this point, it’s best to immediately end a relationship that starts off on the wrong foot.

Sex on the first date: the pros and cons to consider

In reality, beyond what the research says, choosing to have sex on a first date is a very subjective choice: it depends on our nature, on how much we like the person in front of us and also on the type of relationship we intend to establish. Furthermore, the moment you live and the atmosphere that is created also play an important role. However, there are also a number of pros and cons to consider.

The pros

Sex on the first date? Let’s evaluate what the pros are.

●Following instinct and passion allows us to live more intensely:  letting go of emotions and seizing the moment is important in some circumstances. Following the instinct makes us live the passion in an intense way.

●Why deny yourself a sexual desire? If we are face to face with the person of our dreams, whether it’s the first date or not, what changes? You have to enjoy life to the full without regrets.

●It is important to understand immediately if sex works : as we have already anticipated, it is best to start a relationship after having established that there is a good sexual relationship.

●Sex as a way to establish a bond : sex also helps to know each other and to deepen a bond, making us reach a deeper level than the simple conversation. Then if it’s the right one or not we’ll find out anyway.


Sex on the first date? Let’s see now what are the cons to evaluate.

●No to have sex on the first date if we do it without conviction: we often find ourselves having sex on the first date because we almost feel carried away, without really wanting it. This could make us mistaken and start a relationship with the wrong person.

Sexual desire may cloud the rest : getting caught up in the heat may not make us evaluate other aspects such as the tastes, values ​​or character of the other person.

●Without courtship, the right erotic tension is lacking : if we allow ourselves sex on the first date, we lose everything that is created during the courtship phase: seduction, the construction of intimacy. Furthermore, it is not possible to evaluate clearly if there are the conditions for starting a relationship and if we are facing the right person for us. The wait also amplifies the desire.

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