Choosing your swimsuit for next summer is already finding the form that hides the last curves of confinement and the perfectly flattering color that supports pale beginnings. Once these bases have been meticulously studied, it remains to be seen what trends will dress the most stylish naiads.

What brands of swimwear should you know before summer? The first essential to slip into your suitcase for a getaway by the water, the swimwear wardrobe can be imagined according to the desires and seasonal trends. 

This year, we break the symmetry, we opt for recycled materials, we emboss the lycra, we put everything on the so elegant white or the remarkable lagoon blue , we string the bottle or we play he sixties icons with gingham.

Sun, vacation, beach … and swimsuits. Obviously! For this summer, the one-piece swimsuit is still wreaking havoc with fashionistas around the world. In vogue, the one-piece swimsuit sculpts the silhouette while offering an ultra glamorous look. A real tool of seduction, provided that the model is well chosen!

This summer we want to be comfortable with our body to feel totally sublime and at ease on the beaches. For some people, hiding your stomach is an important criterion when choosing your swimsuit. Extra pounds, flat stomach, or simply for aesthetic reasons… Every fashionista looks for the swimsuit that suits her best.

The history of swimsuits

It was not until the 18th century that sea ​​bathing appeared. But no question of revealing the slightest part of the female body. Women bathe in shirts, then in corsets and baggy pants. Then comes the Belle Epoque bathing suit : charlotte to protect the hair and a long-sleeved dress.

And as it was unfortunate to be seen in bathing clothes, a man named Benjamin Beale had the idea of ​​creating mobile bathing cabins. We would enter the cabin in street clothes and change while the cabin was being pulled into the water by oxen or horses. It was essential that the cabin prevent bathers from being seen from the beach. Once we had finished having fun in the water, it was enough to hoist a flag to signal that the cabin had to be brought back to dryness.

In 1907, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman dared to sport a tight, sleeveless outfit that closely resembles the one-piece swimsuit we know today.

Her daring earned a fine and the affair made the headlines. It must be said that Annette is a young woman with a strong character!

Born with atrophied leg muscles, she must wear steel braces to facilitate her walking. When she was six, her doctor recommended that she swim to stimulate her legs. At the age of 13, she swam so much that her legs are almost as strong as normal. Two years later, she mastered all strokes and won her first swimming competition.

At 19, she also stands out by attempting to swim the Channel crossing. Swimmers are allowed to swim naked, while Annette Kellermann were forced to wear a wetsuit. After ten hours of swimming in water at 11 ° C, she gave up the race. The same year, she took part in the swimming crossing of Paris with seven other male competitors.

To maximize her swimming performance, Annette Kellermann wears a bodycon wetsuit that shows off her arms and legs. It was this jumpsuit that she wore in 1907 on Boston beach and that led to her being arrested.

In 1932, the Parisian fashion designer Jacques Heim designed a two-piece swimsuit, made up of high-waisted shorts that hid the navel. Its name: Atom in reference to the smallest element on Earth to designate “the smallest swimsuit in the world”. It replaces the knitted woolen swimsuit, which weighed 500 grams when you put it on and over three kilos when you came out of the water.

The explosion is due to a certain Louis Réard. An automotive engineer, he also manages his mother’s lingerie store in Paris “Les Folies Bergères”. Watching women on the beach roll up their swimsuits to optimize their tan, Louis Réard has the idea of ​​creating a swimsuit that reveals the navel. It will be “even smaller than the smallest jersey in the world”: war with Jacques Heim is declared!

On July 5, 1946, Réard presented his creation in a competition organized at the Molitor swimming pool. But before talking about the competition, let’s go back a few days: on July 1, 1946, the Americans detonated a bomb, a real one, in the Marshall Islands, in the bikini atoll more precisely… Do you see us coming? Réard wants to make an impression: his swimsuit will therefore be called “ bikini, the first an-atomic bomb”. A play on words of the best taste, you will agree.

The swimsuit was so scandalous that Réard cannot find a model who dares to wear his creation for the competition. He ends up hiring Micheline Bernardini, a naked dancer at the Casino de Paris. To underline how low fabric Réard’s new jersey is, it is sold contained in a box the size of a matchbox.

It was not until 1953 that the bikini received a boost that would boost its popularity. At 19, Brigitte Bardot accompanied her husband Roger Vadim to the Cannes film festival and took part in a photo shoot on the Carlton beach. She poses there in a white bikini with flowers. Admittedly, it is not a Réard, but everyone is only talking about that! In 1956, it was on the big screen that BB panicked men in a white bikini that had become cult in “And God Created Woman”.

The best swimsuits for your body

In the 18 th century, people bathed being dressed. Women and girls of yesteryear had to wear costumes made up of 6 pieces, modesty required. Since then, the situation has evolved and the swimsuit has become a concept in its own right in the world of fashion. As you walk through this platform, you will know how to choose the best swimwear for women.


Among the “must-have” in the wardrobe of the fairer sex, there is the two-piece swimsuit for women, commonly known as the “bikini”. Created in 1946 by Louis Réart, this revolutionary garment will punctuate your curves. The Bettydom brand offers just this type of product. The flagship model of the moment is the “Halterneck Stripes”, highlighting navy blue and white, ideal for summer.

Available in several sizes, this product is considered to be the best polyester and spandex swimsuit for women of our selection. It is decorated with red bows in the center of the chest and on the hips.

Banana Moon Akima Mindanao

To attract customers, the female swimsuit must meet various criteria, including bright colors, a unique fit, a cheap price and many other crucial points. Among the models that stand out in the industry, there is the one-piece creation, timeless. This type of beachwear has had a makeover in recent years, attracting an increasingly younger clientele. Several brands have been able to exploit this niche, such as Banana Moon.This American brand, more preciously Californian, has been able to combine the charms of the city with the demands. The “Yakima” model is a benchmark in the field of banana moon swimwear for women. Prints dominate through khaki green floral patterns and a multicolored frieze, reminiscent of Aztec designs or strobe lights.

Monokini Slimming Socluer

To show off, nothing beats buying a good swimsuit. That said, for a guaranteed effect, its choice must be made according to the silhouette. Indeed, there are various styles and variants of swimsuits, but some are more elegant than others as is the case in particular with this monokini from Socluer.

Thanks to its Polyester and Spandex fabric, this swimsuit is both flexible and very resistant. In addition to that, it will not risk shrinking in time. Slimming, this push-up is slightly pleated and has a lining at the belly. This will avoid highlighting the curves.

Delimira 1 Piece 

This one piece swimsuit for women is a must have. It continues to seduce all ages, highlighting the shapes. This is why many of you are always asking yourself: “what is the best swimsuit for women on the market?” “. Delimira, a brand specializing in lingerie, is selling a united creation available in several sizes. There is only one color for this model: black. The creation features white lines at the edges and along the length of the jersey, to enhance the person’s curves. The fabrics used for its manufacture are polyamides and elastane.

You will be comfortable wearing it, thanks to the padding installed in the chest area and the elasticity of the fabric. This slimming swimsuit is punctuated by a plunging V-neckline to bring out the curves of your chest.

Vovotrade Bohemian

The reputation of the bikini is well established, its variations are all the more numerous. To stand out on the beaches, Vovotrade presents the “Bohémien”. A fully hand-knitted swimsuit, which you can buy on the web. Made using mixed cottons, this set is distinguished by the meticulous work of the craftsmen, visible in the uniformity of the designs.

Highlighting the bohemian style, the “mandala” (circular diagram representing the universe) predominates, at the top of the chest and on the stomach. A unique decor in the shape of a “dream catcher” hangs under the top. It is decorated with brown pearls, a color that perfectly matches the khaki white of the jersey.


Not really practical for addicts to uniform tanning, we had forgotten the asymmetrical swimsuit. It will however be necessary to count on its “ one shoulder ” this summer, especially in the evening to become an elegant top with a skirt… and to avoid the traces.

Lagoon blue

Matching your bikini with the turquoise waters of the most beautiful paradises… This is the fashion statement capable of attracting all eyes. And contrary to appearances, the luminous lagoon blue does not necessarily require tanned skin!


This is THE little novelty that we will see everywhere on the beaches this summer. The bikini is adorned with strings to delicately slice the busts and muscular bellies of those who have not abused homemade cakes.

Blanc de blanc

We could hardly have done more chic than the white swimsuit to look like a millionaire, with a large hat, sunglasses and light caftn required to settle down at a beach restaurant. What to copy the cult sex appeal of the James Bond.


The froufrou is dead, long live the embossing ! The most desirable swimwear houses have made the smocked effect a nifty hobby to flaunt to texturize your swimwear. It gives a retro look and added value to the classic smooth lycra, which why not we choose to match it up by mismatching the top and bottom.


Last year celebrated polka dot jerseys. Proud of its Frenchie origins, gingham is now making its comeback by injecting a Bardot wave into holidaymakers on the mop in Saint-Tropez or elsewhere. Do you, do you?

How to use a swimsuit for women?

The swimsuit was created to enhance your figure and to bathe in peace without worries. For men and women, the models are diverse and varied. On this subject, women have more choices than men, but it’s also easy to get lost when you don’t know what it is. Here are some tips that might help you choose the right swimsuit.

Choose the swimsuit adapted to your morphology

A body type, a swimsuit. Before buying your swimsuit, there are a few rules to follow. If you like a model, ask yourself the following question: would this swimsuit highlight my figure? If you have bulges at the hips, for example, choose a dark-colored swimsuit. And if it’s a two-piece, make sure the bottom is “high waist”. Thus, the swimsuit will sculpt your shapes.

Above all, don’t get the size wrong

When choosing a swimsuit, size should be taken into account. The sizes offered to you may not suit you, especially in the case of a two-room apartment. Indeed, it happens that the upper part of your body is wider than the lower part. Or the contrary. Do not panic. There are two solutions: in the first case, buy two swimsuits of different sizes. The other solution is to opt for the size of the wide part of your body. Thus, everything will be well covered.

Wear it with the right accessories

The choice of jersey was the first step. Now it’s time to adorn it with accessories for your walks after swimming. These accessories will prevent you from having to change immediately and you can dive back as soon as you want. One of these accessories is the sarong. You can wear it in different ways such as tied around the hips for example. There is also the swim tunic which is light and will protect you from direct contact with the sun

Don’t forget your swimsuit when you go out

For the following outings, it is important that you bring your swimsuit in order to enjoy your excursion. The beach and the swimming pool are places where you probably already know that wearing a swimsuit is essential for having fun. Also, remember to take it on your mountain hikes, as you may be allowed to swim in a river or lake. Spa sessions also require the wearing of swimsuits. So don’t forget to put it in your gym bag.

Clean your bikini line after each day

To mitigate the risk of bad odors from your bathing lingerie, take the time to wash it after each wearing. To do this, immerse it for a few minutes in cold, soapy water. After a few minutes, start rubbing the fabric and then rinse. In case you have a washing machine, clean it with cold water. Once washed, dry it in the open air.

How to choose your swimsuit for your body shape

Choosing your swimsuit is not always easy. Indeed, the diversity of the swimsuits offered on the market, the silhouette of each one, not to mention the fashion trends of the moment can make this choice dangerous.

Choose a swimsuit for the a-shape

Is your waist thin? Are your hips wide and your shoulders rather narrow? You have an A-shaped or a pyramid-shaped silhouette!

The best swimsuits

To choose your swimsuit according to your A-shape, choose a bandeau or push-up bikini top. These will bring out your shoulders and draw the eye to your bust rather than your hips. Do you want suspenders? Yes, but opt ​​for a model with thin straps so as not to camouflage your pretty shoulders. For the bottom, choose a low cut model that will lengthen your legs.

Swimwear to avoid

For A-shaped morphologies, there are certain models of swimsuits to be avoided. Avoid at all costs for shorties or panties that are too covering and low on the waist.

Choosing a swimsuit for the v-shape

Are your shoulders wide and your pelvis narrow? You have a V-shaped or inverted pyramid silhouette!

The best swimsuits

To feminize your figure, choose a two-piece swimsuit. The push up bikini top will be perfect for those who would like to give their breasts a little more volume. For already voluminous necklines, choose a bandeau, balconette or triangle model with thin straps. As for the bikini bottom, opt for models with ruffles and frills that will shape your hips. You can also choose a bikini bottom with prints or stripes, always with the aim of accentuating your hips. Do you absolutely want a one-piece swimsuit? Go for a model with a very large neckline, which will have the effect of minimizing the width of your shoulders while bringing glamor to your swimwear. The objective is to harmonize the silhouette by rebalancing the top and the bottom.

Swimwear to avoid

“Sport wear” type swimsuits with wide straps should be avoided, as should bikini bottoms that are too low on the waist. These models are likely to compress your figure and mark your shoulders even more.

Choosing a swimsuit for the o-shape

Are you plump and round with an indistinguishable waist? Are your curves well distributed over your entire body? You have an O-morphology.

The best swimsuits

For the O-silhouette, the best option is the one-piece swimsuit. It will hide the curves that you do not want to reveal, while highlighting your cleavage, depending on the model. Dare to use a plunging neckline to draw the eye to your neckline and accentuate the sensuality of your figure. For those who are complexed by their belly, the shaping one-piece swimsuit can be the solution! It will redesign the silhouette by refining the waist and stomach.

Swimwear to avoid

Avoid excessively voluminous striped patterns which will further mark your curves. Very high cut bikini bottoms are also not recommended because they tend to mark the waist even more without redrawing it.

Choosing a swimsuit for the h-shape

Are your shoulders and hips aligned? You have an H or rectangle silhouette!

The best swimsuits

The H-shaped silhouettes have a slightly masculine morphology. The two-piece swimsuit will therefore be perfect and will give you the little feminine touch that will make the difference. For the bikini top, choose a push up model and opt for a bikini bottom with a high waist or with ruffles to expand the width of your hips. Also dare the retro style, very trendy this year, which will bring glamor to your silhouette.

Swimwear to avoid

Avoid too low-waisted bikini bottoms, horizontal stripes or square-shaped necklines.

Choosing a swimsuit for the x-shaped morphology

Is your waist thin? Are your shoulders and hips aligned? You have an X-shaped morphology.

The best swimsuits

You are lucky, this morphology will suit all models of swimsuits! One-piece, two-piece, bandeau, triangle, balconette or push-up, you can do anything! All you have to do is follow the trends of the season for a trendy beach outfit.

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