When a woman reaches orgasm, let the trumpets ring.

For those who have found a good sexual understanding with their partner or simply know how to give more precise instructions to their man, orgasm is not that difficult to achieve, while unfortunately for others it is a real chimera.

Many women have not reached orgasm since 15-18, while others have never even experienced it.

Even if you consider yourself an expert orgasmist, one who would reach ecstasy in any way, however, know that there are different types of orgasms that a woman can achieve and you cannot consider yourself fully satisfied until you have tried them all. But we will not limit ourselves to listing and explaining the various types of orgasm: we want to dwell on what we could define as the “main road” to achieve them, the one indicated by the tantric philosophy. Taking into account what this art teaches us, it will be easier to have one or more than one.

How many types of orgasm are there?

Of course we all know about the existence of clitoral orgasm (if you didn’t even know it existed we’ll get to it in a moment), but it’s not the only one a woman can experience, let’s just say it’s just the beginning.

There are different types of orgasm (more than 10 could be listed), but the most important are clitoral orgasm, vaginal and cervico-uterine orgasm, from which all the others derive.

Clitoral orgasm is short, exciting, strong and short.

The vaginal orgasm is softer, deeper, more expansive and decidedly long. It is possible that the woman has an ejaculation.
Cervico-uterine orgasm : acts even deeper in the woman’s emotions.

All types of female orgasm

The female orgasm is the ultimate expression of sexual pleasure, yet it is often surrounded by an aura of mystery. Not only could every woman describe it differently, but there are also different types of orgasm resulting from different types of stimulation. The subject is so varied that we often get lost, and there are not a few who wonder how to achieve female orgasm in an infallible way: we don’t always know each other so well.

A dose of mental predisposition, a little help from the Kamasutra and the advice of the experts, will guide us in the dimension of female pleasure. Our expert explained, first of all, the different types of female orgasm.

Depending on the stimulations that cause it and the ways in which they occur, it is possible to distinguish female orgasms of different types.

Let’s try to leave in the background the classic dichotomy vaginal orgasm – clitoral orgasm, which, as we will see later, is a bit outdated, and let’s explore other aspects of female pleasure.

Here are therefore explained in detail, the types of female orgasm we are aware of for now:

1. Clitoral orgasm

It is certainly the best known and also the most reachable: it is obviously obtained through the stimulation of the clitoris, no matter with which instrument… whether it is penis, tongue, fingers, the important thing is to dig into that point so important for female enjoyment.

Clitoral orgasm is definitely faster and more instantaneous than vaginal orgasm. It can be achieved more easily with Tantra massage. Thanks to this practice, in fact, the clitoris is stimulated in a completely natural way through contact with the partner’s body.

These are manual stimuli that do not require penetration. In order for a vaginal orgasm to be achieved, however, penetration is necessary (with the genital organs or through the fingers). An adequate and prolonged stimulation, done with massage techniques, is the prelude to an excellent result.

Learning the related techniques is possible, just as it is for women who want to guarantee pleasure to their partners. Everything is made up of sweet foreplay, of looks, of pauses: the female orgasm is the product of a marked sensuality that makes everything more desirable and expected.

2. Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasm is considered by some to be the result of a deep and indirect stimulation of the clitoris. However, that’s not the case or better, it’s not just that. We must aim to analyze the anatomy of the vagina to understand what the sensations are felt by stimulating that area.

When you experience those sensations you are stimulating an anatomical complex that involves not only the clitoris, in a reductive way, but also the urethra and the female prostate (ie Skene’s glands). It all takes place through the vagina. In order to achieve the much desired goal, namely vaginal orgasm, a good knowledge of the anatomy of the female genital organs comes into play.

As Tantra teaches us, everything must take place in a very natural and spontaneous way, however it is good to make a distinction between the organs involved in the massage if you want to make your woman reach now one, now the other type of orgasm.

3. Combine stimulation of the clitoris with the vagina

For the man who wishes to give his woman maximum pleasure, this distinction must be clear, as your woman may enjoy a longer and gradual pleasure or she may prefer a more intense and immediate pleasure.

Tantra teaches us that it is possible to combine stimulation of the clitoris with that of the vagina. We can achieve this through the Yoni massage, which uses special manual skills in order to stimulate the female genital organs to dissolve emotional blocks and tensions that normally prevent a woman from experiencing maximum pleasure.

A good massage of the vagina, starting from the vulva and then penetrating the vaginal cavity, exploring it thoroughly brings numerous benefits to the woman and you can see for yourself how powerful the result can be, whether you do a self-massage, whether you have a partner who gives you this wonderful treatment.

It is also good to keep in mind that, in a sexual relationship, the woman usually comes later than the man. This really complicates things in terms of the continuity of pleasure for the woman. This is why preliminary games are very important: they not only animate the couple’s relationship, creating greater empathy, but they are also useful for warming the woman while allowing you to not have an ejaculation before she has reached orgasm.

Among the benefits of the Tantra massage, we remember its natural ability to “warm up” the woman and bring her to a high level of arousal even before penetration. It is enough to get hold of these elements to best take care of the pleasure of your woman eager to reach this beautiful state of ecstasy that nature offers her.

4. Cervico-uterine orgasm

Tantra teaches us that there is an even deeper erogenous point that makes a woman’s sexual experiences very strong and intense. This is the area where the vagina opens into the uterus. The female orgasm that originates from the cervix is ​​manifested by slow vibrations of the vaginal muscles that gradually rise up to involve the wall of the uterus.

This is why this orgasm is also called cervico-uterine. There aren’t many women who achieve this incredibly deep type of orgasm, but those who do experience something very special. Well, we are in the presence of the tantric orgasm par excellence.

In this case, deep penetration is required to obtain stimulation of the cervix. Sometimes, massaging this area can be a little painful, especially if these organs have never been stimulated.

With penetration it is possible to gently touch the deepest points. By following a more gradual and gentle approach, the initial annoyance that some women may experience will tend to make room for more intense and profound pleasure. The cervico-uterine massage is, by far, one of the most satisfying, so much so that it can disclose the experience of the tantric orgasm.

5. G-point orgasm

Many men are still debating whether the G-spot really exists or was it invented. To achieve G-spot orgasm, you will need to have the front part stimulated, an inch or two inside the vagina, through sex (difficult) or manual stimulation (most likely).

6. Multiple orgasm

They are nothing more than a series of small orgasms at a short distance from each other, practically a period of pure pleasure. Usually they come from the clitoris, but also trying to stimulate the G-spot can help to live this exhausting but certainly fantastic experience: each orgasm will in fact have a descending order, gradually becoming less powerful than the first, but it will still be a better experience. of a simple “normal orgasm”.

7. Fusion of orgasms

This type is the most powerful orgasm a woman can achieve.

Obviously, for this very reason, it is also the most difficult and few can say that they have experienced it.

It is a question of achieving pleasure from both the clitoris and the G-spot at exactly the same time and for this reason the two areas, one internal (point G) and one external (clitoris) must be stimulated at the same time.

8. Dream orgasm

This type of orgasm has nothing to do with men, but if you really can’t find anyone who can make your feet radiate, this type remains the last resort.

Essentially there is nothing manual or scientific, everything is based on chance and luck, as it can happen to reach orgasm simply by having an erotic dream, in fact orgasm needs more brain stimulation than physical.

9. Anal orgasm

While not many women find the practice of doggy style to their liking, some do like it and it is good that these women know that it is possible to reach orgasm “from the ass” as well. This happens because positioned between the vagina and the rectum, there is a point anatomically very similar to the G spot which is called the PS spot and which makes the explosion of pleasure possible. However, due to the great tension we are subjected to when we find ourselves with the anus in the air, this type of orgasm is not easily achievable.

10. Nipple

The nipple is also a very sensitive and delicate erogenous zone and, like the genitals, its stimulation causes pleasure. The foreplay, with caresses, massages, pinches and kisses, are essential to provoke a strong pleasure.

11. Fornix

Located in the front of the vagina, but at the deepest point and above the cervix where the wall curves upward, it is a highly sensitive area. Stimulation takes practice, but the fulfillment that follows is very strong and disruptive.

12. Point U

The woman’s body is full of erogenous zones that are easy to stimulate. Like point U, also called urethral orgasm, because it affects the area of ​​the urethral meatro, to be stimulated with delicacy and attention. The type of orgasm that is achieved is very strong, but the area is very delicate and prone to infections.

13. Tantric orgasm

If you let yourself go, the pleasure can rise to very high, almost mystical heights: this is the case of the IV type orgasm or tantric orgasm.

“It is a strong orgasm followed by others that are shorter but very intense, without any muscle contraction – explains the sexologist – and is mediated at the level of the central nervous system”.

It is the famous petite morte (little death): a totalizing orgasm, which involves and upsets both the body and the mind, making us remain suspended, also giving us some dizziness and a sense of fainting. Often this type of orgasm can last a very long time, making us experience a real state of ecstasy, thanks to the opening of all our sensory channels and the ability to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment.

14. Orgasm obtainable with massage

Known since ancient times, Tantra massage – intended as a practice aimed at making men and women rediscover sexual pleasure – considers orgasm a phenomenon not to be ashamed of. Tantra considers it an expression of maximum pleasure of an essentially psychosomatic nature regulated at the cerebral level and sensitively conditioned by thoughts and emotions.

The beliefs in each of us rooted and experiences influence the meaning that is usually attributed to orgasm. Tantra understands sexual intercourse as a primordial and innate tool to get in touch with one’s body.

Of course, this practice is also aimed at women, who are recognized, just like men, in the full right to experience a full orgasm. The female orgasm, in truth, is not just one: it arises from the different stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina, therefore, in hindsight, there are different types. Let’s find out.

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