Marriage is the crowning of a love and one of the most important events in a couple’s life. Each of us arrives at that day according to their own rhythms, also based on their own ideologies and the level of maturity reached. Undoubtedly, marriage involves a series of fundamental changes in the life of a couple, but despite everything there is no right age or a wrong age.

There is an old gender stereotype, passed down for generations, which is time to dismantle, which is the idea that every girl or woman spends her entire life dreaming of the perfect wedding, imagining every little detail. Impressed by our grandmothers or Disney cartoons, this stereotype perpetuates erroneous expectations about who to marry, when to marry, and even the obligation to marry.

The truth is quite different: first of all, age. The years you will have when you step on the altar are based entirely on the circumstance, the partner and the nature of the relationship.

You should never force yourself to take such a step if you don’t feel ready.

Marriage is not a rite of passage or an outcome. It is a choice, which is why it is completely normal to decide not to get married at all. But if you decide yes, is there a way to predict at what age you should start measuring your wedding ring?

“It’s really impossible to ‘predict’ such a thing just by looking at the astral picture of a zodiac sign,” said Linda Furiate , astrologer at Gurulex. The astrologer and life coach Linda Joyce echoes her : «Every sign has its times to fall in love. What we can observe from the astral picture is how quickly he falls in love, how idealistic he is ».

Therefore, it is impossible to predict the exact age at which you might get married, but the picture can be clarified by investigating the tendencies to fall in love. Here, the wedding predictions, sign by sign. Of course, your destiny is not written in the stars: the indications you will read are not decisive as to when and if you will ever marry. The real parameters to consider for marriage are bond, dedication and love and mutual respect. And not to be forgotten or overlooked, love for oneself.

The best age to get married based on the zodiac sign

The stars can help us in this, because based on your zodiac sign you can understand which is the most suitable age for marriage. Are you curious to discover yours? Here is the list sign by sign:


Aries is a rather impatient sign. Love to have everything immediately! Their impulsiveness will often lead them to make bad decisions, especially in love. But when they reach 35 years of age, they will finally reach a state of maturity and awareness that allows them to find the ideal companion for life.


Those born to Taurus often tend to idealize their partner. For this reason, over the years, they will receive a number of disappointments, as they will realize that it is really complicated to meet a person like the one they idealized in their dreams. But the possibilities arise especially with the arrival of 30 years, when maturity has reached its peak and finally reach an awareness that makes them determined and sure of what they really want from life.


Gemini is constantly in a struggle between the love of art and the creation of a family. For a long time, in fact, they will prefer to give precedence to what they love to do in life, and will devote their whole soul to personal fulfillment. Around the age of 35, however, they will let love, the real one, take over their lives.


Those born of Cancer are very ambitious people, with always clear ideas about their future. They are always focused on their future and on achieving their goals. Their great motivation makes them precocious a little on everything, and also in love. In fact, around the age of 24, they will already have clear ideas about love and will show interest in marriage.


Leo has always been a very self-centered sign. This aspect of his personality will tend to make him think a lot more about himself. The choice of one’s partner, in fact, is always focused on personal satisfaction, rather than emotional. But around 30 this conception of love will change, as they will finally let go and meet someone with whom they will be determined to spend the rest of their life.


Virgos are generally great professionals. In fact, they will dedicate their whole life to personal fulfillment and professional success. Only once they have achieved the goals set in the workplace, they will seriously think about building a family. This is likely to happen around the age of 26, as thanks to their determination they will be able to get to the top very soon.


Libra’s love life never knows half measures. In fact they will live a long period in which they will oscillate between one relationship and another without any conviction. Without even realizing it, however, they will meet the right person and even if at only 20 years old and after a short time having met her, they will already decide to get married.


Those born of Scorpio have a very dynamic nature. They never stand still, and even in love, they flutter between one flower and another, since they will always have a lot of difficulty finding the right one. In fact, they are part of the signs that they will marry very late, around the age of 40, as they are eternally undecided and dissatisfied.


Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, before seriously considering the idea of ​​getting married and starting a family, must be sure that they have lived their youth to the full without having lost anything. In fact, they want their life to be full of new experiences and only after having done enough will they decide to take root and get married, this will probably happen around the age of 30.


Capricorns are very disciplined and serious, especially in relationships. In fact, they are very capable of managing responsibilities and always have a very high emotional stability that predisposes them to the right choice of partner in a short time. It is probable, in fact, that they will marry around the age of 20.


Those born of Aquarius are in love with freedom and their own independence. For this reason, especially at a young age, they are completely disinterested in marriage. However, when they meet the right person, they ignore everything related to their autonomy and without any hesitation they decide to take the plunge … probably around 40!


The sign of Pisces has a very instinctive personality. He trusts his emotions 100% and makes decisions based on what he feels, without ever making calculations. That’s why, when they think they have found the ideal person, they have no doubts and immediately decide to get married, usually at the age of 25.

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