What are the best Disney movies of all time? From Tron to Maleficent, without forgetting the great classics of the past, here are 50 titles to see and review.

When we talk about Disney movies, the images of the many “cartoons” created by this huge film producer immediately come to mind. Mickey Mouse, without going further, is the unmistakable image of this cinema giant. With over 85 years of experience behind it, it has become the largest mass media company in the world.

Initially, the company was called Disney Bros Studio and was founded in 1923 by brothers Ray and Walter “Walt” Disney and by the animator Ub Iwerks, in 1925 the name was changed to Walt Disney Studios.

In 1928 we see for the first time the Mickey Mouse and Minnie in Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willie. In 1929 the company changed its name again to Walt Disney Productions, Ltd. But the company’s first official feature film that achieved resounding success was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” which opened in 1937.

From then until today it has not ceased to be successful, since we remember, in addition to all the wonderful animated movies , Disney, has also produced many live movies such as Maleficent (The Secret of Sleeping Beauty) in 2014, Cinderella in 2015, The Jungle Book in 2016 and especially Beauty and the Beast in 2017, her most triumphant live character film to date. We will also soon appreciate the adaptations of The Lion King and Aladdin.

Best Disney Movies Of All Time

Disney never ceases to have numerous ticketing records with its movies, thanks in part to the recently acquired franchise of the mighty Star Wars and other Marvel titles.

There is no doubt that currently the wonderful world created by Disney movies continues to thrill adults and children alike. It immerses us in dreams of fantasy and emotion from the very first moment. We all have a favorite Disney movie that has always thrilled us more than another, and you’re sure to find it on our list of the best Disney movies of all time.

The Lion King

We begin our list of Disney movies with the favorite and integral classic of the period known as “Disney’s Renaissance”: The Lion King (The Lion King in its original version).

The story of this Disney classic takes place in the African savannah, where a small lion named Simba is the only son and heir of the then king of the jungle, Mufasa.

After a tragic accident in which Mufasa finds his death, Simba runs away from home feeling guilty for causing this misadventure.

Away from his real home, Simba gets lost, but makes new friends, grows up and becomes an adult with them. Finally, the best friend of our protagonist’s childhood, Nala, finds him by chance thinking that he was dead, and convinces him to return and occupy the throne that belongs to him by right and drive out Scar, his uncle, Mufasa’s brother, who usurped Simba’s throne as king.

The development of this film began in 1988 at the hands of Roy E. Disney, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Peter Schneider. Linda Woolverton’s first scripts were not published until George Scribner was appointed director, which Roger Allers would later join.

They began work in 1991 when the staff traveled to Kenya to derive data for the film. There were several circumstances that forced them to change the original screenplay and their production staff, remaining officially responsible for the screenplay Woolverton, Irene Mecchi and Jonathan Roberts; and Don Hahn as head of the production team.

Finally this great film was presented for the first time on June 15, 1994, obtaining a positive reaction from the critics. And it was not for less, The Lion King won two Oscars thanks to its soundtrack, written by Hans Zimmer, and a Golden Globe. It is enough just to see this classic to realize that it is one of the best Disney movies.

The Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast, whose original title is “Beauty and the Beast”, is another of the wonderful classics of Disney animation. Performed by Hahn with the complete screenplay by Linda Woolverton, Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale conducting. This incredible film is considered one of the best musicals of all time and its history is one of the most romantic in the world.

Woolverton adapted her screenplay based on the story “La Belle et la Bête” by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, a French writer.

This story begins in a small town in France, where Bella, the young and sweet protagonist, and her father, her inventor, live. One day, Bella’s father heads to the capital to present his new invention, but he gets lost in the forest and heads to an immense castle where a huge beast lives and captures him. He soon realizes that all the inhabitants of the castle, including its moody owner, have been enchanted.

Bella finds out and without thinking twice, she plants herself in the castle, determined to free her father from her. There she makes a deal with the beast, she will let her father go in exchange for herself. The beast accepts. Little by little an affectionate relationship arises between them. The girl is the only one who can break the spell they suffer in the castle, but to achieve it she must fall in love with the beast.

The girl’s father seeks help in the village to free her daughter, and full of anger, causes her inhabitants to arm themselves with what they find and go to the castle to kill the beast.

After an intense fight, the beast is mortally wounded, and Bella, in her pain, ends up confessing that she loves him. This situation causes the spell to break permanently and both the beast and the rest of the castle dwellers regain their original appearance.This unforgettable feature film has raised over $ 403 million worldwide, making it the third most successful film of 1991.

The Little Mermaid

This film is adapted to the story of Hans Christian Andersen’s collection. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, it was first presented in 1989 by Walt Disney Pictures. The film begins the phase of “The Renaissance of Disney”, to which the previous two also belong.

The Little Mermaid (original title) takes place at the bottom of the sea, where a young mermaid lives together with her father, the king of the sea, his sisters and her aquatic friendships. The young mermaid’s obsession with the earthly world leads her to rescue a charming prince who drowns following the sinking of his ship during a strong storm.

The mermaid named Ariel falls madly in love with Eric, the prince, and desperately asks the sea witch for a pair of legs. The witch grants him the desire for her in exchange for her voice, the most beautiful in the world, Ariel accepts ignoring her warning that if she fails to make the prince fall in love and get married, she will die.

Eric fall in love thinking that everything will be fine, but the witch charms the young man to marry her instead of Ariel. The mermaid’s friends prevent the marriage and Eric discovers the deception.

With the help of Triton, the king of the sea and the girl’s father, they defeat the witch by making sure that Ariel regains her voice, keeps her legs and lives happily with her in love with her.

Frozen the Ice Kingdom

Frozen is the shining winner of two Oscars for best animated film and best song (Let It Go in the original, At dawn will rise in Italian).

Released in 2013, this wonderful Disney film inspired by Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen tells the story of Princess Elsa of the kingdom of Arendelle, who has the power to create and manipulate ice.

As a child, playing with the snow, Elsa involuntarily injures her little sister Anna. Her parents, the kings, isolate her little girls for fear of her happening again and force Elsa to hide her powers. After a tragic incident in which kings meet death, Elsa is crowned queen.

During the ceremony, Anna meets Prince Hans of Weselton and he asks for her hand in marriage, to which Elsa objects. Anna does not give up and angers Elsa, causing her to unleash her powers in front of everyone present. Frightened, Elsa flees to the mountains, isolating herself from her kingdom. Anna goes in search of her, as for this reason, Arendelle has plunged into a perennial winter.

With the help of Kristoff, an ice seller she meets on the street, they find Elsa and ask him to return to undo the spell from the kingdom, but she refuses. When she comes home, Anna realizes that Hans is bad, she just wants to become the king of Arendelle and get rid of the two sisters. Elsa knowing this, forgets her irritation and returns home with her sister to retrieve Arendelle.


Aladdin is also part of the “Disney Renaissance” and was created by the same professionals who made The Little Mermaid possible. But it was Howard Ashman who came up with the idea of ​​turning Aladdin into a Disney musical and thanks to Linda Woolverton’s ability to combine this tale with the story of “The Bagdad Thief”, production began. This film grossed more in its opening year, 1992, than other Disney movies, managing to win two Oscars and two Golden Globes for its music and visual effects.

The film begins with the ambition of Jafar, Grand Vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah, to obtain a magic lamp hidden in the depths of a cursed cave, since a powerful genius is locked up in that object who grants wishes to those who free him. . Since the curse of the cave consists in its complete destruction if any object found in it is touched, Jafar tricks a humble young boy into looking for the lamp and delivering it to him in exchange for all the wealth he desires. The boy named Aladdin is trapped inside the cave which is destroyed along with the magic lamp.

Thanks to the genie of the lamp, Aladdin manages to get out of the cave and asks for his first wish, to become a prince to marry Princess Yasmín, daughter of the Sultan.Once inside the Sultan’s palace, Jafar realizes that the young prince who claims Yasmín is actually the guy who took his desired lamp. Using his deceptions, Jafar manages to steal the lamp from Aladdin, transforming himself into a powerful sorcerer. Eventually, thanks to Aladdin’s intelligence, with the help of the genius and the princess, they manage to get rid of Jafar and free the genie locked in the lamp.


Walt Disney offers us the story of a girl who finds the courage to risk everything for the honor of her family. Based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulán, the film was directed by Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft; written by Rita Hsiao, Philip LaZebnik, Chris Sanders, Eugenia Bostwick-Singer and Raymond Singer.

Mulan is set in the era of the Han dynasty, when China was preparing to fight a war to protect itself from the attacks of Shan Yu and his men. Young Mulan, from the Fa family, opposes her old father being recruited to fight because he is ill. To do so, she steals her father’s armor during the night and without being seen, she cuts her hair and dresses as a warrior to take her father’s place in the war.

In the training camp, she pretends to be Ping, alleged son of Fa Zhou, in front of Li Shan, the captain. After a hard training, they head to the front, towards the mountains and face Shan Yu’s army. Due to their injuries, they discover the secret that Ping is hiding, and Mulan is forced to reveal herself. This means that she is expelled from too much and abandoned on the mountain by her companions and Li Shan. There, Mulán discovers that she glShan Yu’s men are still alive and go to the city to kill the emperor.

Once there, the girl tries by all means to warn Shan about her but he no longer trusts her. The girl manages to convince her companions to help her and together they stop and kill Shan Yu. Mulan’s courage and honor are recognized by the emperor and all of China, thus regaining Li Shan’s trust. On his return home, the girl’s father confesses that honor did not matter to him, in order to have his daughter home safe and sound. of the best Disney movies.


In this film Disney completely excludes dialogue, taking on totally experimental work for the staff consisting of James Algar, Ford Beebe, Norman Ferguson, Samuel Armstrong, Jim Handley, T. Hee, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske and Bill Roberts.

The super-production of this classic cost Disney nearly $ 3 million to be one of the first feature films to use stereo sound.

This masterpiece is made up of seven sequences that illustrate eight fragments of classical music pieces, arranged and directed by the conductor Leopold Stokowski, and performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Between each of the sequences there is a brief comment by the narrator in which the orchestra presents itself as overlapping shadows.

The themes of each sequence are:

● Tocata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach

● The Nutcracker, ballet by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

● Paul Dukas’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice

● The Spring Festival by Igor Stravinsky

● Symphony n. 6 Beethoven’s “Pastorale”

● The dance of the hours of “La Gioconda”, by Amilcare Ponchielli

● A night on Modest Mussorgsky’s Bald Mountain

Ave Maria by Franz Schubert Certainly, an emblem of Disney films.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This is the first Disney film, based on the story of the Brothers Grimm, released in 1812 of the same name, this animated film premiered in 1937. Although it was not the first animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs they overshadowed the rest, due to the technical innovations and art used in its production. That is why, even today, it is considered one of the best Disney films.

Snow White is a charming and sweet little princess who lived with her bad stepmother. This of hers forced Snow White to dress in rags and perform her most thankless tasks for fear of her that she would become more beautiful than her.

One day the evil Queen asked her magic mirror: “Mirror, tell me something, who is the most beautiful in this kingdom?”; to which the mirror replied: “Her beauty majesty is much admired, but there is a young woman who is more beautiful. A creature that shines more than a star. Unfortunately, you do not exceed her beauty ”. This infuriates the Queen, who urges a hunter to kill her and deliver her heart stored in a casket.

The hunter, seeing the girl, is unable to do so and encourages her to leave, because the Queen wants to kill her. Upon his return to the palace, he tries to trick the queen by bringing him a pig’s heart. Snow White escapes into the middle of the forest and finds refuge in a small house where seven dwarves live who take care of her.

The Queen notices her deception and decides to kill Snow White herself. To do this, she uses a spell to grow old and bring her a poisoned apple. With her first bite, Snow White plunges into a deep sleep, until her prince finds her and wakes her up with a kiss of love.

The Jungle Book

This film is the first animated feature film released after Walt Disney’s death, as he died during its production. Adapted from the 1894 novel Jungle Book by writer Joseph Rudyard Kipling.

The moving story of this Disney movie takes place in India, where a black panther named Bagheera finds a baby in the middle of the jungle. Bagheera brings the child with a pack of wolves who care for him, integrating with them. The boy named Mowgli grows up happy and healthy with the wolves.

After the imminent arrival of the killer tiger Shere Khan, who wants to kill Mowgli for his hatred of humans, the wolves and Bagheera decide that Mowgli leaves the herd before the tiger kills him. Bagheera takes Mowgli to the human village to protect him, but while they were spending the night at the top of a tree, Kaa, a snake allied with Shere Khan, tries to devour the boy. Bagheera prevents it, but a strong argument arises between the two because Mowgli does not want to leave the pack and the panther decides to abandon Mowgli.

Then Baloo appears, a slacker bear who befriends the boy. Bagheera, repentant, goes back to look for Mowgli and sees that he has become friends with Baloo and asks him to take him to the village. During the journey, SheKing Khan finds Mowgli and tries to kill him, but he fails, thanks to the help of his friends.

When they finally reach the village, Mowgli becomes infatuated with a girl he meets in the river and leaves with her.

Alice in Wonderland

This is another classic among Disney films, a work based on the Lewis Carroll novels “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. It was first presented in 1951, directed for Clyde Geronimo, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske.

Alicia is a girl with excessive imagination and any excuse is good to immerse yourself in her fantasy world.

One day, when she is with her older sister in the field, she sees a rabbit dressed in a jacket, glasses and a watch running towards a hole insisting that she is late. The girl’s curiosity drives her to chase the rabbit and enter the den, hopelessly falling into an incomparable fantasy world. There she makes friends and lives the craziest adventures of her life. A cat that talks and disappears when he wants, a bad queen and another good one, a mad hatter, a caterpillar smoking a pipe … and many other follies.

Subsequently, versions with live actors were made, such as Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” released in 2010, and its second part “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” which premiered in 2016.

Toy Story, The world of toys

This is the fun story of toys that come to life, when people don’t see them and have incredible adventures in the world around them. It is the first animated film made with the computer by the Pixar company and also the first animated with digital effects in the history of cinema. For this, it is already part of the best Disney movies. Its premiere, in the first weekend of 1995, had the highest grossing in the United States.

Thanks to its unique form of production, which had not been used until then, it meant that only 110 employees were needed, unlike the 800 employees employed by Disney to create super-productions like The Lion King.

The story begins with the comparison between two toys: Woody the cowboy and astronaut Buzz Lightyear, which they give to Andy on his seventh birthday, for whoever becomes the boy’s favorite puppet.

The conflict between the two remains superimposed on Andy’s new family situation. His family decides to move to another city and they urge him to select his favorite toys and get rid of the others. Woody and Buzz team up to stay with Andy, and have incredible adventures across town following the moving truck to their new home.


Up is one of the best Disney films, the third most successful Pixar product to have grossed over $ 730 million worldwide. In addition, it received two Academy Awards for Best Animated Film and Best Original Score. It is the second of three animated films nominated for Best Picture alongside Beauty and the Beast and Toy Story 3 in their respective premiere years.

Balloon sales widower Carl Fredricksen’s dream has always been to fly to South America by attaching a bunch of balloons to his house. Finally, he manages to make it happen, already in the air, he realizes that he has an unexpected stowaway on board: Russell, a young explorer of only 8 years who will accompany him to his destiny.

Inside Out

Dramatic adventure comedy created by computer with 3D animation by the great Pixar and distributed by Disney. Inside Out, in its original version, tells the adventures of the emotions that live inside an 11-year-old girl named Riley Anderson, who try to guide her day by day in her life. This funny movie was directed and written by Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen, produced by Jonas Rivera and with music by Michael Giacchino.

This fantastic feature premiered in 2015 after its screening at the Cannes Film Festival that same year, for which it grossed over $ 857 million worldwide. He has received various awards, including the Academy Award for Best Animated Film and the Golden Globe. Another ticketing outcome along with the rest of the Disney movies on this list.

“When you look at someone and ask yourself: what will they have in mind?” This is the main premise of this intense comedy. Riley must learn to live with her strong feelings about her as she struggles to adjust to her new town where she has just moved with her family.

Emotions of joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust will do everything possible to improve Riley’s life by sharing the memories she holds within her and creating new ones.


This time Pixar takes us to the Ligurian Riviera in the 60s with “Luca” , a film that tells the story of a young sea monster who, together with his new best friend, goes to the mainland to try to experience an Italian summer, pretending to being a normal human being. Days full of misadventures, ice cream and scooter rides await him.


Set during the punk rock revolution in 1970s London, “Cruella” tells the origins of Crudela De Mon and follows the story of Estella ( Emma Stone ), an intelligent and creative girl determined to make a name for herself in the fashion world with her creations. . He befriends a couple of young thieves who appreciate his penchant for meanness and together manage to build a life on the streets of London. One day, her talent catches the attention of Baroness von Hellman, an incredibly chic and refined fashion legend ( Emma Thompson ). But their relationship sets in motion a series of events and revelations that lead Estella to embrace her evil side and become the irrepressible and vengeful Cruella.

Raya and the last dragon

Available only for a fee, “Raya and the Last Dragon” is set in the world of Kumandra, where humans and dragons once lived in harmony before dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity from a terrible threat. Five hundred years later, that same threat has returned and it must be the warrior Raya who finds the last dragon to reunite her divided people.

Onward – Beyond the magic

“Onward – Beyond the Magic” is a 2020 Disney-Pixar film that tells the journey of two brothers, Barley and Ian, two elves who embark on an adventure in search of a magical artifact that can bring back to life for twenty-four their daddy hours. In the original version, the two brothers have the voices of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland.

Frozen 2

Sequel to the acclaimed “Frozen” , this second chapter sees Queen Elsa set out on a mission to find the origin of her magical powers. With her are also her sister Anna, the snowman Olaf, Kristoff and the moose Sven. Directed by the two directors of the first film: Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

Undercover Spies

Lance Sterling is the best spy on the market: famous and acclaimed by all, during his glittering career he has saved the world over and over again. Like any self-respecting spy, he can count on super-technological gadgets to carry out his missions. One day, however, he accidentally ingests the “biodynamic disguise” developed by the young scientist Walter Beckett, still in the experimental phase, and turns into a pigeon. Will he be able to save the world even in these new guises?

The Ice Age

On Disney + there are also the movies of “Ice Age” , about the adventures of a ramshackle group of prehistoric animals composed of the mammoth Manfred known as Manny (voiced by Leo Gullotta ), the sloth Sid ( Claudio Bisio ) and the toothed tiger Diego saber ( Pino Insegno ). In the first chapter of the franchise, Manny and Sid meet and, by a twist of fate, find themselves having to nurse a newborn who miraculously escaped the attack of the herd of tigers led by Diego.


Vaiana is the princess of a Polynesian island and is destined to lead her people, a people of explorers who for a mysterious reason have left the sea to take refuge on the mainland. Vaiana is chosen by the ocean itself to restore an ancient relic to the goddess Te Fiti, the only way to save her people. He then sets off on an adventure and goes in search of the demigod Maui in the hope that he will help him fulfill his mission.

Toy Story 4

Not to be missed on Disney + is the latest chapter in the Toy Story saga. Released in cinemas in 2019, it tells of a Woody in a bit of a crisis: Andy is in college and little Bonnie is starting kindergarten and she has no eyes but for Forky, a toy she created by assembling objects found in the garbage. During a road trip, Forky gets lost and Woody sets out in pursuit of him, eventually finding the never-forgotten shepherdess Bo Peep, whom he hasn’t seen for years. Their meeting will lead him to reflect on himself and his role as a toy.


Miguel Rivera is twelve years old and dreams of becoming a great musician. But music is forbidden in his family because of his great-great-grandfather, who many years earlier abandoned his wife and daughter to travel the world and become a star. After accidentally ending up in the Afterlife in the Día de los Muertos, when the spirits of the dead can visit the realm of the living, he will need to get a blessing by dawn to be able to return to the realm of the living. Miguel thus sets out in search of the great musician Ernesto de la Cruz, hoping to get a blessing from him. “Coco” is a beautiful and touching film about the importance of memory and remembrance of our loved ones.

Finding Nemo

“Finding Nemo” is a 2003 Pixar film that tells the story of Marlin, a clownfish who embarks on a long journey into the depths of the ocean to find his son Nemo, recovered by a diver and ended up in the aquarium of a dentist in Sydney. To help Marlin there is also the careless Dory (voiced by Paola Cortellesi ), a female surgeonfish suffering from short-term memory loss.

Nightmare before Christmas

Also on Disney + is “Nightmare before Christmas” , a Henry Selick film based on a story by Tim Burton. Made with the stop motion technique, the film revolves around the skeleton Jack Skellington, who lives in the land of Halloween and is tired of the usual routine. After discovering the country of Christmas, he decides to bring the party to his city as well: to do so, he organizes the kidnapping of Santa Claus himself. Jack’s voice is that of Renato Zero.


The film is inspired by the novel by Carlo Lorenzini aka Collodi, The Adventures of Pinocchio: Story of a puppet, is considered the second Disney classic after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. With a mix of a compelling story and adorable characters, Pinocchio remains a great adventure that both children and adults can still experience today. Although it became the first animated film to win an Academy Award, it was initially a flop due to the Second World War. Only several reissues after the tragic event allowed the film to become a worldwide success.

The Emperor’s New Groove

The 40th feature film from the Mickey Mouse studios arrives at the beginning of the new millennium bringing with it a great charge of humor with exceptional characters and a background with the colors and flavors of South America from many centuries ago . A title very far from the classic Disney “fairy tales”, excellently characterized. It cost six years of production and risked not seeing the light due to the serious structure that had its first draft, inspired by the musical “Kingdom of the Sun”. In the end, rather than throwing away the work it was revisited with a purely comic slant, and the result is one of the funniest animated films characterized by a desecrating and sarcastic humor with few characters and many side gags.

Monsters & Co.

Pixar’s fourth feature, Monsters & Co., written and directed by Pete Docter , shows us how Pixar can take something like a child’s fear of the dark and turn it into something groundbreaking, groundbreaking that isn’t scary or confusing. For adults, it reminds us of what it is like to be a child; for children, remind them to be as brave as adults. In 2013, the prequel Monsters University was made , while a TV series is in production that will be a sequel to the first film titled Monsters at Work, which will be available in 2021 on Disney +.

The Incredibles – A “normal” Family of Superheroes

Second consecutive Oscar after Finding Nemo, the sixth feature film produced by Pixar is the first to base the story solely on human characters (albeit with superpowers). Directed by Brad Bird (former author of The Iron Giant and some episodes of The Simpsons series ), the film can be interpreted in different ways. On the one hand there is simple comedy on the other an action film characterized by a strong social criticism and a sense of humor at times very mature. One of the best animated films to see on Disney + to which a sequel was made in 2018 directed by Bird himself.

Dumbo – The flying elephant

Based on the story of the same name written by Helen Aberson to show the prototype of a new toy, Dumbo – The Flying Elephant is considered the fourth great Disney Classic. The protagonist of this tale set in a Florida circus is Dumbo, an adorable baby elephant targeted for his oversized ears. But it will be precisely those ears that allow him to fly, thus becoming the star of the show.


Childhood trauma for some, cartoon of the heart for others: we are talking about Bambi , a 1942 feature film produced by Walt Disney and based on the novel by the Austrian writer Felix Salten. The plot follows the adventures of Bambi, a small white-tailed fawn heir to the position of Great Prince of the forest, who will have to face the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood. Next to him, a close-knit group of little friends like the drummer bunny and the flower skunk.


1950 was a very important year for Disney because it marked the end of short film collages and the return to a production inspired by a single narrative strand. For this reason, Cinderella represents the beginning of a new golden period for the famous House of the Rat, definitively inaugurating the concept of the Disney Classic. Inspired by a European fairy tale, the plot follows the vicissitudes of a beautiful and poor girl abused by her stepmother who, thanks to the help of the Fairy godmother, will be able to meet her Prince Charming.

The Adventures of Peter Pan

How many times have we wished to be free like Peter, the boy who did not want to grow up as the protagonist of the Disney cartoon The Adventures of Peter Pan . Yet even he, leader of the children lost on the remote Neverland, will begin to understand the importance of family ties, thanks to the meeting with Wendy, Gianni and Michele Darling.

101 Dalmatians

With The Charge of 101, Walt Disney approaches, for the first time, a modern fairy tale (specifically the novel The Hundred and One Dalmatian by Dodie Smith), and entrusts the narration of the events to a dog. In fact, it is precisely the dogs that pull the strings of this ironic and touching story at the same time, in which what will become one of the most iconic villains in the history of Disney cartoons: the perfidious stylist Crudelia De Mon.

Robin Hood

The Robin Hood cartoon is based on the legend of the same name of the generous executioner armed with a bow, however, using anthropomorphic animals instead of his protagonists. Robin Hood and Lady Marian are two foxes, the faithful Little John is a bear while the evil Prince John is a lion (spineless), always in the company of his creeping advisor Sir Biss. Laughter is guaranteed with this 21st Disney Classic.

The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The first feature film starring the funny teddy bear greedy for honey, The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh tells the stories of the Hundred Acre Wood and its inhabitants: Pooh, Tigger, Tappo, Kanga, De Castor, Piglet, Eeyore and Uffa. The narrator tells the adventures of these tender friends through a storybook present in the room of the child Christopher Robin.


We conclude by getting closer to the present. In fact, in recent years Disney has released various movies, sometimes even of decent quality, but has rarely managed to rival Pixar , an acquired but independent studio in production. The best things have been seen in the last five years: last year Big Hero 6 tried to mix genres a bit, introducing a touch of Marvel in Disney productions; the year before, Frozen had had a fantastic success. Other movies, however, have hit the mark less.

Ralph breaks the internet

A rare new Disney Classic that is also a sequel to a previous Classic, Ralph Breaks the Internet builds on a weaker plot than the original film but offers particularly witty social reflections and thrilling episodic finds.
To say the least brilliant metatextual self-irony that Disney uses to sell itself and self-celebrate with the already legendary scene of the Princesses , and very nice the jab aimed at Pixar’s Rebel, who a few years earlier blew the Oscar to Wreck-It Ralph . It also represents the first chapter of the New Era, the Age of Disney Classics that we are still experiencing today.

A Bug’s Life

A colony of ants forced to pay a contribution to a band of ravenous grasshoppers led by the fearsome Hopper. To be able to rebel, some ants will embark on a long and adventurous journey where they will meet many nice insects.

Big Hero 6

A truly moving story that tells how a robot-savvy child prodigy learns to manage his incredible abilities when he finds himself inside a very dangerous story. This is the 2014 animated film produced by Walt Disney and will appeal to the whole family.


We all know the story of Tarzan but Disney, in this 1999 cartoon , was able to tell it giving it a truly magical touch. Lots of friends and a happy ending for the incredible Tarzan.

The Follies of the Wmperor

The vicissitudes of the young and arrogant emperor Kuzco , who will be transformed into a lama and will face a thousand obstacles to return to his human form: on his journey, he will find a great friend and learn to be generous. Disney cartoon released in 2000 and really funny.

Atlantis, the Lost Empire

A fantastic story with references to the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, is a Disney cartoon produced in 2001 and full of twists.


When Bolt, a cute little dog hero of a television series , finds himself in the real world, he cannot understand that his super powers do not work: he will still be able to find his mistress after a thousand adventures and find out what is really important.

Monsters & CO.

The misadventures of Sulley and his best friend Mike Wazowski: Entering the real world by mistake, they will find themselves dealing with an adorable troublemaker girl! Monsters & Co. is a 2001 cartoon made by Pixar.

The Incredibles

Another Pixar cartoon, The Incredibles is the story of a very special family made up of superheroes Bob Parr, his wife Helen and their three children Flash Violetta and Jack Jack.

To conclude

Of course there are many other Disney movies that we have left aside, these are just a few of which we think are the best. AncWhile everyone has their own personal list of Disney movies, there are always those that we all know for sure are special.

Whether for its ability to transport us to fantastic worlds, to immerse ourselves in stories with which we feel identified in a certain way, by its vibrant colors, by the style of animation, by the emotional music … and by a long list of motifs, it is It is clear that the Disney industry with its super productions and merchandising allows children and adults to enjoy their creations to the fullest.

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