Bitcoin is now being talked about everywhere and more and more ordinary people are approaching cryptocurrencies, hoping to be able to earn something or even get rich without the slightest effort. Obviously, the reality is very different: Bitcoins have now become difficult to obtain and buy , given the high computing power required to create new currency out of thin air and the retail price of a single coin (at the moment in which we write abundantly above 30,000 euros for a single Bitcoin).

Despite everything, it is still possible to earn Bitcoins without investing even a penny, using one of the methods visible in the following chapters of the guide. Obviously, let’s not expect big gains or huge amounts of Bitcoin: in most cases we will only have a very small fraction of Bitcoin to keep (on the order of one millionth of Bitcoin).

What is Bitcoin

The Bitcoin is cryptocurrency most famous ever: now is also known by the general public although few are able to use it properly.

To use Bitcoin, in fact, you need to have a high level of computer knowledge. Does this mean that the earning opportunities offered by Bitcoin are reserved only for a very limited audience?

Whoever bought Bitcoin a few years ago, even for a few euros, has now become a millionaire. Until recently, buying Bitcoin was an uncommon practice, to the point that many people preferred to devote themselves to mining trying to fill their wallet while optimizing costs. For a long time since its inception, Bitcoin has been something reserved only for those with extensive IT experience. That’s why for a long time it was mistakenly thought that earning with bitcoins was only possible for people who are truly computer-savvy.

As we know, however, this is not the case. The situation was this until a few years ago, but today everyone can earn with Bitcoin even without being a little genius in computing and above all without entering the ambiguous and dangerous world of the deep web that characterized the early stages of life in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Making money with Bitcoin starting from scratch, without any kind of knowledge and without risk is possible, read on to find out how.

Bitcoins can be earned

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to earn Bitcoin, although over time it will be increasingly difficult to “extract something” that has a certain value: the Bitcoin train has now left and it is difficult to get on it now that the prices of the single currency are skyrocketing.

This should not discourage us: with a little patience and with the right methods it is possible to earn Bitcoin without investing even a single euro and, for those who have no time to waste, you can consider buying the cryptocurrency directly.

How to earn Bitcoins without investing

To immediately start earning a few fractions of Bitcoin without making any type of investment, in the following chapters you can find all the still valid methods to earn Bitcoin for free.

Selling Services and Goods

One of the most effective methods of obtaining Bitcoins involves the sale of a service or good, choosing Bitcoin as the exchange currency. By selling objects, dedicated services, information services but also common goods (such as clothing, shoes, objects but also expensive goods such as houses, cars and boats) it is possible to quickly obtain Bitcoins to insert in your virtual wallet.

To complete this type of transaction it is necessary to rely on sites that are experts in the sale and exchange of goods and services such as Bitify or Purse, which offer a section dedicated to the sale of goods and services with a Bitcoin payment system. Obviously the amount of Bitcoin that we will be able to collect with this method is directly proportional to the value of the Bitcoin at the time of the transaction: in most cases we will only be able to collect a few infinitesimal fractions, without obtaining a large gain in the long term.


The most “ancient” method to earn Bitcoins without investing involves setting up a PC for mining , that is a computer equipped with cutting-edge hardware to mine new cryptocurrency. This process has become decidedly difficult to implement nowadays, given that the required computing power is very high: it is no longer enough to have a good video card to be able to mine effectively, considering that we will hardly re-enter the indirect costs of mining. (such as electricity consumption, having to leave the PC switched on H24).

The gain that can be obtained with solo home mining is really very small (tending to zero as time passes) , to the point of making it currently the least convenient method among all those presented in the guide.

Mining Pool

To increase the chances of mining Bitcoin, it is possible to create a cooperative mining or mining pool , using a centralized server to coordinate mining operations between two or more people. By working together in mining it is possible to increase the computing power to extract blocks for the blockchain, thus increasing the chances of obtaining much larger fractions of Bitcoin than single mining.

By increasing the number of people participating in the mining pool, the gain in terms of Bitcoin also increases dramatically, but obviously the gain obtained will be divided among all the participants . Of course we can also participate in already active mining pools without having to create a new one, lending our resources to increase the power of well-started pools.

This method is effective only if we have a good number of “miners” to add to the server and only if each participant has a very effective video card in mining. For more profitable small business ideas click here.

Bitcoin Faucet

One of the easiest methods to earn Bitcoins without investing involves taking Bitcoin through the faucet , that is real “virtual taps” that release small amounts of cryptocurrency for anyone who opens the site. As a counterpart, the faucet sites have a very high amount of advertisements and pop-ups , which we will have to open and view in order to take our “drop”, that is the infinitesimal fraction of Bitcoin given away by these sites.

Faucet sites often have an anti-bot system, flanked by one or more CAPTCHAs, to avoid automatic scripts, thus avoiding accumulating cryptocurrency without displaying advertisements or without following the paths or links displayed on the page. When we use faucet sites we will have to be very careful, since the ads displayed are not monitored and could very well hide malware, adware or ads that are difficult to remove even after the browser is closed.

This method is not recommended for those who want to obtain Bitcoins in large quantities (perhaps by opening the site several times during the day), since the amount of Bitcoin that “drips” from the tap is very small , without considering the risks associated with advertisements.


The funniest way to earn Bitcoins without spending a penny involves starting some blockchain-based games , i.e. games that reward the best players with dedicated cryptocurrency, so that they can later change it into Bitcoin (with low exchange rates, but however interesting). Often these games belong to the category of MMORPGs, i.e. massive online role-playing games, which are renamed for the occasion in MMOCG (acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Cryptocoin Game).

In these games we will compete with other online opponents and, if we win, we will get tokens as a reward: the latter can be used in the same app to get cryptocurrency or sold in exchange for Bitcoin on some dedicated sites. If you don’t know where to start to start putting aside some cryptocurrency, MMOCG games could be the ideal solution, although obviously don’t expect huge gains .

Bitcoin Cashback

Do we have no time to waste with the methods seen so far? If we want to get Bitcoin quickly, the only sensible method is to purchase goods and services from sites that offer Bitcoin cashback. Some sites such as StormX allow you to buy products from famous sites such as eBay, rewarding users with a cashback based on cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) but only upon reaching a minimum spending threshold.

If we are users who buy a lot online and want to get an interesting cashback, they could consider this method, so as to fill the wallet with the virtual currency already in circulation.

Get paid in Bitcoin

As I told you at the beginning, earning Bitcoins without investing money requires a different type of investment. The second strategy is therefore to… earn them by working.

Here you have two ways:

  • Convert part of your income into Bitcoin directly through your employer.
  • Doing chores or parallel activities and get paid in BTC.
  • In the first case, there are services that can help you like Bitwage or even Conio.

Long story short, these services give you an Iban code and what goes into that Iban is converted into BTC.

Alternatively to your main job, you can engage in some side-gig and get paid directly in Bitcoin to an address in your wallet.

Do not rule out this possibility a priori! Maybe you have some talent that you can monetize and you are not taking advantage of. ( you have a blog, you are a personal trainer, you know how to mow the lawn, etc. etc. )

On the internet there are dozens of ‘crypto’ marketplaces where you can sell your skills and get paid in Bitcoin, or you can use the more traditional platforms and offer a significant discount to those who pay you in BTC (like 15%).

I’m not telling you to get paid exclusively in Bitcoin but maybe having extras that go directly into BTC can be convenient (plus you don’t go through any exchange with KYC and you stimulate the creation of a parallel economy based on Bitcoin).

Are there any apps to earn Bitcoins?

If we want to earn Bitcoins directly from smartphones or tablets, it is possible to bet on both the game apps and the apps that reward players who perform certain actions (such as walking or running) with tokens that can be freely exchanged for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Among the most interesting apps to earn Bitcoins we find:

Sweatcoin : this app allows you to convert the steps taken (running or walking) into a dedicated cryptocurrency, to be spent directly in the store to buy gadgets and various items. Available for Android and for iPhone.

Worldopo : an augmented reality (AR) game in which it is possible to build virtual factories to generate resources and cryptocurrencies, expanding the territory or attacking the territories of the enemies. Earnings can be used to buy gadgets or converted into real currency. Available for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

Alien Run : another game app in which we have to run with an alien on a bumpy path, accumulating fractions of Bitcoin that we can collect once the minimum withdrawal threshold is reached. Available for Android and for iPhone / iPad .

StormX : online store where you can buy various products, being rewarded with a special cash back in cryptocurrency (we can choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum, StormX and Litecoin). Available for Android.

By installing these apps on your phone or tablet, you can earn Bitcoins while having fun or doing other activities such as running or buying through dedicated links.

How much can you earn with bitcoins?

All the methods described above allow you to earn (at best) thousandths of Bitcoin, which is a very small fraction of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. This means that we will never really get rich with any of the methods described but it is still possible to set aside a certain amount of Bitcoin, to be kept in your virtual wallet while waiting for the value of the coin to increase.

The methods that allow you to earn more Bitcoins are the mining pool (especially if the pool chosen is very large) and sites with Bitcoin Cashback.

Beware of scams

When we talk about Bitcoin we must pay particular attention to online scams : there are in fact many sites that promise to get Bitcoins effortlessly or in exchange for something easy to share (such as an email, a user code or a discount code).

In particular, we recommend that you pay close attention to spam emails received on your inbox and to links hidden within banners or advertising pages, which often hide malware or identity theft.

Bitcoin faucets tend to be dangerous and should be avoided, while apps and sites that use Bitcoin as a bargaining chip can be used with due precautions.


Even if the Bitcoin has reached really high values ​​(to the point of having become a purely speculative tool for wealthy investors), it is still possible to get a few small fractions of Bitcoin without spending even a euro , but by using one of the methods seen in the guide to share part. of the computing power we have or using Bitcoin as a bargaining chip to carry out certain activities.

If we don’t know which method to choose and we want to avoid scams at all costs, let’s consider MMOCG games , which combine the intrinsic fun of the game with the possibility of accumulating dedicated cryptocurrency or real Bitcoins, to be withdrawn once the minimum value set is reached. from the game for withdrawal.

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