“What am I going to put on?” is the eternal question that everyone asks themselves when opening the invitation. Whether you are young, old, thin, short, tall or round, wedding attire is a major issue. She must fulfill the heavy task of being chic, pleasant all day long and making an impression without overshadowing the bride. A puzzle that is finally solved quite simply, if you practice the exercise rigorously, but also in style. Here’s our guide to finding the perfect look for a wedding.

When we are invited to a wedding, we are sure not to go wrong by opting for a dress. It is the formal dress for a wedding par excellence. But you still have to choose it well! Starting with the color. Before anything else, take into consideration your status at the time of the wedding when choosing your outfit.

If you are a witness and there is no formal outfit, still find out about the thematic color of the day, if there is one. We all know it: to avoid getting angry with the bride, it is advisable to avoid wearing white, but also all the colors that are a little too close to it like cream, champagne, ivory. Wearing black or white to a wedding is possible, but it is perilous. The dress for a wedding can be any other color you want. However, avoid garish colors such as fluorescent tones: you may only see you in the photos. Indeed, the idea is not that you steal the show from the queen of the day by wearing too daring wedding attire.

How to choose the perfect outfit for a wedding?

Regarding the choice of outfit for a wedding, it can quickly turn out to be difficult. Should you opt for a formal dress or a cocktail dress? Satin pants or a flowing skirt? A structured blazer jacket or a colorful jacket? If dressing for a wedding can be a headache, you just need to organize yourself in advance and follow a few essential rules to ensure an elegant and appropriate look, which will not overshadow the bride.

Respect the wedding dress code

In practice, it is above all necessary to comply with the stylistic wishes of the bride and groom. If the latter have imposed a specific theme, it is obviously necessary to live with it. Country, vintage, chic or bohemian, we match our outfit to the theme of the day. 

Banish white

It is a rule as old as the world. Considered old-fashioned for some, still relevant for others, we make sure not to make a mistake on D-Day by banning white and its chromatic equivalents from our outfit. Indeed, tradition dictates that bright white is reserved for the bride. Instead, we take the opportunity to adopt pastel or pop tones. Likewise, we avoid flashy prints like animal prints. Instead, we favor floral patterns and other ultra-feminine details. 

Choose the right accessories

We bring a final touch to its look by decorating it with suitable accessories. Elegant clutch, discreet jewelry and heeled sandals will be your best allies. Out of inspiration? Zoom on 75 looks spotted in the street that will be perfect to make you the most stylish of the guests.  

Pants as a wedding outfit?

Are you invited to a wedding and looking for an outfit that is both chic and elegant? Opt for the pants or the wedding suit! A safe bet that will put you nicely in value. For the cocktail party or a civil wedding outfit, the pants are an economical solution (you are sure to put them back on) and comfortable. As always, the first golden rule to respect is to avoid the total look of white, a color reserved for the bride, and black, much too sad for this moment of celebration.

For your wedding outfit, you therefore have all the other colors left, from red to green through purple, blue … If you dissociate pants and top, nothing prevents you from opting for white in the one of the two pieces, provided that it is not dominant in the silhouette. Opt for refined materials such as silk, organza, muslin for an elegant side. It is important that your trouser or suit wedding look does not look like an office outfit.

What wedding outfit for curvy women?

As each body has its own qualities, if you are a plump woman, THE reference wedding outfit does not exist. It’s up to you to balance comfort and chic to find the combination that suits you best. Dress, skirt, pants or jumpsuit, bet on a look that matches your body type, but also and above all in which you feel comfortable.

You are not required to respond to any injunction other than to be “dressed”. If heels are difficult to imagine, bet on wedges (espadrilles are great in summer!), Or on lower square heels.

Particularly study the cuts to highlight your figure and feel free to think about all the layers of your wedding outfit. For round women, as for all, jackets with epaulets or long, kimonos, stoles and other belts allow you to play on volumes and always remain in comfort.

Also be sure to choose noble materials that are not likely to serve you. But also to favor darker colors on the exterior pieces (such as jackets) to sculpt the silhouette. Besides, it’s time to have fun with your wardrobe and let go of the accessories and jewelry!

Mistakes to avoid when dressing for a wedding

●No to short, tight or transparent dresses  that would be vulgar, but those with too flashy necklines or slits should also be avoided: no one will have to steal the show from the bride, the only protagonist of the day.

●The colors not to wear : in the first place there is white : it is a color allowed only to the bride. With another guest dressed in white it would only create embarrassment. Among the colors to avoid we also find red , which could be too excessive as well as purple which could be considered in bad taste, especially for the superstitious. The label also requires you to avoid black, although an exception can be made if it is enlivened with accessories and shoes that give brightness

●Do not wear uncomfortable shoes : but the same also applies to clothes, we must be elegant but still feel at ease or we will find ourselves clumsy and without grace in clothes that are not suitable for us or with shoes that are perhaps too high, if we are not used to heels.

●Avoid the long day dress and also dark colors. Hats are only allowed for weddings that take place during the day.

20 outfit ideas for attending a wedding

This is largely the type of event that prescribes the style of the outfit … A wedding in a cottage by a lake will usually be less chic than a wedding in a large downtown hotel, for example. example. It is important to read the invitation as well as the other information you receive about the event. If there is a general “theme” (country, tropical, etc.), it can always help you navigate. You can also rely on the usual style of the bride and groom to make your choice!

1. Flowery

What a great dress to make a statement ! And a great example of how dark you shouldn’t be. The large tropical print is just wow! The fact that she is long makes her chic, while the bare shoulders make her sexy. Sizes 6 to 16.

2. Dress with scarf collar

Fluid and light, made from very ecological recycled wood fibers! The sun-bath collar is tied in a pretty loop. The color is magnificent. 

3. Textured tube dress

Not your style, the long dresses? This little short dress is full of personality! It is somewhat reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties and in person, the rich fabric shimmers with a thousand lights. Too perfect to dance!

4. Linen

Linen is very trendy this summer and this dress would be great for attending a country wedding. The small puffed sleeves add a special touch. Also: have you seen the price?

5. Asymmetric maxi

A beautiful vaporous dress, with feminine details: small sleeves, wrap neckline. The asymmetrical hem at the bottom gives it a decidedly trendy look! 

6. In pleated chiffon

Here is a good example of a white dress that would be acceptable at a wedding, because of its contrasting print of course … But it is also available in navy blue if you don’t dare!

7. Combination

You don’t necessarily have to wear a dress either! This jumpsuit is proof that you can look chic even in pants.

8. Long sleeves

It could be, wanting to be sexy but without stripping too much of the top either! This dress will catch the eye, while remaining sophisticated. Light shoulder pads and open back.

9. Scabbard

This dress is so simple, yet so exquisite! It is in satin charmeuse which hugs the natural shapes, with a very lightly draped hood collar. The print is original!

10. One shoulder

Usually, this type of fabric with fine blue and white stripes ( seersucker in English) is found on more informal clothes. Except that the cut of this dress makes it not only chic, but also utterly adorable! The one-off shoulder look is trendy.

11. The polka dot midi dress

Many will remember the splendid white and blue polka dot look of Abigail Spencer, actress and close friend of Meghan Markle who, for her royal wedding, wore an Alessandra Rich midi dress. An outfit that has brought the classic yet casual elegance of this print back into the spotlight, so versatile that it can be worn both at a Royal Wedding and at an aperitif. For those invited to summer weddings, the choice always falls on the same sophisticated shades, with a navy or midnight blue base that is the backdrop to a constellation of optical white dots.

12. The pink mini dress

The rose is the queen of shades wedding palette, a poetic color that often characterizes the look of the invited. Unmissable it comes in a more pop variant, moving away from the romantic silhouettes of long dresses to embrace shorter models. The total-pink mini dress is casual, fun and with a slightly childish aesthetic that makes it a gem to show off both at weddings and for a glamorous free time.

13. The couture pajamas

Let’s now move on to unorthodox alternatives but which slowly make their way into the maze of the wedding style. A reinterpretation of a more classic trouser suit, the couture pajamas are the chic and trendy version, an unconventional choice that will surely catch the eye. Speaking of couture pajamas, we do not mean creations designed for a sweet sleep between silk and feathers, but rather an emerging clothing sector that proposes the design of lingerie in a daytime version.

14. The elegant caftan

The caftan is one of the most loved garments by the divas of Old Hollywood and our Cinecittà, a design that Gina Lollobrigida, Virna Lisi and other great Italian performers have made iconic. Characterized by a square silhouette and the peculiar width that makes them very fresh and light, they are the most chic alternative to the classic long dress. Those who choose it have the approval of the great fashion houses, with Valentino, Dior and Bottega Veneta who, among others, have proposed it in their spring-summer collections.

15. The dress with puff sleeves

For those who do not want to give up romanticism, there are several options to consider in addition to the famous floral dress, trendy proposals that we have already loved on the catwalk and that are perfect for the bridal mood. The ideal example is the baby-doll dresses with puff sleeves, a cross between the Lolita style and the pin-up one, where the short length of the skirt contrasts with the maxi width of the balloon sleeves. Surprising mix of volumes and symmetries, this garment retains a childish and nostalgic touch that goes well with the atmosphere of ceremonies, where the tear always falls and where emotion is the undisputed protagonist.

16. The color-block outfit

The mélange of shades created by the prints is always a great choice when it comes to wedding outfits, but there is a bolder and more sophisticated alternative that will certainly know how to get noticed. This is the color-block, or a clear combination of contrasting shades that stand out best without blending. Certainly a courageous decision but which, if taken carefully, can prove to be a winner. On the one hand we find the combination of two separate garments, such as top and skirt, to be chosen in opposite shades such as pink and green, red and blue, orange and purple, while on the other there are couture dresses that reflect the inspiration of high fashion by combining drapes of fabrics of two contrasting colors in a single design. An opposition to be maintained even with accessories, which must therefore be of a different shade than the outfit.

17. The black printed long dress

The big excluded from the looks of the guests is often black, considered too dark and serious to adapt to the joyfulness of the event. A rule born to be broken, given the immense potential that this color has in the fashion world. If a paradigmatic sheath dress is not for you and you would prefer to opt for a more graceful look, the answer is in the long black dress with micro print, like the one by Ralph & Russo sported by a radiant Leonie Hanne.

18. Long dress with ruffled sleeves and tulle

Wow, what splendor! We love its elegance and simplicity. Pastels are very fashionable this season. All you have to do is put on a pair of high heels.

19. Light pink dress in embroidered sequins

A little softness with this pretty model that is both simple and sophisticated. We avoid wearing jewelry so as not to overload and we end with high heels.

20. Long silk blend dress

Casual chic, this loose dress will be perfect for a bohemian wedding. You can adopt it with flat or wedge heels for example.

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