What does the 2022 horoscope have in store for Sagittarius? Will the stars be merciful to you? To find out, now consult your detailed annual Sagittarius horoscope, decan by decan. Sagittarians are born between November 23 and December 21. In 2022, what do the stars have in store for you? Consult the Sagittarius horoscope for the year 2022.

You receive the annoying influxes of Jupiter in Pisces and those of Jupiter in Aries, which are beneficial. Expect to go through times when your projects will encounter great difficulties and to experience times when they will take a meteoric expansion. To smooth out the intensity of the vagaries and euphoria, side with Saturn in Aquarius. He encourages you to work on what is wrong when the going gets tough. He recommends that you exercise caution instead of getting carried away. This year, it is by being realistic, and wise, that you will achieve your goals.

Monthly Horoscope for 2022

1st decan of Sagittarius

In 2022, it will be blurry at the start (it will flounder a little…) but it will undoubtedly be any bonus afterwards (you will even stick us up). In January-February as during the 2 th fortnight of April 2022, our Sagittarius will feel a bit lazy, lazy limited or it will not feel like it, not now. It certainly part of it all. Well let’s say that sometimes you have to dawdle to jump better and “jump”, it will be for the period May to October: at that time, Jupiter in Aries will be the best pass there is to experience a very nice boom of resilience and self-confidence. Press the starter: this is where it will start, your efficiency will then be in rocket mode and it may pulsate.

2e decan of Sagittarius

From mid-February to mid-March as during the 1 st half of May 2022, perhaps we will talk about trial and error. You will not yet be sure, you will let yourself be influenced or carried, you will not really have the hand. This will be the” planets in Pisces” effect on our Sagittarius. The month of June should already bring you out of a certain lethargy and this is where you will say “go!” “. However, it is believed that your most interesting time of the year will be between September and December, because you will have a more concrete and structured vision of what you want to do with your future. It will move in the right direction and your life will take on its full meaning.

3e decan Sagittarius

In January, May and October to December 2022, our Sagittarius will undoubtedly too easily upon a star. A little advice: when there are so many Pisces planets in your sky, never be too gullible and don’t hesitate to back down when something seems suspicious to you. Also remember that when you get carried away too much you can also fall from a height. We specify that in October and November, a project could generate a lot of ink without being followed by immediate effects. Phew: during the 2nd fortnight from April and from June to August, you will need to reframe all that, to better know where you are going and you will undoubtedly realize that to project yourself into the future, you need to have a little more secure bases. This period will take on its full meaning in 2023.

Love and family life horoscope 2022 for Sagittarius

1st decan Sagittarius

In January-February and during the 2 th fortnight of April 2022, avoid being too runny or tolerant with your man because you think he might enjoy. Don’t quit with your kids either! Between May and October, that could very well change at all: what an atmosphere at home! Our Sagittarius could become a real white tornado. And the heart risks getting in tune with this energetic tempo: sensuality boosted, desire on the rise, hormones in all their states. Sacred ardor to relaunch the wheel of the heart.

2e decan of Sagittarius

From mid-February to mid-March and mid-April to 11 May 2022, you will not be safe enough for you, you will have too small strokes slack. In addition if things flop, your man will have to deal with a Sagittarius in all his states ( crying attacks, mood down, etc …). A little confused? It is quite possible, with loss of confidence in the key. But between June 12 and 24, the planets in Aries will give you a sting of enthusiasm and you will also have no trouble asserting yourself. From 1 ston July 11, you will be here and there but never really there… but from August 20 to 30, our Sagittarius will only ask to roar with pleasure (Venus in Leo obliges…). It is believed that during the last trimester, you will especially need to conceptualize the future of your family projects.

3e decan Sagittarius

Part of 2022 seems a blur. A baby does not arrive like a letter in the mail: will you be sufficiently clear about certain aspects of this small revolution and / or will you have correctly anticipated the event? The idea? Above all, do not lose the north. To reassure you, we will tell you that between May 20 and the end of June, you will stop swaying or complaining and will prefer to take things in hand energetically. A little more joy and happiness at home? It is also possible. Between August 28 and September 6, our Sagittarius will surely have something in the spotlight…: thanks to Venus in Leo. But beware: in October and November, there is a lot of talk in the air and you could also be blowing a lot of wind.

2022 Sagittarius Horoscope

This year, everything will make Sagittarius question their professional life and the direction they want to give it. Think about what you really want to do and how you see your situation going, in professional life and even love life.


Opposition will seem to rule your heart this year. Single, you will oscillate between the desire to party, to browse from flower to flower without asking yourself any questions and the idea of ​​settling down seriously as a couple, drinking herbal tea by the fire while listening to your lover playing the mandolin. In May, Uranus, the future, will increase your clairvoyance tenfold and help you position yourself more durably. It will allow you to view the rest of your year with a fresh eye and a clearer perspective so that you can move in the right direction and make your decisions with more confidence. In a Relationship, too, there will be a certain duality in the air and the need to put everything back on track to get back on track will come up against the desire to play the ostrich and leave things as they are. There again, the Stars will know how to guide you in the spring and will send Mercury to facilitate your communication at an appropriate time. Whatever your situation, by the month of October, sincere love will have rekindled the flame in your heart and it will be the moment when you will found love.


For a few years now, you have certainly had the impression that your professional life is speeding up at a mile an hour and is dragging you along with it in an endless whirlwind. Without denigrating the chance offered to you, remember that you have the option of saying no; to refuse certain projects, however interesting they may be, or to simply ease off to consider your career with a little more perspective and really take advantage of your moments of pause.


This year, you will feel the need to reconnect with past friendships, remember your old school friends or get closer to where you grew up. In December, Saturn will make you wonder about your construction and your personality. It will inspire you to seek answers and remember who you once were.


Your health should be iron this year. On the other hand, you will worry about your loved ones: your partner or your parents. Enough to generate some stress for you. Remember that to best support your loved ones, you must also take care of yourself. You will realize this yourself: you will be prone to insomnia. Soothing herbal teas could help you get over it. You will also be sensitive to cold and allergies. A good vitamin cure will not hurt you. By eating a balanced diet and getting rest, you should get by.

Social Life

Saturn in Aquarius continues to bring depth to your ideas and the way you communicate. It causes feelings of loneliness or not being understood by those around you. It makes you find the time long. Are you encountering blockages in the realization of your projects? They are pulverized by the transfer from Jupiter to Aries. It is between May and October that things improve greatly. The difficulties are resolved. Jupiter creates a climate of ease and enthusiasm that will give you back strength and confidence. However, stay connected to reality and heed the advice given to you.

What is the meaning of the sign Sagittarius?

The word “sagittarius” means “archer” (from the Latin “sagitta”, arrow), hence the fact that this sign is represented with a figure carrying a bow and arrows. In ancient myths, Sagittarius is often equated with a Centaur, but others see it as a representation of Chiron, the guardian of the dead. Its constellation, already known by Ptolemy in ancient times, is located between Capricorn (to the east) and Ophiuchus (to the west). It is said that Sagittarius aims with its arc at the neighboring constellation Scorpio.

10 things to know about the sign Sagittarius

Who knows close Sagittarius, or is a native of this sign itself, will undoubtedly recognize themselves in these clues: Sagittarius.

●is often lucky

●does not hold in place

●likes to attract attention

●enjoy the pleasures of life

●feels comfortable with all kinds of very different friends

●love competition

●can be condescending if he is not careful

●loves seduction but will remain faithful once he has chosen his side

●easily adapts

●is interested in major philosophical and mystical questions

What is the character of Sagittarius?

Open-minded and with easy communication, Sagittarius is one of those signs that seems to be successful. Its master planet, Jupiter, is it not associated with the king of the ancient Gods? The natives of Sagittarius manage to make a happy synthesis between a healthy self-esteem and the fact of paying attention to others. They are naturally inclined towards the outside, they like discovery, travel, meeting. The only flaw in their qualities, some, jealous of this natural charisma and optimism, may see arrogance in it. Sagittarius must therefore know from time to time to take a break and listen to others, so as not to tire those around him.

The Sagittarius woman: an assertive and optimistic nature

Sincere, but never hurtful, the Sagittarius woman is the ideal friend, always offering good advice thanks to the objective look she brings to everything. Faithful in love as in friendship, she represents the perfect companion or friend. But be careful not to lose your confidence. Indeed, the Sagittarius woman has a nagging grudge if she is disappointed, she can withdraw her affection as quickly as she gave it.

Optimistic by nature, she tends to believe fundamentally in the goodness of human nature, at the risk of being constantly disappointed by her fellow human beings. This does not, however, prevent him from placing his trust again and again in new people who cross his path. Always in a good mood, the Sagittarius woman knows how to communicate her enthusiasm to those around her and allows others to feel better after her visit. Due to its assertive character, however, it is often resistant to any form of rule. For example, she has trouble complying with demonstrations of authority and struggles to respect simple rules such as punctuality.

The Sagittarius man: a cheerful rebel

Much like the female of the same sign, the Sagittarius man has a nature that is both upbeat and jovial, which makes him pleasant company. He is also very often surrounded by many friends, in whom he places a trust sometimes bordering on blindness. This characteristic is worth to him to be often betrayed by the latter. But beware of anyone rubbing shoulders with this false calm, which can alternately be gentle as a lamb, then bite like a rabid beast. Endowed with a volcanic character and a fierce intelligence, he can hurt as much with his fists as with his words.

Ascendant Sagittarius

Are you a Sagittarius and want to know the influence of your ascendant on your astrological sign? First, you can calculate your ascendant. Then select your sign and your ascendant.

Sagittarius ascending Aries

Jupiter meets Mars… desire for travel, endless and ardent spiritual quest, desire to know and to know, artistic will, combative philosophy by too many intellectual, religious and fervor convictions. The heart remains young, the attitude is sometimes naive or arrogant. You have to find your balance in life. In addition, you are a fervent defender of rights and freedoms. Certainly, a liberal job would fit you like a glove. You want to assert yourself and leave your mark in the world. You are a pioneer in your sphere of activity or you are a hard-working self-employed person. You have a high level of culture and you don’t always show it. A real bear trap! What you love above all is freedom.

Sagittarius ascendant Taurus

Venus (Taurus) meets here the lucky and wonderful Jupiter (Sagittarius). You know the pleasures of life! You like discovery, great lessons, knowledge in general and culture. Besides, you are known to be someone of cultivation in life. Your way of thinking precisely disturbs the well-meaning. In that sense, you like to disturb. Taurus makes you less social (sometimes you’d rather be alone and feel good about yourself), but Sagittarius’ cheerful and eternally young nature of character prompts you to go outside and play. You are much more reasonable than the average person. Jupiter adores everything that comes or comes from abroad and you surely love to travel. The strokes of luck of fate will always be there in your life.

Sagittarius Ascendant Gemini

The great Jupiter (Sagittarius) meets Mercury (Gemini) in this planetary association. You like travel and knowledge, general culture, and in your case it is true that travel forges your youthful spirit. You are sometimes lacking in seriousness and you must be wary of your jokes, which sometimes go beyond the limits. Clever, adaptable, you remain a first-rate extrovert. Wherever you hang your hat, you feel right at home. On the other hand, you demonstrate such a desire for independence that you are sometimes difficult to follow or to satisfy. Sagittarius (Jupiter) loves to dive into the depths and Gemini (Mercury Air) loves to wade on the surface. So the teachings that Gemini incorporates are supported by Sagittarius which gives them depth and meaning.

Sagittarius Ascendant Cancer

You continually question your foundation, or you want to find the Grail, a reassuring truth or faith. Your foundations seem to be set on quicksand and comfort always seems to elude you. In short, your search for well-being is constantly changing. Your mood swings are surprising. You might suffer from emotional pride and be unwilling to vent your emotions for fear of being judged or accused of weakness. Childhood can hold some important secrets or dramas that you will have to learn to cope with and to let go as well. You like to have new sexual or romantic experiences. You may feel like a stranger to your family, your community, or you feel like you belong to another planet! So sometimes you ask yourself: “what the hell am I doing here, in this world, with its people or in this job? The movement of your inner self leads you to seek knowledge.

Sagittarius ascending Leo

You like to surpass yourself, always go higher and further and, too often, that makes you lose the sense of proportion. In other words, by dint of wanting to push your limits and those of others, you forget the human factor. You have no pity for the weak or for those who do not take charge in life. You like travel (Sagittarius), but Leo pushes to expand his field of consciousness. So travel should serve personal growth. You will never hesitate to push the boundaries of your identity, to explore truths through knowledge, knowing, study or exploration. You make a great guide, teacher or trainer, adventurer (Sagittarius again). Philosophy, the faith that moves mountains, great esoteric knowledge fascinates you enormously. You surely have a taste for travel, abroad, far away. Beware of your tendency to role-play and catch everyone down (the Leo) and you will have a happy life.

Sagittarius Ascendant Virgo

You have come to fulfill yourself financially and materially. You are looking for success, it is visceral with you! By success, astrology points the finger at love, family and friends since Sagittarius loves to surround himself with people he loves and appreciates. Your loved ones, however, must have a lively, open, and energized intellect or you will drop out pretty quickly. You will experience several areas before you find the WAY. You can also accomplish yourself in a smaller area and serve the neediest with great dedication. Sagittarius is the knight of the zodiac, always ready to wield the sword in defense of the oppressed, always in search of the truth. Many of you have abandoned a resounding success to embrace a more “humanitarian” or missionary career. Your sign of Virgo leads you to plan everything and in its smallest details your projects, your life or your future. Your realism can be cold and detached, which, of course, complicates your romantic relationships.

Sagittarius ascendant Libra

The Libra sign always feels pushed out of their comfort zone in this astral combination. You look great, you are bursting with energy and aesthetics, aesthetics and art or all art forms will lead you to the gates of success. You like great knowledge, nourish your intellect and acquire a lot of knowledge or studies, but you will have to put it to use one day or another, which is never an easy task for you. Elegance, a taste for the exotic, and your multiple abilities have forged your personality since your childhood. The Libra ascendant makes you appreciate worldliness better. You are always on the move, ready to take the opportunity to stand out, to take a prominent place in your industry.

Sagittarius Ascendant Scorpio

Your outbursts are legendary or they are certainly talked about! There isn’t much of a difference between the ascending Scorpio Sagittarius and the ascending Sagittarius Scorpio. You are dynamic and you have a lot of physical, moral and psychological resistance. You always want to follow through on everything, even if it means putting your foot in the door. Your fervor pushes you towards controversy and sometimes fanaticism.

Your intuitions are premonitory. Your adventurous soul can lead you to the worst swamps as well as to the highest peaks like Everest – so you are often overwhelmed by the desire to live dangerous experiences. Those fond of extreme sports are served with such an ascendancy! Your very competitive nature can be annoying at times. You like to move or make things happen, events or people. When you can’t control everything, then you come to hate the “human factor” – those human weaknesses that keep things or events from happening.

Your cookie-cutter statements, so typical of Sagittarius, draw attention to you, but Scorpio silences you – he makes you feel deeply that you are not revealing yourself too much in the light of day. The less demonstrative nature of Sagittarius provokes the secretive Scorpio! but Scorpio silences you – it makes you feel deeply that you are not revealing yourself too much in the light of day. The less demonstrative nature of Sagittarius provokes the secretive Scorpio! but Scorpio silences you – it makes you feel deeply that you are not revealing yourself too much in the light of day. The less demonstrative nature of Sagittarius provokes the secretive Scorpio!

Sagittarius ascending Sagittarius

You do not lack self-confidence! This doublet makes you a lucky person in life. Lucky in the sense that something or someone always happens to get you out of trouble at the most opportune moment: a hand reaching out at the right time, a cash shot that comes point blank, a turning point. fate which will ultimately turn out to be disguised luck and, etc. You might have a fondness for hunting, archery (very Sagittarius), artillery, safaris, horse riding, sports in general.

In short, you have talent in that sense. If you did not know it yet, well you have been warned! All you have to do is take the first step towards this kind of physical activity. Otherwise, you are an artist at heart and you sweat talent. You have an optimist and a will to conquer that is often beyond comprehension. Your challenge in this life is to calm this powerful energy to be able to achieve what you would like to achieve, produce, do or develop. You can be very demanding and subject others to a kind of “tyranny”.

Ascendant Sagittarius Capricorn

Here, Capricorn extinguishes a little the audacity of Sagittarius. That doesn’t stop you from being as ambitious and determined as the Capricorn, but you do if there is a cause to be made, if the widow and orphan are in danger, if an investigation needs to be carried out. You also have a moral strength that is beyond comprehension. You are a missionary at heart, a being who easily turns to the misfortune of others or the mental, physical or moral illness that affects them on a deeper level. Culture, travel, politics, philosophy, spirituality, and, etc., are professional possibilities that would open your arms wide. The Capricorn ascendant brings you great intellectual rigor, a sense of organization and stunning leadership!

Sagittarius ascendant Aquarius

Aquarius brings you a militant, sociable, zealous spirit, in addition to bringing you the soul of an explorer, a traveler. You hate that we put limits on you or that we hinder your walk towards the future (the planet Uranus is responsible for this state of being). You like the great intellectual and philosophical currents. You are the reformer type too. A little too much sometimes, and people can’t always follow you. Your talents as instructors and animators or sociologists are exceptional. Easily enthusiastic, you often express yourself in a good mood. Your energy is radiant. Outdoor life takes precedence over family life. You are an entrepreneur at heart. Aquarius is able to make friends, develop a great social network and shine in society. You benefit from his ancestry over the world. Enjoy it!

Sagittarius ascending Pisces

Your temperament is emotional, inspired, and you know how to improvise to get out of any embarrassment or difficulty. You easily stand up for the most disadvantaged. Your premonitory power is powerful. The benevolence of the Pisces ascendant pushes you to open yourself to others. Sagittarius’ more forceful and persuasive demeanor makes you go go-getter, more determined, and always ready to commit. The warrior side of Sagittarius sometimes bothers or insecures your Pisces side, which rather prefers to please, be unanimous and stay in its comfort zone. However, the unpredictability of Pisces causes Sagittarius to lose its foothold. In short, you are an energetic personality capable of moving mountains!

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