Since there are a lot of sex positions, there are a lot of sex toys on the market. Vibrators, stimulators, rings, anal plugs, dildos. To help you find the right toy for you and your partner, browse this list of the best sex toys on the market right now.

Because in a relationship, you also have to know how to put an end to the routine and dare to go on an adventure, sex toys or games are no longer a taboo subject. The goal is to break this habit which, in the long run, means that we always repeat the same gestures which can harm the life of a couple. Offered on the market for years, sex toys are accessories that are designed to increase the pleasure during sex, to spice up this moment a little by bringing new things, new sensations.

Read below and discover the best sex toys for couples which will make you enjoy sex even more.

What are sex toys for couples?

Do you always season your cooking with salt and pepper? If so, you’re probably only into the flower variant of sex. Those who, on the other hand, like to season their dishes with refined spices are sure to be looking for savory extras in bed as well. Instead of the spice rack, you reach into the toy box.

Couples who regularly include sex toys in their lovemaking usually find sex more communicative, experimental and fulfilling. With a sex toy you get to know your partner’s preferences even better and you can even experience an orgasm with her.

How to choose a good sex toy for couples?

If this is your first purchase, it is normal that you are a little embarrassed at first. The rule is in fact simple: you have to make the choice according to the needs of both. However, don’t be too narrow-minded, because just remember, you are introducing these toys for discovery and adventure. Reading this review for the best sex toys for couples is a good start.

Sextoys or sex games?

If you have decided to use sex toys, it could be because together with your partner, you felt that a little spice was missing in your sex life or that you just wanted to find out something else. In that case, listen to what you want. If, for example, you want to improve foreplay, lean towards items that promote that. But be careful, be aware of the difference between a sextoy and a sex game.

In case you want to play a role play for example or you want to practice bondage, you will opt for sex play accessories. On the market, there are all kinds of disguises, masks, kits intended for this purpose. Fans of 50 Shades of Gray know more about these kinds of practices.

But it is also likely to want to explore a very specific area, such as the clitoris for example. In this case, one of our advice would be that you orient yourself towards sex toys that exist for both men and women. Introducing these toys into your relationship could take you to a whole new dimension. This is for example the vibrator, vibrating eggs, Chinese fingers…. The most important thing is that the two of you have fun so that the magic happens in your sex life.

The material of manufacture

If you want to know how to buy a better value couples sex toy, the material of manufacture of the products is a criterion that should not be taken lightly. Indeed, these materials will depend on the quality of the objects, but also the comfort they will provide you.

Especially since if it is a toy to insert into private parts, it is essential that it be a safe and soft model. Products made with porous materials should therefore be eliminated. Instead, prefer those made of silicone, plastic and even glass.

Also, don’t go for models that contain phthalates, as they can be harmful to your health. You will find in any price comparison that a best sex toy for couples is to choose from among the glass models. The latter are the most popular, as they can change the temperature as much as you want.

Your usage level

Before looking for where to buy a new couples sex toy, first think about your level. Are you a beginner or have you already experienced these objects? Also ask your partner.

In case it is the first time for you or for him / her, it is better to choose toys that are easy to use, practical and not sophisticated so as not to break the mood. After all, the main thing is to have fun together. You are also not going to spend the evening figuring out how to use the item.

That said, never buy a product that doesn’t convince your partner. Like any purchase you must make as a couple, you must agree on the model to acquire.

How to use a sex toy for couples?

Some couples love to spice up their life together by using certain products in bed. In a relationship, the use of sex toys marks a new stage in it. If you are venturing into new territory, but want to do it right, we will provide you with these few explanations.

Play role-playing games with a kit

Kits including straps, handcuffs, masks, whips, and more allow the couple to play submissive and domineering. There are endless circumstances in which to use them like tying one or the other to a bed, on a chair, to a pole blindfolded in an alluring outfit or with the minimum on your back. You can play the villainous or go with more sensuality, it depends on the taste of each one. Some even imagine small scenarios in places like high school, hospital, office to raise the excitement. Men and women can also use ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream or sweets to add more “taste”. (The importance of role playing)

Experiment while having fun

If you’ve never indulged in trying new positions, sex dice will make the experience all the more fun. Each take a die on which the parts of the body are inscribed; a second for gestures such as slapping, sucking, pinching; and the third with more than explicit images. Launch them successively and run. It’s super simple.

Using a vibrating ring

As the product has become very popular, you will find it easily on the Internet. The basic principle of its use remains simple. Keeping the remote control in hand, the man places the ring at the base of his penis. He penetrates the woman while activating it. The vibrations which accompany the penetration will stimulate the clitoris of madam and at the same time act on the penis of the man, and all this, for the great pleasure of the couple.

Playing with a vibrating egg

Another tool that falls under the category of couples sex toys (origin) is the vibrating egg. Its use is rather fun and allows the couple to have fun together. It can be used at home, during a meal or even better during your romantic outings. The egg is to be introduced into the vagina of Madame. The command being at the disposal of the gentleman, the accessory can be activated at will and thus give chills to his companion at any time.

Use various other sex toys for couples

Today, there is no longer any need to be ashamed of using such accessories to add spice to your love life. Moreover, they are more and more accessible to the general public. Among the set of materials that it is advisable to try is the vibrator. It is practical to increase the desires of the woman during the preliminary. Subsequently, its use will promote penetration and quadruple the sensations of the couple. 

Where can I buy sex toys for couples? 

You can order sextoys in the erotic market or on the Internet from a large number of providers. If you can’t decide on a toy, you can order a surprise package with a whole selection. When choosing a sex toy, always pay attention to the quality of the product.

Why should a man get involved in a sex toy?

Because men get the chance for even more intense sex through an illustrious bed companion. Depending on which sex toy your partner is into, you can deduce from it how you can make sex better without toys. For example, does she like G-spot stimulation or is she even toying with an anal chain? Then you should include such techniques in your repertoire. But don’t worry, it’s not just about toys for the partner. You too get your money’s worth. For example, you can use a penis ring to delay your ejaculation and a masturbator is also suitable for games for two. You can find even more ideas for a hot game evening for two here.

The best sex toys for couples

With sex toys we can get to know our own preferences and those of our partner in a playful way. Do we like additional clitoral stimulation during sex? Should the body be massaged with a finger vibrator or Magic Wand ? Or do we like couple toys that make both vibrate?

When browsing through (online) sex shops, you will learn a lot about each other. Don’t forget: A sex toy should never be seen as competition, but always as an addition to the couple relationship. Passion can be lived out in many facets and with sex toys we only expand this colorful world.

Couple vibrator Lush 3

We start with a force in bed: The Lush 3 has a lot to offer. The new design ensures an even more intense and pleasurable moment by exerting even more pressure on the G-spot. The vibrator can be controlled via the app – even over long distances. The kick for every long-distance relationship. The Lush 3 can also be worn in everyday life without any problems. So she can hand over control to you and let yourself be surprised when and where you pamper her.

Flexxio from BeauMents

The Flexxio is a real all-rounder. As a couple vibrator, worn by women during sex, it simultaneously stimulates the clitoris, G-spot and prostate. But the flexible friend can also be worn by him as a penis ring. The device has two motors and 10 vibration levels and comes with a remote control.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

Anyone who needs a little more than vibration for high feelings is well advised with the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples. The narrower shaft of the U-shaped vibrator is inserted vaginally. You will enjoy a feeling of tightness and your partner will enjoy a G-spot massage. The external part of the vibrator stimulates the clitoris with pressure waves and creates a kind of sucking sensation – like during oral sex.

Vibro egg from VOU

This little toy has it all. She inserts it into the vagina and you take the remote control. From a distance of up to 10 meters you can now ensure that your partner is shaken by erotic waves – in 7 different levels. Of course, you can also use the vibrating egg to play around with the clitoris.

Finger vibrator “Finger Fighter” from CUPE

Even if you never want to get married, you will surely like to have your loved one put this ring on you. The cheeky finger vibrator makes foreplay even more beautiful. The battery-operated “Finger Fighter” is ergonomically shaped, skin-friendly and has infinitely variable vibration.

Penis ring from Je Joue

There are 7 different vibration modes with this penis ring, which not only promises steadfastness during the act of love, but also pampers the partner clitorally. You can find out here how a penis ring can heat up your love life.

Love balls from Lelo

Love balls, vibrating egg and partner toy in one! With the “Hula Beads” from Lelo you can trigger different kinds of pleasure, even in the shower, as the toy is waterproof.

Anal plug from Fun Factory

It doesn’t matter who is using or enjoying the anal plug – it is suitable for both women and men. The “bootie” is made of 100 percent silicone and covered with a velvety-soft surface and shaped so that it can be inserted particularly easily.

Love swing

Also a love swingcan be an exciting addition to the love life for couples. It brings movement into love play and opens up possibilities for new positions, so that you definitely bring variety and fun into the bedroom. A swing that can be attached to the door frame and that does not have as many straps is worthwhile to start with. If you like the aid, you can buy a more luxurious, extended model. And you need a sense of humor, because things can go wrong with experiments like this at the beginning. So you should be able to laugh together too – but that alone can bring a breath of fresh air to the bedroom.

Whip, shackles and Co.

Since “Fifty Shades of Gray” at the latest, more couples have tried shackles and whipsand Co. from. Because slight pain and BDSM can provide an increased sense of pleasure. It is best to try out what you might like with the first simple tools and whether you would rather slip into the more dominant or the subordinate role. But above all, at the beginning you need precise agreements and trust in one another. you should be well informed about what to use and how. In addition, a “Safe Word” is helpful, which signals that you do not want to go any further or that you want to come to an end immediately.

Tenga Egg

For men looking for a sex toy for themselves, the Tenga Egg be the right choice initially. The Tenga Egg is easy to use: Inside the egg there is a pack of lubricant that you can put on the opening of the egg and the penis. You then insert it into the opening and move it up and down. Ribs and pimples and other extras that the eggs offer make for extra fun. If you also imagine a vagina or an anus, the whole thing can be even more pleasurable.

Conclusion: sex toys are fun!

A sex toy can improve your love life. It brings more excitement and passion to bed. The modern toys provide a completely new sensation of pleasure. Do you want an orgasm together? Do you want to hold out longer during sex? Can you imagine prostate stimulation during sex? A sex toy can help you in all of these cases. So what are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

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