To stand out and seduce women, it would be good to know the 15 qualities that make a man attractive to a woman. Style, character, etc. Men, women meet them every day. So, in order to be able to seduce a woman, you have to stand out. For this purpose, charm alone is not enough. Much more is needed. Here are 15 qualities that make a man attractive to a woman.

What makes a woman going to be attracted, seduced by a man, in terms of physical appearance? If each one has its own preferences – hair, build, smile, muscles – a scientific study carried out on 341 women reveals that it is a completely different criterion that counts, in reality, without our being necessarily aware of it. According to the study, everything would be a big story, but not necessarily the one we think of.

What makes a man attractive to a woman? Men and women differ in many ways, and when it comes to desire, attraction, and sex, there are many similarities between men and women. The main difference is that men are more direct than women when it comes to desire and women are more indirect.

What makes a man attractive to a woman?

So what makes a man attractive to a woman? In the first place, a woman wants to be with a man who is confident enough to tell her what he likes in a woman and who is not afraid to show it. If a man is unsure of himself, chances are he won’t say it directly, but will give subtle hints along the way. A woman wants to be shown what she admires in a man and her attitude towards her should always be warm and positive.

Women also want to be around confident men. A woman’s self-confidence can really shine through when she is surrounded by confident men. This doesn’t mean that men should brag, just that a woman wants to be surrounded by men who are confident enough to share their thoughts and who are not afraid of their strengths. A woman can relate to a man who isn’t always talking about him or trying to impress him. She may think he is too self-aware or insecure, but he is honest with himself and cares deeply about his appearance and success.

What makes a woman attractive to a man also has a lot to do with her own image. We’ve talked about this ad nausea before, but when you’re attracted to a woman, you base your self-esteem on who she is as a person. It is a reflection of your deep convictions about yourself. It is no coincidence that overweight people tend to be bothered by their appearance. They feel like they have to change their body to look like someone else. Attracting women is finding the right partner and this image becomes more important than the physical aspect when considering what makes a woman attractive.

Some men take their appearance seriously and do weight training and eat healthily. If this is your case, you might want to reconsider your attraction to a woman who is always eating and working out to stay in shape. While this might seem to make you more attractive to her, if you don’t have the discipline to achieve it, you won’t be able to achieve this look. So, if you are sincere about how you want to attract a woman, you have to start putting your own things in it.

One of the other things that makes a man attractive to a woman is his sense of humor. It is amazing how some women can make a joke even though they know it will only hurt their hearts. A woman will be attracted to a man who is sensitive to her feelings and who wants to share them with others. If you can harness her sense of humor, you’ll woo her in the blink of an eye. It’s not for nothing that women love men who make them laugh and it’s one of the secrets that dating artists use to make their magic work.

Men tend to be more nervous than women around women and sometimes it feels like they have a problem. This is not true, however, and many men get very nervous just because they are around women. What makes a man attractive to a woman is his ability to be confident and if you succeed, you will have a girl in your hands in no time.

What a woman looks at a man on a first date

On a first date with a woman, it’s hard to know what’s going on in her head when she looks at you for the first time. But don’t get me wrong, if women are more discreet than men, they still scrutinize you carefully and do not fail to spot the detail that kills. Yes, the first impression is decisive. To prevent her from running away on the first date, here are some infallible secrets to make Madame melt like snow in the sun.

Your outfit

Be groomed without overdoing it. No need to arrive in a suit and tie. The best style is above all yours. The clothes don’t make the monk, but you will still avoid arriving in your favorite jogging or putting on beach shorts and sandals that will reveal your hairy feet that you are certainly proud of, but that are still too early to expose to Madame. Opt for clean clothes that will highlight you, the classic shirt and well-cut jeans will always do the trick. Embellish it all with a pleasant scent without falling into the bottle and you will be all the rage.

Your glowing gaze

The gaze plays a major role in seduction. It reveals many things about you: your shyness, your confidence, your candor or your dishonesty. And that’s not all, a woman will also be looking to identify the potential interest you have in her. So as much to say it to you, you will not escape the ocular decryption. Fried whiting eyes won’t crack a woman, just as a shifty gaze will always work against you. It’s all about being natural without overdoing it; practice looking into the eyes now, you will score points!

If You are taking charge of things

Ah hands! Symbol of sensuality, protection and virility, they are a real source of fantasies for women. One magic formula: treat them! We opt for clean and well-cut nails. The cleanliness and softness of your hands will be an additional asset to seduce your sweetheart.

Your smile

A woman is attentive to your smile. If you do not loosen your mouth and show a chilling inexpressiveness, it is difficult to give off any charm with Madame. On the contrary, a spontaneous, sincere, and relaxed smile will instantly convey your interest in the woman in front of you and make you more attractive than when you put on your sulky look and that closed face that doesn’t suit anyone. In addition, we will not forget the step of brushing teeth before a first appointment; whether you kiss her or not, a clean smile and a healthy mouth will always make the difference.

The accessory

If your look doesn’t reveal your incredible personality, there’s no point in trying to transform yourself at the nearest costume store to make yourself stand out at all costs. Don’t make up a character for yourself that you are not. However, a little extra “trick” will immediately give you extra cachet. An accessory may well capture your beauty’s attention if you wear it correctly. Do not hesitate to perfect your outfit with a sober and elegant piece of jewelry such as a watch, a bracelet or a ring if you are inspired. Women often appreciate these little details. But above all, don’t overdo it, less is more.

Also make sure you put on your shoes. For the most original, you can stand out with funky socks that will give you a unique style and may well amuse your beautiful. The most elegant can even wear a pair of leather gloves to complete their presentation. There is only one rule: we avoid being overdressed so as not to fall into the ridiculous and above all, we adapt our outfit to the context of the meeting. Find the right balance: you don’t go to a costume ball, nor do you go exploring the Amazon forests.

Traits and qualities which women find attractive in a man

In order to seduce the woman you like, it’s important to know what women, in general, look for in men. However, tastes and colors cannot be discussed. Each woman therefore has her own definition of her ideal man. There are, however, points on which most of them agree. Knowing them will allow you to be more successful with girls. To make it easier for you, I have put in the following paragraphs most of the criteria that women draw up before saying “yes” to a man.

A neat look not effeminate

In the eyes of women, looks count for a lot. This is why it is in the first position of the 15 qualities to please a woman. Taking care of your look, in order to be attractive at all times, is essential.

It is not a question of being groomed like an effeminate, but rather of betting on the clothing styles that affirm your personality, according to your means. With a $ 20 shirt, you can look cute, just as cute as George Clooney and his $ 5,000 costumes. Taking care of your look doesn’t make you an effeminate, as long as you keep your manhood.

A manly attitude

A manly attitude is one of the 15 qualities that make a man attractive. Like an alpha male, you need to release a certain energy, characterized by a strong self-confidence. It goes through gripping and evocative body language. Being tactile is something that women really like. A sense of humor matters here too, a quality that characterizes the alpha male, like Sean Connery in his interpretations of James Bond.


Although in third place of the 15 qualities to please a woman, self-confidence is a universally accepted quality. The majority of women succumb to it, because it gives you a certain confidence. It is a question here of knowing how to dare by wanting to approach a woman. This is a detail that many women pay attention to and which allows them to eliminate the most undecided suitors to dare. The self-confidence here is somewhat akin to Marlon Brando’s character in The Godfather, or Sean Connery’s in his approach to women.

Expertise in a field

Women naturally love remarkable men. If your popularity is based on expertise in one area, your chances of being popular are high. Physician, surgeon, accountant, expertise or an important title in a field are the kinds of things that do not go unnoticed in the eyes of women. For them, it’s an expression of your maturity, of your authority in a subject, and that they love. Part of the qualities to please a woman, expertise is somewhat tied to popularity. It’s not just for his beautiful hairstyle that women like Ryan Gosling.

A positive attitude

Positivity and benevolence are among the qualities that make a man attractive. Positivity not only allows you to attract, but also gives off positive vibes. Your open-mindedness is an asset that women will appreciate and which will set you apart from the majority. We could associate this quality with being proactive. Most of the time, a proactive and benevolent man is the perfect quality duo to be popular with women.

Initiate good conversation topics

Women quickly tire of you when you’re boring. Better, they hate you when you defend a position contrary to theirs, without controlling it. So, avoid as much as possible subjects such as religion, politics or war, which can quickly escalate. On the contrary, more subtle subjects, allowing to lead to various apprehensions and not very clear cut, are preferable.

Have a good relationship with sex

Among the 15 qualities that make a man attractive, your relationship to sex is perhaps the most delicate. Here, avoid bragging as much as possible, by attributing to yourself qualities that you do not have.

Even if you’re a good fuck in bed, you don’t have to over-praise yourself. Rather, talk about it subtly and let the woman come to you to find out more. Likewise, in matters of sex, avoid passing judgment on the relationship that women have with sex or their past in this sense.

The perfume

Eh yes ! A man who smells good always attracts women. A good perfume is a quality which makes a man attractive. It could have been associated with a neat look, but it was opportune to distinguish it, because it is an important detail. A good fragrance generally refers to the smell of sex. So it’s right that smelling good attracts women, because it makes you feel like a sexual person. However, being sexual is a quality that women love.

Be yourself

Being yourself is a rare quality in today’s society. Yet it is one of the 15 qualities that make a man attractive to women. It’s not about being a hypocrite, putting yourself in another person’s shoes. On the contrary, it is about remaining yourself, but showing personality. And while you have to do some work in that direction, it has to be to strengthen your personality, not create another for yourself, knowing that the masks always fall off eventually.

10 keys to becoming a more attractive man

Being attractive … isn’t that what every man seeks to become when he sets out to study the relational domain and that of seduction? Certainly. A question remains, however: how to go about it? What are the character traits to adopt, the imponderables of such an image? This is what I invite you to reflect on today in the form of advice in seduction.

Be a proactive man

An attractive man is by definition a man capable of creating his own reality, in which he manages his life, his evolution, relying on his ability to face risks and competition. The main idea behind this mechanism is a unifying impetus, a desire to expose oneself as a creator of wealth, both financially, as well as relational or intellectual. A proactive man cares very little about the stakes of seduction. He focuses above all on meeting his own needs in order to sustain his activity and personal development.

Develop your charisma

Charisma is that kind of aura that surrounds a man who does not deny himself the right to fail or to become better. Always on the lookout for new challenges, the charismatic man is attractive in that he doesn’t care what one thinks of him. He is himself, adapts in an almost natural way to his environment and does not depend on anyone. He is always on the lookout for mechanisms that can allow him to evolve and grow. He infuses an impalpable, but real authority. It does not make a major difference between relationships with men or women. Concretely, we could compare charisma to social intelligence: an ability to identify others and to respect a pre-established position, without doubting, never.

Show leadership

As you can see, the values ​​described seem to overlap with each other, to form a whole: the attractive man. As such, leadership is understood as the ability to make unifying, relevant and effective decisions based on specific material conditions. The leader is not necessarily authoritarian. He recognizes everyone’s needs and wants and takes them into account when making decisions.

Natural preselection

A desired man, attracting glances and stimulating the libido of the women he meets, inevitably places himself in a dominant position vis-à-vis the competition. He removes a certain aura from it that facilitates seduction and makes him appear as a more interesting person, able to give women what they want. If achieving this status requires work, it will develop naturally with the fairer sex from the moment you are clean on yourself, cared for and above all accompanied. The female presence at your side is the determining element in the implementation of such a mechanism.

Safety: an important point

Women thrive alongside a man who can protect them, whether it is physically, intellectually or financially. The main quality of the protective man is empathy. He understands what his interlocutors need and is open-minded. He’s ready to go coal if the danger materializes. No need to be a martial arts fan. This notion actually relates more to well-being than to violence (even if the latter is sometimes required).

Be emotional!

Virility and charisma do not mean that an attractive man has a heart of stone. Women are looking for someone capable of understanding them, of internalizing their feelings, their sorrows, their pains. There is therefore no question of hiding your emotions. Be careful, however, this should not be excessive or take the form of complaints. The expression of emotions allows a psychological reconciliation and the highlighting of a real bond of trust.

Become independent

Understood as a combination of maturity and the ability to take responsibility, independence is another quality necessary for the development of an attractive personality. It involves making decisions about your lifestyle, developing personal plans and being able to take on them, especially from a financial perspective. In relationship terms, independence is a skill of not being too demanding and letting your partner breathe. This is in fact one of the consequences of psychological stability.


The ability to express oneself correctly while respecting the language of Molière is being lost more and more. An attractive man masters his vocabulary and knows the weight of words. This allows him to reach his target and reinforces his credibility when he speaks. No need to draw your attention to the importance of communication in our time.

Work on your physique

The image you send back is the first element studied, appreciated by the women you meet. This being established, it is therefore necessary to take care of yourself, to take care of your style (look, shaving, haircut, muscles …) as well as your non-verbal communication. No one wants to have a relationship with a curled up person who seems to shed the weight of the interaction.

Improve your style

Style is undoubtedly a decisive element in the personality of an attractive man. It is something personal. You will have to learn to know your body, to identify what suits you or on the contrary what does not enhance you. Dressing well responds to simple codes and risk-taking is necessary to progress. The propensity to adapt one’s outfit according to the circumstances and to always look dressed to the nines reinforces self-confidence and charismatic image: therefore not to be neglected.

While men are generally judged on their social status or their ability to be charismatic, this harshness and apparent demands are no less evident in the description of an attractive woman: she must be beautiful, feminine, well-groomed, open-minded. spirit and in many cases accept the domination of what remains his alter ego … enough to reflect on this article in all humility!

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