The way you dress says a lot about you. It has grown with you, become more mature than you have, and is an expressive act that introduces you to the world you wish to see. In accordance with fashion rules about what is considered fashionable, “age appropriate” and “flattering” leaves little room for fashion as a true creative outlet. There is great freedom of expression to be found. to have a unique sense of style. Here are some tips on how to find your own style.

Knowing how to dress well is not always easy, because it can be learned over time and with basic knowledge of fashion. Having trendy pieces is one thing, but knowing how to combine them for style is another. Once you have all the keys to finding your dress style, you can choose any pieces you want.

Read below and find out how to find your style, and how to define it.

10 tips to find your style

But first of all, what does having style mean to you? Is it to dress in an original way and especially not like the others? Is it dressing in the most flattering way for your body type? Does that mean telling a story? Does that sound like someone you admire? Is it following the trends? Read Here

Know your color palette

Are you a fan of neutral shades because you don’t know how to combine others? You may be depriving yourself of a pink that would suit your complexion. Do you always get compliments when you wear this lichen green sweater because it highlights your eyes? Keep it in mind for your next purchases. Establishing your color palette has multiple advantages. You save time during your shopping sessions because you more easily identify the pieces likely to suit you, you indulge yourself by nourishing your taste for colors that give you joy and you build yourself, garment after garment, a guard dress in which everything fits together.

To start, open your closets and notice the dominant colors, the ones you wear most often and the ones that, on the contrary, you do not manage to combine with the rest. These observations will allow you to identify your main, neutral and complementary colors. Charlotte Moreau, on her blog Balibulle, explains with precision her own chromatic quest.

Accept your weight and morphology

Running after thinness often blurs the quest for style. We dream of an outfit, telling ourselves that it would suit us so well with five kilos less. We postpone a purchase while waiting to lose weight, or on the contrary we buy a skirt that is too small, seeing it as a good way to motivate ourselves to “lose a little more”. In all these cases, while we fix our attention on our weight, we lose sight of our style.

“Doing with” rather than “doing against” your body allows you to start looking at it in a more constructive way. Instead of necessarily trying to hide what you don’t like, it may be more judicious to learn to play with the proportions of your morphology, in order to restore its balance if necessary.

Analyze and sort your closet

Before a shopping spree, get in the habit of going through your closet like Ema, 41, who found her style looking “in my closet which I easily put without asking myself questions and which I never happened. to wear”. Identify the type of pieces you like, but also the materials and colors that come up most frequently. “Once you understand what you feel good in, it is a question of persisting, of perfecting, of purifying, of going to the essentials of this style. ‘we got it under control,’ says Ema.  

To see more clearly, it can be useful to put away out of sight things that are out of season, that don’t fit anymore, or that you haven’t worn for over a year. Thus “edited”, your wardrobe becomes more readable. Duplicates, like shortages, are more readily apparent. Not to mention the soothing effect of a locker room where you know everything fits! 

Find the right distance from trends

Pin dozens of crop-tops on Pinterest? Maybe it’s time to take a look at what it looks like on you in store. If the social network for sharing images makes it possible to become aware of the recurrence of one’s own tastes influenced by current trends, going back and forth with reality helps to gradually refine one’s research without being locked into a style that has been fantasized for too long.

The fitting, a crucial moment

Whether you’re trying an online purchase at home or pulling on a piece in a store’s dressing room, never underestimate the importance of this step in building your style. This moment is so important that it is also better to have time in front of you before possibly going to the cash register. Rush is a bad advisor.

Choose advisers to gain confidence

Are you comfortable in the coat or the shoes you tried on but still doubt that this piece will really suit you? Before cracking, seek the advice of a loved one. It could be a boyfriend, your girlfriend or your mother, it doesn’t matter as long as that person has the same tastes as you and looks at you kindly. It is indeed difficult to have the necessary perspective in all circumstances to assess whether a garment falls well on you. You don’t have eyes on the back of your head to appreciate the effect that jeans have on your buttocks or to judge the correct height of a boot on your calf!

Also, make good use of the compliments you get. Your nature may tend to minimize them or even not hear them at all, but they are often valuable indicators of what is right on you. Read More Here

Prioritize according to needs and opportunities

Unless you earn exceptionally well, it’s difficult to afford everything you want at the same time. It is therefore necessary to prioritize according to your needs, but also to opportunities ( sales period , travel, etc.).

In order not to catch fire too quickly in store or on an e-shop, establishing a wishlist that you update throughout the year can prove to be invaluable. Planning your purchases allows you to become aware of the need to ensure basic supplies before giving in to a strong piece, so dressy that you can only wear it a few times a year.

Also learn to distinguish the priorities dictated by your tastes and those which your job imposes on you. Depending on the dress code of your company or your sector of activity, the acquisition of certain parts may pass before the purchase of a new pair of Nike!

No need to try to please everyone

Some people find your style too wise, too sassy or not feminine enough (very smart the one who will really know how to define what a “feminine” style is as it varies according to the character of each one)? Listen with one ear but above all try to please yourself, this task is already difficult enough as it is. 

Make mistakes

Pauline, 31, is categorical: “What helped me find my style was to make lots of mistakes. For example, I have always loved prints, but I get tired of a color very quickly. lively or with a striking pattern. I have worn a lot. Today, I know that it will have fun for three days and that I will eventually go back to my stripes, my solid sweaters and my checked shirts. ” 

Rather than feeling guilty about a garment or an accessory that collects dust, we integrate it into our thinking for a smarter purchase next time. “I managed to define my style by crossing three axes, continues Pauline. get bored (which will last). Now when I want to buy a part it has to be validated by each of these filters. I make a few fewer mistakes like that and my friends start to tell me ‘this is well your style ‘. “

Adapt your style to the life you lead

That’s it, do you get your style? Well done. Keep in mind, however, that it is not doomed to stand still. A style corresponds to a personal and professional situation. A baby or a new job, and the whole sartorial balance is altered. No need to fear these changes, approach them with curiosity and without preconceptions, it will help you make choices that suit you. 

8 Tips for a personal dress style

In the old days, it was almost natural to cut and paste a dress style or a new trend. This period should be over. Of course, we have all tried and tested different dress styles and trends over the years. But believe us, if you are reading this article and this sounds like you, it’s time to stop and develop your own dress style. And if you think creating your own style is complicated, tell yourself that maybe you are just lacking inspiration. Feel free to follow some of the tips we give you here to help you determine your current style and shape the one to come.

Take a look at your current wardrobe

If you are looking to take your style up a notch or develop a whole new style of dress for summer, you need to start by evaluating what you already have. Get rid of parts that no longer suit you or that do not or no longer match your personality. The trick is to identify as precisely as possible your current style and how it has changed over time. Thus, it will not be too difficult for you to sort between the clothes and accessories to keep and those that deserve to be forgotten forever. For each item of clothing chosen in your wardrobe, ask yourself these questions: is this item of clothing worn, torn, stained? Is it out of fashion? Do I feel good when I wear it? Can another part of my dressing room replace it? 

Emphasize your strengths

The best way to dress in style is to show off your physical assets. Choose clothes that flatter your curves, highlight the length or delicacy of your legs, highlight the beauty of your eyes. Take note of your measurements in order to know your morphology and to adopt clothes that will flatter her perfectly. Knowing your morphology and the styles of clothing adapted to enhance it is also a good way to take more pleasure when shopping. It’s your turn! Experiment with different styles and designs and find what works best for you.

Think about what you want to accomplish

What are your goals in life? And when it comes to style, what do you want to accomplish? Take a notebook or journal and write down everything that comes to mind. Are you trying to get a job at the company of your dreams? Would you like to climb the ladder in your job? Do you want to find a soul mate? Look for clothes and accessories that could help achieve your goals. If, for example, you are looking for a job, take a look at the clothes that match your personality and that could help you put together professional outfits suitable for the company you covet.

Start with the right mindset

Think you don’t have a personal style? In reality, it is likely that you mostly have difficulty knowing exactly which style you prefer the most. Remember that above all your personal style depends entirely on what you like to wear and which rooms you feel most comfortable in. This is one of the reasons why your personal style evolves over time, as the fashion itself, and will continue to do so. So don’t focus on one thing in particular and instead make sure you choose clothes in which you are completely comfortable and confident.

Determine your preferences

Your personal dress style will obviously depend on your preferences. It is for this reason that you need to be serious about what you like and what you don’t like. Go out for some shopping and have fun trying and experimenting. Play with colors, printed patterns, cuts… Try to figure out what really suits you and what you like. This will help you in the future to know which pieces are the perfect match for your figure and personality and therefore ultimately define your personal style. The objective of this shopping session is not to spend but to discover. However, nothing prevents you from doing the exact same thing with the clothes in your current wardrobe. This will help you to carry out the sorting that we invite you to do above.

Get inspired by icons

It doesn’t necessarily mean taking inspiration from celebrities and stars who are regulars on TV sets. There may be someone around you who is a real source of inspiration. This icon might be your cousin, a close friend, or the most stylish employee in the office. Regardless, there is certainly someone around you whose style can be inspiring. Do not hesitate to get closer to certain profiles on Instagram. And of course, some iconic personalities like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly… are always a source of elegant inspiration.

Choose a brand and be loyal!

Once you’ve found the clothing brands that seem to be right for you, stick with them. Indeed, clothing brands often create similar versions of their flagship pieces. This will help you make sure you are investing in clothes made for you. In addition, brands are often very attached to their style and thus, season after season, the pieces of your old collections will be able to harmonize with the new ones. 

Find your signature

Most fashion and style icons have a signature that can be seen from miles away. Since Anna Wintour never goes out without her glasses, you must find your signature. It can be an accessory, a color, a print, a style of clothing… Of course, this signature depends on what you like. Do you like pants? Do you prefer pencil skirts ? Do you like to wear blazers? Of course, it’s not just about wearing a blazer with nothing underneath. If you like this type of jacket, you have to make it the basis of your outfits and find the pieces that will be able to harmonize with it. This could for example be an outfit consisting of jeans, a T-shirt and a very stylish blazer. You may prefer to pair your blazer with a pretty little black dress.

How to dress to have style?

Don’t put yourself in a box

First of all, make sure that you are open to expanding your comfort zone. A few years ago I started buying a lot of dresses. For a while, that’s almost all I wore. The jeans in my dresser collected dust for quite a while before I started to tire of nylons and feminine clothes. All of a sudden it felt like all I owned were dresses and skirts – what felt so comfortable a month ago started to feel constraining. I found myself admiring the tomboy style of friends, wishing I could “pull it off.” I became so at a certain glance that I no longer felt open to trying new ones. This is limiting, and when I let go of this idea, I was able to wear what I feel most like myself on any given day – be it a dress, jeans, sun hat, snapbacks, heels or sneakers. When you are no longer limited by a particular style, you are free to find your own. And when you do, it will be comfortable and authentic.

Find inspiration in everything

There is a lot of inspiration to be found in the style of other people. I’m constantly inspired by Rihanna’s
day-to-day looks, for example. But I also know that I’m not Rihanna and (unfortunately) never will be. So instead of trying to look like a celebrity with a whole team of people making her place and doing her hair and styling her outfits, instead of trying to look like someone in particular, I decided that I prefer to watch like me. Inspiration can be found everywhere. I’m still inspired by celebrities, by Japanese street style, by the outfits my mom wore in the 70s – but I’m also inspired by the weather, my mood, I watch movies and music, I listen to it. .the beautiful movie star, but I can’t be my favorite movie – even if just for the day. Tomorrow I will be my favorite song.

Forget flattering

The word “flattering” is thrown around so often in the fashion world, it is barely held to its meaning. Literally, when something is flattering, it just means it’s nice. But to please who? When I read most magazine style tips, “flattering” seems to indicate pleasing to other people. “This dress flatters a fuller frame because of its vertical stripes” – what if I don’t like vertical stripes? What if I want horizontal stripes? Is he still flattering? I do not subscribe to the idea that in order to be elegant I must appeal to the pleasures of others. This is especially important given that certain demographics (ie. Plus sizes are given much more stringent options and limits on what is “flattering” on them. It seems insanely unfair to dictate what feels good about another person’s body, especially when it’s clear that “flattering” is just a code word for “thinner.”

Instead, I prefer to live by the idea that what I find attractive isn’t a universal rule for everyone to dress by, and what flatters me is just what I like. Wear whatever makes you feel strong or sexy or whatever adjective you like that day, and let others worry about their own outfits.


The most important step in finding your personal style is to experiment. Take the time to try things out; whether it’s clothes you like in a store, but wouldn’t usually wear, or combinations of clothes you already own, but haven’t worn together – just keep trying until you find something which works. I like to try to conflict as much as possible by mixing colors that look too much or too contrasting. This way I can see what I want and what I don’t do regardless of what sounds good to me. Try to break the rules of fashion that you have been taught. Wear three different shades of red together. Wear several different prints at the same time. Remember that the rules are arbitrary and the style is instinctive.

Woman dress style this year

Know that boyfriend blazers and oversized jackets, inspired by the 80s, are in vogue this year. Using shoulder pads, these pieces tighten the waist and lengthen the legs. Try this look with straight pants or leather shorts for an ultra-modern style. Boots are also a key piece to adopt. Do not hesitate to wear them with a skirt or a dress. Casual outfits in all forms are star pieces for this year. Skirts, worn with pullovers, suits combined with sneakers or sneakers, boyfriend jeans with jackets or oversized jackets. So you are spoiled for choice.

How do you define your style?

After a good wardrobe analysis, we determine three key words that define your style and your personality. It must be kept simple so that my client can then go shopping on her own and find her way around. We take for example the sport chic style. That’s a style, but it’s not going to define a person. For that, it would be necessary to add a third word which will define you as a person. We would therefore have, for example, colorful sport chic.

The 5 different clothing styles

You can be a mix of different styles, but there is always a predominance that should be the basis of your personal branding. The following characteristics should help you determine where you stand.






Classic style

Your style is classic if you answer yes to most of these statements:

●You like simple and timeless clothes.

●Your wardrobe consists mainly of black, white, gray, beige …

●You don’t sport a lot of accessories, except some that you hardly ever take off!

●You like easy-to-make arrangements.

●Your purse is black.

●Your favorite shoe is a black or nude (skin color) high heel .

●You are rather conservative and tidy.

●You wear little or no makeup.

●You are feminine right down to your toes.

●Your fashion icon is one of the following celebrities: Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton, Karine Vanasse, Charlotte Cardin.

The casual style

Your style is relaxed if you answer yes to most of these statements:

●You like simple and comfortable clothes (jeans and leggings for the win !)

●Your wardrobe consists mainly of gray and pastel colors or, on the contrary, very showy colors.

●You don’t sport a lot of accessories, except maybe a cap!

●Your favorite bag is a backpack, a shoulder bag, or even no bag at all!

●Your favorite shoe is an espadrille or a good old pair of flip flops.

●You are rather sporty and warm.

●You wear little to no makeup and typically sport a ponytail or toque.

●Do you like the outdoors or, on the contrary, relax at home (or a nice mix of the two maybe?)

●Your fashion icon is one of the following celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Mila Kunis, Mitsou, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse

Creative style

Your style is creative if you answer yes to most of the following statements:

●You like clothes with original cuts.

●Your wardrobe consists mainly of patterns in various colors.

●You like to complete your looks with beautiful accessories.

●Your purse… depends on your mood, because in fact you have SEVERAL of them.

●Your favorite shoe … is hard to choose from all the ones you own!

●You are rather outgoing and sociable.

●You like to dare and vary your makeup and your hair cut / color.

●You like going out with friends and discovering new places.

●Your fashion icon is one of the following celebrities: Nicole Ritchie, Olivia Palermo, Marina Bastarache, Maripier Morin.

The fashionista style

Your style is fashionista if you answer yes to most of these statements:

●You like clothes that no one has dared to wear yet.

●Your wardrobe consists mainly of designer clothes.

●You like original looks that are out of the ordinary.

●Your handbag is shaped like a star, a heart, a plush… or whatever the craze is.

●Your shoe is THE centerpiece that completes your look.

●You are rather exuberant and marginal.

●You like to dare and try new things, even on your face.

●You love participating in the latest trending festival and attending trendy events

●Your fashion icon is one of the following celebrities: Rihanna, Céline Dion, Marie-Mai, Lolitta Dandoy.

The boho style

Your style is boho if you answer yes to most of the following statements:

●You like delicate clothes made from natural materials.

●Your wardrobe consists mainly of beige and neutral colors.

●You like simple and romantic looks.

●Your bag is rather minimalist and made of vegan or woven leather.

●Your shoe is timeless and delicately completes your look.

●You are quite simple and easy going.

●You wear little makeup and always sport your natural hair color.

●You like nature, get together with friends and cook

●Your fashion icon is one of the following celebrities: Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller, Pézie (Double occupancy), Marilou (3 times a day).

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