The year 2020 has been affected by an unprecedented pandemic which has forced the whole world to take exceptional measures. The creators therefore had to compete in creativity to use their art during the presentation of their collections. While some have chosen to display their silhouettes while respecting the health measures taken by the governments of each country, others have proposed new ingenious alternatives.

Fashion trends influence the way we look at things. It dictates our style choices and clothing purchases. This is why any brand, any designer, any influencer, and any fashion journalist must try to understand the trends that will forge fashion nowadays.

A major underlying trend is the adoption of a more liberated style. Here is a list of the style trends that will continue to strongly influence our style in the coming years.

Men’s Fashion Trends

Men’s fashion is a constantly evolving movement, it changes, adapts, becomes democratized, varies according to the moods, backgrounds, looks of each. Men’s fashion is broad, you tell me, that’s why we decided to tackle the fundamentals of the theme and avoid getting lost and especially losing you! You will therefore discover here the new trends over the seasons, the different looks that are in men’s fashion, men’s ready-to-wear, certain street-wear aspirations or also dandy culture. It can therefore range from the checked shirt, the jeans you wear, crappy sneakers or, on the contrary, very classy moccasins.


The creators are seizing a piece generally dubbed in mid-season, the bomber, with its pilot line in the free spirit, for a relentless allure this summer. Evidence from sacai which gives its own interpretation with unstructured cuts, A-Cold-Wall or Boss, which infuses it with a moiré fir green.


Fashion continues to explore the facets of the uniform, crowned this season with an aesthetic borrowed from the world of work with ultra utilitarian pieces. When the Kenzo jumpsuit is adorned with a multitude of pockets, Lemaire tints its silhouettes with a monochrome military spirit.


Pastel, with variations between lilac and candy pink. These tones are at the head of the line at Raf Simons, with his 70’s charming pieces, Versace or even MSGM. No doubt to boost the collections with a touch of optimism, a value sought after more than ever by designers this season.

Effortless costume

Because summer is often synonymous with well-being, the formal outfit can be rolled off to give way to a suit with effortless accents that you can imagine wearing for a hot evening by the sea. Models with absolute comfort – where linen is preferred – seen at Jacquemus, Lemaire or even Botter.


He had disappeared from the western male locker room. The kimono is becoming a staple this season and is punctuated with Japanese details that give pride of place to its origins. All with a very contemporary twist, of course, assumed by Martine Rose, Dunhill and Ambsuh.


This is the must-have of the season: after the XXS shorts last summer, the ultra-wide Bermuda shorts are self-proclaimed essential piece of the summer men’s wardrobe.

Colors under acid

Lemon yellow, neon pink, electric green, cherry red, tangerine orange… A chromatic range that is daring for an intrepid, optimistic and colorful summer. Versace, Fendi and Dries Van Noten have already tamed them brilliantly.

Extra large pants

No more classic elegance, new chic rhymes with freedom and comfort. As a result, the pants are XXL where the constraint becomes obsolete. Go for natural colors ranging from beige to pastel blue, seen at Hed Mayner, Armani and Lemaire.


Several houses produce jackets – Saharan preferably aka Balmain -, but also pants with a multitude of patch pockets. The ideal therefore for abandoning the superfluous and transporting only what is necessary.

Revisited sailor shirt

Imagine a modern day sailor who is not afraid of anything. The silhouettes are found decked out in the true nautical panoply revisited which especially includes the striped sweater, signature piece par excellence. The proof at Burberry which declines it in a modern knit with straps, Boss and Casablanca.


What if we mixed prints at the antipodes for a style with assumed coolness? Tie and dye, wild and jungle pattern, stripes… Celine by Hedi Slimane, Louis Vuitton and Y / Project have in any case made it their summer leitmotif.

Day pajamas

The pajamas. Bohemian chic in town or at the beach, like a Schnabel or a Marcello Mastroianni period Italian divorce, refined elegance worn by nocturnal birds… He emerges from the moonlight and infuses himself with illustrations colorful to wear in the sunlight.

Sublimated knitwear

If every winter it is the same observation, and the knitted sweater is the absolute fashion offensive against the falling temperatures, it goes off its hinges in the summer to protect us against the Mediterranean breeze. We particularly appreciate the models signed Dior, JW Anderson and sacai.

Sewing tracksuit

It’s a fact: jogging is making a resounding comeback. Especially in this time of uncertainty related to the pandemic that the world has experienced this year. In the 90’s spirit at Y / Project, sublimated in gold at Celine by Hedi Slimane, or in a hybrid version at Balenciaga, it becomes our everyday casual ally that we will not hesitate to wear at home as well as ‘in the city.

Flower power

She is the designer’s capital inspiration this summer. Whether it is crowned with a retro 70’s aesthetic signed Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello or in trompe-l’oeil at Kenzo, the flower symbolizes hope sprinkled with carelessness.


We thought the tap / sock combo was dead and buried. However, some designers and houses like Kim Jones for Dior, Fendi or Versace have had fun resuscitating it to the delight of streetwear fans.


Next summer will be synonymous with tucked-in t-shirts and belted pants. Hermès, Balenciaga and Etro have taken on this fashion statement with several seductive ideas that can turn the tide.

Neon yellow

This season’s chromatic sparkle, and not the least, neon yellow: we still try to apply it by touch to adopt it in the most subtle way possible. Here, he sublimates a Louis Vuitton down jacket, a Dior jumpsuit and a Hermès top.


Black, white, a suit with classic elegance, fitted or with an effortless aesthetic: this is the recipe for success at Prada, Jil Sander and Valentino.

Swim brief

Ideal to put all its assets on its side, the swim briefs made a noticeable comeback on the runway of the Versace, Dolce & Gabbana catwalks, and stood out as a statement piece from the first Givenchy collection by Matthew Williams.

Men’s fashion advice

You will find in this section all our fashion advice for men. Good manners and good materials, advice on combining certain pieces and other colors. Men’s fashion advice according to the seasons but also to body types. We make you discover or rediscover confidential and promising brands and make you benefit from our good men’s fashion deals.

How to wear a polo shirt?

Less formal than the shirt, more classy than the t-shirt, the polo shirt is still very successful and dresses us as well for a day of work as for an evening with friends. Initially reserved for athletes, the polo shirt has spread widely to mix styles, in particular with the success of the sportswear look. Today, wearing a polo shirt can be casual, elegant, or quirky, to match any occasion and suit all personalities. Here are some tips on how to wear the polo shirt with style and without missteps.

How to wear a polo shirt while being skinny?

Skinny men should wear the lightly fitted polo shirt. To widen the build, avoid models that are too tight or clingy at all costs. On the contrary, it will highlight the shoulders, choosing rather square cuts. You can also close the buttons to emphasize them more.

How to wear a polo shirt while being strong or round?

Wearing the polo shirt is a bit more complicated for curvy men. To avoid emphasizing the love handles, it will be necessary to avoid straight cuts and too close to the body. We will also eliminate polo shirts that are too long, which can accentuate the small buoy at the level of the belly. Prefer loose models, but sufficiently curved to avoid a floating effect.

How to choose a down jacket?

The frosts are fast approaching! This is the opportunity to please yourself, why not, by offering you a superb men’s down jacket? The men’s down jacket has become a true timeless one. However, be aware that this garment must be chosen with the greatest care. Indeed, down jackets are certainly very cozy, but often very bulky. Some models are therefore to be avoided depending on your body type or the style you are looking for. It’s up to you to concoct a zero fault look and in perfect harmony with your tastes!

This season, aim for elegance and opt without hesitation for models with hoods or with exposed fur, both very cozy and trendy! You can fall in love with the pretty leather down jackets available in particular by big designers and big brands. However, be careful: these down jackets don’t like the rain too much. The sleeveless puffer jacket is also a great option and now embraces all styles, from streetwear to chic. It’s up to you to have fun with fashion!

How to be stylish at the beach?

Among the outfits that you can choose to cover your lower body in style for a trip to the beach, there is the swimsuit . This is a piece which, provided it has been properly chosen, can, gentlemen, bring out the Apollo that lies dormant in you.

In particular, if you have a slim figure, make sure that your swimsuit reaches two-thirds of the thigh. For people of average height, shorts going down to mid-thigh are the best choice to be elegant at the beach. Likewise, avoid a model that is too long if you are short.

What shoes to choose for a trip to the beach?

You will also need to pay special attention to your shoes if you want to stand out on the beach. Fashion lovers to bring out the chic side of your outfit, recommend sneakers. These are shoes that are indeed appreciated for the comfort they can bring you. They are also very light and do not weigh down your steps.

Also, to be stylish at the beach with these shoes, make sure when choosing the pair that the color of it goes with the swimsuit or top you have chosen. The idea is to display a certain elegance, not to be decked out in all the colors of the rainbow.

Which top should you choose to look stylish at the beach?

Having a clean style at the beach will also go through the choice of the top. Note that several possibilities are available to you for this purpose. In particular, you can opt for the polo shirt which will certainly bring elegance and refinement to your style.

This is a piece that has more character than the usual t-shirt. However, it will obviously be necessary to have made the right choice. The material used or the cut are among other criteria you must take into account to be stylish at the beach with a polo shirt as a top.

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