Imagine your wedding day… all of your guests are already seated and impatiently waiting for you, the bride. Suddenly, you appear at the end of the alley, illuminated by the rays of the sun behind you. This first impression will be essential, and the image you give will be defined by the silhouette of the dress you choose. So which cut will you choose? Although we cannot respond for you, we can provide some guidance. This guide covers the most popular dress styles, to help you decide. The cut of your wedding dress can be determined by several factors.

To understand which dress is best suited to your style and your body type, you must first know the different shapes. Short wedding dress, sheath wedding dress or strapless wedding dress… Find the shape of your dreams, the one that will be perfect for the big day!

Whether you need a cheap wedding dress or tailor-made wedding dress, no matter: you have to find perfect fit. To give you a little boost and help you choose a wedding dress that perfectly matches your personality, here are all the shapes of wedding dresses. It is up to you to make your choice. A word of advice, however: to better understand the results, nothing beats a good fitting!

How to choose your wedding dress

Have you fallen in love with a model but are not convinced by the end result? Maybe we need to review the cut you have opted for! Finding a wedding dress that pleases and really shows off is not always easy, so we make it easier for you with all our advice in pictures!

Plan a fitting day to choose your wedding dress

What do you think? That you are going to show up on D-Day in wedding dress shops and they are going to say ” but of course you can try whatever you want “. No, sorry to disappoint you, but you have a good chance of getting thrown out. You will therefore have to plan a day for your wedding dress fittings. To avoid running everywhere, select stores according to their location and plan each time 1h30 between each appointment so as not to have to rush.

Choose a great team to accompany you during your fittings

To go and try on wedding dresses for the first time, there is no point in being 15 people. The more people there are, the more opinions will differ, the more you will be lost. We advise you to offer a maximum of 5 people, witnesses, parents and bridesmaids to accompany you. 3 people remaining a minimum very appreciated in the shops of wedding dresses. In addition, the fewer people there will be, the easier it will be to keep the surprise of the outfit for the big day.

Find out about the dress shops you are going to visit

Making an appointment in all the shops in your town will not help much (except to waste time). You will have to make according to the style of wedding dress that you want but especially according to your budget. If you only love princess wedding dresses, there is no point in making an appointment with a designer who only makes flowy wedding dresses. You will be wasting your time and so will he. Which is quite annoying.

Define a maximum budget for the purchase of your wedding dress

Do not hesitate, when making the appointment, to announce the maximum price (if you have one) that you can put in your wedding outfit. If you can indulge yourself in “no limit” mode when choosing your outfit for D-Day, that’s cool, but it’s pretty rare, so I’d rather tell you about it first.

This will save you the frustration of falling in love with a $ 7,000 wedding dress when you can’t spend more than $ 2,000. Before choosing your wedding dress, you must first have an idea of ​​your budget. And choose the store where you will go for your fittings according to this budget.

Stay “open minded” about the style of wedding dress you want

Try out all types of wedding dress shapes before making your final choice. Empire wedding dresses, flowing wedding dresses, voluminous wedding dresses, strapless wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses, how many times in your life will you be lucky enough to be able to do this kind of fittings?

Normally never again, so you might as well enjoy it. Even if you already know the style of dress you would like, you are not immune to a pleasant surprise, so have fun!

Choosing your wedding dress: don’t rush to buy

Didn’t you fall in love with it? give yourself time for reflection. If you have the slightest hesitation, keep your checkbook warm. My advice: before paying anything, leave the store, go have a coffee or tea with your companions to discuss it.

If after an hour you know your choice is correct then go for it, but if not wait. I’ve seen far too many brides have their hand forced by nimble saleswomen and regret it.

Check that nothing stings or itches

I am particularly thinking of bustiers with lace. We don’t necessarily think about it, but look after a few minutes that you are wearing your wedding dress if no red mark or discomfort appears, especially in the armpits. Because if you have to spend the wedding day scratching your arms, it won’t be the best. So if it ever does, rub a piece of cotton wool over the scratchy fabric, that should help. Okay, then I’m not going to lie to you, I have never tested this trick (my wedding dress did not scratch), ask the saleswoman what solution she recommends, but especially think about it before D-day.

Check that your wedding dress does not prevent you from moving

We’re not going to hide it, a wedding dress is not a baby big one cannot dance Waka Waka with all the amplitude of the habit. But there are still limits. Corset that fits you in the rib cage, fabric that will jump to the level of the chest when you are ready to sit down, too long petticoat on which you step when you walk (I personally had pieces of tulle and you could follow me on the trail, a bit like little Thumb, so I dropped it everywhere). Nothing should get in your way to move, dance, sit at a table or whatever, because if each time you need to make a movement you have to ask someone for help it will be a hassle and for you and for your loved ones.

Wedding fashion shouldn’t dictate your choice

In wedding magazines, on blogs, we talk to you about fashion. Yes, wedding fashion exists, each season offering its share of trends. But that doesn’t have to dictate your taste. Your wedding dress is a unique piece that must reflect your personality. Considering the price of a wedding dress, don’t go buy a simple, flowing model if you’ve always dreamed of a princess wedding dress!

All wedding dress styles

For the big day, you are bound to want to find the perfect wedding dress. The one that will highlight you, that will sublimate your morphology and that will make you the most beautiful! Wedding dresses have been around for decades and each year has seen its own unique style of dress. The 1950s were marked by dresses with a lot of volume at the waist. Read below and see all the wedding dress styles and choose the one you like the most.

Bohemian Wedding Dress

Bohemian wedding dresses are fairly simple light dresses. We find them with short and long sleeves but also with straps, open backs, necklines or embroidered. This kind of dress will bring a vintage touch to your wedding. The bohemian chic dress is very similar to the more classic bohemian dress. However, the chic version is long like a princess dress with a beautiful neckline in the back for a glamorous touch.

The Princess Wedding Dress

This Cinderella look is perfect for adding a fairytale touch, if that’s what you’re after. It is characterized by a fitted bodice and a voluminous full skirt. It is ideal for slimmer waistlines and has been chosen by the Duchess of Cambridge, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and even Lady Di, for their nuptials. Princess dresses have always been in fashion; this cut is indeed the most “classic” and gives the bride plenty of space to play with details such as: pearls, appliques, fabrics or lace.

The Shape Of Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid dress is one of the sexiest wedding dresses because it hugs the figure perfectly at the hips, waist and bust, flaring out just at the knee. We love it, simply because it puts the best shapes forward! It gives the illusion of a figure-of-eight morphology, which can be very flattering for both the thinnest brides and those with more generous shapes: a point everywhere, as detailed in our article on wedding dresses according to morphologies. Mermaid silhouette dresses are ideal for various wedding themes as they will always work great for any brides who want their dress to emphasize their curves. Pro Tip: Add an elaborate bun and red lipstick for a very dressy and super formal ceremony. For a retro theme, pair a mermaid-shaped wedding dress with vintage curly hair. For a more relaxed ceremony (in the open air for example), opt for a bun or curls style “combed-disheveled”, and a transparent mermaid train.

Trumpet Wedding Dress

Like the mermaid dress, the trumpet shape is also adjusted at the hips and bust. However, the fabric around the hips, buttocks, and thighs is a bit looser than in the mermaid shape, which is much closer to the body. This shape is ideal for those who want to emphasize or give an illusion of figure eight, but also want to let off steam on the dance floor! This form of dress also works great for all kinds of wedding themes. We suggest playing a bit with the length and sheer length of the sleeves and the train of mermaid wedding dresses to complete completely different looks. The trumpet dress can replace the mermaid dress in most cases. It provides almost the same effect, while providing more freedom of movement.

A-Line Wedding Dress

The name of the trapeze or A-line dress is due to the shape (A-line or trapeze) that it creates on the body. A cross between the sheath dress and the princess dress, the A-line dress flares out at the waist, but in a more subtle way than the princess shape. It highlights all body types and can be adapted to different wedding themes: from super glamorous to casual on the beach.

Many A-line dresses these days are made up of layers of tulle, with gorgeous lace trim. Just like the princess dress, the trapeze dress will allow the bride to sport a fairy tale look, while keeping fluidity in her movements. Minimalist trapeze wedding dresses (in gazar or crepe) are also in fashion. These would be more suitable for brides who think the princess dress would be a bit “too much fabric”.

The Shape Of Sheath Wedding Dress

A sheath dress hugs the silhouette to the hips, then falls straight to the floor. This style of dress can also have a train that falls around the feet, or a little longer. The sheath dress brings a natural look, as it requires less fabric than the previous dresses. This shape thus gives a great freedom of movement to the bride. It’s ideal for brides who don’t want to feel smothered in their dress and offers a sleek, modern, no-frills silhouette. The sheath-shaped wedding dress is the perfect solution for those looking for a simple look. It is also suitable for those who want to emphasize their physique in a subtle way. It goes perfectly with a hairstyle raised around the nape of the neck, so that the body becomes the center of attention.

The detachable wedding dress

The detachable wedding dress is often the buzz on viral wedding videos on Instagram. As the name suggests, this is a dress with a removable element (usually a skirt), which is actually added to the dress to give it length or volume. Said removable element is often detached just before the reception, to achieve a different look and to help the bride to be freer in her movements. While this style is frequently seen with an open princess (or A-line) overskirt attached to a mermaid or sheath dress, there are many possibilities. Some princess dresses also have a removable skirt, and some brides opt to add an overskirt to a jumpsuit, for a super modern wedding look. Some removable skirts can also be classic skirts (without opening in the front).

Which wedding dress for which morphology?

Morphology in A

Being the most popular morphology in France, the “A” morphology, unlike the V-shaped silhouette, has the hips more developed than the shoulders, and a very small or even unmarked waist. To sublimate it, the idea is to rebalance the volumes by bringing it to the level of the upper body.

The ideal wedding dresses?

We think primarily of dresses with puffed sleeves like baby dolls, or dresses with imposing stature, as well as mermaid and foureau wedding dresses.

Morphology in O

This body shape is defined by round shoulders and a little or unmarked waist. The best idea would therefore be to slim the belly and lengthen the silhouette by opting for a dress with an open neckline, like a sweetheart neckline, or a V neckline, in order to highlight the chest.

The ideal wedding dresses?

V-Shaped Morphology

The “V” cut woman is identified by shoulders wider than the hips. The goal is therefore to rebalance the volumes, by bringing amplitude to the lower body.

The ideal wedding dresses?

We therefore think of dresses with a closed neckline and ample petticoat, but also princess dresses, and mermaid dresses, ideal for highlighting the buttocks.

The Morphology in 8

With the hips generally more developed than the shoulders, the woman cut in “8” has the advantage of having a well marked waist. We will therefore seek to enhance the balance of the body, by focusing on dresses with a V-neckline to highlight the chest, and find a wedding dress with a marked waist.

The ideal wedding dresses?

All wedding dresses, but in priority mermaid and trumpet dresses which are resolutely sculptural.

The Morphology in X

Undoubtedly one of the simplest morphologies to dress, since women in “X” are recognized by aligned shoulders and hips but also by a very marked waist, allowing them to wear everything. What are we going to look for? Maintain bodily harmony, while bringing pleasure to the lower body in order to accentuate the waist.

The ideal wedding dresses?

Princess dresses, sheath and trapeze dresses, but also wedding dresses with an imposing petticoat.

The Morphology in H

The “H” woman is defined by an almost perfect alignment of the hips and shoulders, as well as a small or even unmarked waist. The interest would therefore be to structure the waist by bending it, and to bring volume to the hips and buttocks.

The ideal wedding dresses?

Sheath wedding dresses and princess dresses that will add sensual volume to the hips and buttocks.

The current trends of wedding dresses

Every year, we look forward to discovering new wedding dresses from the most fashionable international and national designers. And this pleasure is renewed, with all the latest collections that are presented to us and which, as always, revisit styles, cuts and fashion effects to give them a new lease of life.

Minimalist wedding dresses

This year bride wears a minimalist dress, with a cut and clean lines. Its graceful and imposing fall, its immaculate whiteness, give it charisma and strength. Deeply elegant and chic, it is worn long, with a measured train and possibly a pretty belt. The necklines and sleeves are subtle. One or more details make these models contemporary such as the cut sleeves or a deep and classy fine neckline. The delicate materials that give the dress all the hold are shiny mikado, very light crepe or tulle and organza. We stay in the sober and elegance in its purest form, it is a timeless and we love it.

Tattoo effect wedding dresses

One of the season’s biggest trends this year is tattoo-effect wedding dresses. All in transparency, the skin is revealed under subtle or more pronounced sets of lace which reveal the sensual and glamorous side of the future bride. In addition to the lightness of the tulle and the crepe, other delicate materials are added, precious fabrics that highlight the cut of the dress, like a second skin. Precious brocades, precious stones, floral embroidery adorn these creations which stand out like an ode to the feminine. Lace on the skin for the most sulphurous among you or light muslin for those who want to keep the mystery, that the effects of transparency are played on the neck, shoulders or back of the bride, they remain daring and feminine at will!

Voluminous wedding dresses

Voluminous wedding dresses are still in vogue this year! Their skirt made up of several layers of rounded fabrics is inspired by those of the most sublime princess dresses. And future brides love this traditional side! The bottom of the dress as well as its train are of an excessive length. With ruffles or in a single throw, her dresses that brides are snapping up and which still take pride of place on the catwalks of major international brands such as Pronovias and Rosá Clará, are a must-have this year. Although they are mostly plain, with ruffles, floral decorations, or pearls as well as precious embroidery, many designers are re- mastering these great classics by bringing them a touch of modernity! We say yes!

Wedding dresses with removable skirts

They have gained worldwide fame thanks to Dior and after Chiara Ferragni’s wedding, detachable / detachable skirts are on the front of the bridal scene and they plan to stay there. This model of dresses corresponds to women who want to feel free and like to change their appearance in the blink of an eye. For the ceremony you wear this set of rare elegance then, you transform your dress into a lighter model, perfectly suited to your dance party. These outfits are mainly composed of a plinth and an over-skirt that can be removed at any time. Two dresses in one, you had to dare!

Colorful wedding dresses

Color has made a sensational entry into the world of fashion and marriage. It is available in everything, this year, as well as accessories, as floral decorations and tableware. Many designers have put forward their latest novelties, colorful dresses at will, during the VBBFW. Some are real masterpieces in pastel colors like those of Nicole Milano, others are vibrant with seduction, in bright tones, like the magnificent model of red dress from the Demetrios show There are also ivory and white dresses where the color adds a notable touch of originality and pep!

The pantsuit

This wedding outfit is intended for daring brides, those who follow the most avant-garde trends. The tailored pants are a nice snub to the traditional side of the wedding dress. All the originality of the outfit lies in the composition of the jacket, the lace body underneath or the pants. The important thing is an outfit that reflects the personality of the bride: that of a contemporary and elegant woman who intends to impose her tastes and assumes her choices. You will find many straight blazers with more fitted cuts, associated with deep V necklines or bodysuits, as well as pants or a skirt to add a twist. In the same idea, the white wedding suit is more than trendy and has the advantage of going to all body types!

Dresses with dramatic and romantic sleeves

It is one of the trendy elements in fashion, which succeeds the shoulder pads in the ready-to-wear, puffed sleeves of all kinds that come to bring a real plus to wedding dresses. They add a touch of femininity and significant delicacy while making wedding dresses ever more original and sophisticated. During the VBBFW, dresses with sleeves more original than the others have continued to parade on models, capturing the attention of the public. We saw sleeves on the cuffs that revealed all the sensuality of the bare shoulders, puffed sleeves at the shoulders, raguantes, balloons and musketeer style. The flared, long or three-quarter sleeves, with oversized ruffles in satin organza or miniature ruffles gathered on the armholes, as well as the Japanese sleeves in embroidered tulle, also put on the show. Although apparently “simple”, many details enrich these splendid creations such as precious stones, pearls or handmade embroidery.

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