The honeymoon is one of those unforgettable moments in every bride’s life … almost like choosing the dress of her dreams! There are couples for whom the destination of the honeymoon is almost as important as the ceremony, and in any case it is a trip that is generally anticipated, planned and desired by all future spouses! If you’re looking for inspiration for yours, we’ve gathered for you the best honeymoon destinations!

Organizing your wedding would put a strain on anyone, even the most experienced planners and serial organizers. Among the latest dress rehearsals, the wedding favors, the setting up of the location and the organization of the interior reception, it will seem that your only thought is only one. But for all the spouses, sooner or later, the time will come to indulge in the long-dreamed and well-deserved rest, when you can go and visit museums with your spouse, or enjoy nature. Here then comes the time to fly to a perfect honeymoon. If you still don’t know where to go or just have some ideas, here we present the best honeymoon destinations. Now you just have to book!

Where does the matrimonial expression “honeymoon” come from?

It was not until the 19th century that the English invented another custom: that of going on a trip one month after the wedding. In theory, it was to visit all those who could not make it to the wedding. But the practice quickly turned into a trip to better meet two, far from those who attended the wedding.

The honeymoon is said in all countries, except Denmark and Sweden. In the first country, we talk about the days of white bread, which is not very popular. In the second, we call this period the month of caresses, which is already more engaging.

Honeymoon is in fact a custom dating back almost 4 millennia. Indeed, in Babylon, during the first month of marriage, the father of the young wife had to offer beer to her son-in-law, as much as he asked for. This beer, the “mead”, was made from honey. This first month of marriage was then called the “honey month”. In addition, the calendar at that time was a lunar calendar. By extension, the expression has become “honeymoon”.

Honeymoon destinations based on the season


If you are a nature lover and are looking for a honeymoon that is also adventurous, an exciting safari is just what you need for your honeymoon. The destinations at your disposal are many: from Central Africa to the coast. Kenya and Tanzania are among the favorite countries that will allow you to live for a while in contact with the wild nature of Africa. with its infinite beauties, breathtaking sunsets and unique landscapes of their kind. Of course, winter weddings are not for everyone, but by following our advice you can turn it into a daydream!


The days that get longer and the increasingly pleasant temperatures make spring the ideal season to organize your wedding and more. In fact, March, April, May and June are also the ideal months for your honeymoon. For the great lovers of tropical destinations Hawaii, Fiji and Polynesia at this time of year are spectacular. There you will find warm temperatures, days on the beach of total relaxation and romance. If, on the other hand, you want to immerse yourself in new cultures and landscapes far from common imaginaries, then India and Sri Lanka will win you over.


You don’t necessarily need to cross the ocean to find unforgettable landscapes. In fact, even Europe, especially during the summer season, is able to offer several opportunities for your honeymoon. If your ideal holiday is dedicated to total relaxation on a crystal clear beach, then Greece could be for you, with its many islands full of history and culture, entertainment and much more. A valid alternative to the usual beach holidays could be a cruise to discover the Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark will thrill you with their natural landscapes.


Of all the destinations, the United States has always been one of the best honeymoon destinations! If you’ve never traveled beyond the Atlantic Ocean, Fall is the perfect time to explore the US coasts. Whether you choose the East Coast or the West Coast, the scenarios that will pass you by during your trip will be unmissable and breathtaking. Compulsory stop, if you choose the east coast is New York, where the magic of the big apple will enchant you with its skyscrapers and urban landscapes. If you want to leave behind the big crowded cities you could also consider lesser known states but with as many unmissable beauties such as Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Oregon, you will not regret it!

Dream destinations for your honeymoon


The Maldives are ideal for lovers looking for peace and escape. This island country is made up of 26 atolls and nearly 1,200 islands, most of which are uninhabited. If you are tempted to wake up in an overwater bungalow and start the day with a dip in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, then the Maldives is for you. Many islands have only one hotel complex: privacy and relaxation guaranteed. The place is also famous for diving, so do not hesitate to inquire about the packages offered to honeymooners.


Discover another idyllic archipelago in the Indian Ocean: the Seychelles is an incredibly romantic destination. The 115 islands of this country welcome lovers on their white sand beaches and in their incredible resorts. The main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue offer a little more entertainment for travelers who wish to vary their activities. Head to the market, for example, to soak up the exotic scents and taste freshly prepared local dishes. The flavors resulting from centuries of exchanges between East and West will surprise you. Our tip: why not sail from one island to another? The main towns are served by a regular ferry and given the diversity of the islands, you will have your dose of adventure.


Let’s continue our exploration of the Indian Ocean with another ideal destination for a honeymoon. Mauritius offers the perfect combination of relaxation, wonder and adventure: sandy beaches, underwater fauna and lush jungle, it’s all there. Explore dormant volcanoes or admire spectacular sunsets. Many resorts are within walking distance of the villages, so you can mingle with the local crowds.


Now head for the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas are a magical place and you will have an unforgettable vacation. The 700 islands, of which only 30 are inhabited, are located off the coast of the United States, across from Florida. You can take a romantic stroll along a pink sand beach on Harbor Island or have the unique chance to swim with miniature pigs on Big Major Cay. Bahamas can be a very romantic surprise for your wife, and a very special place just for two of you.


With its tropical climate and beautiful rainforest, it’s no surprise that Bali is a popular honeymoon destination. After enjoying the beach, push the tour inside the island and you will discover temples, rice fields, waterfalls and more. Of course, luxury resorts are plentiful and you can also relax and enjoy some privacy… after all, it’s your honeymoon.


Want to laze on the beach with your loved one to the sound of the ukulele, a necklace of flowers around your neck? Then Hawaii is for you. The 50th state of the United States is made up of 137 beautiful islands and atolls approximately 3,200 km from the mainland. In Hawaii, you will find endless enchanting beaches, including the famous Waikiki Beach. Our tip: rent a convertible car and head to the motorway, from where you can admire all the points of interest independently. There’s no better way to experience Hawaii’s most famous volcanic islands: Maui, Oahu, and Kauai.


Bora-Bora, a small atoll in French Polynesia, is part of a group with the pretty name of Leeward Islands. It is also an ideal destination for honeymooners. Opt for one of the many luxury hotels by the sea: quality service and absolute comfort will be waiting for you. In Bora Bora, we know how to pamper lovers and you will certainly leave with a big smile. Bungalows over the water, romantic dinners on the beach or couples’ massages, nothing is left to chance.


Zanzibar, an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, offers everything you can dream of for a romantic getaway: paradisiacal beaches with dazzling corals and clear waters… and a very relaxed lifestyle. These islands with a commercial past also offer a wide historical heritage. Stroll hand in hand through the cobbled streets and admire the old buildings of Arab and Indian influences. Then head to Jozani Forest and learn about the island’s wildlife, including the famous colobus monkey, a protected species.

ABC Islands

The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) are the three western islands of the Lesser Antilles, off the Venezuelan coast. They are also perfect for honeymoon vacations. The paradisiacal beaches and the high quality hotels will make you spend a dream holiday. You can settle on one of the islands or sail from one to the other to explore the diversity of this little paradise.


Idleness on the beach is not to the taste of all lovers. If you prefer a little more adventure, a Namibia honeymoon is the perfect alternative. You will see wild animals in one of the many natural parks, you can watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon, or stay in a luxury camp and appreciate the beauty of the vast Namib Desert.

French Polynesia

A true paradise that will amaze you with its crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation and white sand, French Polynesia is an ideal destination for a romantic honeymoon under the sign of relaxation . Depending on your desires, you can just as easily stay in a small charming pension as in a luxurious resort where nothing will be left to chance.

Because of its remoteness and its relative difficulty of access, you will not go very often to this archipelago and will keep an unforgettable memory of it for life… A good start to your life as a married couple!


If you love nature and the great outdoors, you will love exploring this immense country of more than 10 million square kilometers embedded between two oceans. Alongside your other half, you can admire superb lakes, impressive mountains, mysterious glaciers, green forests but also large cosmopolitan cities. Canada is a country you won’t soon forget!

South Africa

A honeymoon in South Africa is a thrilling experience ideal for road trip enthusiasts and nature lovers. Between the landscapes of the Whale Coast where you can admire whales, and the beauty of the Kruger Park where you will discover an exceptionally rich fauna, you will inevitably find your happiness! The experience of a safari is unique but nothing also prevents you from combining it with a stay in Mauritius or the Seychelles.

The Dominican Republic

Synonymous with paradisiacal beaches and unforgettable sunsets, the Dominican Republic is an ideal destination for couples who wish to rest after the stress of preparing for the wedding. In the heart of the Caribbean, you will be able to enjoy the beach and nautical activities but also discover an exotic culture and an always lively atmosphere!

For a cultural stay, prefer the capital of the island, Santo Domingo, but if you are looking above all for relaxation, go to Punta Cana instead!


Thailand is a country of a thousand contrasts: green landscapes, ancient temples, bustling cities, spectacular beaches, wild islands … It is a destination that will allow you to combine beach and culture, nature and shopping, frenzied evenings and relaxation, something to please to all styles of newlyweds ! One thing is certain, you will not be disappointed with the trip …


From the Trevi Fountain to Villa Borghese, passing through the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is undoubtedly thanks to the beauty of its monuments, the flavor of its gastronomy and the sweetness of its atmosphere that it charms so many couples.

If you are looking for a destination that is both close and magical, Rome is exactly what you need!

The Greek Islands

The small steep villages sheltering pretty white houses with blue roofs, typical of the Greek islands, will make up the ideal setting for a honeymoon between cultural discoveries and swimming in the Mediterranean . Gastronomy, good wines, pleasant climate all year round, dream beaches, spectacular landscapes, cultural wealth, all easily accessible by plane and for a very reasonable budget… What more could you want?


Seek calm where it is still absolute, in the glaciers of the south coast of Iceland, the lava deserts, meadows and bays of the north, along the wild coast, in the west … Cozy up for two in a private house, an address for initiates playing between tradition and design. Iceland is revealed, a land of contrasts and wide open spaces that one would say sketched out for a honeymoon far, very far from the world …

Ibiza & Mallorca

Mineral roughness and silky light: the Balearics are revealed in this fierce duality. We tame it in the rural Serra de Tramuntana in Ibiza City, from the old Franciscan convent of Palma to the casaments, from the beaches of Mallorca to those of Ibiza. The days pass in the middle of nature, the nights in exceptional addresses, between land, sea and sky – noble materials and soft comfort, swimming pools and plunging views …

Croatia & Montenegro

Bordered by mountains and open on a sublime bay, the Adriatic coast of Montenegro lends itself naturally to the game of honeymoon. Where the tête-à-tête is experienced in a setting of umbrella pines, palm trees and shaded terraces, in two exceptional addresses. Porto Montenegro and Sveti Stefan, a riviera in sight and a peninsula out of sight, elegance and purity, the charm of a private beach stretching to infinity.

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