Ian Somerhalder is famous as an American actor, model and director. He is well known Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. Moreover, Ian is also widely known for his role in TV Drama Lost as Carlyle. In addition, he plays the role of Ricky Murdoch in CSI: Miami cast in 2003 in the episode The Best Defense.

You may know Ian Somerhalder very well, but do you know how old and tall he is and what his net worth is? If you don’t know, we have prepared this article on the details of Ian Somerhalder’s Career, Work Life, Personal Life, Current Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight and other facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s get started.


Ian Joseph Somerhalder was born on December 8, 1978 in Covington, Louisiana, United States. His father, Robert Somerhalder, works as a building contractor and her mother is Edna Somerhalder. Ian Somerhalder has a brother and sister, Robert Somerhalder and Robyn Somerhalder.

During his childhood, he practiced swimming, fishing, was passionate about boats as well as sport. He is also a member of his school’s theater club and the local theater. He attends St. Paul’s School, a private Catholic school in Covington.

From the age of 10, he became a model, supported by his mother, who took him regularly to New York. After a brief break to devote himself to his studies, he seized an opportunity that presented itself to him, allowing him to travel all over Europe( Paris, Milan, London etc) He poses for the greats fashion brands such as Versace, Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana.

At the age of 17, he started acting, studying in New York. When he was 19, he really got involved in the profession by working with a coach, William Esper.


Ian Somerhalder modeled when he was a kid. He made his first major acting role in 2000 in a drama series called “Young Americans“. Ian Somerhalder’s first major acting roles in TV movies took place in 2001, in a dramatic film called “Life as a House” and another dramatic film called “Anatomy of a Hate Crime”.

Ian Somerhalder’s groundbreaking acting career success began with the drama series “Lost”, in which he appeared from 2004 to 2010. His most significant appearances in film, most notably the action thriller “The Tournament”, the comedy “How to make love to a woman” and the action thriller “The Anomaly”.

Ian Somerhalder was hugely successful when he began appearing as “Damon Salvatore” in 2009 in the popular supernatural drama television series “The Vampire Diaries“, some of its episodes he produced and directed.

Ian Somerhalder’s appearances in 2017-2018 include “The Vampire Diaries” and a drama film called “Time Framed” of which he is also the co-producer.

Since 2014, he has been the face of the Azzaro brand for the Azzaro pour Homme fragrance. The promotional clip in which he appears with Ana Beatriz Barros by his side is shot in Italy in a luxury villa on Lake Como. On May 2015, he promotes perfume in France and climbs the steps of the Cannes Film Festival. The actor is interviewed by Christophe Beaugrand for the show 50 minutes inside on TF1 a little before he climbs the stairs.

During a convention in 2016, he revealed that season 8 of The Vampire Diaries will be the last for him. It was later confirmed that she would be the last in the series. He then continued by producing and playing the main role of the drama Time Framed alongside Seymour Cassel.

In 2018, the Netflix platform invites the actor to join the cast of a new fantasy television series, V Wars, adapted from the novels written by Jonathan Maberry, from 2012 to 2016. This show tells the story of Michael Fayne, a victim of ‘a strange illness that turns him into a vampire. After taking on the role of this creature for eight years, this time the actor plays Doctor Luther Swann, Michael’s best friend, who tries to understand the origin of this transformation. This program for which the actor also officiates as a producer and director, is broadcast at the end of 2019. However, the series is canceled after only one season.

Height and Weight

How tall is Ian Somerhalder? He stands at a height of 5’10 ” or 1.78m or 178cm. It weighs around 57 kg or 127 pounds. He has blue eyes and black hair. He is also a fitness enthusiast. He wears a size 8 US.

Ian Somerhalder Age

How old is Ian Somerhalder? His birthday falls on December 8, 1978. He is currently 41 years old. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He was born in Covington, LA. He is of American nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

Net Worth

As of December 2020, Ian Somerhalder had an estimated net worth of $ 10 million. He made his fortune thanks to the big TV movies and series in which he appeared, and as a producer and director. Ian Somerhalder’s salary for The Vampire Diaries is only about $ 40,000 per episode. His Venice-based home is worth $ 3 million.

Awards and Achievements

Ian Somerhalder has received several major awards and nominations. Below you will find a list of some of the awards won by Ian Somerhalder.

●Young Hollywood Award for an Exciting New Face Male.

●Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (Lost).

●Young Hollywood Award for the cast to watch (The Vampire Diaries).

●Teen Choice Award for Best Television Actor: Fantasy / Sci-Fi (The Vampire Diaries).

●Audience Award for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry (The Vampire Diaries).

●Teen Choice Award for Choice TV: Liplock (The Vampire Diaries).

●Bravo Otto Award for Television Star Male.

●Teen Choice Award for Male Hottie of Choice.

●Genesis Prize for Humane Society.

●Environmental media award.

●Fright Night Award for Favorite Male Vampire in TV / Movies (The Vampire Diaries).

Private Life

In august 2002, Ian Somerhalder is in a relationship with actress Kate Bosworth, until December in the same year. After dating Nicky Hilton from december 2003 To April 2004, from 2004 to 2006, he had a relationship with actress Maggie Grace. In 2009, he had a brief affair with actress Ashley Greene. In february 2010, he ended his relationship with a woman named Megan Auld, whom he had been dating since 2007.

In february 2010, after meeting her during auditions for Vampire Diaries in 2008, he became the companion of Bulgarian-Canadian actress, Nina Dobrev – 11 years younger. It’s only byseptember 2011 that they confirm to be in a relationship. Their relationship then becomes over-publicized and the press gives them the title of “supercouple” while their fans nickname them “Nian”. In may 2013, it is announced that they separated after three years of relationship.

Since july 2014, he is the companion of actress, Nikki Reed. After getting engaged injanuary 2015, they got married on April 26, 2015 in Topanga, Calif. Together, they have a daughter, named Bodhi Soleil (born on July 25, 2017).


Ian Somerhalder is one of the celebrities involved in the cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico after the oil disaster at the Deepwater Horizon platform on April 2010. He is a member of the St. Tammany Humane Society which deals with abandoned or abused animals. He also participates in the It Gets Better Project with Candice Accola, who also stars in the Vampire Diaries 40 series.

On December 8, 2010, on his 32nd birthday, he created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation which aims to provide information on the importance of protecting the environment and animals.

Sensitive to various charities, he joined with other personalities to support residents affected by climate disasters in Years of Living Dangerously, an Emmy Award-winning documentary series.


●2001: House on the Oceanby Irwin Winkler: Josh

●2002: The Healing of the heart ( Changing Hearts ) by Martin Guigui: Jason Kelly

●2002: The Laws of Attractionby Roger Avary: Paul Denton

●2004: In Enemy Hands ( In Enemy Hands ) by Tony Giglio: Danny Miller

●2006: Pulseby Jim Sonzero: Dexter McCarthy

●2006: The Sensation of Sightby Aaron J. Wiederspahn: Drifter

●2006: TV: The Movie by Sam Maccarone: Guy

●2008: The Lost Samaritanby Thomas Jahn: William Archer

●2009: Wakeby Ellie Kanner: Tyler Cormier

●2009: The Tournamentby Scott Mann: Miles Slade

●2010: How to Make Love to a Womanby Scott Culver: Daniel Meltzer

●2013: Caught on Tape by Sticky Fingaz: Officer Lewis

●2014: The Anomalyby Noel Clarke: Harkin

●2014: Years Of Living Dangerously: Himself (documentary)

10 things you might not know about the actor

What do you know about Ian Somerhalder? He was Damon in The Vampire Diaries, and started his bourbon brand with Paul Wesley. Yes. But there are obviously many other anecdotes about the actor, like these ten pieces of information.

A whole different career imagined

Ian Somerhalder started his acting career at the age of 17, having been a top model between the ages of 10 and 13. In 1997 he had his first role, a small appearance in an episode of the Flic de mon cœur series, he continued a few years later with Young Americans ( Dawson spin-off ), Smallville, Lost. .. But if he had never made it into this acting career, Ian Somerhalder intended to become a marine biologist.

He can write cursive letters … with his feet

Some can write with both hands, others with their eyes closed, but Ian Somerhalder goes much further. The actor that fans loved in Lost or The Vampire Diaries can write cursive letters with his feet. He revealed it to the American site Us Weekly.

He could have been Christian Gray

If Jamie Dornan wouldn’t played Christian Gray in the 50 Shades … film trilogy adapted from the novels of the same name, Ian Somerhalder might as well have played him. The actor was linked to the character at the time of the cast: “ I think it’s going to be a very interesting story to tell… I think whoever plays this role will have very interesting rehearsals… the process of hearing is going to be interesting. My Anastasia? I don’t know… there are too many great actresses in Hollywood to name them ”.

A lover of the earth

It is known, Ian Somerhalder does a lot for ecology, to protect the Earth, its nature, its animal populations. In 2010, then aged 32, he founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF), with the aim of protecting the environment: “ Instead of gifts this year, my birthday wish is that we come together and fundraise to support projects that protect our habitat and feed our furry friends, ”he said. The same year he was helping to clean up after the ecological disaster of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

Ian Somerhalder, the director

In The Vampire Diaries, he not only played Damon for eight seasons, he also went behind the camera on several occasions. He directed three episodes: episode 16 of season 6, episode 16 of season 7 and the eighth of season 8. He then took this experience with him in the Netflix series V-Wars, for which he directed episode 9.


Ian Somerhalder is starting to make pizza? Not really, but the actor owns with his brother Robert and his sister Robyn a pizzeria in Idaho, a state in the northwest of the United States.

A wedding pro

Ian Somerhalder married Nikki Reed in 2015, but he’s not the only one he’s been involved with. No, he did not marry several women, but officiated a few unions and in particular that of his assistant Jessica in 2012. Who knows, maybe he will also make yours… Well, there is absolutely zero chance, but we can dream.

The funny irony of Lost

Before becoming Damon in The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder was one of the important characters in Lost . .. The time of a short season. Boone, his character dies in episode 20, the first in a long line of deaths in the series. The irony in this story? He was the first to join the cast of the show. He even thought about buying a house in Hawaii, before seeing his character disappear.

His wildest dream

If Ian Somerhalder confides in wanting to learn to paint, he has an even bigger and more ambitious dream: to go to space, and more precisely to Mars. A goal that seems inaccessible, but which makes you dream.

His culinary pleasure

Culinary is a big word when you know the answer. But honestly, we understand it: who does not take pleasure in nibbling on sweet or savory dishes between meals? It’s not ideal for your health, but every now and then, why not. For Ian Somerhalder, it’s the Cap’n Crunch cereal. What about your guilty pleasure?

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