An evocative journey to tell about sex, love and the thousand facets in which desire is manifested and discover sides of oneself unknown until that moment. The erotic stories have the immense power of stimulating our imagination and push us into new territories, the concept that we love. Tales and stories of eros capable of involving and captivating thanks to the skill of their tellers and able to drag the reader into temptations that will not be able to resist.

The erotic stories are full of passion, but also very exciting for those who read them, especially if we have a special point of view as these erotic stories for women. Stories that make us enter the sphere of eros and that capture us because they are true erotic stories.

Read below the most intense sex stories and don’t forget to tell it to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

The most passionate real sex stories

If you’ve ever been ashamed to take a little too much interest in other people’s sex lives, you might be relieved to learn that the saying “curiosity is a bad thing” doesn’t apply in all circumstances. What motivates us is the pleasure of talking about what’s going on in our bedrooms (or anywhere else), what type of orgasms we like or the sexual positions. These anecdotes also have the merit of making us feel a little less alone in the world.

The quickie in a supermarket

“It was New Years morning, and I was hungry. So I took the car to the nearest grocery store. The town was deserted and so was the store. Subsidiary information: I don’t wear any underwear to sleep, so you could clearly see a protrusion under my pajamas. As soon as I walked into the store, I noticed the checkout clerk was watching me, so I started to get hard. When I walked over to the cashier to pay for all my stuff, I was careful to leave my cock in plain view. The clerk said to me, “Wow, you have a big one.” I was so excited that I said, “Do you want to see her?” I pulled out my cock and the employee was speechless. He closed the doors of the store, We had an incredible sex session next to a stack of cans. “

This bath-shower adventure

“I went to the bathhouses in town. I caught a guy’s gaze and invited him to my cabin, which had the advantage of having a window so other guys could watch through. We started at a pretty slow pace – kissing, stimulating each other with the tongue, with the fingers, nothing unusual – and then moved on to some really intense sex, him on top. I pointed to the window and he opened the blinds. Of course, there was a whole bunch of horny guys looking at us quickly. I was so excited, and we did everything to make it look like a real show. We had a blast for at least 20 minutes before we cum on top of each other. I remember a guy masturbating and even ejaculating on the window. At the end, we closed the blinds and took a nap before having sex again. We never went out too much at parties, but he became a good sex partner for several months. I still masturbate thinking about these moments. ”

This sticky date

“My boyfriend at the time texted me to tell me he was coming in 30 minutes, that I had to shower, lie naked on the bed and blindfold myself before he came home. I obeyed. I lay down on the bed, on my back, with my head facing the door. I heard him come in, put down his things and handle something. Then I heard his footsteps enter the bedroom. I could feel him standing near my head. The next moment I had his penis in my mouth. And then I realized that his cock was covered in Nutella. It was too good. Every time I see Nutella now I have a huge smile on my face and no one knows why. ”

This patriotic fantasy

“I met an American soldier on Whisper. He shared with me a very detailed fantasy, that of returning from the war and arriving home to find his girlfriend there who was going to “thank him as he should for having served his country”. We met on a quiet hiking trail, he in camouflage clothing. As soon as we got out of our cars, he started kissing me. He was so passionate. His hands were on my neck, then they wandered over my chest, my stomach, and down my skirt. We moved away following the path to be quieter. We lay down, and he started fingering me as we kissed. Then he lifted my skirt and stimulated me with his tongue until he unbuttoned his pants and made love to me while keeping his uniform. It was the most fantastic and passionate sex I have ever had with a stranger. We also met a few times after that. ”

This silent sleeper

“I was in college in the Alps, and I went back to the apartment of a guy I had slept with before. He shared the apartment with four other guys. In the middle of the night, we started having sex on her tiny bed, while two other guys slept on the mezzanine, and two more downstairs. If I reached out I could touch one of the sleeping guys, that is to say if the beds were close to each other. It was exciting. The guy I was sleeping with had to hold his hand over my mouth to keep me from making noise and waking the whole house. “

This miracle on Tinder

“I met a guy on the best dating app Tinder who frankly had to be the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen. Our conversation was initially quite casual at first, but suddenly he started telling me all the sexual things he would like to do with me. This was literally my fourth time having sex, so I figured it was worth a try. He came to my house and I offered him a drink. He refused and he got behind me to whisper in my ear: “the only thing I want is to taste this pair of buttocks”. I didn’t dare to move, and suddenly he put me on his shoulder, threw me on the bed and started immediately. I straddled his face for a long time. We then went to the bathroom, had sex on a piece of furniture, and ended up in the shower. It lasted three hours and it could have lasted longer but he had to go to work. It is hands down the best sex I have ever had. ”

This real porn movie

“I had had a little fling with one of my bosses a while back, and one day he made me stay late to finish a task. The next day I put on a skirt with lace underwear on purpose because I wanted revenge for my overtime by skipping it. When everyone was gone I got down on my knees and sucked him off until he wanted me. We made love on the meeting table. It was rough sex but also very sensual. I even left a bite mark on his neck. We did everything: 69, anal, andromache backwards. It was like porn. My boss looked like Doctor Mamour in Grey’s Anatomy. ”

The stripper’s delight

“My friend and I were in Mexico City for the weekend and we went to a strip club. I was the only girl in the club besides the ones who worked there, and I wanted one of the girls to do a lap dance for me. A blonde agreed, and she gave me a private show while my friend was watching us. It was my first time doing this with a woman, and she had an incredibly soft body. While she was on top of me I decided ~ to get going ~ and spanked her until she moaned. She took off my clothes and we ended up licking each other on the chair. It was amazing because we both had big breasts and soft skin”.

This game on FaceTime

“I had been going out with this guy for a few months and we decided to go to the showers ‘just to see what it was like. Neither touched anyone else while we were there, but it was fun. Let’s move forward a few months when my boyfriend was traveling, and we both really wanted to fuck. So we decided that I will go to the showers on my own and give my phone to another client with my boyfriend online on FaceTime while the guy makes me cum with a big dildo. Then I put myself in a complex situation while several men took turns to fuck me and others suck and stimulate me, under the gaze of my boyfriend”.

This very discreet Uber

“My ex and I were invited to a boyfriend’s birthday party. She had bought a brief that you could slip a remote control vibrator into, so that I could play with her, experimenting with the different settings, speeds and intensities, throughout dinner and while we were in the club. When we got back into our Uber to leave, she discreetly removed her panties and slipped them into my pocket. I fingered it until we got home, while trying not to alert our Uber driver to what was really going on. There was a huge wet stain on the seat when we got out. We had arguably the best sex of our relationship that night. ”

This romantic vacation adventure

“I was on vacation in Rome and met a Finnish dancer on Tinder. We partied all night until the restaurants closed. Then we bought a few beers and walked around the Colosseum. Then the drunk and stupid lesbian couple that we were started to jump the barriers and go up to the first floor. Then we started to hug against the 2,000-year-old monument. Our clothes were quickly removed. Leaning over a metal barrier, I noticed a guard watching us from a distance. He was ONLY watching us. Since he didn’t ask us to leave or anything like that, we just kept going, and it was even more exciting. She started to finger me. It lasted a good twenty minutes, with a lot of twirls, pirouettes and licks. After the end of our antics, before leaving, the guard told us: “Good night, pretty girls”. We watched the sun rise in Piazza di Spagna and our paths parted. I never saw her again. “

The right grip

“I was a real fan of fisting and practiced stretching my private parts. I had tried to get fisted by men, but their hands were too big. I was dying to have a whole hand inside my vagina, so I put an ad on Craigslist saying I was looking for a woman to fist me. We didn’t share our names or photos – we just met in a local park and I slipped into the backseat of her car. Once I was wet, she inserted her fingers one by one. Then she started to insert the palm of her hand. The pressure was incredible and I almost climaxed instantly. Arming herself with a lot of lubricant and patience, she finally managed to make quick back and forth in my pussy. I came twice, I got out of his car and we parted. “

This late bath

“My boyfriend and I were spending the night in a friend’s apartment. In the middle of the night, everyone craved a midnight swim. They didn’t have a pool, so we walked through the residence to find someone else’s pool and hot tub. Being later and later, some left and the temperature rose a notch between my boyfriend and me. Things just happened, and we had the best sex ever in the hot tub. I have never felt so energized, alive and excited. I would like so much to be able to repeat this experience.”

This Las Vegas Vacation

“I went with a guy to a sex club in Las Vegas called the Green Door. It was pretty laid back at first, watching other couples kissing in different rooms, but unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of action. Then we entered a small room which had a bead curtain for the door. The guy I was with started to cunnilingus. Then he turned me around and we started having sex, it was amazing. It was then that I looked up and saw three or four faces watching us through the beaded curtain that replaced the door. It was interesting to see that being watched during sex was something very exciting for me. ”

The secret ingredient

“My girlfriend’s parents were away, so we tried a naked cooking experience. My girlfriend was only wearing an apron while I fucked her from behind on the oven. Our common body fluids ended up on the food when I retired, but we decided to eat it all anyway (why spoil great food?). After that, we got pretty creative with the dessert and made a mess of it by fucking all the horizontal surfaces in the kitchen. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t want us to go and inspect his kitchen one day with a black light.”

This secret action

“I once managed to discreetly make love with my girlfriend in her boarding school room while having a conversation with the girl with whom she shared her room. It was midday, and several people passed through the room. My girlfriend and I were hugging under the covers, both facing the other girl, and in the middle of a conversation, she leaned over to whisper, “I want you inside of me.” I did as she asked by putting myself in the correct position. I stayed smiling and nodded for the rest of the conversation, while doing my duty.”

And this one day experience

“I was taking one of my best friends (who is gay) home with him. To thank me, he jokingly said, “I’ll give you a blowjob, but my tits are in the store.” I was 18, and just hearing the word “titties” gave me an erection, so I undid my fly and pulled out my cock, jokingly but not quite. He started sucking me off while I was driving. He told me to park, and I unloaded myself in his mouth. Then he said he was going to eat my ass. He got out of the car, went to the driver’s side, and opened my door. I got out, leaned against the car and he ate my ass. It was so good that my legs were shaking. I ejaculated a second time but there wasn’t much left, and he said, “Is that all you got for me?”. It was so hot someone wanted my cum so bad. It only happened to us once. We’re still friends, and he’ll be the best man at my wedding (to a wife) next year. No woman has ever offered to eat my ass. I met a few of his buddies and I always wondered if my cock was bigger than theirs.

Real erotic stories with a football player

”Although over the years I have happened to go to the stadium to see some football matches, I don’t know anything about the players and formations. So when I met Massimo three years ago (the name is fictional, ed), I had no idea who he was. That night I was with my friends in a club, and he came to our table, asking if we would like to join him and his friends. He was the most handsome man that evening: olive complexion and green eyes, lean and muscular physique. We accepted without thinking twice. A little later, Massimo and I were kissing in the back seat of a taxi. We went down in front of the building where he lived, and he led me by the hand through the luxurious atrium, the floor covered with a soft carpet. Once in his apartment, he took me straight to my room andmade me lie down on the bed. He began to kiss my legs, the insides of my thighs, pushed my panties aside … I buried my fingers in his hair while his tongue moved over me, first slowly, then faster and faster, until my legs were shaking. He went back up to kiss me on the mouth as he unbuttoned my shirt and stroked my breasts. Then he pulled back, took off his clothes and put on a condom, giving me a perfect view of his body before he entered me. He knew exactly what he was doing, and just when I was about to enjoy a second time he rolled over on the bed, so I was on top of it. I had never been with such a confident man in bed, it was exciting to let someone else take control. When I woke up the next morning, Massimo was making coffee. Only then, in his bed, Looking at the framed pictures on the wall (team photos and newspaper clippings), I realized who he was. We spent a few more nights together before he was transferred to another company. I still smile today when I see his face in a newspaper”.

When he’s a friend who doesn’t love you

”I didn’t have a crush on Carlo. He was handsome, yes, and he made me laugh to tears, but I knew he was gay, so the idea that more than a beautiful friendship could arise from our meeting didn’t even cross my mind. After a few months of dating, however, he confessed to me that he had had girls in the past, and even though he never really went through with the idea of ​​having sex with a woman it still turned him on. This planted a seed of curiosity in my mind. Anyway, nothing to report until one night last summer. We were in a club, and there was a strange tension between us. While we were dancing together, he came a little closer. His hands landed on my hips, then on my butt. His pelvis rubbed against mine, and I noticed he had an erection. Suddenly we were kissing. “Shall we go to your house?” He asked me. As soon as the door to the apartment closed, we began to take off our clothes. He slipped his hands over my breasts and I was pleasantly surprised at his technical ability. She teased my clit and nipples with his fingers, and unlike other men I had been with, she asked me what I liked. Finally, after putting on a condom, it slowly slipped inside me. I got on top and orgasm quickly. He reversed positions and hugged me as he came. Eventually we both fell asleep in a sweaty tangle. The next morning, we looked at each other and burst out laughing. Luckily, sex didn’t change anything between us, and we remained great friends. But I often think back to that night”.

Real erotic tales of sex made in chat

”My boyfriend and I were at that stage of the relationship where first physical attraction is soaring when we found out he had been accepted for a one-year study abroad program. We couldn’t get our hands off each other and had sex everywhere, but as a couple we were still running in. Frankly it seemed to me that we had been together for too little time to be able to carry on a long distance relationship, so I figured we would break up, and I was devastated. But he wanted to try: he would come home as often as possible, I would go to him every now and then, and we could find other ways to keep our relationship alive. We started with sexting, and after a while he suggested they try chat sex. I was not so convinced. I didn’t think I would exactly puncture the screen, especially since when he launched the idea I was wearing an old gray hooded sweatshirt. “Take it off,” he told me, and I did as he pulled off his T-shirt.

The cold light in our rooms was anything but sexy. In the end I preferred to let it go and closed the video call feeling irritated, frustrated, dissatisfied. The lack of physical contact was really starting to weigh on me. A couple of days later, I was much better disposed towards virtual sex : I spent the afternoon getting ready as if for a real date. I lit candles and put on sexy lingerie, hiding it under a black robe. My boyfriend didn’t have a clue what I had in mind: when, after our initial conversation, I slid my bathrobe down, he widened his eyes and immediately got high. I began to slide my fingers along my neck and sensually caressed my breasts in front of him as I described a particularly hot night we had spent together. I was amazed at how easily I was letting myself go to that new game, and I didn’t feel the slightest bit insecure. It didn’t even dismount me to see my image in the window in the corner of the screen.

The lighting was perfect, and I have to say that I was really not bad. I was very excited to watch him take off his clothes and start touching himself. Usually having sex focuses mainly on physical sensations; I didn’t know you could feel something so intense simply by seeing the pleasure of someone you love. As we both approached orgasm, detailing our wildest sexual fantasies to each other, closed my eyes, so that I could no longer even see him, but only hear his panting breath, his voice muttering my name in a moan … and pretended that his hands were touching me, making me enjoy. It was much more sensual than I could have imagined. It wasn’t comparable to skin-to-skin sex, but that didn’t mean it was worse. He was different. And, as an added benefit, there was the fact that I knew exactly how to please myself. The experience exceeded both expectations as we found time for many more video chat sessions for the rest of that year.”

The best erotic scene from books

There are many ways to go wrong with writing a kiss, or whatever sexy scene in the books because it’s all so physical, but there are also many ways to make it memorable. In the books, a great make-out scene is made up of the narrator’s feelings, thoughts and atmosphere around the couple. It can be incredibly sweet and romantic, or sensual and hot. And I’m sure you have some favorites that you may have read and reread over and over again or not.

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Before she could withdraw her mind from her faraway places, her arms encircled her, safe and hard as on the dark road to Tara, long ago. She felt the wave of helplessness again, the sinking subsidence, the tide of heat that left her inert. And Ashley Wilkes’ quiet face was blurry and drowned in nothingness. He leaned his head back on her arm and kissed her, softly at first, then with a quick gradation of intensity that made her cling to him like the only solid thing in a dizzying, swaying world. His insistent mouth was opening his trembling lips, sending wild tremors down his nerves, evoking from his sensations he had never known he was capable of feeling. And before a swim dizziness made her turn and turn, she knew she was kissing him back.

Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Then came the most exquisite moment of his entire life, passing a stone urn with flowers inside. Sally stopped; picked a flower; he kissed her on the lips. The whole world could be turned upside down! The others disappeared; here she is alone with Sally. And she felt that she had been given a gift, wrapped and told only to keep it, not to look at it – a diamond, something infinitely precious, wrapped, which, as they walked (up and down, up and down), she discovered, or the radiance burned, revelation, religious sentiment!

Anna and Stephanie Perkins’ French Kiss

We are kissing like crazy. As if our lives depended on it. His tongue slides into my mouth, gentle but demanding, and it’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced it, and I suddenly understand why people describe kissing as melting because every square inch of my body dissolves into his. My fingers grab his hair, pulling him closer. My veins throb and my heart explodes. I’ve never wanted anyone like this before. Never. He pushes me back and we lie down, showing us in front of the children with their red balloons and the old men with their chessboards and the tourists with their laminated maps and I don’t care, I don’t care about any of that. All I want is Étienne, the weight of her body on mine is extraordinary. I feel it – all of him – pressed against me, and inhale his shaving cream, his shampoo and that extra perfume that’s just him. The most delicious smell I could ever imagine: I want to breathe it, lick it, eat it, drink it. Her lips smell of honey. His face has the slightest stubble and he rubs my skin but I don’t care, I don’t care at all. It feels wonderful. His hands are everywhere and it doesn’t matter that his mouth is already on top of mine, I want him closer closer closer.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Augustus Waters,’ I said, looking at him, thinking you can’t kiss anyone in the Anne Frank house, and then thinking that Anne Frank, after all, kissed someone in the Anne Frank house, and that she probably wouldn’t have liked anything more than her. his home has become a place where the young and hopelessly broken sink into love.

‘I have to say,’ Otto Frank said in the video in his accented English,’I was very surprised by the deep thoughts Anne had.’ And then we kissed. My hand released the oxygen cart and I craned his neck, and he pulled me up by the waist on tiptoe. When her parted lips met mine, I began to feel breathless in a new and fascinating way. The space around us has vanished and for a strange moment I really liked my body; this cancer ruined thing I’d spent years lugging around seemed worth fighting for, worth the chest tubes and PICC lines and the relentless physical betrayal of tumors.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Her heart beat faster and faster as Daisy’s white face came closer to his. He knew that when he kissed that girl, and he had forever joined her unspeakable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never be unleashed like the mind of God. So he waited, listening for a moment longer to the tuning fork that had been struck on. a star. Then he kissed her. At the touch of his lips she blossomed like a flower and the incarnation was complete.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

“And about six inches from me and my burning life was, misty, Lolita! After a long, motionless watch, my tentacles moved toward her again, this time the creaking of the mattress didn’t wake her. I succeeded in her Bringing my greedy flesh so close that I felt the aura of her bare shoulder like a warm breath on my cheek. “

Salt on our skin by Benoite Groult

”Our skin was no longer our limit, we were no longer female and male, we felt outside of our bodies, rather above, and somehow floated, soul to soul, in an indistinct time dimension.”

Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami

”She came close to me, took my penis lovingly in her hand and kissed my lips. She put her hands on my chest, and then for a long time she licked my nipples and stroked my pubic hair. She put her ear to my belly button and took my testicles in her mouth. She covered me with kisses. She even kissed the soles of my feet. It was like handling time like a treasure. As if caressing her, caressing her, licking her the time. ”

The unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera

Like the first time, he took her in his arms as soon as she arrived and they made love. She sank into a fog in which nothing could be seen or heard, only her scream. It wasn’t a sigh, it wasn’t a moan, it really was a scream. She screamed so loud that Tomas turned his head away from her face as if that voice in his ear was tearing his eardrum. The scream was not an expression of sensuality. Sensuality is the greatest possible mobilization of the senses: one observes the other intently and perceives the slightest noise. Her scream, on the other hand, was intended to numb the senses so that they could neither see nor hear. What screamed out of her was the naive idealism of her love, which wanted to be the abolition of all opposites: the abolition of the duality of body and soul, perhaps even the abolition of time.

The dying animal by Philip Roth

“But knowing how seductive her breasts were, she stepped on me when I asked. And she did something that was quite indecent for a first time, and did it – to my renewed surprise – on her own Drive: Letting her breasts play around my cock, she leaned over and grabbed my cock between her breasts so I could see it nestled there while she was squeezing it with both hands.

She knew how excited I was at the sight: the skin of my cock on the skin of her breasts. I remember saying: “Do you know that you have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen?” And like the capable, conscientious private secretary who takes a dictation, or perhaps like the well-behaved Cuban daughter, she replied: “Yes, I know that. I can see how you react to my breasts.”

The erotic life of the famous kings and queens

You know the theory that the more power you have, the more you want to have sex and the easier it is to have it? Mix the two, and you get a curve tending towards infinity of enjoyment. This is also what being king or queen is, you can both end up in a Desplechin film or have sex all day.

Catherine II of Russia

Catherine II of Russia is not half an asshole. She is even one of the most famous figures of Imperial Russia, great protector of the Arts and empress of all power between 1762 and 1796. And Catherine was also known to love sex. She wanted a different vigorous man every night in her bed. And the candidates were numerous, because to actually sleep with the Empress, it must have been a pretty cool anecdote to tell. Suddenly, she had the lovers tested by her maids, and if the crash test was successful, the guys had left to join the imperial bed. Catherine II would have even fitted out a room of pleasures in her palace, with many erotic furniture and gadgets of all kinds in order to spend an authentic good evening.

Ibrahim Ier

Ottoman emperor from 1640 to 1648, Ibrahim Ier, known as “Ibrahim the mad” or even “Ibrahim the fat deglingo” did anything, attacking Venice or even deciding to liquidate all the women of his harem by throwing them into the locked ocean alive in bags just to be able to replace them fastoche by new chicks. And as he was the last of his line, he was keen to make children galore. Suddenly, he just never stopped fucking with everything that moved, in giant orgies like the Harem of love. It was embarrassing. Dismissed, Ibrahim was strangled soon after.

Leopold II of Belgium

Several works report on the sexual obsession of Leopold II. A sexual obsession born since his adolescence. Léopold was keen to type everything that moved: ballerinas from the Opera, little saleswomen, even beggars. Leopold II had his entrances in the most chic brothels in London or Paris and had a preference for young people, to the point of being able to be accused of pedophilia if we refer to today’s codes: his attraction for minors was known to everyone at the time.

King Baudouin

King of the Belgians from 1951 to 1993, Baudouin has a public image of a shy and reserved guy to whom his union with Paola does not allow him to have an heir. But in private, Baudouin’s sexuality was more murky, so much so that his detractors nicknamed him the Sex-Cobourg, in reference to the Saxe-Cobourg house of which he was a distant relative.

Joan of Burgundy

Wife of Philippe V who abandoned her, Jeanne de Navarre was not very satisfied with the situation. There are therefore several legends peddled about her which I would point out that we do not know if they are true. First, Joan is credited with numerous adventures and numerous with small workers whom they would have cut off in her free hours. Then there is the Tour de Nesle affair. According to legend, Jeanne practiced sexual games in this tower with a crowd of lovers whom she then had to throw in a bag in the Seine to prevent him from speaking. Only Buridan, a university professor saved by his students, is said to have escaped death and spread the rumor.

Ranavalona Ière

Queen of Madagascar known for her cruelty (cruelty also staged and instrumentalised by the West because of her desire for emancipation from the occupying powers), Ranavalona was celibate and through the same means acquired a reputation as a nymphomaniac that would probably not have been attributed to a man in his situation. However, a legend has it that she would invite men on dates, jump them and throw them off a cliff after the union so that they did not tell anything about her sexual preferences. Everyone knew it, but no lover could escape it, because he was killed if he refused. So even if it means dying, you might as well have a little posthumous pleasure.

Louis XV

In full libertine era, his behavior did not contrast with that of the rest of the court, but still that Loulou was a hot rabbit. He liked to sleep with several women at the same time, never the same and in quantity. Louis XV simply changed his attitude when he became infatuated with Madame de Pompadour, this time attracted more by her wit than by her attractions. Pompadour as official mistress was appointed marquise and enjoyed a great influence on the king. Madame de Pompadour even ended up creating the Parc-aux-Cerfs, where young girls were raised with a view to preparing them to reach the king’s bed later. Not so later than that; terrified at the idea of ​​falling ill, Louis XV began, with age, to favor increasingly younger women. At the Countess of Barry, the dinners gave everyone the opportunity to choose a partner to end the evening in one of the bedrooms. Orgy.

Candaule, king of Lydie

Not so much a hot bunny but a funny story. Candaules, king of Lydia in the 8th century, was crazy about his wife, whom he found so beautiful that he wanted to share with his friends. The guy couldn’t talk about anything else. At least that’s what Herodotus says. Not that Candaules held his leg for hours with stories about his wife, but the king did the blow to someone else: his bodyguard, Gyges. As Gyges does not really know what to answer, Candaule tells himself that he does not believe him when he tells her that she is ultra brave. Suddenly, Candaule suggests to Gyges to watch his wife carefully when she goes to bed. Gyges is not hot, but he is afraid of being beaten up, so he accepts.

The queen realizes the presence of the bodyguard, finds it ultra humiliating, and goes to see Gyges the next day by offering him a simple alternative: either he kills Candaules, or she has him killed. We imagine what he chooses. Then Gygès marries the girl and becomes king.

And this whole story created a term, candaulism, a sexual practice of taking pleasure in showing off your partner.

Philip II of Spain

Philip II of Spain liked two things: to marry and inbreeding. There would be thousands of stories to tell about his asshole son, Don Carlos, so inbred it was funny, but what’s even funnier is that every time Philip II considered marrying said son to a girl, at the last moment he changed his mind and preferred to marry him with the girl. 4 weddings and a lot of funerals: in 1543 he married his cousin (who gave him Don Carlos), in 1554 with another cousin both from his father’s side and from his mother’s side, then with a girl outside the family, Elisabeth of France, in 1559, then in 1570 with her niece, before stopping the costs on her death. The guy couldn’t stand celibacy.


There are all kinds of stories being told about Cleopatra’s supposedly unbridled sexuality, but in reality she didn’t have such a crazy life. Simply, she was a woman at a time when women weren’t supposed to cum unhindered. Nevertheless, Cleopatra was a free woman, who did not hesitate to forge political alliances by using seduction and to fuck for pleasure with well-made guys. The ancient stories add a layer: “she was so beautiful that she prostituted herself”, “she did not control her desires”, “nothing could satisfy her”, she was a “crowned courtesan”, for Pliny the Old.

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